Vivid Sydney - 6 Reasons Why You Should Experience Sydney's Most Spectacular Light Show

By Halal Trip | 15, Jun, 2017
Vivid Sydney - 6 Reasons Why You Should Experience Sydney's Most Spectacular Light Show
If you have been thinking of taking a trip to Sydney, well the perfect time would be now to experience Vivid Sydney. This spectacular event that occurs once a year is truly a magical experience not to be missed. This year the Vivid light festival 2017 dates are set from May 26 to June 17. Therefore if you happen to be traveling to this part of the world in time for the Sydney light show 2017, you might want to keep reading for HalalTrip’s guide to the Sydney's festival of light. Here we have put together a list of top things to see at Vivid Sydney that give you all the more reasons to experience this amazing event while on holiday.


World’s largest celebration of light, music and ideas

Ever since its humble beginnings back in 2009, Vivid Sydney has grown into one of the cities most celebrated success stories. Last year the event attracted a record number of 2.31 million visitors from around the world. Determined to outdo its previous performances, the Sydney light show 2017 is set to feature over 400 music events, 260 idea sessions and 90 light installations.

Exceptionally spectacular Sydney Harbour Bridge during this season

Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most popular things to do in Australia. Being able to experience Vivid Sydney from this site is even better. As you take part in this event you should definitely try to climb the bridge at night and get a bird’s eye view of the projections and lighting on the city landmarks.

Enjoy the many things to see at Vivid Sydney from off land


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Another important highlight of our guide to the Sydney's festival of light is that you don’t need to be on land to experience the beauty of the festival. There are several ferries, cruise boats and water taxis decorated with bright lights that allow you to witness the many wonders on land from afar. You might want to add the shows at Darling Harbour to your list of what you need to see at Vivid Sydney 2017 to catch a glimpse of marine fireworks, sculptural fountains and dancing water jets among many more.

Experience a cutting-edge music program

No matter what type of taste in music you enjoy, you will find something that will surely appeal to you as there are a host of gigs taking place in various venues. These events cover anything from pop concerts to classical orchestras and feature performances from famous artists from around the world.


Enjoy a spectacular dining experience

This festival is also a great place to treat your taste buds to a spectacular dining experience. There are several open air dining areas where you can enjoy the light show while enjoying some of the best international cuisines. You can even head down to the Vivid night market to grab interesting street food options.


Bring your kids along to this kids-friendly event

The best part of Sydney light show 2017 is that you can enjoy the experience with kids. Some of the most popular things to see at Vivid Sydney with kids include the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, Central Park, the Australian National Maritime Museum and Taronga Zoo. As a safety measure, it is best you visit the Vivid Information Booth where ID wristbands are issued for kids with details of parents. This way you can be quickly reunited if they get separated from you in the large crowds.

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