What To Look Out For When Renting a Car Overseas

By Babajide IJIYODE | 20, Jul, 2022
What To Look Out For When Renting a Car Overseas

Renting a car overseas is getting increasingly popular. Instead of taking public transportation or hitchhiking to remote locations that public transit does not reach, you may just hire a car for a set length of time and begin going about quickly, saving money and commuting time. You get an unprecedented amount of freedom that a bus trip cannot provide.

However, it is vital to realize that renting a car in another nation may differ from renting one in your own, so there are some things to consider.

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Book in advance

booking the car in advance

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It pays to make plans ahead, especially when renting overseas. This becomes more crucial if you want to travel at a busy time of year. If you don't make a reservation in advance, rental businesses might not have any vehicles available. You can find yourself stranded at the desk without a car or forced to pay more due to a shortage of goods.

By looking around and making an early reservation, you can save some money and also be able to rent the automobile of your choice.


Plan in advance to avoid applying for insurance at the rental agency

You arrive at the front desk of the automobile rental agency with your driver's license and credit card ready. You can go forward after completing the form. But then comes the crucial query:

“Would you be interested in getting auto insurance?”

It is common knowledge that rental vehicle firms attempt to upsell unneeded insurance to unwary clients. Stick with reputable, well-known rental providers that you are familiar with. If you opt to use your credit card as insurance, make sure you are aware of what is covered.


Follow the rules of the road

following the rules of the road

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The rules of the country you are visiting should be followed while renting a car there. The nation you are traveling to could follow somewhat different procedures. Research everything, including traffic signs, speed restrictions, and speed traps. When visiting another country, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with local driving regulations.


Invest in extra phone data

You'll be able to use your phone as usual when traveling without paying any roaming fees. Even while it could seem like an additional expense, if you learn that a vehicle rental business will charge you for the daily usage of a GPS device, it's simple to understand why a phone with a strong data plan makes more sense. Applications like Google Maps and Waze offer current instructions and even traffic updates.


Take a “before use” picture of the vehicle

take pictures of the car condition before using

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Whether you are renting a car inside or outside of your environment, this should be a routine procedure. You can use pictures you take of the vehicle as evidence to indicate any damage that may have already been done to it before you drove it. You may always use the pictures to challenge the charges if you're ever charged for damage to an automobile that wasn't your fault. You can snap the images, submit them to your credit card company, and dispute the payments if you believe the automobile rental business overcharged you.


Frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions regarding car rental

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How old do you have to be? Many nations forbid newly licensed drivers, drivers under the age of 25, and drivers above the age of 70 from renting a car. In any event, even if the firms let those in the aforementioned groups to hire a car, the price may be greater than usual.

Is your local driver’s license enough? Some nations recognize your domestic driver's license, while others want an international driver's license. It's crucial to ask whether your local driver's license will be accepted when renting the car, or if a foreign driver's license will also need to be issued.


Renting a car while traveling abroad can give you the flexibility to go wherever you please, but it can also result in issues and extra costs. You can be sure following our recommendations will save you from that!

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