Traditional Bosnian food. Kebabs, sausages, chicken, veal, beef steak.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina



Traditional Bosnian food. Kebabs, sausages, chicken, veal, beef steak.


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Ferhadija 12, Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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  • Discover The Charm Of Bosnia and Herzegovina

    When most people hear the word ‘Bosnia’ the image that comes to mind is probably one of war. Understandably so, since World War I started there, and the genocide that took place was as recent as 1995. Even though it was more than twenty years ago, the horrors that took place are hard to forget. While Bosnia and Herzegovina might not be on many travellers’ lists, the history and charm of the place – not to mention how it has rebuilt itself after so much destruction – is something that has to be seen to be truly appreciated. If you are looking for a holiday that takes your breath away as well as fulfils you, this is definitely the place to go. Credit -   Population and Food Majority of the population is Muslim as it was once part of the Ottoman Empire, but it also has such a rich cultural mix because it was then part of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy until World War I. Many places, especially the capital city of Sarajevo, have an East meets West vibe in terms of architecture due to these historical influences. It is not hard to find nearby Halal food places in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a large number of them do serve Halal food, even if they do not mention it specifically. Since there are also places that serve alcohol, a quick check with the waiter should settle your concerns about the menu. People of this region eat more meat like beef, lamb and veal, so if you are a meat-lover, you are in for a treat! Their version of kebab is a meat mix baked in an old-school oven which gives it an amazing smoky flavour. The fact that Halal food is so cheap here is also an added bonus! Bosnia and Herzegovina also have Halal hotels like Malak Regency Hotel and Pino Nature Hotel in Sarajevo where you can find Halal food.   Weather and Natural Beauty The landscape of the country is coastal, mountainous and flat, depending on the region, so Bosnia and Herzegovina weather is regular hot summers and cold winters inland, colder on the mountains, and the Mediterranean in the south. In terms of a beach holiday, the land doesn’t offer much more than the seaside town of Neum, but its breath-taking natural beauty elsewhere makes up for the small offering. It is hard to pick a perfect spot in Bosnia and Herzegovina but Vrelo Bune with its gushing spring in the middle of steep cliffs and greenery all around is pretty spectacular.   Other attractions you can’t miss out on   Baščaršija Picture Credit - In Sarajevo, Baščaršija, or Pigeon Square as it is nicknamed, is a popular spot for tourists. While the entire city is such a delightful merge of cultures and the old and new – not to mention mosques and churches in close vicinity – Pigeon Square is where you can find delicious eats and get your local shopping done. Make sure you bring along an empty suitcase to take your wares back home! Don’t forget to stop by the bridge that made history – where the Archduke of Austria, Franz Ferdinand, was assassinated – the spot that started World War I. Visit the Tunnel of Hope that was built in 1993 and was the locals in Sarajevo’s main lifeline to food and the outside world; and then feel your heart break a little bit more as you take in the documented horrors of the war at the Sebrenica Genocide Exhibition. Understanding the history of the country will truly allow you to appreciate your stay there more. The people are incredibly warm and helpful despite having gone through so much for so long, and you can only really understand that by visiting these historical sites.   Stari Most One of the most famous places in Bosnia and Herzegovina is Stari Most, or Old Bridge, in Mostar. The bridge that was originally built between 1557 and 1566 is iconic not just because of its age, but because after being bombed down in the war, the people managed to rebuild it after much difficulty in raising funds – as is such after a war – and with help from several organisations who donated to the cause. The bridge now stands a symbol of peace and reconciliation. Besides its rich history, it is a lovely sight to behold especially at sunset and at night when it reflects light beautifully. Click Here For more Information on Stari Most   Vrbas Canyons Vrbas Canyons is a natural adventure-sport playground that offers seasonal guided canyoning, hiking and rafting, as well as night-rafting at Tijesno Canyon with advanced notice. Take in the view of the Jajce waterfall that drops from 21 meters high, or climbs the pyramid hill of Visočica. Mehmet Paša Sokolović Bridge is the perfect place for a gorgeous picture with mist rising off the river at sunset and canyons in the background. The 10-arch bridge built in 1571 is one of the main attractions in Višegrad with little wonder – talk about ancient architecture! Bjelašnica, 30 kilometres from Sarajevo is one of the rare places that offer night skiing in the winter, and the chance to explore magical mountains and villages in the summer.   Prayer places in Bosnia and Herzegovina There are plenty of mosques due to the Muslim majority so you don’t have to figure out how to find prayer places and mosques in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sadly a great number of Islamic places of worship were destroyed during the war in 1993, with many of them going back to the 1500s when they were built during the Ottoman reign. Some are under reconstruction and restoration, while others are preserved as national monuments. There are great mosques in Bosnia and Herzegovina that are good to visit as well as pray in. The ease of access to prayer places and Halal food make it really easy to have a Muslim-friendly holiday to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Don’t wait too long before planning your Halal holiday to Bosnia and Herzegovina for it is not a place you want to miss out on. With such incredible beauty, history, people and culture, your travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina will be well worth it!  ...

  • 5 Best Muslim-Friendly Cities to Travel in January

    The world is getting more and more diverse, cultures are now interacting with each other more than they ever did before, idea sharing has become common. The world is now open to all. The Muslim Travel market is already booming, more and more cities are now becoming Muslim friendly. January is the best time to visit certain cities such as Sarajevo because of its winter festivities, Lucknow for its lower smog density and Singapore because of its relatively warm weather. When it comes to openness than you might think of Chicago or London or maybe New York City but if you want to find Muslim friendly cities and countries than your radar is a bit off. Below are some of the best places to enjoy a 'Halal Holiday'.    1. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia is a diverse and tolerant country and an emerging tourist destination in Europe but some people may ask "is it safe for Muslims to visit Europe?", the answer to that question is, of course, Europe has political issues just like other regions of the world but it's completely safe for Muslims or any other group of people to visit Europe particularly Bosnia. If you want to see the examples of religious coexistence you should go to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo is famous for its tradition of coexistence and is often dubbed as 'Jerusalem of Europe'. Furthermore, finding Muslim specific things like Halal food won't be an issue since a lot of locals are Muslim. Sarajevo has a humid continental climate and remains generally cool throughout the year. The best time to visit Sarajevo is in January since winter is Sarajevo's main attraction and by the way, Sarajevo also got the honour of hosting the 1984 Winter Olympics. If you're into architecture than you can visit the Emperor's Mosque or the Sacred Heart Cathedral, if you like history then you should give the Bijela Tabija Castle in the east of Sarajevo a visit or if you're interested in nature than remember that there are tons of parks in and around the city. Find nearby Halal food places in Sarajevo  Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Sarajevo    2. Almaty, Kazakhstan: Kazakhstan is a Central Asian country surrounded by land from almost all sides. The city of Almaty is located near the border with Kyrgyzstan. Just like Sarajevo Almaty is famous for its winters, so consider visiting it in January. Almaty consists of ski resorts, lakes and majestic mountains. Most of the population of Almaty follow Islam, with Christianity being the second largest religion. Almaty was always an important City even during the Soviet times, it was then known as Alma-ata and was a famous gathering place for USSR’s decision making bodies. The Kok Tobe Hill is one of the most famous tourist spots in Almaty, accessible by an aerial tramway which provides visitors with mesmerising views of the city and adjoining areas. Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Almaty   3. Singapore City, Singapore: Singapore is a city-state located at the tip of Malaysia. Singapore is located in a strategic spot near many major tourist destinations thus the Singapore Changi airport is one of the busiest in the world. Travelers travelling to Thailand or Malaysia often make stopovers at Singapore. Luckily, Singapore is one of the best holiday destinations in the world. Singapore has a lot to offer, from beautiful parks to sky touching buildings, furthermore, Singapore has been rated as one of the greenest and cleanest cities in Asia. Why should you visit Singapore? If you're a person living Russia or Canada you might already be fed up with the persisting cold winters at your home so why not make a change? Singapore remains mostly warm throughout the year, even in January the temperature remains in the upper 20's and mid-30s (Celsius scale). The most famous part of Singapore is probably the Marina Bay with its famous three towers of the Marina Bay Sands Hotels. Singapore hosts a large Malay population and was once part of Malaysia.  Hence, you will find Muslim clothing, lifestyle and food prevalent in parts of the city-state. Halal food in Singapore can be found very easily,  Click here for more information on Singapore Find nearby Halal food places in Singapore  Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Singapore   4. Toronto, Canada: Canada is already a very diverse country. Toronto is its multicultural utopia. Toronto has had a long history of acceptance and tolerance, it’s even present in the city’s coat of arms “Diversity, our strength”. This North American city is located in the Ontario province of Canada at the shore of Lake Ontario. A large number of different religious and ethnic communities coexist within the city and political violence is rarely seen as compared to the major North American cities. Toronto in January is fairly cold but that’s when it's best to visit as Toronto is famous for its winter decoration and markets, the city manages to keep its splendour intact even when it’s almost a month since Christmas. Now, let’s come to the food part, there are plenty of Halal food restaurants in Toronto and you will find everything be it Lebanese, Arabian, Indian, Singaporean or Malaysian. Click Here for more information on Toronto Find nearby Halal food places in Toronto,Canada Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Toronto   5. Lucknow, India: Picture Credit Lucknow City is the capital of Uttar Pradesh province of India. It is nicknamed as the ‘City of Nawabs (royals)’. Lucknow is rich with Muslim history consisting of magnificent mosques, mausoleums, parks etc. Several royals from the Mughal family are buried in the city. Apart from the history and culture, Lucknow’s Aminabad Bazar is famous for shopping. Halal food can be found easily, most Halal food shops will have Urdu languages written in their logo.  Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Lucknow For more ideas on where to travel in 2018 check out our travel blog or top travel destinations 2018 page...

  • Muslim-Travelers Guide to Bosnia & Herzegovina

    A Muslim-friendly tour of Bosnia is the perfect excuse to take a fascinating trip to Southeastern Europe. This region of The Balkans has become a popular tourist destination with much to offer Muslim travelers when it comes to Halal holidays in Bosnia & Herzegovina – not to mention interesting historical and cultural experiences too. Planning a Halal trip to Bosnia & Herzegovina is the perfect way to explore some of the best places in the Balkan region.   Check out Muslim friendly travel and holiday packages to Bosnia & Herzegovina now!   A Brief Of History Bosnia & Herzegovina Picture Credit - www.eurovoix.comBosnia & Herzegovina has a rich cultural background with roots that can be traced back to medieval times – Bosnia became part of the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century, during which constant wars were affecting the country. Eventually, Bosnia came under Austro-Hungarian control in 1878.   The country also had to deal conflict after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand which occurred while he was visiting Sarajevo 1914. This resulted in Austro-Hungary going to war with Serbia. This move played a key role in starting World War I.   Bosnia went on to become a republic of Yugoslavia after World War II, until its disintegration in 1991 which resulted in one of history's most horrifying international conflicts from 1992 to 1995. It's estimated that over 100, 000 lives were lost due to ethnic violence within the Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats.   Despite it’s tragic past, Bosnia has become one of the most fascinating tourist destinations. The region is famous for serene, beautiful mountain scenery, and cities with famous historic buildings and medieval architecture. The lakes, waterfalls and lush greenery are amazing sights to see– especially the rural beauty of the Bosnian countryside. With different cultural and historical changes through the decades, Bosnia has become a unique tourist destination worth visiting.   Halal-friendly travel and holiday packages to Bosnia and Herzegovina   Getting Around Bosnia & Herzegovina Picture Credit - The Sarajevo Airport is located just 10km from Sarajevo city centre, and can be reached by trolleybus, which is the cheaper option. Alternatively, the convenient option is to hire a taxi from Sarajevo Airport.   It’s easier for tourists to get around the main cities such as Sarajevo or Mostar by bus. The bus service is the most frequently used form of transport in Bosnia, with intercity, long distance and international bus services too.   There are a few active railway lines that are still running and only few places can be reached by train – and it’s much slower too. However, you can travel by train from Mostar to Sarajevo to take in the scenic route.   The Top Attractions And Best Places   Sarajevo   By staying in Sarajevo during a Halal trip to Bosnia & Herzegovina, you can learn about the country’s history and culture. Don’t miss out on visiting museums such as Gallery 11/07/95 and the Sarajevo Tunnel to learn more Bosnia’s past. Drop by the Baščaršija, the oldest bazaar in the city to get an idea of the local life too.   Explore the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sarajevo Mostar   Halal holidays in Bosnia & Herzegovina will not be complete without a visit to the intriguing city of Mostar. Do admire the unique architectural structures that represent the diverse ethnicity and history of the country – with Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman influence including medieval buildings. Don’t miss the famous UNESCO heritage site, the Stari Most that is built over the Neretva River either. For a day out, visit the magnificent Kravice Falls that is located 40km away from Mostar which is also a popular picnic spot.   Full day excursion to Mostar      Blagaj   Blagaj is a picturesque village-town where you will find the popular attraction Vrelo Bune, which is a unique architectural ensemble located on the Buna River. Travelers should also drop by the Blagaj Tekke which is a 17th century Sufi Dervish monastery, a sacred place that is still used today.   Jahorina Picture Credit - The Jahorina mountain in Republika Srpska can be found near Pale in the Dinaric Alpine region. It’s especially famous for the impressive Jahorina Olympic Ski Resort which is the largest ski resort in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Those who love winter sports or snowy landscapes should not miss out on a visit to Jahorina.   Sutjeska National Park Picture Credit - Sutjeska is Bosnia & Herzegovina’s oldest national park and is also home to Perućica, which is one of the last primeval forests in Europe. Nature lovers can admire the lush scenery and the country’s highest peak, Maglić mountain by the Trnovačko Lake – a serene, beautiful setting Some fun activities that you can enjoy here include rafting, cycling and hiking as well.   Halal Food In Bosnia & Herzegovina   It won’t be hard to find nearby Halal food in Bosnia & Herzegovina since there are several Muslim-owned eateries located throughout the country. You will find a variety of places that serve Halal food. However, there is no recognised official body that provides certification and some outlets do serve alcohol. You can always get more information from the staff if you feel uncertain. Additionally, you will also be able to find a few Bosnian Halal hotels such as the Malak Regency Hotel and Pino Nature Hotel in Sarajevo that serve Halal food   Find Halal Food and Restaurants in Bosnia and Herzegovina   Mosques And Prayer Facilities   Islam is one of the predominant religions in Bosnia, and Muslim traveler can even visit beautiful mosques that have been built several centuries ago. You can easily locate nearby Mosques in Bosnia & Herzegovina in the main the cities and towns – some famous mosques include the Emperor’s Mosque and King Fahd Mosque in Sarajevo, including the Ferhat Pasha Mosque in Banja Luka.You can even ask the locals for directions when you need to find prayer places in Bosnia & Herzegovina which won’t difficult due to the high Muslim population.   Find Mosques (Masjids), Prayer rooms & Places in Bosnia and Herzegovina   Traveler Precautions   While Bosnia & Herzegovina is an interesting place to explore, travelers are advised not to go off the beaten path due to active landmines and minefields in the region. Always stick to highly populated areas and get directions from locals before setting off into unknown places, especially in the countryside. Additionally avoid exploring abandoned buildings or villages too.   You can easily refer to this helpful travel guide to Bosnia & Herzegovina if you are planning a trip to the Balkans – so get started today!   Find mosques (masjids), prayer rooms & places in Bosnia and Herzegovina Halal-holiday packages to Bosnia and Herzegovina Find Halal food and restaurants in Bosnia and Herzegovina  ...

  • Experience Eastern Europe in a Fortnight

    From traditional markets to architectural wonders, Eastern Europe has a rich cultural and historical value that simply can’t be overlooked when planning your next holiday. Every city has its own distinctive sites and features, here are just a few! Macedonia - In the capital of Skopje, the symbolic Stone Bridge, as represented in the city’s coat of arms, connects Macedonia Square to the Old Bazaar. Found by the banks of the Vardar River, the bazaar is in many ways a relic of the Ottoman rule, with several mosques, caravanserais, and prevalent Ottoman architecture. One of the more notable mosques to visit is the Mustafa-Pasha Mosque, standing since 1492; the mosque remains largely unchanged, complete with the typically Ottoman addition of a rose garden. Albania - Built in 1823, the Mosque of Ethem Bey is an iconic site for Albanian Muslims. You’ll be sure to appreciate Islamic art with the unique frescoes around the mosque. The Clock Tower of Tirana is another tourist spot that was the tallest building in the city at the time of its construction in 1822. Outside of the capital, the old town Shkoder is a must-visit as the centre of Islam in Albania. With plenty of mosques to visit, the city is rich in Ottoman culture with exciting historic sites like the Rozafa castle. Montenegro -The primary tourist spot of Montenegro, Old Town Budva has stonewalls, preserved Roman streets, museums with ancient seafaring items, Roman mosaics and much more to celebrate its rich history as the Citadel of the Adriatic.  Croatia - With cathedrals and palaces, Croatia is bursting with stunning architecture and historical value. Rector’s palace fuses Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic features, while the Archbishop's Palace in Zagreb is a classic Gothic structure with its pointed arch and high-reaching spires. Explore Dubrovnik City by the Mediterranean for an insight into the city’s maritime history and it’s role in Old Europe. Bosnia & Herzegovina - Find the fortified city of Pocitelj, and evidence for its growth during both the Medieval and the Ottoman era. For a more cultural appreciation of the country, go to Bascarsija, one of the most popular bazaars in Sarajevo. Beyond the cultural sites, encounter the natural world through the incredible sites in the country. The Kravice waterfalls cater perfectly for tourists looking for a good view, a swim and a picnic spot. The Una National Park protects many more waterfalls and more notably the Una and Unac rivers. Find rafting, hiking and camping opportunities amongst the biodiversity of the Park. Greece - Famous for its iconic history and mythology, encounter some of the most well known sites distinctive of Greek culture. Explore the Acropolis of Athens for an appreciation of Classical Greece; find the Parthenon and other symbolic structures of the Greek civilization. Check out the Theopetra Cave south of the famed monastery, Meteora, for archaeological value. Or for a more modern tour, don’t miss the Olympic Stadium in Athens, with its capacity of over 60,000 people.  Tour Packages - Find more details on tour packages to the Balkans here: A 10-day tour to Turkey, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. A 10-day tour to Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. A 12-day tour to Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina ...

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