Halal In Travel Conference​: Here's 8 Reasons Why You Should Attend & Meet The Experts

By Shamilka Rasheed | 02, Aug, 2018
Halal In Travel Conference​: Here's 8 Reasons Why You Should Attend & Meet The Experts

CrescentRating’s Halal in Travel conferences are set to be spectacular like never before and will be held across 2 more destinations – Singapore, Istanbul. The first conference of the year 2018 successfully started off in March at ITB Berlin 2018. The next two destinations to look out for is in Singapore, where the ITB Asia CrescentRating Halal In Travel Asia Summit 2018 is happening, and the Halal in Travel Istanbul Conference 2018 which will take place in Turkey.

Attendees will not only get access to excellent seminars and special presentations but they will also be able to be part of engaging discussions, featuring a panel of experts. The conference will provide a fantastic insight into Halal travel and Halal tourism, where those who are part of businesses and hope to grow within the Halal travel sector have much to gain.

Read on to find out why you need to reserve your seat for the Halal In Travel conferences in Singapore or Istanbul.

1. Gain Better Understanding Of Changes In The Muslim Travel Industry

With the rise of Muslim Millennial Travel Market and the impact of social media, there is no doubt that industry professionals should aim towards innovative methods to attract the Muslim travel market. Attending the conferences in Singapore or Istanbul will definitely get you started on further analyzing this market and eventually educate you on how to make better connections with them.

2. Halal In Travel Focuses On Important Topics

From special presentations to panel discussions from experts - you will be able to gain valuable insight on subjects related to the Muslim Travel Market. The panel discussions will let you dive deeper into the facts and figures of the niche market, giving you more insights rather than just getting to know the surface of the Muslim Travel Market.

3. Find Out More About New Trends In The Muslim Travel Market

If you want to prepare yourself and your business for the new trends that are making waves – start booking your seat for the ITB Asia CrescentRating Halal In Travel Asia Summit 2018 or the Halal in Travel Istanbul Conference 2018. Some of the key topics focus on the new and upcoming trends that industry professionals need to look out for and how they can tackle these challenges.

4. Gain Insight Into Professional and Business Growth

Just like any industry that changes with the progress of the digital age, the Halal travel industry is growing and is predicted to be worth USD 220 billion by 2020. As an industry professional or business owner, you need to make the best decisions when finding your own niche in the Halal travel industry. Additionally, you will be better equipped when it comes to making the right business decisions when you know what changes are taking place, and get great insight from experts.

5. Connect With Muslim Travelers and The Muslim Travel Industry

The Halal in Travel conference will also help those who are part of the travel industry understand Muslim travelers and how their travel habits, requirements, and preferences affect tourism. You will be able to gain insights on how to reach out to them effectively. 

6. Learn More About Digital Trends and Innovations

There is no doubt that digital trends are shaping the travel industry - and of course, these sweeping changes will affect Halal travel and tourism. With social media playing a big role and new technology and products entering the travel industry, there are new ideas being developed as well. To understand this massive change better, The Halal in Travel conference will shed plenty of light on this trend.

7. Get Opinions From The Experts

What better way than to learn from the best? At the Halal in Travel conferences, attendees will be able to experience interesting panel discussions held with experts from different fields. Every expert has their own way of understanding the industry and take a look on how the different fields can come together to tackle the segmented markets.

8. Amazing Networking Opportunities

Attending the Halal in Travel conferences in Singapore and Istanbul are probably some of the best places for networking and making valuable business contacts. This is where you will meet industry professionals, stakeholders and business owners from different industries. There are plenty of chances where you get some amazing opportunities when meeting new people.

Halal In Travel Asia Summit 2018 (a part of ITB Asia)
Date: 18th October 2018
Venue: Level 3 Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Room 3102.

Halal in Travel Istanbul Conference 2018 (Uzakrota Summit​)
Date: 30th November 2018
Venue: Hilton Istanbul Convention Centre.

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