What Is Your Eid Day Routine?

By Hooria Tahir | 28, Apr, 2022
What Is Your Eid Day Routine?

Another year and another successful month of Ramadan has gone by all too fast. Muslims cherish spending Ramadan with their loved ones. It helps Muslim families around the globe come together as one and unite in this Holy month. 

Plus, the excitement of Eid Al Fitr keeps everyone on their toes! Eid Al Fitr is one of the most awaited holidays for Muslims around the globe. It is cherished everywhere and celebrated as a religious holiday. 

Muslims get to put on brand new clothes and start their day with prayers known as Salat Al Eid. Eid holidays are a striking date on the calendar for Muslims, and preparing for it is something many of us do. 

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What Is Eid? 

fire crackers, usually ignited during the night before eid

Image Credit: Wout Vanacker on Unsplash

Muslims celebrate Eid Al Fitr as the festival of Breaking Fast. Eid Al Fitr comes right after Ramadan and is a celebration for Muslims from the world after having completed the thirty-day fasting period. It marks the end of Ramadan when Muslims finally resume their day-to-day eating schedules. 

Some traditions of Eid Al Fitr include;

  • Officially breaking your fasting states after an entire month.
  • Praying Salat Al Eid. 
  • Wearing new clothing. 
  • Meeting family and friends. 
  • Hosting/going to Eid parties. 

Other traditions can vary from country to country. Many Muslims also take time out of their holiday to remember the needy and give back to the poor. This concept is known as Zakat Al Fitr. Eid is a joyous occasion for Muslims, and they like to fully prep themselves for it. 

Women love to wear beautiful new clothing and dress up before going to meet their relatives! Eid is a unique time for families to come even closer and say goodbye to Ramadan until the next year. 


What you can do this Eid Al Fitr

Prepare for Salat Al Eid  

salat al eid during the day of eid

Image Credit: Rumman Amin on Unsplash

As we know, remembering Allah no matter where we are or what we do is vital. After having celebrated such a Holy month as Ramadan, it is always a good idea to thank Allah for everything He has provided us. 

We can start doing this by attending an Eid prayer on the very first day in the morning. Imams everywhere enjoy holding special Eid prayers early in the mornings. Joining this prayer helps us get in touch with our faith and thank Allah. 

Plus, for an extra bonus, make sure you wish ‘Eid Mubarak’ to the people you meet in the mosque or on the way. Greetings like these will surely put you and your fellow Muslims in the best mood for Eid! 


Make special Eid Snacks. 

special eid cake to express happiness

Image Credit: Slashio Photography on Unsplash

One of the best parts about Eid al Fitr is you can finally enjoy eating in the middle of the day! - Sounds pretty normal usually, but right after Ramadan, it is a whole new feeling. 

Make sure to try making Eid-themed dishes such as Falooda or other snacks! Look for specific recipes online that help you host a better Eid. Remember, this holiday is about spreading joy, and if eating delicious foods helps to do that, go full out! 

The internet is full of delicious recipes that you can easily prepare for hosting guests this Eid! You can prepare quick and easy snacks or main courses, the choice is yours. 

However, whatever you make, be sure to prepare everything with love and care. In the end, that is what Eid is all about. 


Always help the ones in need. 

muslim that is united under the name Allah

Image Credit: Vitaliy Lyubezhanin on Unsplash

This Eid, remember to keep everyone in your thoughts. Not just your family and friends but also the ones in need. It is always important to give back and help the poor as charity is crucial. Our religion teaches us all about it. So, it is vital to do the same on Eid. 

It does not have to be a lot. Whatever you can give according to your own budget is what’s important. You can give gifts, food, or money in the name of Allah, and He shall reward you for it. 

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