Getting Around in Seoul By Public Transport

By Halal Trip | 08, Sep, 2017
Getting Around in Seoul By Public Transport

As the capital of South Korea and the largest city in Asia, it comes to no surprise that Seoul's public transportation is one of the most advanced and highly efficient systems in the world. For this reason, when you plan to visit Seoul it would be most helpful to understand how to use the public transportation in Seoul and make the best use of these cheap and convenient methods of getting around. Take a look at the Seoul transportation guide we have put together for you, together with some expert transportation tips, to help you make the best use of the city’s popular transport systems.

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First, before we get into the how to get around in South Korea, here is some information on useful transport passes you might want to get to make your travels much simpler.


1) T-money Card

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Recharge cards available at kiosks in several locations including subway stations, bus stops, and convenient stores. You can get a prepaid card for 3000 won and then top it up from any recharge machine as you go along. It's great as you can use it for bus and subway rides and if you have any balance at the end of your stay you can get a refund at any subway ticket office up to 20000 won.


2) Seoul City Pass 

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This pass lets you board any bus or subway up to 20 times within a day. You also get unlimited boarding privileges on the double-decker Seoul City Tour Bus which is ideal for any tourist.


3) Seoul City Pass+

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Another great option with similar advantages to T-money cards for use on buses and subways. It is a popular choice among tourists because you can also use the card in self-serve lockers, public phones, vending machines, and it would even get you great discounts to visit some theaters, museums, and restaurants.

With all the concession passes out of the way, let's get started on the types of public transport travelers can opt for during their visit to Seoul.


1) Subway

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Navigating the subway system in any busy city takes quite a bit of skill and practice, but if you take some time to understand how to get around in South Korea by subway it would be extremely worthwhile. This is because of the subway system in Seoul, South Korea is fast, efficient, clean, safe and cheap! What more could you ask for?

There are a total of nine subway routes with their own designated color and it will be useful to get yourself a Seoul transportation guide highlighting all the subway routes to help you decide on what route to take. If you are going to use the subway only once or twice you could purchase single tickets, but this would be highly unlikely given that it is one of the best ways of getting around the city. Therefore we recommend purchasing a Seoul City Pass or T-money card that is easier and cheaper to use.

Make sure to avoid traveling during rush hours between 7-8 AM and 6-7 PM, or try to get in right at the front or the back where it is relatively less crowded.


2) Buses

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The brightly colored buses are hard to miss and the extensive network covers almost every part of Seoul. These color codes clearly indicated the types of bus routes where blue covers long-distance route, green – short-distance routes, yellow – circular routes, and red – express routes. Most of the major stops and tourist destinations have clear signs and play audio recordings in English as well.


3) Taxi

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Unlike in other parts of the world, taxis in Seoul are also quite affordable. Their base rates start at about 3000 won and operate on meters. From the moment you arrive at the airport, you can easily hail a taxi to get to any part of the city in comfort. Although there is the problem of not having too many drivers who are fluent in English, you could always call the travel hotline through 1330 and get help translating. You can even use you T-money to pay for the ride.


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