Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

By Halal Trip | 02, May, 2015
Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

One of the most delightful train journeys that you will ever embark on, the Venice Simplon-Orient Express takes you to some of the most elegant cities of Europe. The Venice Simplon-Orient Express (VSOE) is a private luxury train. Originally started between London and Venice, today it travels to eight destinations in Europe during the months of March through November. The train made its maiden journey on May 25, 1982 between London and Venice.



Signature Journeys of the VSOE include:

  1. London to Venice (2 Days/1 Night): This is the classic VSOE journey; the train departs from London in mid-morning and arrives in Venice the next day late afternoon.
  2. London to Venice (5 Days/4 Nights): This is a return journey package where you travel from London to Venice and stay in Venice for 2 days; then travel back to London.
  3. Venice to London (2 Days/1 Night): The train departs from Venice late in the morning and journeys overnight to reach London the next day late in the afternoon.
  4. Paris-Budapest-Bucharest-Istanbul (6 Days/5 Nights): This is an annual journey of the VSOE; the train departs from Paris, reaching Budapest the next day, and then follows the route to Sinaia, then continues to Bucharest crossing the Danube to reach Bulgaria. The next morning the train enters Turkey finally ending the journey in Istanbul. Overnight stays are arranged in Budapest and Bucharest and a brief sightseeing tour is arranged at Sinaia.
  5. Istanbul-Bucharest-Budapest-Venice (6 Days/5 Nights): The train departs from Istanbul late in the afternoon, following the route to Bucharest, Sinaia, Budapest, Vienna and finally terminating in Venice. Overnight stays and sightseeing are arranged in Bucharest and Budapest. Brief stops are also made at Sinaia and Vienna.
  6. Venice-Krakow-Dresden-London (8 Days/7 Nights): The journey starts late afternoon from Venice, traveling overnight to Krakow then Dresden, and finally reaches London. Arrangements are made for overnight stays and sightseeing at Krakow and Dresden.

The VSOE also travels across other destinations in Europe such as:

  1. Paris to Venice (2 Days/1 Night): The train departs from Paris just before dinner and reaches the next day late in the afternoon in Venice.
  2. Venice to Paris (2 Days/1 Night): The train leaves from Venice in mid-morning and journeys overnight to reach Paris the next day just after breakfast.
  3. Venice-Prague-London (5 Days/4 Nights): Departs from Venice late afternoon reaching Prague, where you stay for one day, and two nights. It then joins the journey to Frankfurt, Paris, and finally reaches London.
  4. Venice-Budapest-London (5 Days/4 Nights): The train leaves from Venice in the late afternoon to reach Budapest. With an overnight stay in Budapest, the next day you can enjoy sightseeing before embarking on the train to travel further to Vienna, Paris, and finally London.
  5. Venice-Vienna-London (5 Days/4 Nights): The train departs from Venice in the late afternoon, journeying overnight to Vienna where there is a sightseeing arrangement and overnight stay. From Vienna continue the journey to Paris and then to London.



The cabins on the VSOE are originals from the 1920s that have elegantly been restored. There are two types of cabins that you can book, Double Cabin and Single Cabin. The Double Cabin has an upper and a lower berth whereas a Single Cabin has only one lower berth. All the cabins have washbasins however lavatories are located at the end of every carriage. Those looking for spacious and more luxurious accommodation can opt for Cabin Suites. The Cabin Suites consist of two connecting Double Cabins making them spacious for movement.



The VSOE offers three restaurant cars that are perfectly managed. Each of the dining cars is beautifully decorated in its own unique style. Your table will be reserved a day before and you can state your choice of 2 or 4-seating. The food offered is not halal. The dress code for dining is formal.



The VSOE also has a souvenir car that sells exclusive mementos to carry back as a memory of your trip on the VSOE.

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