Restoran Ali Maju

Pusat Bandar Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Muslim owned restaurant

  • CrescentRating: Not CrescentRated

  • Halal certified


Currently, throughout Peninsular Malaysia, those who know Restoran Ali Maju, in the positive kind way, have been inviting us to open branches at their localities. There are also those who have and still are recommending fine and strategic location, as they wish to see an Ali Maju restaurant operating in their respective vicinities. This undoubtedly speaks volumes of Restoran Ali Maju popularity. As a popular restaurant, it is extremely imperative to be providing the best food, efficient service and above all, a hygienic and conducive environment. Restoran Ali Maju is following above all. Locating at aDamansara town center and Restoran Ali Maju is an Indian Muslim style restaurant that served different types of Indian Muslim dishes. Curry chicken is one of the most important dishes in Indian Muslim cuisine. That is nice at Restoran Ali Maju! The curry is not too spicy and full with the aroma of curry leaves and spices. The chicken is tender and almost absorbs all the taste of the curry. It goes really well with a bowl of white rice. Perfect for your dinner. Get in to Restoran Ali Maju and taste any preferred Halal food! Signature Dishes are Naan, Tandoori, Thosai.