Zaeka is an excellent Halal restaurant in Fukuoka that serves a wide range of Pakistani cuisine. The Muslim-owned restaurant is a popular spot amongst the city's South Asian community who frequent the restaurant to enjoy a variety of Halal dishes that are offered on the menu....more

Fukuoka, Japan



Zaeka is an excellent Halal restaurant in Fukuoka that serves a wide range of Pakistani cuisine. The Muslim-owned restaurant is a popular spot amongst the city's South Asian community who frequent the restaurant to enjoy a variety of Halal dishes that are offered on the menu.


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Muslim owned restaurant

Opening Hours

Daily – 11:00 - 15:00 and 18:00 - 23:00


2F 1-3-4maihama chuo-ku fukuokashi, Fukuoka 810-0073




  • Are You A Book Lover? You Have To Add These 6 Destinations To Your Bucket List Now!

    Jorge Luis Borges said it right, “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” A library is a whole universe full of magic, wonder, hope, and happiness. Books take you into a different realm and drown you in a fantasy land from which you can never recover. As a book lover myself, I can tell the immense joy I feel when I enter a library and search through the countless aisles for the perfect adventure I'd embark on. Now, you dear readers and bibliophiles, I've got something more special for you. Let me show you the top destinations you need to visit that will definitely live up to your expectations. Ready? Escape... El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Bueno Aires Picture Credit: Tematika Ranked as one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world, El Ateneo Grand Splendid was a theater back in the 1920s which have been converted to a bookshop in the year 2000. Home to art and literature, the setting will surely lure you and make you feel like you've jumped into some magical dimension. Book and Bed, Tokyo Picture Credit: BOOK and BED TOKYO Facebook What a better place to read a book than in bed, right? Well, Book and Bed in Tokyo will definitely swoon you with its cozy atmosphere and books. And the best part of it? Book and Bed allow you to stay up all night long to read and dream of impossible worlds and adventures. And now, in order to accommodate more people and books, Book and Bed have opened in Kyoto and Fukuoka. Trinity College, Dublin Picture Credit: Alex Block on Unsplash If you're among those who are curious and want to unlock every secret of the world, then the Trinity College Library is where you need to go. Delve into the antique world full of mysteries, manuscripts, and archives. Its baroque style and very The Trinity college library will definitely seduce you with its voluminous collection of books displayed in a 200 feet long corridor. Livraria Lello et Irmao, Porto Portugal Picture Credit: Livraria Lello Facebook Potter-heads behold! You will now enter into the magical world you've been earnestly dreaming about. Livraria Lello et Irmao is believed to have inspired J.K.Rowling in writing her most famous book. Ranked among the most beautiful bookshops , the architecture and setting of the bookshop have played a crucial role in shaping some aspects of the magical world of the young wizard. Its unique architecture and its crimson twisting staircase will definitely give you the Harry Potter feels. Shakespeare and Company, Paris Picture Credit: Shakespeare and Company Facebook If you're a fan of Hamlet or Romeo & Juliet, this is the place to be. Launched in the 1920's, it was a meeting place for American writers. It's now been converted into a bookshop full of classical English books. You will get to enjoy the coziness of a small bookshop while feasting your eyes from the writings of great authors. Café Pushkin, Moscow Picture Credit: Cafe Pushkin If you've ever dreamt to marry The Beast and have his library, we have the solution. And you won't have to marry The Beast. Café Pushkin in Moscow is a baroque style mansion which welcomes its visitors into a world full of books and antique features that will make you travel back in time. Enjoy a steamy cup of coffee while reading a good book and enjoying the cozy atmosphere. The world of books and libraries will never cease to amaze bibliophiles. Next time you want to go on holidays , make sure you drop by these places and satisfy your book craving while feasting your eyes and mind from the aisles full of books and ceiling decked with the most elaborate paintings. Who knows... You might be the next J.K Rowling. You simply need a little bit of inspiration (:...

  • Start Planning For Your Trip To Japan This 2019 Because The Rugby World Cup Is About To Take The World By Storm

    If you thought FIFA was big, think again. The Rugby World Cup is coming in 2019 and you have to start preparing for it now. If travelling to Japan was not on your 2019 travel bucket list, it better go on immediately. Like any other World Cup, it is hosted once in 4 years, the first tournament being held in Australia and New Zealand in 1987, with New Zealand taking the championship. Since then, there have been seven others, the last one taking place in 2013 in England and Wales. If you were wondering where to travel in 2019, look no further. When and Where are the Games Held 2019 will see the Rugby World Cup dates in Japan, from the 20th of September to 2nd of November 2019. The games will be held in 12 cities across Japan, the grand final being played at Yokohoma Stadium. Going almost every day from the 20th of September, these are the cities to plan your travel around: Tokyo, Sapporo, YokohamaCity, Higashiosaka City, Toyota City, Kumagaya City, Kamaishi City, Fukuoka City, Kobe City, Shizuola Prefecture, Oita Prefecture and Kumamoto City. The Teams Playing The countries are divided into four groups: Pool A: Japan, Russia, Ireland, Scotland, Samoa, Pool B: New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, Africa 1, Repechage winner Pool C: France, Argentina, England, Tonga, USA, Pool D: Australia, Fiji, Wales, Georgia, Uruguay Picture Credit: Rugby World Cup How to Buy Tickets You can buy the Rugby World Cup 2019 tickets from September onwards – one year before the event – through the official website. The 19th of September to the 12th of November 2018 will see general global ballot applications, while individual tickets will be sold through the site in real time on a first-come first-serve basis from the 19th of January 2019. Refer to the ticket prices here. Tickets and Packages Picture Credit: Rugby World Cup Support Tours The Sports Travel and Hospitality has been exclusively appointed to run the Programme for Rugby World Cup 2019, Japan. An Official Supporter Tours Programme with Official Travel Agents in different countries has been allotted to avoid disappointment of being played out by fraudulent businesses. Whether you approach a travel agent or they approach you, do check the official website to make sure they are on the list. The Official Supporter Tours Programme book your tickets along with package tours, but you can buy the ticket by itself through the official website. Facilities Offered Different travel agents provide different facilities for their Rugby World Cup 2019 packages. Here are some ideas of what to expect: match tickets (depending on your length of stay, your package can cover multiple matches), accommodation, breakfast, travel card, Japan Government tax, administration and handling fees, some World Cup paraphernalia. Prices will vary based on the star rating of hotel provided and the cities the matches are held in. Don’t wait too long as packages are already selling out! It is the perfect opportunity to be traveling around Japan – during Rugby World Cup 2019. Muslim-friendly Facilities Since the packages provided are pretty basic, there aren’t any Muslim-particular facilities included. You are free to explore the cities at your own convenience, however, so, to make a Halal trip to Japan, be sure to look into what the city has to offer, as well as the Muslim population, halal food available, and places to pray.  Download the HalalTrip App if you haven’t already to help you locate all things Islamic for your Muslim-friendly tour to Japan! Leave a trail based on your own findings for others to follow in the future. With New Zealand having taken the cup thrice, Australia and South Africa twice, and England once in all the Rugby World Cups ever played, other countries will be fighting hard for the right to hold that trophy over their heads and claim the title. Will you be there to see it?...

  • This Is So #Kawaii! Hop On The Hello Kitty Shinkansen When You're In Japan!

    What is a Shinkansen? Picture Credit: Photo by Fikri Rasyid on Unsplash​ Shinkansen is the name given to a network of high-powered trains in Japan, generally used for long-distance travel from Tokyo to distant cities, but also by daily commuters. To English-speakers, a Shinkansen might be better recognizable when called a bullet train.​ Hello Kitty Shinkansen Picture Credit: Nippon​ Japan's latest spectacle combines two things the country loves and is best known for all around the world – Hello Kitty (a cute character created by the company, Sanrio), and bullet trains. The train is operated by one of five Japan's railway operators – West Japan Railway Co and is set to run the Shinkansen line from Shin-Osaka to Hakata Station as a Kodama. The train's main aim is to promote tourism and to bring attention to the regional communities in Western Japan. The company unveiled its newest and cutest additions in June of this year, two revamped 500 series trains decked out fully in pink and white, complete with Hello Kitty motifs and the character's signature pink bow to be seen everywhere. The pink and white bullet train began its run on the 30th of June. The train is said to be in operation only until October 2018, although plans to increase the time period may be taken up depending on the demand. But, why take the chance? If you are traveling to Japan during this time period, do not miss a trip on Japan's cutest high-speed bullet train, it's sure to be a memory of a lifetime! Features of the Hello Kitty Shinkansen Picture Credit: Nippon​ The outside of the train is painted in shades of pink and white, with large pink ribbons, and the image of Hello Kitty decked out in the Shinkansen uniform looking out from each train car. The inside is more of the same, with little motifs of Hello Kitty placed in several parts of the car, including the window shades. The train even plays the Hello Kitty jingle as it approaches each stop instead of the usual Shinkansen tune. Picture Credit: Nippon​ Eight original Hello Kitty designs have been added to the Shinkansen's design, each one holding a local product representing each of the prefectures the train passes by on its journey. Some of these include a green apple for Tottori prefecture, a black shell for Shimane prefecture, and a strawberry for Fukuoka prefecture. Other areas highlighted include Osaka, Hyogo, Okayama, Hiroshima, and Yamaguchi. Hello Plaza Picture Credit: Nippon​ Other than the regular passenger areas, two seat-less train cars have been specially designed to give travelers the ultimate Hello Kitty experience. Car 1 is named “Hello! Plaza”, and is dedicated to showcasing local Japanese products including food, souvenirs, and specialty items. According to Japan Railway, this room features areas for shopping, rest, and a photo spot, as well as a video corner. Kawaii Room Picture Credit: Nippon​ Car 2 is called the “Kawaii! Room”, and it is decked from head to toe in pink. Passengers will be greeted by life-size Hello Kitty doll wearing the Shinkansen uniform standing in a photo booth where fans can take pictures. The car also features other items, all of them in the theme of Hello Kitty and friends. A special Hello Kitty themed cafe, as well as a souvenir shop featuring exclusive Hello Kitty Shinkansen merchandise, were opened at the Hakata Station. Arrive early with time to spare before your journey or spend some time when you get off the train (depending on where you start/stop), and have some fun at these places! Prices & Reservation Prices for the Hello Kitty Shinkansen are similar to regular bullet trains in Japan. Tickets for the train are also included in a Japan Rail (JR) pass, so if you already have one, you are set to go! There are even said to be free seats given out, but we cannot confirm the availability of them on any particular day. Reservations are also technically not required, but we would suggest you do it anyway, given the recent launch, demand, and potentially short run of the Hello Kitty Shinkansen. Car 1 (Hello! Plaza) and Car 2 (Kawaii! Room) are free to enter, but depending on how many passengers are waiting in line, you might have to wait for some time to gain admission. You might also want to reserve your ticket for Car 2 in advance. You can book your tickets at any JR office or online through the JR website. The Hello Kitty Shinkansen numbers are Kodama 730 (Hakata to Shin-Osaka) and Kodama 741 (Shin-Osaka to Hakata). You can find the complete timetable for the Hello Kitty Shinkansen here....

  • Getting To and Around Kagoshima, Japan

    If you’re planning a trip to Kagoshima, one of the most-needed guides is on how to get there and get around. This guide explores how you can find your way around Kagoshima. Getting there You could always fly in to Kagoshima - the easiest and most convenient way - as there are flights provided from major cities. There is more to experience, however, in the slightly longer alternate route. Taking a train is your next best option. Kagoshima’s main station is Kagoshima-Chuō, not to be confused with the other central station called Kagoshima. The latter is older, slightly north of the city center, and hardly used, so most of your travels will be around Kagoshima-Chuō. The Kyushu Shinkansen trains are pretty frequent, running several times an hour, and taking only 80 minutes to get to Kagoshima from Hakata Station in Fukuoka. The Japan Rail Pass allows you to ride the train free of charge, with the exception of Mizuho trains. Even if you’re just making a round trip from Fukuoku to Kagoshima and back, the Japan Rail Pass is still a cheaper option. Visitors coming in from Tokyo can make the journey in 8 hours if they possess the Japan Rail Pass. Since all the sleeper trains have been discontinued, it makes traveling exclusively by night a challenge. Your options include: taking the overnight train from Tokyo to Okayama; where you can connect to a bullet train in the morning. You will have to pay for the boarding charges for the night, and if you’re on a budget, your cheapest option is to sleep on the floor. A better option would be to split up your journey, stopping over at a small town and spending the night there. If you have a Japan Rail Pass, the only expenses you would incur are the lodging costs. There are various overnight buses available from Osaka, Kobe, Oita and Fukuoka, with the latter two having the option of daytime buses as well. It takes 4 hours to get in from Fukuoka, while daytime buses from Kumamoto takes 3.5 hours. Kagoshima has one of the busiest ferry terminals, however, expect the journey to last a lot longer. . In Kagoshima Even though the bus routes in Kagoshima are much less complicated since it’s a small city, they are not the best way to go if you don’t speak Japanese. Hop-on Hop-off city buses are a better option - they cover the major sites in two different routes - or you can opt to take the tram, paying a flat fare or buying a day pass. Trams also operate on two routes and are easier for limited sightseeing. You can use your passport to take advantage of the Cute Transit Card - found at tourist information offices - that you can avail for either one or two days. City buses (the City View and Sakurajima Island View buses included), trams, the Sakurajima ferries and the Yorimichi Cruise are all included in the pass. Cardholders also receive access to various attractions at discounted prices. If you wish to have complete access over your schedule, motorbikes and cars are available for hire around the region; or you could opt for a bicycle instead, available for rent for a few hours at a time at the Kagoshima-Chuō station, with discounted prices for Japan Rail Pass holders.   . Click here for more travel information and trip ideas on Kagoshima City ...

  • Facilities for Muslims at Japan's Busiest Airports

    Japan, also known as the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, features renowned natural wonders, modern cities, fascinating traditions, and delectable cuisine. Also known for its wonderful culture and friendly people, the island nation is sure to be on every individual’s travel bucket list. With so much to explore and discover, Japan is the ideal destination for families looking for a fun getaway. While the country is made up of a pre-dominantly Buddhist population, and Islam is a minority religion, Muslim-friendly facilities in Japan can certainly be found, albeit in small numbers. But how accommodating to Muslims are Japan's airports? Read on to learn more about the facilities for Muslims offered at the busiest airports in Japan. . Haneda Airport Haneda Airport, also known as Tokyo International Airport, located in Ōta, Tokyo, is one of the two main airports serving the Greater Tokyo Area. Handling over 72 million passengers in 2014, Haneda Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, and not just in Japan. The airport services numerous domestic and international locations and thus sees passengers from all over the world. It therefore tries to cater to the needs and wants of most passengers, by offering a variety of facilities. Muslim travelers will be pleased to know that there are prayer facilities in Haneda Airport. The prayer room in Haneda Airport is situated in the international terminal departure area, on the third floor, and has an area for ablution. Although the airport has numerous restaurants and cafés, there are no known Halal restaurants in Haneda Airport. Muslim passengers will however find restaurants serving suitable seafood and vegetarian dishes. . Narita International Airport Narita International Airport, or Tokyo Narita Airport, situated in Chiba Prefecture, is the second international airport to serve the Greater Tokyo Area. While it is said to be the second-busiest in Japan, after Haneda Airport, there are slightly more Muslim-friendly facilities in Narita International Airport. Passengers will be able to find a multi-faith prayer room at Narita International Airport. The prayer facilities in Narita International Airport can be found in both, Terminal 1 and 2, before and after Passport Control. Unlike Haneda Airport, there are also Halal restaurants in Narita International Airport. The restaurants serving Halal food in Narita International Airport are; Homemade Udon Noodles KINEYAMUGIMARU in Terminal 1, TENTEI in Terminal 2, and LA TOQUE also in Terminal 2. . Fukuoka Airport Another of Japan’s busiest airports is Fukuoka Airport, in Hakata-ku, Fukuoka. While not as busy as the above mentioned airports, Fukuoka Airport sees its fare share of domestic and international passengers, and thus offers a variety of facilities and services. Muslims will be able to find a prayer room in Fukuoka Airport. Located in the International Terminal Building 4F, the prayer room also has an area for ablution. Passengers will however not be able to find any Halal restaurants in Fukuoka Airport, but there are sure to be eateries serving vegetarian and seafood options.  . New Chitose Airport New Chitose Airport is Hokkaidō’s largest airport and serves the Sapporo metropolitan area. Also home to domestic and international terminals, the New Chitose Airport offers a plethora of facilities and services. The prayer room in New Chitose Airport is located in the International Terminal Building, on 2F. While Muslims can use this prayer facility, it is also meant to be shared with those of other faiths. Finding Halal food will however not be as easy to find, as there are no known Halal restaurants in New Chitose Airport. . Kansai International Airport Situated on an artificial island in the middle of Osaka Bay, is Japan’s Kansai International Airport. While the airport offers domestic and international flights, it is smaller than the airports mentioned above. Because of the increase in the number of passengers from Muslim countries, there has been an effort to increase the number of Muslim-friendly facilities at Kansai International Airport. There are 3 prayer rooms in Kansai International Airport. They are all located in the Terminal 1 Building, on 3F, and in the International Departure areas. Ablution areas in all three prayer rooms are also available. Muslim travelers will also find Halal food at Kansai International Airport, at three restaurants. In the near future, due to the airport adopting a ‘Muslim-friendly’ policy, there are sure to be more Halal restaurants at Kansai International Airport. ....

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