Top 6 Places to Buy Malay Traditional Costumes for Eid in Johor

By Halal Trip | 02, Jun, 2017
Top 6 Places to Buy Malay Traditional Costumes for Eid in Johor
There is no doubt that Johor Bahru will be a top destination on your list of where to travel in Malaysia. A key highlight in this Muslim-friendly travel destination is the amazing variety of traditional clothing stores in Johor Bahru. Since Eid is approaching, I'm sure that many of you would be looking for the top places to buy your Malay Traditional Costume. Here's a list of well-known places where you can buy Malay Traditional Costumes in Johor Bahru.

UDA Business Centre


Although a fairly recent development, the UDA Business Centre located in the Bandar Baru UDA area has become one of the top attractions for Johor Bahru shopping. The location is home to many leading traditional clothing stores in Johor Bahru and therefore is an ideal place to visit to find some beautiful Malay traditional costumes. Cala Qisya is a store located in the premises, that features many men’s and women’s clothing as well as a range of shoes and accessories to go with it. The Dreamyza Boutique and Jannah Noe are other great options that feature an extensive collection of traditional Muslim attire. In addition you would not be able to miss stores like Gaffronasir that features traditional-inspired modern wear and Rina Salleh, another great affordable fashion store.


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Not only is this one of the best traditional clothing stores in Johor Bahru, it is also a great place to find traditional Malay attire for the entire family. If you can find the time, this is a great place to visit to find all sorts of stylish and trendy traditional designs made of exquisite fabric combinations. The Kamdar fashion boutique in Johor Bahru is located at store number 44-02 of the UDA Business Centre. The store also has a great website where you can do you shopping online as well.


Angsana Johor Bahru Mall


Formerly known as the Plaza Angsana, this is another great location to find traditional costume shops in Johor Bahru. This mall is a highly popular stop among foreigners and locals alike as it is a great place to enjoy some family fun. The food and entertainment areas attract large numbers of visitors on a daily basis but as you enter, you will find there are also so many retail stores of which many feature latest fashion trends and traditional designs. You would also be able to find local Malaysian design stores that are great places to find authentic Malay traditional costumes.

Kilang Bateri

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This location actually used to be a battery factory, hence the name. If you are looking for a unique shopping experience, then Kilang Bateri is the right place for you. The area is more famous for its eateries and entertainment activities that come alive mostly at night, but you might be able to find a few good stores for Johor Bahru shopping as well.

Galleria @ Kotaraya

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Taking you to another famous mall for an unmatched Johor Bahru shopping experience, is the Galleria @ Kotaraya. Located in the heart of the city, this is a great stop to enjoy shopping for various items including traditional Malay costumes, while enjoying a fun filled family outing as well. Following an extensive refurbishment, this location has been rebranded as a lifestyle mall and offers the perfect retail mix for a very fulfilling shopping experience.

Komtar JBCC


The Komtar JBCC is a mall hard to miss as it is located close to the Johor Bahru City Square, which is a popular attraction in the area. This mall was opened in late 2014 and features several different kinds of stores that cater to every type of shopping need. If you are looking for some women's clothing stores in Johor Bahru you might want to look out for stores like Padini Concept Store, Good 2U and F.O.S.

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