Here's Why We Think Having Iftar At The Mosque Is Beautiful

By Leo Galuh | 07, May, 2019
Here's Why We Think Having Iftar At The Mosque Is Beautiful

Fasting falls under one of the five pillars of Islam. Hence, it is an obligation that all medically-fit Muslims must abide by. Muslims around the world will fast anywhere from 11 to 20 hours. Once the period of dusk begins, only then will Muslims be allowed to break their fast by quenching their thirst and filling their stomachs.

And what better way to break their fast than by surrounding themselves with other people? When Muslims break fast their together, they will feel a sense of connection to each other as they both talk about how accomplished and happy they feel upon completing a day of fasting. 

One place that you can go to to break your fast with other people is the mosque. Indeed, the mosque has many benefits and so, below are the various reasons on why you should have iftar (break fast) in the mosque:


1) Foster new ties

When we have iftar in the mosque, we will get the opportunity to eat with people from all walks of life. Among these people, everyone will have a different life story to share about themselves. Thus, you should take this chance to forge new bonds with poeple, perhaps strengthen ties with your existing friends and hopefully, gain a newfound persepective on life and Ramadhan from other people. 


2) Learn to be humble

What's more, a mosque is a place where you can learn to be modest because everyone - regardless of race, income or gender - is perceived as being equal to one another when they sit down and break their fast together. The only one who is seen as higher in rank than them is Allah, the Creator of mankind.


3) Refresh your mind and soul

Even after a tough day during Ramadhan, one of the best things you can do to calm yourself is going to the mosque and listening to the verses of the Holy Quran or Islamic lectures carried out by religious teachers. Even the azan (call to prayer) in itself is one of the most beautiful things that you can listen to to keep your stress levels low. The mosque is a beautiful place indeed.


4) Motivate yourself to pray terawih

In addition, praying at the mosque serves as a great way to motivate yourself to pray terawih (a series of prayers performed after Ishak, throughout the month of Ramadhan). Terawih is usually performed right aft Ishak prayer so after breaking your fast, complete your Maghrib and Isyak prayers, and then hang out for a bit while you wait for the imam to begin gathering everyone for terawih. 

Ramadhan kareem everyone! Let's be the best version of ourselves this Ramadhan.

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