World's Best Trek: The Narrows, USA

By Halal Trip | 03, Jun, 2015
World's Best Trek: The Narrows, USA

About The Narrow's Trek, USA

The Narrows is an adventurous hiking track in the Zion National Park. The hike stretches in a section of the canyon on the North Fork of the Virgin River. The Narrows is one of the best hikes on the Colorado Plateau. The hike is located upstream of the main Zion Canyon. The hike traverses a distance of over 16 miles and takes about 13 hours. Hikers can either cover the entire path in one day or take your own time. The route can be strenuous because of the river hike, slippery rocks and the downhill path. There are three ways in which the Narrows can be hiked.  
Types of Hikes
Hikers can either take a day hike from the bottom, a one-night through hike from the top or a two-day through hike from the top.  
One Day Hike
The one-day hike from the bottom is one of the most popular ways to hike the Narrows. Hikers can take the path up the river till the Big Springs and then find their way back to the starting point. You can also take a detour to the Orderville Canyon. This hike does not require any permit. The one-day through hike from the top is an adventurous hike. Start from the Chamberlains Ranch and walk through the canyon. Hikers will cross the Deep Creek confluence and a campsite is just around the woods in this area. There are more camp sites available between the Deep Creek and the Big Spring. After the Deep Creek hikes will come across the Kolob Canyon and then the Goose Creek. The next major landmark is the Orderville Canyon. After a few turns you will reach the Mystery Canyon and the Mystery Falls. About 15 minutes from here and a small hike, hikers reach the Temple of Sinawava that has toilet facilities and also shuttle buses.  
Two Day Hike
The two-day through hike from the top is similar to the one-day through hike from the top. Hikers can make a stop at one of the campsites and continue their hike on the next day. The Grotto Campsite a few kilometres from the Kolob Canyon is one of the best campsites along the trail.  
Halal food outlets
There are no Halal facilities available along the trail but you can carry some food supplies and water along.  

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