Why Should You Travel to Phuket?

By Halal Trip | 21, Dec, 2016
Why Should You Travel to Phuket?

Why visit Phuket? This top destination in Thailand has been an immensely popular tourist attraction, receiving hoards of visitors throughout the year. HalalTrip takes a closer look at what makes Phuket such an amazing destination!

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Phuket is an enchanting island located towards the south of Thailand, home to a population of over half a million people. Being Thailand’s biggest island, it is a popular tourist destination and is flocked by travelers around the world who wish to experience the distinct spirit of the island.The name “Phuket” translates into different variations of the word ‘hill’ which it appears to resemble from afar. Although the majority of citizens in Phuket are Buddhists, there is also a sizeable Muslim population residing on the island, most of whom are Malay. 


A World-Renowned Tourist Destination

Being one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations, Phuket attracts up to a million tourists each season. As expected of an area whose main economic activity is tourism, visitors to the island will never be faced with a shortage of things to do in Phuket. From beaches and resorts to historical sites, Phuket will offer its guests an unlimited variety of activities to indulge in, as well as plentiful dining and shopping opportunities.

Beautiful, Beautiful Beaches!

Phuket is famous for its beautiful beaches and beach resorts. Few islands in the world offer as easy access to sandy beaches lined with palm trees and warm, clear waters as Phuket does. There are beaches to suit every traveler – bustling beaches full of energy like Patong Beach where visitors can enjoy exciting speedboat rides and water sport activities to quiet secluded coves such as Banana Rock Beach which few people have even heard of. Families seeking relaxation would enjoy the likes of Surin Beach or the intimacy of Bang Tao Beach. 

For You Shoppers

Even shopaholics would find Phuket their dream destination; shopping opportunities are unlimited here, as expected of a tourist haven. Food markets on the bustling streets, colorful night markets as well as up-market department stores are all designed to cater to the needs of even the pickiest shopper and offer a wide variety of goods. Shops and boutiques in Phuket sell everything from traditional handicrafts and antique jewelry to the latest collections of famous designer brands and beautiful wooden furniture.

The Amazing Food

Dining in Phuket is taken very seriously by the locals and tourists are lucky enough to experience the effects of this passion; everything from food stalls on street corners to high-end hotels serve a wide range of mouth-watering dishes. Cost is not indicative of quality – the cheapest meals in small restaurants are just as good as the expensive international cuisine in luxury resorts.

Food in Phuket is truly international and due to the considerable Muslim Thai population, Muslim travelers will be able to experience almost all of the island’s tantalising flavours as considerable amounts of food served are Halal. In fact, some of the most popular food in Phuket is Halal food.

Just make sure to enquire with restaurant owners about the availability of Halal food prior to dining. Give the Kusuma Halal Thai Seafood restaurant a try! Phuket has a lot to offer its Muslim visitors apart from delicious Halal food. 4% of the Thai population is made up of Muslims.

Places to Pray

In Phuket, Mosques even outnumber Buddhist temples and can be found in the vicinity of popular tourist hotspots. Cok Makam Musyid Mosque or Patong Mosque is found on Patong Beach which is one of Phuket’s must-visit beaches. Other mosques Muslim visitors should not miss out on are Islamiya Mosque in Bangtao Village and the Saphan Ruam Mosque in Phuket Town.

With an abundance of dining options, prayer facilities and shopping opportunities, Phuket will undoubtedly enthrall Muslim travelers and offer paradise for a fantastic holiday in the tropics. Start packing!


Click here for a complete Muslim-friendly guide to Phuket


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