Use the HalalTrip Mobile App for Muslim-Friendly Trip Ideas and Travel Guides [Video]

By Halal Trip | 15, Jun, 2017
If you're looking for travel inspiration for your next Muslim-friendly trip, the HalalTrip Mobile App is a must-have on your phone. In addition to its numerous unique features for Muslim travelers, the mobile app offers a vast number of useful trip ideas as well as downloadable Muslim travel guides to help with trip planning. Here's how you can use the app to make traveling easier!

Looking for Trip Ideas?


No problem! Access endless Halal-friendly tips for trip planning - right at your fingertips. Simply scroll down to the "Destination Discovery" section on the App and select "Ideas for Trip Planning". You will then find instant access to a wide range of blog articles, videos and other useful information that will come in handy when planning your next trip.
To narrow down what you are looking for, select a category from the list offered - be it shopping, Halal food, prayers, or more. Learn more about Halal-friendly experiences by browsing through your topics of choice and be inspired for your next trip.


Download Muslim-Friendly Travel Guides!

HalalTrip also offers a number of comprehensive travel guides to various destinations around the world - specially for Muslim travelers. To access these guides, scroll down to the "Destination Discovery" section and select "Download Visitor Guides".
Available Muslim-friendly visitor guides on the app include guides to destinations such as the Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Jeju Island and more - in various different languages.
Once downloaded, the guides can be accessed offline to explore the destination's attractions, Halal food spots, prayer locations, shopping options, as well as Muslim-friendly hotels and accommodation.


What More Can You Do With The App?

In addition to the above trip ideas and downloadable guides for travel inspiration, there's so much more that you can do with the app! Listed below are more of its unique features:
The Halal Food Spotter
An excellent tool to help locate Halal food in the area. Browse through a number of Halal dishes that are available nearby, as well as share images, reviews and recommendations of your own Halal dishes.
Mosque Discovery
Find nearby mosques that are located closest to you, based on your current location. With just one click, this feature instantly calculates the prayer times for your current location, the distances for nearby mosques and the time it will take to reach them.
In-flight Prayer Calculator
Another innovative feature that provides you the prayer times and qibla direction for all your upcoming flights. Plan your prayer timings on-board the aircraft with ease.
Travel Dua(s) 
The app also offers a large collection of important travel dua(s) in both English and Arabic. Audio playback is available for each dua.
The free app is available for download on both Apple and Android platforms has been downloaded by travelers from countries across the globe, rapidly making it one of the of the top travel apps available for Muslim travelers.
You can download the App here:

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