Yasmin Mogahed LIVE in Singapore 2023 | Healing The Emptiness

By Halal Trip | 18, Aug, 2023
Yasmin Mogahed LIVE in Singapore 2023 | Healing The Emptiness

Renowned across the globe for her enlightening teachings, Ustazah Yasmin Mogahed is set to grace Singapore with a two-day transformative seminar on August 25th and 26th, 2023. Hosted at the Suntec City Convention Centre, this event promises profound insights into the human journey of pain, resilience, and self-discovery.

Ustazah Yasmin Mogahed will be discussing a number of thought-provoking topics, such as learning how we can find, heal, and grow through our pain, finding God and in our capacity, be both human and beautiful — both flawed and inspired.

Event Details
Yasmin Mogahed 2023
Date & Time:
25 August 2023 | 8PM - 10PM
26 August 2023 | 11AM - 3PM
Suntec City Convention Centre, Singapore
Dress Code:
Modest Wear, Preferably White

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Topic Highlights

Each day will have a unique overall topic with the "Survivors: A Quranic Study of Trauma and Narcissism" set for Day 1 while "Healing the Emptiness: A Guide to Emotional & Spiritual Well-Being" will be for Day 2.

Day 1 | Survivors: A Quranic Study of Trauma and Narcissism

On the first day, Ustazah Yasmin Mogahed will delve into the depths of human experience, exploring the Quranic perspective on trauma and its profound impact. Through riveting narratives, she will shed light on the resilience of historical figures, showcasing their triumphant emergence from pain and adversity. Be prepared to unearth the timeless wisdom embedded within their stories, learning how the Quran can guide us to heal, overcome, and thrive.

"Trials and tribulations are an inevitable part of worldly life, and with pain comes trauma. Trauma is not just a mere feeling. It is very real, and its effects can be far-reaching. If we look through history, we will find that many of our heroes from the past also experienced trauma, and the Qur’an tells their stories of pain and triumph. How did the Prophets and those closest to Allah SWT survive and overcome their own trauma? How can we use the Qur’an and their stories to heal from our own wounds? And then to become stronger and more resilient?"

Day 2 | Healing the Emptiness: A Guide to Emotional & Spiritual Well-Being

The second day will bring a transformational discourse on a universal emotion—emptiness. Ustazah Yasmin Mogahed will guide attendees through a journey of understanding, where wounds are not mere scars but gateways to spiritual enlightenment. Exploring the interconnectedness of pain and growth, she will unveil how our struggles are essential components of the divine design, shaping our souls for a higher purpose. Prepare to discover a path to emotional fulfillment, spiritual enrichment, and lasting transformation.

"At some level, so many of us have experienced emptiness. Very few people know why, and even fewer people know how to fill that emptiness. But we spend our lives trying. We try everything to erase the feeling. We look for any way to hide from our wounds and numb the pain. But what if we didn’t have to hide? What if our wound became the door to a deeper understanding of ourselves and God? What if every wound served a purpose, and the process of healing made us stronger? This life and our entire journey here are not an end. It is a purposeful process, designed by God to shape our hearts — refining and remaking us — to prepare our souls for the final meeting with Him. And our wounds are a part of that process."


Introducing Ustazah Yasmin Mogahed

A luminary in spiritual psychology and personal development, Ustazah Yasmin Mogahed's insights have touched the lives of countless individuals seeking meaning and purpose. Holding a Master's Degree in Journalism and Mass Communications, she combines her academic prowess with a profound understanding of Islamic teachings. Her books, including "Reclaim Your Heart: Reconnect with Your Spiritual Core" "Love & Happiness: A Collection of Personal Reflections and Quotes" and her latest masterpiece "Healing the Emptiness: A Guide to Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being" have resonated with readers globally.

An instructor at the revered AlMaghrib Institute, Ustazah Yasmin Mogahed imparts knowledge on Islam, spirituality, and personal development. A dedicated advocate for understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims, her work transcends boundaries, enriching lives and fostering unity.

A popular role model for many young Muslims with all her achievements, she is an inspiration to many!


Secure Your Place

Don't miss this rare opportunity to engage with the transformative teachings of Ustazah Yasmin Mogahed. Seize the chance to be part of a gathering that promises to empower, enlighten, and embolden. Get your tickets now to secure your spot for a journey toward healing, growth, and spiritual awakening.

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Join us at the Suntec City Convention Centre in Singapore on August 25th and 26th, 2023, and embrace the wisdom that will reshape your understanding of pain, resilience, and the beauty of the human experience.

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