What Do You Know About Ethiopia's Simien Mountains National Park?

By Halal Trip | 01, Dec, 2016
What Do You Know About Ethiopia's Simien Mountains National Park?

A top attraction in Ethiopia is the Simien Mountains National Park. Created by massive erosions, the stunning national park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular tourist attraction. 


The area consists of rocky massif that has been created by streams and gorges over the years, the slopes dive down to the wide valleys and grasslands. The zenith of the park is Ras Dejen that rises to a height of over 4,600m. It is the highest peak in Ethiopia and the fourth highest in Africa. Visitors can enjoy a number of opportunities for trekking, camping, hiking and mountain climbing in the Simien National Park. The area has a number of guides and good infrastructure.


What's There to See?

The Simien National Park is made of three botanical regions. The first being the lower slopes, which are for cultivation and grazing, the second is the forested alpine regions and the third is the splendid red hot pokers and the giant lobelia. The views of the mountains in the park are stunning.


The Simien National Park is also home to some rare animals including the gelada baboons, Simien fox, Ethiopian wolves and several birds of prey including the lammergeyer. The park was originally established to protect the walia ibex, a wild goat indigenous to the region.


Paying a Visit to Simien National Park
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The Simien National Park can be easily accessed from the town of Debark, which is also home to the headquarters of the park. Debark is located about 101Km from Gondar and offers good facilities for visitors.


You can buy tinned food and bread from the town to eat while in the park and also supplies and gear for camping and trekking.


Even though the Simien National Park is located close to the equator, snow and ice can appear on the high peaks of the mountains. The temperatures often fall down and it is better to be equipped appropriately.


What Muslim Travelers Need to Know

Finding mosques and Halal food near Simien National Park will be difficult. However, you can ask around in the town of Debark and with the local guide regarding finding prayer facilities. There are also a few Middle Eastern restaurants in Debark that serve Halal food, always worth a visit!