What to Pack in Your Travel Health Kit

By Halal Trip | 20, Aug, 2015
What to Pack in Your Travel Health Kit

It is important to carry a health kit or first-aid kit with you when travelling to help deal with unexpected medical situations – should they arise. Since specific medical supplies may not be always be readily available at certain travel destinations, carrying a basic medical kit may improve your travel experience drastically. This article highlights a few essentials that you may pack in your travel heath kit before you set off on your travels.

Pain Killers

Pain killers – such as Asprin and Acetaminophen – are an essential component of any medical kit. These will prove to be immensely useful for relieving pain – be it a headache, cramp or even a toothache – which will ultimately improve your travel experience greatly and make travelling much more enjoyable.

.Band Aid

Band-aid is ideal for treating minor cuts and scrapes that may occur when travelling. Keeping a wound or cut covered by band-aid not only prevents bacteria from entering it and causing an infection, but also provides extra cushioning and comfort until the wound has been completely healed.


Bandages are the solution for larger or deeper wounds that cannot be covered by band-aid. Bandages come in various types and sizes and it is best to take sterile bandages and rolled elastic bandages when travelling. Travellers who plan to spend a lot of time outdoors are particularly advised to include bandages in their medical kit.


Antiseptics are available in several forms – ointments, sprays, solutions, etc. – and are essential for preventing infections caused by bacteria. They should be used when treating cuts and dressing wounds in particular, by cleaning the skin and ensuring that bacteria does not spread.

.Other items that you may include in your travel health kit include pills for motion sickness, allergy medication, anti-diarrhoea pills and eye drops, particularly for travellers who wear contact lenses. Treatment for blisters will also be useful for travellers who plan on hiking or doing a lot of walking outdoors.

.Last but not least, remember to pack some cotton wool, a pair of scissors and a small, clean towel to help complement the other items in your kit.

.Many pharmacies also offer commercially available first-aid kits that can be purchased if you wish to save the time taken to assemble a customised medical kit from scratch. Your first-aid will prove to be an invaluable resource during your travels in the case of any unexpected injury or sickness.


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