Travelling in Japan

By Halal Trip | 01, Aug, 2014
Travelling in Japan
Japan - the Land of the Rising Sun - is a modern country with a rich culture and a wealth of historical treasures. It is becoming a very popular destination amongst Muslim travellers and offers sufficient facilities to ensure a convenient stay.
Japan offers both modern, vibrant cities as well as enchanting countryside towns for travellers to explore. Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Fukuoka are amongst the most popular destinations in Japan and are well-worth a visit when travelling to Japan.
Tokyo – the capital of Japan – is the world’s most populous metropolis and is home to nearly 9 million inhabitants. This vibrant destination is a fantastic place to visit and first-time visitors in particular will be left in awe of the sheer energy of the city. Muslim travellers will be offered a range of Halal restaurants that serve a wide variety of authentic Japanese dishes to choose from. Tokyo is also home to numerous mosques, including the Tokyo Mosque – the largest and most prominent mosque in Tokyo. Tokyo offers several attractions that can be visited while sight-seeing such as the Imperial Palace, Tokyo Tower, Mori Art Museum, Koishikawa Korakuen Park, Tokyo National Museum and Tokyo Disney Resort.
Kyoto is another popular destination in Japan and is ones of the best places to visit to get a glimpse of the wonders of ancient Japan. First-time visitors will have to look past the towering skyscrapers to discover the hidden beauties and treasures that Kyoto has to offer. Being well-known for its heritage sites, some of the main attractions in Kyoto include the Imperial Palace, Shugakuin Imperial Villa, Sento Imperial Palace, Katsura Imperial Villa and Nijo Castle. Although Halal food is Kyoto will not be readily accessible as it is in Tokyo, the city is home to a few Halal restaurants and mosques.
The beautiful city of Osaka is the third largest city of Japan and was a former capital of the country. Osaka is seeped with a rich history dating over 1500 years back in time and is home to several historic attractions. The Osaka Castle is one of the most prominent attractions in Japan and is a must-visit spot when travelling to Osaka. In addition to some of the other attractions such as numerous museums and parks, travellers will also find an abundance of shopping opportunities while exploring the city. Muslim travellers will be offered quite a number of Halal restaurants in the city serving a range of Japanese, Middle Eastern and South Asian Halal food.
Located on Kyushu Island, Fukuoka is a modern city and prominent tourist destination in Japan. It is one of the largest cities in Japan and offers plenty of attractions and places-of-interest to delight travellers. In addition to the famous Fukuoka Castle Ruins and Fukuoka tower - which are must-visit spots when travelling to Fukuoka - travellers may also visit some of the numerous parks in the city such as the Ohori Park, Nishi Park and the Momochi Seaside Park. The city is also home to a few Halal restaurants and one mosque but finding access to facilities will not be as easy as some of the larger cities in Japan.
Other popular destinations in Japan that are worth visiting include Narita, Kobe, Nagoya, Sapporo, Hiroshima, Fujikawaguchiko and Nara. With attractions ranging from modern buildings to historic sites to places of breathtaking natural scenery, Japan has something in store for every type of traveller.

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