Unique Shopping Options in Semboku City, Japan

By Halal Trip | 25, Mar, 2016
Unique Shopping Options in Semboku City, Japan

In addition to its breathtaking landscapes and attractions, Semboku City offers several shopping options for Muslim travellers. Travellers to Semboku City will be able to find numerous department stores, electronics stores as well as a number of gift and specialty shops selling a range of souvenirs and unique take-home gift items. This article explores a few of the unique shopping options in the city.

Kakunodate-machi Denshokan

Kakunodate-machi Denshokan located at Omotemachi Shimocho is one such option. Both a museum and shop, Kakunodate-machi Denshokan has many unique items such as traditional crafts and cultural artifacts for sale – which all make excellent souvenirs. The museum itself houses a vast collection of exhibits on display, providing a fascinating glimpse into the history of Semboku City. Cherry blossom trees surround the museum area for a truly spectacular sight and a visit is highly recommended.

Satoku Garden

Visitors to Semboku City could also visit Satoku Garden located on the main street of Kakunodate - the historic Samurai district. It offers an excellent gift shop with variety of high-quality items at reasonable prices. Popular items that travellers can look out for include traditional Japanese tea caddies, lace handkerchiefs, scented candles, book covers and other accessories.

Murakko Product Center

The Murakko Product Center in the Tazawako area is a great place to visit to buy the freshest seasonal vegetables and wild fruits – usually collected from the mountains. A snack corner is available for visitors to sample homemade food of the local farmers. The special ice cream flavours are a must-try and are available in soba, spinach and chestnut flavours!

Tazawako Art Village

Last but not least, visitors could also head to the Tazawako Art Village which is an excellent cultural area to enjoy art as well as food. A visit to the Forests Crafts Gallery is worth the time and may prove to be a memorable experience.

More shopping options are available throughout the city and Muslim travellers will not find it difficult to buy other items, in addition to gifts and souvenirs. With friendly and welcoming staff, high levels of service can be expected!

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