The Red Castle

No.6,Ln.2,Sanmin st.,Tamsui Dist.,New Taipei City 251,Taiwan (R.O.C)

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Red Castle, also known as Da-Guan-Lo, took four and a half years to complete (1895-1899). Red Castle is built on the top of the hill. There are 106 stairs leading up from the entrance below to the front gate above. Due to its location, you may have an excellent view of Guan-Du Bridge, Mount Guan-Yin, Tamshui River and its estuary. Over the years, Red Castle witnesses the rise and fall of Tamshui. During World War Two, its outer walls were severely damaged. In 1999, with the help of experts and researchers, Red Castle underwent a laborious restoration. Finally, on Jan. 15, 2000, it was reopened to the public.    The architectural features:   1.  The architectural elements are mostly British Victoria Style with a late 19th colonial flavor. It is square and symmetrical, with colonnades and winding corridors.   2.  Ching-Shui red bricks and Chi-Li-An rocks are the main materials in the construction of Red Castle. Chi-Li-An rocks are used in the inner walls of the first floor. Ching-Shui red                 bricks however, are used in the second floor as well as the whole outer walls of the building. The usage of different materials as such was rarely seen in the same period. It can be         noticed as a distinguished feature of Red Castle..   3.  Colonnades and arches form shelters. Balustrades made of green-glazed bottles symbolize peace and safety. Based on Chinese Feng-Shui, the bases of the pillars at the front               door are different. The contrast between red bricks and green bottles livens up the building and makes it attractive.   4.  Red bricks and granite came from China in the 19th. Poor techniques made both transportation and construction difficult. It took hundreds of workers to complete.   5.  Flemish Bond is used to brick walls and pillars. Each side of pillars measures 0.5 yards. The inner walls have hydrated lime and the outer walls have cement mortar as layers.   6.  The stairs leading to the front door are made up of granite. Inside, under the first floor, there are brick arches with small holes as ventilators