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  • Get The Full Airline Experience Without Leaving the Ground at these Hotels & Restaurants

    Cover Image Credit: Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash This year has been a really weird time for the aviation and travel industry. With the travel restrictions in place for many countries, many airlines had to ground most or all of their planes in their fleet. This is bad news especially for the plane enthusiasts, who long for the experience of flying again. One way that they can somewhat relive this experience is through aviation-themed restaurants and hotels around the world! Sadly, most of the restaurants are not halal but here are some of the most interesting aviation restaurants and hotels from around the world for us to adore and maybe even book a hotel visit if we are in that country. Some of the restaurants are not halal but are covered just to show the idea and novelty of the whole experience.   Restaurants Dreamliner Airways Cafe (HALAL) Image Credit: Dreamliner Airways Cafe on Facebook The aviation theme that it has is already special, add to that that it is one of the only one that is halal makes it truly unique. Finally, something that we can try! Located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, this restaurant lets diners experience the joys of flying. With great attention to detail, the cafe’s decor is modeled after the interior of a commercial jet equipped with windows and airline seats. Even the staff there don on flight attendant uniforms to give you that extra level of immersion. The only different thing about the cafe and flying for real is the food that they serve. Which is really not a bad thing to leave out of flying for real, a stark contrast of the beloved microwaved airline food. The cafe serves a range of Western and Asian cuisine with generous portions, great for the hungry “traveler”. As halal aviation-themed restaurants go, Dreamliner Airways Cafe is definitely something that is really unique. This Cafe is Halal as of the time of writing.  Location: The Dreamliner Airways Cafe, No. 7, Jalan Harmonium 35/1, Taman Desa Tebrau, Johor Bahru Opening Hours: 11 AM - 11 PM (Daily) Facebook Thai Airways Restaurant (NON-HALAL) Image Credit: Sam Chui Thai Airways have been making airwaves recently with the launch of their plane-themed restaurant. Located in Bangkok, Thailand, the Thai Airways Restaurant was set up to capture and recreate the authentic inflight experience for the visitors to their restaurant, with airline seats, decor, and of course the plane food. It’s like flying with Thai Airways but without leaving the ground.  The airline takes the experience of the guests seriously as diners will have to ascend the Passenger boarding stair truck (that truck with stairs that you use to get into the plane sometimes) to enter the restaurant, which will surely help in the guests immerse themselves into the experience.  To top it all off, guests will be gifted a boarding pass when they leave as a souvenir for their visit.  Sadly the restaurant is not halal at the time of writing. First Airways (NON-HALAL) Image Credit: First Airlines Speaking of immersion, this listing takes it to the next level. Your mind will be tricked into thinking that you are actually flying over distant lands, in first class too! Operating in Japan from 2016 onwards, this Virtual Reality flight experience brings visitors around the globe on virtual tours of different countries without even leaving the ground. Decked with first-class flight seats and a commercial plane interior decor, even the staff are dressed like actual flight attendants. If you are interested in the “plane”, it is modeled after the Airbus A310. The food and fake window scenery will change based on where the virtual reality tour is held at. Countries including New York, Paris, and Rome are just some of the countries that they offer. A really interesting take on aviation with the help of cutting edge technology. The restaurant is not halal at the time of writing. Runway 34 Restaurant (NON-HALAL) Image Credit: Runway 34 Restaurant If you are more of a propeller kind of person, then Runway 34 will excite you. Located near Zurich Airport, Switzerland is unlike anything from the previous listings. This place not only has the looks and feel of a plane, but Runway 34 also has the whole plane, the real deal. Parked in the middle of the hangar, the plane sits as a centerpiece for the restaurants where diners can choose to have their meals inside or outside the cabin. The plane in question is a retired Ilyushin Il-14, a twin-engined commercial and military personnel and cargo transport aircraft from the 1950s. The plane really does help the restaurant pull off the retro 1950s look well. The restaurant is not Halal at the time of writing. Hotels Hotels that you have to see it to believe it! STF Jumbo Stay Stockholm Image Credit: Jumbostay This has to be the closest thing you can get from bringing your mattress into the airplane cabin to sleep in! Located in Stockholm, Sweden, this repurposed jumbo jet literally lets you stay in the cabin of a retired Boeing 747. Space are aplenty too with the 747’s huge cabin space, there are several dorms and rooms. It is even equipped with a luxury suite in the cockpit! Vliegtuigsuite Teuge Image Credit: Another entry to this list of Aviation hotels is the Vliegtuigsuite Teuge in the Teuge, Netherlands. This retired Ilyushin 18 is now a single elongated suite that lets you experience owning the whole plane all to your self. The airplane is big enough for a bedroom area, a kitchenette, and a jacuzzi among other things. All the luxury without any turbulence! Costa Verde 727 Fuselage Home Image Credit: Uniq Hotels Ever wondered what would happen if a plane got stuck in a tree? They get turned into a hotel suite of course! Somewhere in the Costa Rican Jungle lies a salvaged Boeing 727 up in the trees. The painstaking process of placing it up there looks to be very worth it though, as it is safe to say that this is one extraordinary hotel! What makes it more interesting is that the interior decor is predominantly made of wood. From the furniture to the wall, the amount of wood is definitely something you would think of first when you see a salvaged airplane. There you have it some of the different places that offer you the flying experience without even leaving the ground. Frequent travelers and plane enthusiasts can now at least reminisce the days where we were all free to fly around. Maybe with the current border situations still looking to be very uncertain in may parts of the world, more airlines can follow the examples of these places, who knows our next staycations and meals might even be in the cabin of a once flying commercial airliner!...

  • 10 Best Virtual Experiences To Cure Your Wanderlust

    We all miss traveling, don't we? As we are still battling a pandemic worldwide, travel restriction has been prolonged (but it’s looking to be quite promising). And with stringent measures like social distancing and quarantine, one could only dream about traveling and seeing the world again. With advanced technology, the world has been brought closer to us. The existence of virtual travel experiences can cure part of our wanderlust. Not going to sugarcoat my words, seeing the actual thing is way better of course. As we are waiting for the world to heal and the situation to get better, here are the 10 best virtual experiences you need to check out to cure your wanderlust!   1. Marvel the Seven Wonders of the World Image Source: Photo by Fahrul Azmi on Unsplash I have always dreamed about exploring the Seven Wonders of the World, but let's be real. Spreading across different continents, I am sure there will be a lot of planning to do and the time to be allocated to explore every one of them. While we're in this phase, how about checking out this article from the New York Times? Listing down the Seven Wonders of the World, you can sit back and enjoy the 360 videos of the monuments. This includes The Taj Mahal and The Great Wall of China. With each video, you can also read brief information, adding up to your experience. 2. Ride around Japan on a Rickshaw! Image Source: Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash The VisitJapan Youtube channel has plenty of travel videos that are worth watching to cure your wanderlust. Some of these 360 videos have been around even before the pandemic breakout. If you haven't check out any of these videos, then this is the time for you to do so.The Let's go Rickshaw series brings you around cities of Japan on a rickshaw! Even though the cities are limited, it is pretty much informative and exciting. Ride around Asakusa and witness the Sensoji Temple or watch the relaxing countryside of Oita at the comfort of your house. You can also enjoy the 360 videos of the Japanese culture, making you want to fly right away to Japan after the restrictions have been lifted. 3. Explore the Yosemite National Park Image Source: Photo by Aniket Deole on Unsplash Yosemite National Park is located in California's Sierra Nevada. It is known for its majestic waterfalls and its granite rock formation. Tourists have been flocking to Yosemite all year round regardless of the seasons. Even though we cannot hike the Yosemite for some time, let this website shows you the remarkable view that you shouldn't miss.The Virtual Yosemite website allows you to explore the national park without boundaries. Pan around the popular spots and read up on the brief descriptions to learn more. Relax by listening to the water gushing down Nevada Falls or be awed by the nature surrounding Glacier Point. 4. Enjoy the Aeriel View of the Zhangjiajie National Park Image Source: Photo by Matt Zhang on Unsplash Located in the Hunan Province of China, Zhangjiajie National Park was recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The notable thing about this park is the pillar-like rock formation, making them look like they appear right out of a fantasy book. And it must be due to this that it became an inspiration for the movie Avatar.This Youtube 360 video will bring you through the Zhangjiajie National Park through a birds-eye view. Expect to see the Tianmen Mountain Temple and a glimpse of the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge. You can also spot the Bailong Elevator, known to be the world's highest outdoor elevator. With an informative voiceover, the panoramic mountainous view will definitely take your breath away. 5. Explore the Active Volcanoes at Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park Image Source: Photo by Jack Ebnet on Unsplash The Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park is surrounded by two active volcanoes, Kīlauea and Mauna Loa. Currently, only a certain area of the park is open to the public, and some stringent measures are imposed due to the pandemic.When else will we get the opportunity to explore an active volcano? Not only will you be able to listen to the sound of the erupting volcanoes but also witness the volcanic landscape, including the lava tube. This video includes an informative guide that will make your experience more lively and exciting. 6. Learn on the constellations at Bryce Canyon Image Source: Photo by Peter Thomas on Unsplash Located in the Southwest area of Utah, Bryce Canyon is notable for its hoodoos landscape. Its iconic spot is the Bryce Amphitheater, showcasing the irregularly eroded hoodoos.Known to have the darkest night sky in Northern America, it is no doubt that Bryce Canyon is the best place to go stargazing. This video tour lets you witness the amazing night sky glittering with sparkling stars and learn on the visible constellations. 7. Watch the Live Cams of Various Animals in Monterey Bay Aquarium Image Source: Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash Monterey Bay Aquarium might still be closed for the public due to the pandemic, but this doesn't mean that we won't be able to witness the sea creatures. Monterey Bay Aquarium is located in California and is known to be the first to exhibit the kelp forest.Currently, the Monterey Bay Aquarium provides live cams that you can watch in the comfort of your home. You can choose from various animals like the kelp forest, penguins and even sharks. Unfortunately, there is a timing for the live cams but during off-hours, you can still watch the pre-recorded videos of the animals. 8. More Live Cams from Georgia Aquarium Image Source: Photo by Tai's Captures on Unsplash Georgia Aquarium is located in Atlanta, United States. It homed various sea specimens like Beluga Whale and Manta Rays, to name a few.Similar to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, you can watch live cams of the sea creatures. They too have timing for the live cams. As such, you can only watch the pre-recorded videos during off-hours. Check out the Beluga Whales and the Southern Sea Otters webcams. It will definitely melt your heart from its cuteness. You can also read up on the animal facts and learn about their habitat and characteristics. 9. Ride the Rides at Walt Disney World Image Source: Photo by Park Troopers on Unsplash Deprived of taking thrilling rides and visiting an amusement park? Then look no further than the virtual Disney World on Youtube. Even if you have visited this amusement park before or it is still in your bucket list, it is worth checking them out!Walt Disney is a theme park located in Florida, United States. With various activities and attractions found in this park, you will never get bored walking around (virtually). Its Youtube channel lets you experience the rides like Slinky Dog Dash of Toy Story Land and Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain to name a few. As Walt Disney World is near the city of Orlando, your virtual experiences do not only encompass the theme park. You should check out the Virtual Orlando Tour blog and check out attractions like Legoland and Madame Tussauds Orlando. 10. Fill Up Your Time with National Geographics 360 videos Image Source: Photo by Hiroko Yoshii on Unsplash We are all not foreign with National Geographics, known to bring us the documentaries and magazines surrounding topics about science, geography and even the world culture and history.There's no difference in the 360 videos that they produced, still informative and educative. But it will definitely bring about a new excitement while you scroll down the list of videos. Learn about the Coral reef and the effort to preserve them or get up close with the tiger sharks. When else will you get the opportunity to swim with them? If museums are more up your ally, check out our past blog "10 Best Virtual Museum Tours In 2020", where we list museums around the world offering you a chance to visit them without being physically there. There you have it, the 10 best virtual experiences to cure your wanderlust. The time we can start to travel again is still bleak but these videos might cheer us up a little. I have to say that some of the videos are therapeutic, a getaway from the hectic life. Give it a try, and for sure you will enjoy it as much as I did....

  • Anda Tidak Akan Kelaparan Di Hong Kong Dengan Restoran-Restoran Halal Ini

    Artikel ini aslinya ditulis oleh Suhanah Khamis dalam bahasa Inggris. Kamu boleh membaca artikel dalam bahasa Inggris yang ditulisnya di sini. Adakah mencari makanan Halal di Hong Kong sesuatu yang membimbangkan buat anda? Percaya atau tidak, mencari restoran-restoran yang menyediakan makanan Halal di Hong Kong itu tidak susah. Dengan hampir 50 restoran yang tersebar di sekitar Hong Kong, anda pasti akan terpesona dengan pilihan-pilihan masakan dari Cina, Barat dan Timur Tengah. Tidak perlu lagi sampai kelaparan di Hong Kong kerana kami sudah menyediakan senarai restoran-restoran Halal di Hong Kong untuk kemudahan anda!  via GIPHY Tempat Makanan Halal di Pulau Hong Kong 1. Islamic Center Canteen  Kredit Gambar: Islamic Center Canteen di Coconuts Walaupun ia mungkin klise, tidak kira apa jadual perjalanan anda ketika anda mengunjungi Hong Kong sekalipun, anda mesti menjamu selera di Islamic Center Canteen Terletak di tingkat 5 di Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Center, makanan di sini pasti berpatutan dengan hidangan Dim Sum yang boleh didapatkan dengan harga bermula dari HKD13 (SGD2.30).Status Halal: Mempunyai Sijil HalalMaklumat: 5/F, Masjid Ammar and Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Centre, 40 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong IslandWaktu Operasi: 10am-9pm 2. Dong Fang Gong Lanzhou Beef Noodles Kredit Gambar: Dong Fang Gong Lanzhou Beef Noodles di OpenRice Hanya sekitar 2 minit daripada Stesen Teluk Causeway (Causeway Bay Station) jika berjalan kaki, anda dapat menjumpai restoran bernama Oriental Palace Lanzhou Beef Ramen. Restoran ini menyajikan mi daging lembu (seperti namanya) dan yang istimewa ialah minya disediakan dengan segera, di hadapan matamu! Satu mangkuk kecil Lanzhou Beef Noodles berharga HKD58 (SGD10) dan jika anda mendapati bahawa danging lembu ini tidak mencukupi bagi anda, pesanlah lauk daging lembu yang berharga HKD22 (SGD4).Status Halal: Mempunyai Sijil HalalMaklumat: Shop C, G/F, Shining Building, 477 - 481 Jaffe Road, Causeway BayWaktu Operasi: 11am - 10pm 3. Mingcha Limited Kredit Gambar: Mingcha Limited di Facebook Wahai pencinta teh, Mingcha Limited adalah sebuah syarikat yang khusus dalam Teh Cina premium. Sekiranya anda mempunyai masa lapang di Hong Kong dan ingin mencuba teh di Hong Kong, anda boleh menyertai beberapa bengkel mereka. Sama ada anda membeli teh ini untuk diri sendiri atau sebagai cenderahati, teh dari Mingcha Limited memang berkualiti and terbaik di dunia teh. Sebotol teh mini bermula dari HKD99 (SGD17).Status Halal: Mempunyai Sijil HalalMaklumat: RM 901-902, 9/F, Cheung Tat Centre, 18 Cheung Lee Street, Chai WanWaktu Operasi: 10am - 7pm (Closed on Sundays and public holidays)Website | Facebook 4. Wai Kee Kredit Gambar: Wai Kee di ET Food Voyage Wai Kee adalah restoran yang dimiliki Muslim yang harus kamu melawati semasa berada di Hong Kong. Ini adalah tempat untuk anda mendapatkan nasi bebek panggang anda (yang mestilah Halal!). Makanan terutama sekali yang anda mesti cuba adalah daging itik lembut yang diperap. Dan! Anda perlu menikmati kulit itik yang renyah. Semasa anda berada di sana, cubalah mee wanton dan wantonnya yang penuh dengan jus! Status Halal: Milik MuslimMaklumat: Stall #5 Bowrington Cooked Food Centre 1/F Bowrington Road Market, 23 Bowrington Road, Wan Chai, Hong KongWaktu Operasi: 10am - 6pm 5. Big Pizza Kredit Gambar: Big Pizza Kadangkala, anda hanya mahu memakan makanan segara tetapi agak sukar untuk mencarinya di Hong Kong, apalagi yang Halal. Syukurlah di Big Pizza, anda dapat mendapatkan pizza yang Halal dan enak. Yang terbaik sekali, ia dibuka sepanjang malam. Pastikan anda melihat jadual waktu di bawah dan pastikan juga restoran halal ini berada di dalam fikiran anda apabila anda sedang mengidamkan pizza. Sepotong pizza berharga HKD25 (SGD5) atau anda boleh memilih kombo pasta yang datang dengan minuman pada harga HKD52 (SGD10). Status Halal: Mempunyai Sijil HalalMaklumat: Shop No. 5, G/F Wan Chai Central Building, 89 Lockhard Road, Wan Chai, Hong KongWaktu Operasi: 10:30am - 6amWebsite 6. 27 Kebab House Kredit Gambar: 27 Kebab House di Facebook 27 Kebab House adalah salah satu kedai yang dibuka sehingga larut malam. Di sinilah tempat yang sesuai bagi anda jika anda ingin memakan doner daging, biryani dan apa sahaja yang terdapat di menu Timur Tengah. Sekiranya anda tidak pasti mahu memilih makanan yang mana dari menu, kami mengesyorkan Doner Daging Lembu, Kambing atau Ayam yang berharga HKD45 (SGD8) atau Biryani Ayam HKD50 (SGD9). Status Halal: Mempunyai Sijil HalalMaklumat: Shop D-E, 27 Hollywood Road, Soho, Central, Hong KongWaktu Operasi: 10am - 6am   7. Bombay Dreams HK Ltd Kredit Gambar: Dining Concepts di Facebook Bombay Dreams adalah tempat yang sesuai untuk memenuhi keinginan harian anda untuk Naan. Tersenarai di Michelin Guide's Bid Gourmand, Bombay Dreams adalah restoran makan yang menyajikan masakan India yang asli. Anda boleh memilih dari pelbagai hidangan untuk dimakan dengan nasi Basmati atau Naan. Harga bermula dari HKD78 (SGD14). Status Halal: Mempunyai Sijil Halal, Alkohol disajikan di restoranMaklumat: 4/F, 77 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong KongWaktu Operasi: 12pm - 11pmWebsite 8. Chrisly Café Kredit Gambar: Chrisly Cafe di Facebook Chrisly Cafe tidak sepenuhnya Halal, tetapi mereka mempunyai beberapa cawangan kedai roti yang mempunyai sijil Halal seperti kedai ini. Semasa anda berada di Hong Kong, jangan sesekali lupa untuk singgah ke kafe ini. Tart telur ikonik mereka, dan roti nanas, sesuai untuk sarapan dan waktu minum petang. Ia pasti membuatkan anda mahu lebih.  Status Halal: Mempunyai Sijil Halal (Kedai roti terpilih sahaja)Maklumat: Shop 3018, 3/F, Shun Tak Centre, 168-200 Connaught Road Central, Hong KongWaktu Operasi: 7am - 7pmWebsite | Facebook | Instagram 9.Warung Malang Kredit Gambar: Warung Malang di Facebook Sekiranya anda ingin mencuba sesuatu yang baru, Warung Malang adalah tempat yang sesuai untuk dikunjungi. Mereka bukan sahaja menyajikan makanan Indonesia yang enak, tetapi ia juga tersedia dengan harga yang berpatutan. Sekiranya anda mahu mendapatkan nasi, sepinggan Nasi Campur berharga HKD50 (SGD9), dengan 4 hidangan berbeza untuk dipilih. Status Halal: Mempunyai Sijil HalalMaklumat: 2/F, B-2, Dragon Rise Building, 9-11 Pennington Street, Causeway Bay, Hong KongWaktu Operasi: 10am - 10pmFacebook 10. Masala Train Kredit Gambar: Masala Train di Facebook Selepas selesai meneroka Hong Kong sepanjang hari, marilah menjamu selera di Masala Train! Anda boleh merasa makanan India yang asli di restoran ini untuk memenuhi keinginan anda. Di restoran ini, anda boleh mencuba makanan bungkusan mereka seperti Chicken Tikka Masala yang berharga dari HKD 58 (SGD 11) dan juga Roll Paneer Tikka mereka berharga dari HKD 58 (SGD 11). Status Halal: Mempunyai Sijil HalalMaklumat: G/F, Yue On Building, 146 Lockhart Road and 2A O'Brien Road, Wan ChaiWaktu Operasi: 11.30am to 10pm Website | Facebook Tempat Makan Halal di Kowloon 1. Restoran Ma (Ma’s Restaurant) Kredit Gambar: Ma's Restaurant oleh KiKiPangHK di OpenRice Perjalanan anda ke Hong Kong tidak akan pernah lengkap sekiranya anda tidak mencuba makanan Cina mereka yang terkenal. Adakan anda mengalami kesukaran untuk mencari restoran yang sesuai? Anda tidak perlu mencari lagi kerana restoran Ma memang pakar dalam masakan Xinjiang yang bertempatan ini. Restoran ini terkenal dengan mi brisket daging lembu yang direbus dengan harga HKD50 (SGD19) dan juga Veal Goulash mereka yang berharga sekitar HKD42 (SGD7). Kami sangat mengesyorkan anda untuk mengunjungi restoran ini kerana anda pasti dapat memilih pelbagai jenis makanan di menu.Status Halal: Mempunyai Sijil HalalMaklumat: Shop A, 21-25 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Sham Shui Po, Hong KongWaktu Operasi: 11:30am - 11pm 2. Islam Food Kredit Gambar: Islam Food Islam Food sudah lama menyajikan masakan tempatan dan adalah salah satu restoran yang harus anda kunjungi. Anda harus mencuba Roti Daging Pan-Fried yang merupakan salah satu hidangan istimewa mereka. Jika anda cukup berani untuk mencuba hidangan sejuk, anda boleh mencuba Ayam dengan Sos Minyak Bijan yang berharga HKD78 (SGD14).Status Halal: Bahan Halal digunakanMaklumat: G/F, No. 1 Lung Kong Rd, Kowloon City, KowloonWaktu Operasi: 11am - 11pmWebsite  3. Restoran & Kafe Casablanca (Casablanca Restaurant & Café) Kredit Gambar: Restoran Casablanca di Facebook Restoran Casablanca menyajikan masakan Moroccan dan Mediterranean. Sama ada anda memilih untuk memakan pita atau Tagine (hidangan Moroccon yang dimasak dalam periuk tembikar), anda boleh menjadikannya satu set semasa makan tengah hari. Bermula dari HKD58 (SGD10), setiap set datang dengan minuman untuk melengkapkan makanan anda.Status Halal: Mempunyai Sijil HalalMaklumat: 6/F, Ashley Centre, 23-25 Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong KongWaktu Operasi: 12pm - 11pmFacebook 4. Authentic Lanzhou Beef Noodles Kredit Gambar: Authentic Lanzhou Beef Noodles di OpenRice Restoran ini menyajikan mi daging lembu Lanzhou asli yang terkenal untuk anda yang ingin mencuba hidangan tempatan Hong Kong yang popular ini. Oleh kerana sebahagian daripada pilihan makanan di dalam menu mereka agak besar, kami mengesyorkan anda untuk berkongsi beberapa hidangan yang dipesan. Status Halal: Mempunyai Sijil HalalMaklumat: Room 5-8 G/F, Park Hotel, 61-65 Chatham Road South, TSTWaktu Operasi: 11am - 11pm Website 5. Anjappar Kredit Gambar: Anjappar di Facebook Anjappar adalah restoran yang menyajikan masakan India Chettinad dan mempunyai cawangan di seluruh dunia. Cubalah masakan khas mereka Anjappar Chicken Dry / Masala yang berharga HKD110 (SGD19) dengan Mutton Biryani HKD90 (SGD16) sekali. Status Halal: Mempunyai Sijil HalalMaklumat: Unit-202, Multifield Plaza, No.3-5 Prat Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong KongWaktu Operasi: 11am - 3pm, 6pm - 11pm (Monday to Friday), 11am - 11pm (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)Website | Facebook | Instagram 6. Bismillah Kebab House Kredit Gambar: Bismillah Kebab House di Facebook Bismillah Kebab House mempunyai 2 gerai di Chung King Mansion, salah satunya di 1/F. Selain dari hidangan Doner Kebab, anda juga boleh mencuba ikan bakar dan kerepek BBQ mereka berharga HKD45 (SGD8) atau Nasi Biryani Daging Kambing berharga HKD55 (SGD10).Status Halal: Mempunyai Sijil HalalMaklumat: Shop No., 68A, G/F, Chung King Mansion, 36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, KowloonWaktu Operasi: 9am - 11pmFacebook 7. Istanbul Kebab Kredit Gambar: Istanbul Kebab Terletak di Tsim Sha Tsui, Istanbul Kebab tidak hanya menyajikan kebab; anda juga dapat mencari hidangan Turki yang lain. Cuba Udang Gulung yang harga HKD78 (SGD14) jika anda peminat udang atau Doner Pizza Special dari HKD88 (SGD15.50).Status Halal: Mempunyai Sijil HalalMaklumat: Shop 1A, Tsim Sha Tsui Mansion, 36-50 Lock Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong KongWaktu Operasi: 12pm - 11:30pmWebsite 8. Bombay Kitchen Kredit Gambar: Bombay Kitchen Bombay Kitchen menyajikan pelbagai hidangan dari India. Restoran ini menyediakan makanan India yang asli. Sekiranya anda ingin menikmati makanan yang enak, anda boleh memilih Butter Chicken HKD75 (SGD 13) dan Cheese Naan HKD25 (SGD 4) atau Garlic Naan HKD20 (SGD 3). Status Halal: Mempunyai Sijil HalalMaklumat: G/F, 72-74 South Wall Road, Kowloon CityWaktu Operasi: Lunch: Mon - Sun: 11:30am - 3pm Dinner: Mon - Thu: 6pm - 11pm Friday - Sunday 5:30pm - 11pm Website | Facebook | Instagram 9. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Kredit Gambar: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen di Facebook Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen menawarkan pelbagai pilihan di menu, dan ayam goreng renyah adalah salah satu item yang popular di menu mereka. Anda boleh mendapatkan dua keping ayam dari HKD 48 (SGD 9) atau nasi kuah cendawan dari HKD 48 (SGD 9) jika anda sedang mencari sesuatu yang lebih mengenyangkan. Status Halal: Mempunyai Sijil HalalMaklumat: Chefs' Society, B/F, T.O.P This is Our Place, 700 Nathan Road, Mong KokWaktu Operasi: 11am - 10.30pm Website | Facebook   10. La Scala Kredit Gambar: La Scala La Scala adalah restoran yang terletak di Royal Plaza Hotel. Dibuka sepanjang hari, La Scala menyajikan masakan Halal yang berantarabangsa. Hidangan utama mereka adalah Bechamel Chicken Spaghetti berharga dari HKD218 (SGD39) dan jika anda mempunyai sedikit ruang untuk pencuci mulut, cubalah Vanilla Creme Brulee dengar Beri Segar.Status Halal: Menu Halal disediakanMaklumat: 193 Prince Edward Road West, Kowloon, Hong KongWaktu Operasi: 6am - 11pmWebsite Tempat Makan Halal di New Territories 1. Ebeneezer’s Kebab & Pizzeria   Kredit Gambar: Ebeneezer's Kebab & Pizzeria Ebeneezer adalah salah satu kedai kebab maju di Hong Kong. Restoran ini juga terdapat di Pulau Hong Kong dan kawasan Kowloon. Pilihan makanan tidak terbatas di sini; dari kebab yang berharga HKD85 (SGD15) hingga pizza yang berharga HKD98 (SGD17) dan juga Biryani dan Tandoori. Status Halal: Mempunyai Sijil HalalMaklumat: Shop no. 9A, G/F, Ngong Ping Theme Village, Ngong Ping, Lantau Island, Hong KongWaktu Operasi: 10:30pm - 6pm (Monday - Friday), 9:30am - 6:30pm (Saturday, Sunday and public holiday)Website 2. Kimos Kredit Gambar: Kimos Kimos adalah restoran yang menyajikan masakan India dan Turki. Restoran ini berhampiran dengan lapangan terbang jadi anda mungkin mahu menjamu selera di restoran ini sebelum menaiki penerbangan anda. Cubalah hidangan khas untuk penggemar daging (meat lover plate) dari HKD105 (SGD19) di mana anda boleh memilih nasi atau kentang goreng sebagai pilihan anda atau burger ayam yang dibuat khas oleh tukang masak dari HKD95 (SGD17).Status Halal: Mempunyai Sijil HalalMaklumat: Shop L, Ground Floor, Retail Seaview Crescent, No. 8, Tung Chung Waterfront Road, Tung ChungWaktu Operasi: 11am - 11pmWebsite 3. Curry Lounge Kredit Gambar: Curry Lounge di Facebook Restoran lain yang berdekatan dengan lapangan terbang ialah Curry Lounge, yang menyajikan masakan India. Cubalah hidangan istimewa mereka, Lamb Chop Masala yang berharga HKD158 (SGD28) atau jika anda tidak suka kambing, mereka mempunyai beberapa hidangan ayam atau makanan laut. Status Halal: Mempunyai Sijil HalalMaklumat: Shop S G/F, SeaView Crescent, 8 Tung Chung, Waterfront Road, Tung Chung, Lantau Island, New Territories, Hong Kong.Waktu Operasi: 11:30am - 11pmWebsite | Facebook | Instagram 4. Old Town White Coffee Kredit Gambar: Old Town White Coffee di OpenRice Old Town White Coffee memang sudah tidak asing bagi kita. Ini adalah satu-satunya gerai yang terdapat di Hong Kong, yang menyajikan masakan Asia. Semangkuk Nasi Ayam Rendang untuk HKD90 (SGD16) atau Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun untuk HKD82 (SGD14.50) akan memuaskan rasa lapar anda untuk penerbangan pulang.Status Halal: Mempunyai Sijil HalalMaklumat: [Restricted Area] East to West Food Market, Departures West Hall, Level 6, Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau Island, Hong KongWaktu Operasi: 24 hours 5. SkyCity Bistro Kredit Gambar: Club Marriot SkyCity Bistro adalah restoran di Hotel Hong Kong SkyCity Marriot. Menyajikan masakan antarabangsa, SkyCity Bistro menyediakan menu makanan Halal sepanjang hari. Anda boleh memilih dari pembuka selera seperti Piring Salmon Salai Norway berharga HKD188 (SGD33) atau terus membuat pesanan bagi hidangan utama mereka seperti Tenderloin Daging Sapi Bakar berharga HKD348 (SGD62).Status Halal: Menu Halal tersedia. Alkohol disajikan di restoran.Maklumat: 1 Sky City Road East, Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau IslandWaktu Operasi: 6:30am - 11am, 12pm - 2:30pm, 6pm - 10pmWebsite   Dan itu semuanya, tempat makanan halal di Hong Kong! Dengan semua tempat-tempat makanan Halal ini, anda tidak akan berasa lapar lagi di Hong Kong. Anda juga boleh melihat senarai restoran yang mempunyai sijil Halal di Hong Kong di sini! Artikel ini disampaikan kepada anda oleh Lembaga Pelancongan Hong Kong. via GIPHY...

  • 7 Makanan Ringan Tempatan di Hong Kong Yang Ramah Muslim

    Artikel ini aslinya ditulis oleh Nurul Shamin dalam bahasa Inggris. Kamu boleh membaca artikel dalam bahasa Inggris yang ditulisnya di sini. Sebagai orang Islam, kita selalu mencari tempat makanan Halal semasa melancong. Walaupun mencari restoran Halal akan selalu menjadi sesuatu cabaran ketika melancong ke negara minoriti Muslim, perasaan apabila akhirnya menemui restoran Halal itu amat memuaskan. Kita selalu mendengar betapa sukarnya mencari makanan halal di Hong Kong apalagi snek atau makanan ringan halal. Semua itu hanya mitos masa kini! Berikut adalah 7 makanan ringan Halal untuk anda mencuba semasa berada di Hong Kong! via GIPHY   1. Ais Krim Vegan Kredit Gambar: Happy Cow di Facebook. Singgah sebentar untuk mendapatkan ais krim vegan semasa anda berada di Hong Kong Observation Wheel. Ikuti laluan yang indah dan naiki Star Ferry ke Causeway Bay. Anda perlu mencuba Cookie Smore dengan perisa kegemaran anda. Perisa kegemaran saya adalah Vanilla! Happy Cow adalah pengilang dan pengedar pencuci mulut beku yang tiada kandungan susu dan ia ditubuhkan di Hong Kong pada tahun 2013. Semua produk oleh Happy Cow adalah vegan, mempunyai glisemik rendah dan bebas daripada tenusu, telur, soya, gluten, dan kolesterol. Pencuci mulut beku mereka dibuat daripada campuran krim kelapa dan gula kelapa organik yang lazat, dicampur dengan jem dan buah-buahan. Yang lebih baik sekali, pencuci mulut Happy Cow tidak mengandungi perisa tiruan, pewarna, pengawet dan semua produknya adalah vegan dan mempunyai sijil halal! Anda boleh mencuba seberapa banyak perisa yang ada dan makanan ini masih dianggap sihat ... kami fikir! Happy Cow The WheelStatus Halal: Mempunyai Sijil HalalMaklumat: Booth #3, Man Kwong Street, Hong Kong Observation Wheel Untuk cawangan yang lain, klik di sini. Website | Instagram l Facebook 2. Goulash Daging Lembu  Kredit Gambar: Islam Food di Facebook Semasa di Hong Kong anda mesti mencuba Veal goulash (goulash daging lembu). Mungkin anda lebih biasa melihat veal goulash dijadikan hidangan bersama nasi putih yang lembut di negara-negara lain. Namun, di Hong Kong, veal goulash sering dimasukkan ke dalam poket yang serupa dengan pancake. Veal goulash yang enak di Hong Kong akan mengeluarkan jus dari pancake ketika anda menggigitnya. Semasa anda berada di sana, cubalah Beef Dumpling Soup dan Scallion Pancakes mereka juga. Islam FoodStatus Halal: Mempunyai Sijil Halal(Main) Maklumat: G/F, No. 1 Lung Kong Rd, Kowloon City, Kowloon – Sebelah Chow Sang Sang Securities(Branch) Maklumat: G/F, No. 33-35 Tak Ku Ling Rd, Kowloon City, Kowloon Website | Facebook Ma’s RestaurantStatus Halal: Mempunyai Sijil HalalMaklumat: Shop A, 21-25 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong 3. Nasi Itik Wai Kee Kredit Gambar: Wai Kee Duck Rice oleh silverthoughts di OpenRice Kami pasti ini bukan makanan ringan tetapi tetap berbaloi untuk mengunjungi gerai ini untuk mendapatkan nasi itik yang lembut. Setelah selesai membeli-belah di pusat beli-belah utama di Hong Kong, Causeway Bay, singgahlah sebentar di gerai itik panggang halal yang terkenal di Hong Kong ini. Anda hanya perlu berjalan melalui Bowrington Road Market dan mencari ‘Cooked Food Center’ kemudian voila, di sana terdapat kedai Wai Kee Duck Rice. Makanan yang anda mesti mencuba adalah daging itik lembut yang diperap. Dan! Anda perlu menikmati kulit itik yang renyah. Semasa anda berada di sana, cubalah mee wanton dan wantonnya yang penuh dengan jus!Wai Kee Duck RiceStatus Halal: Dimiliki Orang MuslimMaklumat: 23 Bowrington Rd, Bowrington, Hong Kong 4. Dim Sum Kredit Gambar: Islamic Centre Canteen oleh Coconuts Kami mahu menekankan bahawa anda perlu menikmati dim sum ketika anda berada di Hong Kong. Anda hanya dapat menikmati dim sum yang asli di Hong Kong! Tempat yang terbaik untuk menikmati dim sum ini adalah Kantin Pusat Islam, yang terletak di Masjid Ammar dan Pusat Islam Osman Ramju Sadick di Wan Chai. Kami amat menyukai Tahu dengan Garam, Bawang Putih dan Cili, Udang Har Gow, Siew Mai, dan Ladu Udang Goreng (adakah anda perasan bahawa kami suka udang?). Rasa berani? Cubalah Kaki Ayam Kukus dengan Sos Soya mereka! Sekiranya anda bukan penggemar dim sum, Kantin Pusat Islam juga menyajikan hidangan utama masakan Cina seperti Nasi Goreng Makanan Laut, Ikan Manis dan Asam, dan banyak lagi. Untuk pencuci mulut, cubalah Kek Kukus Telur Mentega mereka! Lokasinya agak jauh untuk berjalan kaki dari Wan Chai MTR jadi kami mengesyorkan anda untuk menaiki salah satu trem tradisional Hong Kong yang berhenti di sepanjang Jalan Hennessey. Ia mengambil masa tiga minit jika anda berjalan kaki dari stesen trem terdekat. Anda akan mendapati diri anda berjalan menanjak ke arah kawasan kejiranan. Nota! Ingatlah untuk merancang jadual perjalanan anda dengan baik dan selitkan sedikit masa untuk mengunjungi Kantin Pusat Islam sebelum memakan tengah hari. Biasanya, penduduk tempatan di Hong Kong memakan dim sum pada waktu pagi. Jangan membuat kesilapan untuk memakan dim sum pada waktu malam kerana semua makanan pasti sudah habis pada waktu malam. (Percayalah, kami pernah buat kesilapan itu!) Islamic Centre CanteenStatus Halal: Dimiliki Orang MuslimMaklumat: 40 Salvation Army Street, Wan Chai 5/F, Masjid Ammar And Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Centre, Hong Kong   5. Pancake Tradisional & Tang Yuan Kredit Gambar: Ma's Restaurant oleh KiKiPangHK di OpenRice Ketika berada di Hong Kong, rugilah jika anda tidak mencubai pencuci mulut tradisional Cina. Beberapa pencuci mulut yang perlu anda mencuba semasa berada di Hong Kong adalah Tang Yuan (Bola-bola beras pulut dengan Sesame Hitam), Pancake Kacang Merah dan Pancake Labu. Tempat terbaik untuk mendapatkannya adalah di Ma's Restaurant. Biasanya, pelancong Muslim akan menjamu selera di Ma's Restaurant untuk mencuba masakan Cina asli yang Halal. Namun, kadangkala mereka terlupa untuk mencuba pencuci mulut mereka! Ma’s RestaurantStatus Halal: Mempunyai Sijil HalalMaklumat: Shop A, 21-25 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong 6. Puding Tahu Di Kung Wo Tofu Factory Kredit Gambar: Tofu Pudding oleh That Food Cray Puding tahu adalah salah satu makanan keselesaan kami. Sekiranya anda sedang mencari puding tahu yang ramah Muslim di Hong Kong, Kung Wo Tofu Factory adalah tempat yang sesuai untuk anda. Puding tahu di Kung Wo Tofu Factory sungguh halus dan sutera. Setiap hidangan adalah buatan sendiri dan dibuat daripada bahan-bahan yang tidak mengandungi gula. Biasanya, pencuci mulut ini boleh dinikmati dengan tepung gula perang yang boleh ditambahkan mengikuti citarasa anda. Kung Wo Tofu FactoryStatus Halal: Mesra Muslim (Tidak menggunakan Bahan-Bahan Yang Tidak Halal)Maklumat: 67, Fuk Lo Tsun Road, Kowloon City Stesen terdekat Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong China (akses mudah dari jalan keluar B2 Tsuen Wan Line)   7. Tart Telur  Kredit Gambar: Chrisly Cafe di Facebook Inilah cara orang-orang Hong Kong bersarapan di Hong Kong - Tart Telur dan Teh. Tukang masak di Chrisly's Bakery mengambil masa hampir satu tahun untuk mereka semula resipi mereka agar ia dapat menjadi Halal. Resipi asal tart telur ini sebenarnya mengandungi lemak khinzir (minyak khinzir) tetapi pembuat roti di sini menggantikan bahan ini dengan minyak kacang dan minyak sayuran. Anda mesti mencuba tart telur dari Chrisly Cafe ini semasa berada di Hong Kong. Tart ini akan disajikan hangat, dan jangan lupa teh ais mereka! Chrisly’s BakeryStatus Halal: Kedai Roti yang Mempunyai Sijil Halal (Nota: Bukan seluruh kafe)Maklumat: Shop 10, 2/F, Emax, 1 Trademart Drive, Kowloon Bay Facebook   Artikel ini disampaikan kepada anda oleh Lembaga Pelancongan Hong Kong....

  • 10 Best Bakeries That Offer Halal Cakes For Delivery In Singapore 

    No special occasion is complete without a cake. There's just something about the sweet taste of cakes that compliments a special occasion. Be it a birthday celebration, a graduation party, a simple gathering, or even the upcoming Father's Day celebration, a cake would be perfect to commemorate these occasions. But then again, you never really need a special occasion to buy a cake right? I don't know about you but the sweet and delicious taste of cakes is enough to make my day! Even if you feel like eating cake on any normal day, you definitely could with these 10 best bakeries that offer halal cakes for delivery in Singapore! via GIPHY 1. Swensen’s  Image Credit: Swensen’s Recently, we tried out Swensen’s Cake Delivery for a beloved family member’s birthday. Despite the circuit breaker, we managed to have a family-only mini celebration and we were so glad to have gotten a birthday cake from Swensen’s! Here is a picture of the birthday cake for you to ogle:  We definitely recommend getting birthday cakes from Swensen’s as their birthday cakes are made from ice cream (OMG!). On top of that, they have beautiful designs such as Marvel characters, Spiderman, Star Wars and even classic designs. Swensen’s also provides quality packaging (dry ice etc) and customisation like choosing cake flavours and writing birthday messages to your liking. Click here to look at the different cake flavours and designs available. For the birthday person who does not fancy ice cream cakes, you could choose to buy them a local-flavoured cake, like Kueh Lapis (layered cake). You're definitely spoiled for choice!   Website | Facebook | Instagram  2. Butter Studio Image Credit: Butter Studio Fathers’ Day is coming real soon. Butter Studio has an array of Fathers’ Day cake selections which look really yummy! If you are planning to celebrate Fathers' Day at home with your family, why not order a cake from Butter Studio? A special occasion is never complete without a cake!  Butter Studio is a great place to order cakes as their cakes are handmade and you could definitely taste the baker’s love from the quality of the cakes. Butter Studio offers a plethora of flavours, namely, chocolate, caramel, raspberry praline and so many more. Image Credit: Butter Studio on Facebook On top of that, their cakes have such lovely designs like a unicorn (our personal favourite), superheroes, Netflix (how cool is that?) and many others. The cool thing about Butter Studio is that you could order tall cakes (taller than the usual cake). These tall cakes do not just look beautiful; they are tasty and worth the money as you could share the goodness with your loved ones.  Website | Facebook | Instagram  3. Modern Warung  Image Credit: Modern Warung on Instagram Modern Warung is a home-based cake shop that is Muslim-owned. They specialise in Burnt Cheesecakes which is definitely the cake flavour of the year as the cheesecake is gooey and the flavours would just burst in your mouth (awesome!). Some of their flavours include Lotus Biscuit (Cookie Butter Cheesecake), Cheesecake and chocolate. Be sure to place orders in advance as they have a maximum order quota per week.  Visit their Instagram page for more information. To place your orders, click here! Instagram  4. Julie Bakes  Image Credit: Julie Bakes on Facebook For the Ondeh-Ondeh cake lovers like us, Julie Bakes is a must-try! We definitely think that Julie Bakes’ Ondeh-Ondeh cake is the best in Singapore. The cake is not just airy, it is also decadent (wonderful mix). Upon eating the Ondeh-Ondeh cake, you would most probably stop doing anything else but eat and enjoy it. Additionally, Julie Bakes pride themselves as bakers who bake signature traditional cakes.   Julie Bakes also offer other flavours like: Durian Cake Chendol Cake Badak Berendam  Chocolate  and many more Simply drop them a Whatsapp at 9647 9027 for orders. They are offering a 10% discount on all cake orders right now so do not miss this chance to tease your taste buds. Facebook | Instagram  5. Cat & the Fiddle Singapore Image Credit: Cat & the Fiddle on Facebook Cat & the Fiddle Singapore specialises in cheesecakes offering 17 gourmet flavours. As of 10 November 2019, Cat & the Fiddle has been certified Halal by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapore (MUIS). For cat lovers like us, you would be pleased to know that Cat & the Fiddle gives back to society like the Cat Welfare Society. On top of that, Cat & the Fiddle also gives back to children in need through The Children's Aid Society as well as those who are differently enabled through SPD and The Purple Parade.  Image Credit: Cat & the Fiddle on Facebook Cat & the Fiddle allows for customisation of cheesecake flavours for up to 10 flavours in one box. This allows you to continuously be teased by the different tastes on your taste buds. If you were to join the membership over at Cat & the Fiddle, you could enjoy a 7% discount.    Website | Facebook | Instagram  6. Swee Heng 1989 Classic Image Credit: Swee Heng 1989 Classic Swee Heng 1989 Classic is a name not alien to Singapore as they have been around for a long time and has been a hot favorite amongst Singaporeans for as long as we could remember. Swee Heng offers tasty and fine cakes that are quaint and delicious. They never disappoint regardless of the flavour of the cake. So order just any of the delicious cakes here! You will surely come back for more. Some flavours that they offer include:  Original New York Cheese Classic Mango Tiramisu Lots of others too Website | Facebook  7. PrimaDeli Image Credit: PrimaDeli  PrimaDeli is a prominent halal cake shop in Singapore. Honestly, Prima Deli has the best known crispy yet soft waffles. However, in this article, we are not discussing their awesome waffles (unfortunately) but something a little more interesting...their mouth-watering cakes!  Prima Deli offers loads of flavours such as:  Fruit cakes Chocolate cakes  Special treats  And many more!  Image Credit: PrimaDeli on Facebook PrimaDeli definitely offers quality cakes at affordable prices. So it is a good place to get larger and affordable cakes to share with your loved ones at home. PrimaDeli also offers premium collections such as rainbow cakes and so on.  Website | Facebook | Instagram  8. SPATULA Image Credit: SPATULA  Image Credit: Fathers’ Day Cupcake Gift Box by SPATULA If you have not heard of SPATULA, it could only mean that they are underrated despite their high quality, beautiful and delicious cakes. We would definitely recommend SPATULA for special occasions as their pretty cakes are priced at very affordable prices.  With the upcoming Fathers’ Day celebration, SPATULA is offering cupcakes in a box at an affordable price of $25. You could thank your father in such a simple and tasty manner by buying him this gift box consisting of flavours such as:  2 x Double Nutella Rocher 1 x Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (our personal favourite) 1 x Pandan Gula Melaka Coconut 2 x Dark Chocolate Fudge Due to the current COVID-19 situation and the government’s regulations that prevent larger celebrations and gatherings, SPATULA opens up weekly weekend bake sales consisting of special handmade curated items for your safe and comfortable enjoyment at home, from now till July. So be sure to check them out and order early to avoid disappointment. Website | Facebook  9. Riz Delights Image Credit: Riz Delights on Facebook Riz Delights started out as a small business. But they have found a way to share their delicious bakes with cake lovers. They pride themselves in using quality ingredients and creating unique cake designs, especially when it comes to memorable events such as weddings.  Additionally, what we found unique about Riz Delights is that they sell cakes in a jar! So if you are in the mood for cake but cannot afford to finish a bigger cake, why not just go for the bite-sized cake jars?  Their cake in a jar flavours consist of:  Red Velvet (our personal favourite) Chocolate Indulgence Caramel Mango Ondeh-Ondeh  Oreo  Strawberry Shortcake Website | Facebook | Instagram  10. Sooperlicious Cakes  Image Credit: Sooperlicious Cakes Last but not least, we would like to mention Sooperlicious Cakes which is definitely a must-try as they are able to customise just about any cake design according to your preference! They are willing to take on any of your creative and adventurous ideas and turn it into a reality (in the form of cake). They believe that delicious, fabulous cakes should be affordable. Therefore, Sooperlicious cakes are for everyone with any budget!  Website | Facebook | Instagram    We hope that with this article, you would have a better idea of where to get the great-looking and even better-tasting cakes for your special occasions or daily satisfying-your-cake-cravings day. Perhaps for this upcoming Father's Day celebration, you could order a cake from one of these Halal Bakeries to celebrate the special occasion. On top of that, we hope that while you enjoy delicious cakes, you also do it responsibly by not having large gatherings and still observing safe distancing measures. So eat cake at home and most importantly, stay safe!  via GIPHY ...

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