Visit Arabian Knights for the Best Authentic Middle Eastern Food in Colombo!

By Halal Trip | 23, Jan, 2017

There aren’t many who haven’t heard of Arabian Knights. It is one of the many Halal restaurants that serve Middle Eastern food, and has been around for a few years, but unlike a lot of other Middle Eastern restaurants that had rather short lives, Arabian Knights worked out their kinks and are currently going strong. With Arab chefs on the team, their Halal food is authentic and delicious!


The interiors are all distinctly within the theme, with Moroccan lamps, the light fittings, the cushions and the semi-majlis area. Even the hand wash sink in the bathroom area is in a little Middle Eastern alcove! Just the waiters’ uniforms are left to join this party…


Arabic Shawarma Plate

If you can’t take your pick of the many shawarmas on offer, you could always opt for a plate of them. Whether you have an extra-large appetite or are dining with friends, this is a good way to try a few things at once. It comes with five shawarmas, dips, salad, and a side of fries. The great thing is that you can pick and choose exactly which shawarmas you want to have, or even select multiple of the same kind.

The Syrian Shawarma comes in a Lite and Spicy version, with the option of chicken or beef; Dubai Style Shawarma is one of the popular picks, in either chicken or beef, with pickles and fries,; and the Orfali Sandwich is an unfamiliar name for tender minced meat, grilled eggplant, tomato, capsicum and onion.

They also have a Mexicana shawarma – an old Arabian Knights favourite with a Mexican sauce; a vegetarian option of Falafel sandwich, which is just as delicious as its meat counterparts; a Sheesh Tawouk Sandwich, with grilled chicken and Lebanese garlic dip and the works; as well as a Double Kebab Sandwich that hosts the orfali and kofte kebab in one, and a Combo Mixed Shawarma that is a unique creation with a mix of chicken and beef.

The Halal shawarmas are moist and oozing with sauces and flavour, so it really is your pick!

Beef Tagine

If you haven’t heard of a tagine before, it is the Moroccan version of a clay pot. Meat is slow-cooked in it with vegetables and spices to allow all the flavours to seep in and fuse together, giving you a dish where the flavour-packed meat falls apart and tantalises your taste buds. The beef tagine is Arabian Knights’ new dish – they have had Chicken Tagine on the menu that is served with steamed rice – and is served with couscous. Way to be health conscious! Couscous, while not super popular in Sri Lanka, in somewhat of an Arab staple, and is the more healthy, less starchy version of rice, for those who are conscious about their waistline.

The Beef Tagine is a good sized portion that is filling for one person, and balances the flavour beautifully. If you are someone who needs more spice in a dish, however, you might want to make a special request for it.

Whether you have been to Arabian Knights before or are yet to try it out, we hope this review will get you there! 

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