To the side of Lee Garden Hotel where McDonald is. Simple but superbly flavoursome halal food. There are plenty of Southern Thai specialties, as well as mainstays such as beef Massaman curry.

Hat Yai, Thailand



To the side of Lee Garden Hotel where McDonald is. Simple but superbly flavoursome halal food. There are plenty of Southern Thai specialties, as well as mainstays such as beef Massaman curry.


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73-75 Prachatipat Road, Hat Yai, Songkhla 90110


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+66 74 243 008


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  • Thailand's Best Airports For Muslim Travelers

    With Thailand offering wonderful tropical weather, fascinating culture and history, flavor-packed food, picturesque countryside’s, stunning beaches, and so much more, it is no surprise that the country is becoming a go-to travel destination for those looking to have some fun, explore and unwind. Tourists from all over the globe are now flying to the exotic destination for an experience of a lifetime. With tourism playing a major role in the country’s economy, it therefore caters to the needs and wants of all religious groups – while Buddhism is the most practiced religion in Thailand, Muslim tourists will be pleased to hear that Muslim-friendly airport facilities in Thailand are also available, including at some of the country’s major airports. Read on to find what Muslim facilities at Thailand airports are available - including faith-based facilities and services they require. . Suvarnabhumi Airport Picture Credit - Suvarnabhumi Airport serves the city of Bangkok, and is one of the two that does so - the other being Don Mueang International Airport. The main hub for Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways and Orient Thai Airlines, Suvarnabhumi Airport also hosts airlines from across the globe, and is thus one of the world’s busiest airports. Travelers will be able to find all sorts of facilities and services, including Muslim-friendly facilities at the Suvarnabhumi Airport. There are a total of 3 prayer rooms at Suvarnabhumi Airport for Muslims; located at the Passenger Terminal Building Level 3, Airport Transit Area Level 3 and Jet Bridge E. Jumu’ah prayers are conducted here, and ablution facilities are also available. There are also Halal restaurants at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Suvarnabhumi Airport .   Don Mueang International Airport Picture Credit - Don Mueang International Airport is Bangkok’s second airport and is known to be one of the oldest international airports in the world. Offering domestic and international flights, Don Mueang International Airport also sees passengers of all races and religions. It however is not very Muslim-friendly. Muslim passengers will not be able to find prayer rooms in Don Mueang International Airport. There are also no known Halal restaurants in Don Mueang International Airport. Travelers requiring Halal food will therefore have to bring along their own food, or they can dine on suitable seafood and vegetarian dishes available at the cafés and restaurants at the airport. Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Don Mueang International Airport .   Phuket International Airport Picture Credit - www.d103group.comPhuket is probably one of Thailand’s most well-known tourist destinations. The airport that serves it is therefore one of the busiest in the country. Although quite small, Phuket International Airport does offer a variety of facilities and services for Muslims. Muslim travelers will not find any Halal restaurants in Phuket International Airport; they will thus have to dine on suitable vegetarian and seafood dishes available at the airport’s restaurants, or they can pick-up some food from one of the many Halal restaurants in Phuket. A prayer room at Phuket International Airport can however be found. Muslim passengers can offer their prayers at the prayer room found on the third floor. Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Phuket Airport .   Chiang Mai International Airport   Picture Credit - Chiang Mai International Airport, serving Chiang Mai, is another of Thailand’s busiest airports. Just like the other airports mentioned above, the Chiang Mai International Airport offers domestic and international flights, and therefore sees passengers from all over the world. Muslim travelers looking for prayer facilities at will be able to find a prayer room at Chiang Mai International Airport on the second floor, near International Departures. Locating Halal restaurants at Chiang Mai International Airport will not be as easy. However, since the airport houses several restaurants and food stalls, Muslim travelers are sure to find at least a few suitable vegetarian and seafood dishes at these eateries. Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Chiang Mai International Airport . Hat Yai International Airport Picture Credit - Thailand’s Hat Yai International Airport, located in the Southern Business Zone, is one of the country’s most important airports. While it receives leisure and business travelers, it is also the airport from which Muslims traveling to Makkah depart. While prayer facilities and a prayer room at Hat Yai International Airport can be found, there are no known Halal restaurants at Hat Yai International Airport. Muslim passengers could opt for restaurants and food stalls serving suitable vegetarian and seafood dishes. Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Hat Yai International Airport . ...

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