Family Getaway in Durban: uMhlanga Sands Resort

By Halal Trip | 22, Nov, 2021
Family Getaway in Durban: uMhlanga Sands Resort

Just outside Durban, South Africa sits the sunny town of uMlanga Rocks known for their stunning views of the sea, and year-round subtropical weather, it's a great place to drop by to relax and rewind. An excellent place for a family getaway. In this article one of our writers recounts their experiences staying at uMhlanga Sands Resort at uMlanga Rocks for a Family Getaway!

Here are some things you can expect at the uMhlanga Sands Resort!


Self-Catering Rooms
uMlanga Sands Resort South Africa

Image Credit: Tsogo Suns Hotels

Umhlanga Sands Resort also falls under the Tsogo Sun Chain of hotels but unlike most of the Tsogo Sun hotels, it provides you with the best of both worlds. The rooms are semi-serviced self-catering rooms which automatically means a larger, more spacious room which is a blessing when traveling with kids but in the same breath it has all the amenities of a hotel if not more.

TIP: In South Africa, self-catering units are usually available for week-long stays and can only be booked via an agent.


Ocean View Rooms of uMhlanga Sands Resort
uMlanga Sands Resort South Africa

Image Credit: Tsogo Suns Hotels

The hotel houses an extensive range of 2 and 6-sleeper apartments with all rooms strategically facing the sea so you can definitely anticipate spectacular views of the ocean. Although only the first three floors have balconies, the remaining floors have a full sliding door that opens to views of the ocean. Each room is equipped with separate bedrooms, a bathroom, an air conditioner, and a kitchenette; equipped with a fridge and microwave to make heating and storing food relatively easy. The fact that the rooms are serviced daily, with fresh towels and toiletries is what sets the hotel apart from your typical self-catering unit.

Finding Halal Food

Due to it being self-catering, the hotel does not offer breakfast however there are a plethora of restaurants in the foyer which allows for all three meals to be enjoyed without you having to leave the hotel. Although none of the food is halal, there is a number of vegetarian options, with the no meat policy being strictly adhered to. Additionally, one can easily walk via the beach pathway which is situated just outside the hotel to a sister hotel, Cabana Beach, where you will find even more meal options. Alternatively, shopping centers are a mere 1 KM away which offers an easy and enjoyable walk along the beach promenade to get something to eat.


Outdoor Activities for the Family
uMlanga Sands Resort South Africa

Image Credit: Tsogo Suns Hotels

The hotel offers both a family and adult pool. No children are allowed in the adult pool but at the kid’s pool, there is an array of activities that takes place the entire day from contests to singing, to shows and live entertainment so that the mood is vibrant and fun while enjoying time off by the pool. The pools also have a mini slide and lifeguards stationed throughout the day except between 1 PM-2 PM when no swimming is allowed but residents can still lounge around the pool area.

Fun for the kids

Stationed next to the pool are a delightful ice parlor and an astroturf which is open throughout the night for the kids to get in a game of soccer.

Additionally, the hotel houses a play area where the kids can be entertained throughout the day under the watchful eyes of the hotel staff. A lovely feature of the hotel is that they have pre-planned actives throughout the day, especially during the school holidays so you will have a number of activities to keep them busy with crafts to shows!


Visit the Beach
uMlanga Sands Resort South Africa

Image Credit: Tsogo Suns Hotels

The highlight of the hotel though is its easy beach access. You literally walk out of the hotel, pass the walkway and you are at a staircase leading down to the beach. A few meters away, at the lifeguard station, there is a paid service renting out beach chairs and umbrellas which makes the trip even more relaxing as you don’t have to tow anything extra with you.


Amenities & Everything Under One Roof

Inside the hotel, there is an ATM machine and a convenience store for all your daily necessities that may have been left behind. Added to this convenience is a laundry room that houses coin-operated machines so that laundry can be completed onsite. However, an odd feature is the ironing room. Irons are not brought to the room; rather, you need to go to a certain floor with your clothes and iron it, so in this instance, a traveling iron would be recommended.

The hotel is definitely a family-orientated one, a great place to stay if traveling with kids and almost everything you need so once you’ve checked in there is no need to leave until it’s time for you to check out.

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