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The Grand Palace
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What are you looking for, quality of food, best service, cheerful ambiance, or a great location? The Grand Palace at the heart of Sydney CBD sets your priorities right with the addition of Indian food to the mix. The menu features traditional Indian favorites with a modern twist. The Grand Palace kitchen team carefully blends exotic herbs and spices to create dishes that will leave you wanting more. With a name like The Grand Palace expectations are high for this Indian restaurant on George Street in the heart of Sydney – and it doesn’t disappoint. The Grand Palace is one of few Indian restaurants with a sumptuous dessert offering. From the Bombay Delight to the Rajasthani Palace Stone, you’ll be completely satisfied at the end of your multi-course meal. At The Grand Palace — Indian Restaurant there is a buffet where customers can compose a custom plate of beloved food themselves from the pieces placed on the counter for a predetermined price. Just make sure to respect hygiene guidelines!

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