Established in 1991, Debonairs Pizza is the leading pizza restaurant in Africa.

Ermelo, Netherlands



Established in 1991, Debonairs Pizza is the leading pizza restaurant in Africa.


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111 Kerk Street, Ermelo, Mpumalanga 2351



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  • Why are These 10 Travel Destinations Unusual?

    Everyone wants to go to France, Maldives or the US for a vacation but if you would like to experience something slightly different from touristy destinations, we've collated quite a few amazing places that you could explore! Pristine, secluded beaches, historically rich cities, and a diverse range of terrains in one place – this list has got it all! Keep reading to find out what are the 10 most unusual travel destinations off the beaten path.   1. Red Beach, Panjin, China Credit: Wikipedia Yes, you read that right – Red Beach – also referred to as “ Red Carpet Beach” by locals. The Red Beach national corridor is one part of the Liaodong coastline extending for 118kms. It garners more than 2 million tourists annually, so why not be one of that 2 million and enjoy the absolute splendour of this magical landscape. The vibrant red colour is given by the seep weed which grows from summer to autumn. Panjin is a coastal town with a lot to offer to travellers – beautiful countryside, hot springs and ancient towns offer much for sight seeing and leisure. You can get to this scenic coastal town by a long distance bus. You can even take a train from Beijing to Panjin. There are a few halal restaurants within the province such as Ming Mings Dumplings, Yifeng Moslam park and many more. Check the China foreigners guide for more restaurants.   2. Popeye Village, Malta Credit: @popeyemalta on Facebook This fun, quirky town was originally a film set for the famed “Popey” Musical starring the ever wonderful Robin Williams. So, this should be one of the top destinations to visit on your list! Located next to the turquoise sea, this colourful town is for the young at heart, especially for all you Popeye the Sailor-man fans. The town hosts many events throughout the year and has many guided tours. You can find accommodation at Melliha, there are many hotels and getting from there to Popeye village is very easy, you could just walk the 2Km distance or take a bus from there. The bus routes tend to change in Malta so refer the Malta Transport website for all the information you need. There are many Halal restaurants scattered around the islands and it is very easy travel in Malta, since the islands are small and the distances aren’t that long. There are many Turkish restaurants and a few Indian restaurants which are Halal friendly.   3. Pamukkale, Turkey Credit: @Pamukkale.Hierapolis on Facebook Located in the picturesque southwest of Turkey, this pristine white locale is the stuff of dreams. From the white terraces to the crystalline green pools, Pamukkale, Turkeyis a dreamscape worth experiencing. Pamukkale translates to “Cotton Castle” and rightly so, it is also the home of the well preserved ancient Graeco-Roman city of Hieropolis. An all in one location with its travertine limestone formations, hot springs, ancient temples, bathouses and necropolis all rolled in to one, this is a definite once in a lifetime adventure you should take. Bathe in the beautiful warm pools like the Romans once did, and explore the remains of a once great spa city. The easiest way to get there is to board a flight from Istanbul to Denizli Cardak Airport, Turkish Airlines offers flights to Denizli. Denizli is 65km away from Pamukkale, you can opt for an airport shuttle, or you can get a bus from the Denizli bus station – the ride is 40mins. There are many hotels in the city that suit all budgets, as well as many Halal friendly restaurants in the area, so you can easily find food without having to worry about Halal authenticity. Some of the best restaurants are Mhemet’s Heaven, Cadde Grill House and Yildiz restaurant; you can do a quick Google search and find many Halal friendly restaurants easily.   4. Giethoorn, Netherlands Image by Michel van der Vegt from Pixabay Beautiful, serene, quiet, green, these are a few words that describe Giethoorn, a water village also referred to as ‘Dutch Venice’, however minus the crowds and commercialisation. It is an idyllic village setting, with fewer roads and more canals, most areas are not accessible by car – it is either by foot or by boat. The canals are lined with pretty, traditional Dutch thatched roofed houses and almost each house has their own boat, even the mail man uses a boat! It is best explored by joining a canal cruise or by opting for a guided tour with the help of local skippers. You can get to Giethoorn from Amsterdam in one and half hours if you are going by car, you can opt to hire a cab or rent a car and drive by yourself. There is no direct way you could get to the village by public transport, if you really want to however, you could get the train from Amsterdam to Steenwijk, and then catch a bus from Steenwijck to Giethoorn – this trip will take two hours. Accommodation wise, there are a number of hotels within the village, or you could even opt to stay just outside the village. It may be a little difficult to find Halal friendly places in this area, however, there are a few restaurants scattered around the Overjissel province where Giethoorn is located.   5. Socotra, Yemen Image by danielshimmin0 from Pixabay  An island that is a part of an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, a surreal, alien landscape that is sure to leave you mesmerised. It was recognised by UNESCO as a world heriatage site in 2008, and is referred to as “the most alien looking place on Earth”. It is so isolated that it’s wildlife is unique to the island and have evolved to adapt to its dessert environment, it is home to a very distinct species of tree known as the Dragon’s Blood Tree, aptly named as it oozes blood red sap. The Bottle Tree is a quirky tree that looks like the foot of an elephant with pink flowers on the top, referred to as desert rose. The island has its own version of birds, such as the Socotra Sunbird, Socotra starling and Socotra grosbeak. The only native mammal on the island is the bat. It is best to book a tour to better explore the island and get more insight. You can reach the Island via Sanaa, the capital of Yemen; get a flight to the Sanaa Airport and from there a get flight to Socotra. You could even go for a direct flight to the island through the Arab Emirates, Felix Airways has scheduled flights from Sharjah to Socotra and back. Don’t expect luxurious resorts and hotels here, it is mostly eco-friendly and you will find five hotels, one eco lodge and many eco-camp sites. Since the island belongs to Yemen, their cuisine is mainly Halal, so you don’t have to worry about trying to find authentic Halal fare.   6. Taha’a, French Polynesia Credit: Tahaa Whilst Bora Bora garners most of the crowd, Taha’a is almost overlooked, but that doesn’t mean this flower shaped island has nothing to offer. If you are looking for a romantic escape or just a few days of pampering, Taha’a will definitely fulfil your dreams. A true island paradise with rolling hills, and valleys covered with banana, watermelon and coconut groves. It is the home of the world’s most priced Tahitian Vanilla, making up for 80% of the export from French Polynesia. The whole island is intoxicated by the scent of vanilla and will draw you in with its white sandy beaches, coral reefs, and absolute seclusion. The only way to access Taha’a is by boat from her sister island Raiatea. You will have to take a flight which may have stop overs at Paris, Auckland, or Los Angeles, from where you’ll fly to an airport closest to Taha’a depending on the airlines. There are many resorts and hotels to stay at in Taha’a, the more reputed hotels can be on the pricier end of the spectrum. It may be difficult to find Halal food in Taha’a, however, their cuisine mostly comprises of fruits of the sea and fruits of the land, therefore most of the food are Halal friendly.   7. Isle of Skye, Scotland Credit: @IsleofSkyeScotland on Facebook The mystical Isle of Skye which translates to “Cloud Island” from ancient Norse, it is the second largest of Scotland’s islands and the most beautiful! Magical and mysterious, the island boasts deep lochs, towering cliffs and moors, as well as incredible wildlife – a nature lovers dream! Rich in history and culture Skye is a great place to explore, with places like the Mealt Waterfall and Kilt Rock, the Old Man Storr, the Fairy Pools of Glenbrittle, Dinosaur footprints at Staffin Beach, Dunvegan Castle and many more. The closest airports are the Glasgow Airport and the Inverness Airport, from which you can opt to drive to Isle of Skye or take a bus. There is no railway on the island; instead it offers buses and local coaches. The island is full of quaint little cottages that you can rent out; some offer self catering whilst others offer bed and breakfast. The town of Portree is where most tourists stay at; it is the capital of the island and has many hotels, cafes and supermarkets. If you really want to experience Skye, then opt for camping. It is fairly easy to find Halal food in the Island as there is a population of Indians and Pakistanis who live there. They are quite a few good Indian and Pakistani restaurants, as well as some Bangladeshi ones.   8. Bagan, Myanmar Credit: @WonderBaganMyanmar on Facebook This Buddhist temple city was once the capital of an ancient Kingdom, however, now it is an important archaeological zone. Bagan is often compared to Cambodia’s Angkor Wat and may even be a rival to Machu Pichu, however, this ancient city has a charm of its own. Witness the majesty of the golden stupas in the temple plain and catch the sunset over the Irrawaddy River. You can witness the beauty of Bagan by Hot Air ballon, the ancient city is a sight to behold 2000 feet up in the air. You can even get more close and personal by biking it on the ground, exercise and a view! Don’t forget to check a local market as well, and get as many souvenirs as you want, also add local festivals to your itinerary as you will be able to taste the best of Burmese hawker food. Flights arrive at the Nyaung-U Airport and it is a 10min taxi ride to Nyaung-U town centre, whilst it’s a 20 minute ride to Old Bagan or New Bagan. When travelling to Bagan it is advisable to go through a travel agent, as they will make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. However, if you do want to travel independently, do a though search on travel requirements and hotels. The more luxurious hotels and resorts are located in Old Bagan, whilst more mid range and budget hotels are found in Nyaung-U and New Bagan. Nyaung-U is Bagan’s largest town, this is where you will find most of the restaurants and hotels, however, it tends to get quite crowded. There are few high end restaurants that serve Halal food, whilst other restaurants will be willing to serve Halal food on request. Most stalls or small restaurants may not have the regular Arabic Halal sign but instead will indicate the availability of Halal food by the number “786” (this is a substitute used within South Asia), therefore look for this sign when looking for Halal eateries.   9. Lake Baikal, Russia Credit: @baikalia on Facebook Known as the “Pearl of Siberia”, Lake Baikal is a crescent shaped lake which is a whopping 1637 metres deep and contains a fifth of the world’s water! It is the world’s deepest lake, and is bigger than Belgium. Due to these properties it has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Summer is the best time to visit Lake Baikal, you will be able to see its natural beauty in all its glory, with the lake’s clear blue waters, and the mountains. Some areas have remained the same since the ancient times – almost untouched or changed by weather. During the winter the lake turns into an expanse of powder white ice and snow, you can enjoy a fun dog sledge ride over its hard surface. You can get to Lake Baikal by flying to Moscow and then boarding a plane to Irkutsk which is 65km away from Lake Baikal or Ulan-Ude which is 150km away from the lake. If you want to have a more interesting journey, you can use the Trans-Siberian Railway and hop on a train from Moscow to Irkutsk which is 3 days, Beijing to Irkutsk which is 2 days, or the train from Vladivostok which is 2.5 days. After which you will have to board a bus from Irkutsk bus station to Lake Baikal, the journey takes 10mins. The best route to take is Mosco -Slyudyanka, it takes 4 days and you will be dropped off right at the shoreline of Lake Baikal. You can stay at the hotels and hostels located around the shoreline of the lake or even camp out or stay on a boat. Finding Halal food may be difficult especially if you are travelling by train; therefore it is better if you pack your own, like instant noodles and other small snacks. When booking a room make sure they provide a stove or small kitchen as you can prepare your own meals that way. You can get grocery shopping done at nearby cities like Irkutsk, which is just a 10min bus ride away from Lake Baikal.   10. Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Japan Photo by Satoshi Hirayama from Pexels Located in Kyoto, the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest is a must see place before you die, photographed multiple times, but you have to really be there to experience it’s green mystique. The bamboo grove is a great spot for a quiet walk or bike ride, rows of bamboo swaying in the light breeze is not a sight to be missed. Absolutely beautiful and pure, it should be a must visit when in Kyoto. The best way to get to Kyoto is by Kansai Airport, afterwards you can board a train to Arashiyama. You can use the Japan Railways, Keifuku Railways, or Hankyu Railways. There are many hotels and guest houses in Arashiyama, and they are available for every budget. There are quite a few Halal restaurants scattered around Arashiyama, as well as shops. You can find a full Halal menu at the Yoshiya restaurant just 10mins away from the Japan Railway Saga-Arashiyama train station. They introduced this Halal menu in 2018, and have served Japanese Halal food since.   Book your flight and pack your bags, your unusual adventure awaits you!...

  • ICHIKOKUDO: You Have To Give Singapore's First Halal Hokkaido Ramen Restaurant A Try!

    If you're like me, you might be really tired of having to travel all the way to Bugis for a meal whenever you happen to be around the Civil District area since that’s the nearest place where you can get a wide selection of Halal food. Well, we have great news! You can now venture to Suntec City for Singapore’s first Halal Hokkaido restaurant! Suntec City is known for having limited halal food options(other than fast food) so the existence of Ichikokudo is definitely a plus. Read more about Singapore About Ichikokudo Picture: Burpple Some backstory before we dig in—the Ichikokudo brand looks to create an authentic Hokkaido Seafood Ramen experience for its customers. Their chefs take hours daily to create the incredible broth that forms the base of their ramen. Each bowl is cooked to order to maintain consistency so you can expect to savour a rich-flavored bowl of broth and springy noodles made with the freshest ingredients. Ichikokudo's Types Of Seating Picture: Fave The restaurant offers three types of seating: Tatami-style, Ramen Bar seats, and the conventional dining area. The Tatami-style seats offer the most authentic Japanese experience but there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind before jumping into a booth. You have to remove your shoes before sitting and the lack of ventilation for your feet means it can get pungent on a rainy day after so many customers had occupied the booths before you. Tip: Do make reservations before coming down especially if you plan to dine during peak hours and weekends! You can book a table easily through their website. What To Get At Ichikokudo As you peruse the menu, do consider some of our recommendations. Trying their Ichikokudo Ramen ($9.90) is a must! This is their specialty—original authentic soy sauce ramen. It consists of clear brown broth, based on chicken and seafood with plenty of soy sauce. Think tangy, salty, and savoury, yet fairly light on the palate. Yum! We would suggest spending a little more to complete your meal with a choice of Grilled Gyoza Set ($4.50) that comes with 3 Gyozas and 2 watermelon wedges. For chicken lovers, the Chicken Karaage Set ($4.50) would suit you better. Other must-try ramen dishes include their Ichi-Smoked Duck Ramen ($12.90) and Ichi-Ramen Gifts from the Sea ($18.90). The latter boasts bountiful sea treasures (crab leg, shrimps, and scallops), aosa seaweed, seasoned bamboo shoots and shredded white leek. How rich and satisfying is that?! Picture: Ichikokudo If you’re a must-eat-rice person, this restaurant also offers a plethora of donburi dishes for you to savour. Take your pick from Japanese Garlic Karaage Don, Korean Spicy Karaage Don, and Special Tartar Sauce Karaage Don—all priced affordably at $10.90 and comes with miso soup and pickled vegetables. Don’t really want to eat fried food? Try their Grilled Donburis instead! Some recommended dishes are Teriyaki Unagi Don ($15.90) and Korean Style Beef Yakiniku Don ($13.90). If you are in a 'treatyoself' mood, you might want to order their Hokkai Special Ikura Don ($19.90). This premium dish consists of Salmon roe, pickled ginger, shredded dried seaweed, chopped green onion, white leek, aosa seaweed, and miso soup. You can upgrade your mains with their Gyoza or Karaage set. Picture: Ichikokudo The restaurant has a special part of the menu titled Teishoku for those who want to enjoy home-style, healthy, and convenient traditional Japanese meal. These are dishes like Seafood stir-fry, chicken cutlet, Japanese Beef Yakiniku, and Teriyaki Salmon. They come complete with Japanese white rice, miso soup, sliced watermelon, and pickled vegetables. Sounds heartening! The restaurant also offers dishes that are perfect for sharing. Take your pick from the wide array of sides. I personally recommend their Salmon Sashimi ($7.90) but they have Seafood BBQ for seafood lovers as well. So start making your dinner plans with your loved ones and head down to Ichikokudo at Suntec City today! Read more Halal food blogs...

  • 11 of Spain's Local Cuisines You Must Try On Your Next Visit!

    ​Being the gateway between Europe and Africa as well as the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, Spain has been fought over by great powers such as the Romans and Greeks, as well as Muslims from Africa and Arabia. Spanish cuisine is heavily influenced by its multicultural past with the Greeks and the Romans introducing olives and olive oil thus establishing viticulture in Spain; the Visigoths or Celts introduced the Spaniards to brewing, whilst the Moors and Berbers who crossed the Strait of Gibraltar during the Muslim conquest brought with them rice, sorghum, saffron, eggplant, oranges, peaches, almonds, and lemons, creating the Andalusian cuisine. Spain was one of the superpowers of exploration and with the colonization of America, the likes of tomatoes, potatoes, and paprika were introduced to Spanish cuisine. Spain was where chocolate as we know it was created; sugar was first added to chocolate in order to reduce its natural bitterness in Spain! Exploration and curiosity in the past have led to the Spanish cuisine we love and know of today, so here are 11 dishes from Spanish cuisine you must try! 1. Paella Paella is probably Spain’s most well-known food! It’s a versatile and wholesome dish that is sure to keep you going back for seconds! During the 10th century, Moors in Muslim Spain introduced rice cultivation which made quite an impact on Spanish cuisine. Valencian cuisine incorporated rice into their daily cooking, preparing rice casseroles with rabbit and spices for family events and religious feasts. Thus, by the 15th-century rice is established as an essential ingredient of Valencian cooking! Paella can be prepared with a myriad of ingredients but the main element has to be rice, they usually use the Bomba and Calasparra varieties which are grown along the East coast of Spain, they are especially used for their ability to absorb all flavors of the other dishes. Paella is traditionally prepared with rabbit or chicken, saffron, runner beans, and butter beans, however, there is a seafood variant as well. This can be prepared with shellfish such as mussels and shrimp, as well as cuttlefish. The most popular variant of the paella is the mixed paella which incorporates both land meat as well as seafood. Arroceria Marina Ventura claims they serve the best paellas and rice dishes, so give them a visit when in Madrid! Address: Calle Ventura de la Vega, 13 Madrid, 28014, SpainOpening Hours: 1.15PM to 12AM (Daily)Contact: (+34) 914 29 38 10Website: 2. Gazpacho This is a classic Spanish dish and is famous world over! Its ancient Andalusian origins point to the Romans first bringing it with them to Spain. At the time it was only a soup consisting of bread, olive oil, garlic, and vinegar. Only during the 19th century did it get the signature red color when tomatoes were introduced to the recipe transforming it into the much loved cool summer treat it is today! The more modern Gazpacho is made with bell peppers, onions, and cucumbers; they also substitute the tomatoes and bread with avocado, watermelon, grapes, meat stock or even seafood! If you are out and about on a hot Spanish summer day, go for the gazpacho as it’s served chilled! Since it mainly consists of vegetable and bread, it is Halal friendly so you do not need to worry about not being able to try it. You can find this dish at El Torreón Restaurante. Address: Playa Butibamba, La Cala de Mijas, 29649 Mijas Costa, SpainOpening Hours: 10AM to 12AM (Daily)Contact: (+34) 913 76 07 77Website: 3. Tortilla Española Also referred to as tortilla de patatas or tortilla de papas, it is known simply as Spanish omelette in English. The first reference of the tortilla was discovered in an anonymous Navarra document addressed to the court in 1817, which explains the hardships faced by the locals. It says that the women had learned to prepare a tortilla by mixing fewer eggs, potatoes, and other ingredients. However, the legend behind the tortilla is that a Carlist general created a new dish called ‘tortilla de patatas’ as an easy and nutritious dish to cover the scarcities of the Carlist army. Another legend states that the general got the idea from a farm wife. It is a simple dish consisting of eggs, potatoes and sometimes onions; however, the addition of onions is regarded as a controversy by extreme food enthusiasts. The dish is served either cold or warm. You can find the best tortilla de patatas at Casa Dani for great value and authentic Spanish taste! They are a little cafeteria hidden away inside the Mercado de la Paz. Address: Calle de Ayala, 28, 28001 Madrid, SpainOpening Hours: 7AM to 7PM (Mon-Sat)                        Closed on SundaysContact: (+34) 915 75 59 25 4. Turrón Turrón has existed since the 15th century and is consumed all over Spain as of now. This confectionery has Islamic roots; the modern day treat may have been derived from a Muslim recipe prepared in Islamic regions of the country and was known as turun. A similar sweet was sold during the era of Ancient Rome known as cupeto or cupedia. Turrón is prepared with almonds, milk, egg whites, sugar and honey; it is a type of nougat and is especially consumed during Christmas. It can be found in two varieties, hard and soft; hard turrón is prepared with whole almonds whilst the soft turrón is prepared with almond paste and oil. You will be able to find turrón almost anywhere in Spain however; a visit to TORRONS VICENS PETRITXOL is a must. Address: Carrer de Petritxol, 15, 08002 Barcelona, SpainOpening Hours: 10AM to 8.30PM (Mon-Sat)                       11AM to 8PM (Sunday)Contact: (+34) 933 04 37 36Website: 5. Gambas al ailljo This simply translates to prawns in garlic sauce, now doesn’t that just sound delicious?! The exact origin of this particular dish is not known, however, it is a Tapas essential. Tapas makes up an important part of Spanish cuisine, it is said that it originated in the 13th century when Castillian King Alfonso X suffered from an ailment which required him to consume small amounts of food accompanied by wine, upon his recovery he made it a law to serve wine with a food accompaniment. Taverns all across Spain started serving wine receptacles topped with a slice of bread with cheese or jam. Tapa is the Spanish word for a lid, and thus Tapas was born! Tapas are usually served at bars, however, it is a definite must try – be aware that they serve alcohol in these restaurants and bars. This is yet another simple dish prepared with simple ingredients yet oozes with flavor! La Casa Del Abuelo is a highly recommended place to try gambas al ailljo, they even made it to the Lonely Planet website. It is an old traditional establishment that has been around for more than a hundred years so you will be assured of the best quality food prepared with care. Address: Calle de la Victoria, 12, 28012 Madrid, SpainOpening Hours: 12PM to 12AM (Sun-Thu)                         12PM to 1AM (Fri & Sat)Contact: (+34) 910 00 01 33Website: 6. Pulpo al la gallega This is a traditional Galician octopus dish also referred to as polbo á feira or pulpo estilo feira. This dish has been prepared the same way for centuries. Pulpo al la gallega was first brought about 125 years when muleteers first transported octopus to inland cattle fairs where they prepared it with olive oil and paprika. The octopus is prepared in a copper cauldron and this adds to the taste of the dish. Octopus makes up a great part of Spain’s seafood, and the Spaniards know how to prepare a good octopus dish so be sure to give it a try when in Spain! Taste authentic Galecian pulpo al la gallega at Rias de Gallecia. Address: Carrer de Lleida, 7, 08004 Barcelona, SpainOpening Hours: 1PM to 4PM | 8PM to 11.30PM (Mon-Sun)Contact: (+34) 934 24 81 52Website: 7. Pisto Also known as pisto manchego, it is a dish native to Murcia and Castilla La Mancha. It is prepared with tomatoes, onions, eggplant or courgettes, green and red bell peppers, and olive oil. It is also known as the Spanish equivalent of ratatouille and served as a starter or an accompaniment to another dish. The pisto is often served with a fried egg and a slice of bread; this could also be a great vegan dish. Pisto can also be used as a filling for empanadas and tortillas. Try authentic pisto at Taberna Malaspina at Calle de Cádiz! Address: Calle de Cádiz, 9, 28012 Madrid, SpainOpening Hours: 10AM to 2AM (Sun-Thu)                           10AM to 2.30AM (Fri & Sat)Contact: (+34) 915 23 40 24 Facebook 8. Crema Catalana The Spanish version of the much-loved crème brûlée, it is a part of Catalan cuisine. Many people want to lay claim to the creation of this sweet dessert and the Catalonian’s say they originally created it. Catalonia presides in the northeast corner of Spain, close to the French border. The recipe for crema Catalana can be found in cookbooks written in the 14th and 16th centuries, it is described as a custard cream with a burnt top; the sugar top was burnt using a hot metal rod in order to give it its signature burnt crust. Crema Catalana is also referred to as Crema de San José (cream of Saint Joseph) which is also regarded as Spain’s father’s day, and would only be served on that day, however, in modern times you can find this dessert pretty much everywhere on any day! To try a twist on the crema Catalana go to patisserie escriba! Address: Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes, 546, 08011 Barcelona, SpainOpening Hours: 8.30AM to 9PM (Mon-Fri)                          8AM to 9PM (Sat-Sun)Contact: +34 934 54 75 35Website: 9. Empanada A classic of Galician cuisine, you will not go wrong with empanadas! Empanadas date back to 1520 and unlike the famous Latin empanadas which are prepared as individual hand pies, the Galician empanada is prepared as a single large pie which could be rectangular or circular and then sliced into individual pieces. Empanadas are famous amongst farmers, who would take it to the fields with them to snack on while working. The empanada is a yeasty, doughy pie crust filled with sautéed onions, bell peppers, garlic and some sort of protein. The protein could be tuna or bonito, chicken, or octopus. What better place to try empanadas than in a place where they specialize in them? Try the empanadas at El Club de L’ Empanada. Address: Carrer de la Dagueria, 7, 08002 Barcelona, SpainOpening Hours: 9AM to 5PM | 7PM to 11PM (Mon-Sat)Contact: +34 933 10 76 47Website: 10. Berenjenas con Miel Picture: Somnatur A simple yet delicious dish, do not miss out on this one! Another example of how Moors influenced Spanish cooking, berenjenas con miel was introduced during the 700 years of occupation in the Iberian Peninsula. This dish combines both sweet and salty tastes and adds to that the eggplant’s silky texture, it is a sure treat! Berenjenas con Miel is just fried eggplant/ aubergine served with honey, this simple dish makes for a great starter, try this dish at Taberna Las Meigas. Address: Calle Emancipación, 11, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga, SpainOpening Hours:  12PM to 5PM | 8PM to 12AM​ (Mon-Sun)Contact: +34 951 77 65 99 Facebook 11. Churros Ending with a sweet note, where better to try the internationally loved treat than in its country of origin?! This sweet treat has an exotic history, some speculate that it was first introduced by the Portuguese who traveled to the Orient and brought churros with them, and the recipe jumped the border into Spain where it was modified into having the dough extruded through a star-shaped die rather than pulled which was the original Chinese technique. Another theory suggests that it was first created by Spanish shepherds who lived in the mountains as a substitute for baked goods as it was a light dough and easier to prepare. Nowadays, churros can be found all over Spain; in restaurants served for breakfast, by street vendors as a snack to be enjoyed at any given time of the day and, even at specialized churrerías. It can be served in many different ways; it can be served with cinnamon sugar, chocolate, dulce de leche and even café con leche – a Spanish coffee. Taste the best churros at one of Spain’s oldest Chocolatiers, Chocolatería San Ginés. Address: Pasadizo de San Ginés, 5, 28013 Madrid, SpainOpening Hours: ​24/7 (Mon-Sun)Contact: +34 913 65 65 46Website: Finding Halal food in Spain won’t be a hard task as most of their dishes are Halal friendly as it comprises of a lot of seafood and vegetables, as well as the major Muslim influences in their cuisine. Another reason why finding Halal food in Spain is going to be easy peasy is because of the Halal Trip: Food, Restaurant, Travel & Prayer time App or you can always trust a good ol’ Google search. So get packing and head over to beautiful Spain to enjoy their scrumptious​ food! Transport Guide: Ways to get around Spain by Air, Rail and Road 11 Must Visit Islamic Historical Sites in Spain...

  • The 5 Best Ice Cream Places in Mauritius

    Whether in summer or in winter, it's always ice cream season in Mauritius! Creamy, luxurious, rich in flavor, ice cream is the dessert par excellence. Within years, the ice cream industry has taken a whole new turn in Mauritius with the opening of remarkable ice cream parlors, introducing some of the most exquisite and lavish forms of ice creams. Get ready for a sweet ride! More on Desserts in Mauritius Things to do in Mauritius Find a Mosque near you in Mauritius Find a Halal Restaurant near you in Mauritius     1. Gelateria Love Picture Credit - One of the best artisanal Italian ice cream shops in Mauritius. Launched in 2011 in the north of the island, the Gelateria Love ice cream shop offers a colorful selection of mouth-watering ice cream. Sweet, smooth and rich in chocolate, you will get to choose between an exquisite variety of flavorsome caramel, luxurious chocolate, and tasty vanilla ice cream, all served in single, double or triple scoops, in crunchy biscuit cones or cups. And the best part of it? The Gelateria Love is Halal certified and offers the most delectable choice of ice cream you'll find on the island. Make sure to stop by for some quality family time. Address: Complexe SUPER-U, Route de la Salette, GRAND BAIE (Île Maurice)Tel. : (+230) 263 54 02Web page: Facebook   2. Magic Ice Cream Picture Credit - A pioneer in the introduction of ice cream rolls in Mauritius, Magic Ice Cream offers a delectable variety of chocolate flavored ice cream. Bold, rich, and exquisite, chocolate lovers will experience a bliss between the Ferrero Rocher, Nutella and Kinder Bueno ice cream rolls, topped with a lavish chocolate sauce. For those who want to enjoy their smooth and creamy ice cream rolls with a crunchy bite, waffles are available. Address: Route de pamplemousses, plaine verte, Port Louis, MauritiusTel. : (+230) 5910 1115Opening hours: 2pm to 11pm daily Facebook   3. The Millionice Picture Credit - Located in the central part of the island, the Millionice offers a creative mix of ice cream accompanied by crunchy bites of chocolate. This ice cream shop proposes sumptuous choices of chocolate ice cream, with an irresistible touch of nuts, and a smooth chocolate or caramel finish. Address: 260, Royal road phoenix (near Rose Hill), MauritiusTel. : 59352885Opening hours: Closed on Mondays / Tue to Thu - 12pm to 11pm / Friday 2.30pm to 11.30pm / Sat 12pm to 11.30pm / Sunday 4pm to 11.30pm Facebook   4. Gourmet pops Picture Credit - The rainbow island's newest artisanal ice cream. Inspired by local fruits, the gourmet pops is a greedy ride of sweetness with a zest of life. The artisanal ice cream menu proposes a rich and colourful choice of passion fruit, watermelon, peach, lemon Popsicle. For those who prefer something more chocolatey, fret not! You can opt for chocolate, vanilla, kulfi and even Oreo Popsicle. Address: Royal Rd, Grand Baie, Mauritius (opposite the Tamil Temple), MauritiusTel. : (+230)5808 1382 / (+230) 5808 1438Website:    Facebook   5. Igloo Ice-cream rolls Picture Credit - Tired of chocolate and vanilla? Just like Gourmet pops, the Igloo Ice Cream Rolls offers fruit flavored ice-cream, too. With a delightful touch of seasonal fruits as well as dried fruits, and a rich mixture of smooth ice cream, the Igloo Ice Cream promises to make your ice-cream trip unforgettably fruity. Address: Rue Desforges, Riche Terre Mall, Port Louis, MauritiusOpening Hours: 24 hoursTel. :+230 5498 9555 Facebook Make the best out of your holiday in Mauritius by tasting the most delicious ice cream with choclatey and exotic flavors. Made with love and passion, enjoy the luscious and mouth-watering sorbets and ice cream rolls while capturing these unique moments on the island. More on ice cream More on Desserts in Mauritius Things to do in Mauritius Check out our Mauritius city guides Find a Mosque near you in Mauritius Find a Halal Restaurant near you in Mauritius Go on a Halal Trip with us!...

  • Find 7 Halal Food Restaurants Near you in Berlin, Germany

    Lunch is as essential and important as the first coffee in the morning. In a multi-cultural city like Berlin, you will have the agony of choice considering that the city is home to several thousand restaurants, bistros and cafés. And given the high quote of migrants from Muslim cultures who live and work in the German capital and the millions of tourists that visit the city every year, Berlin has no lack of Halal lunch spots! We've just collected a variety of trendy and modern eateries for you where you can easily head with your coworkers during your break. And since the budget can be as tight as your time schedule we kept an eye on both of these issues, so rest assured that the restaurants are affordable and the service is quick. Some of them even qualify for a dinner night out after work! Credit- 1. Koshary Lux – Fresh and Authentic Middle Eastern Street Food Picture Credit - Being located in Grolmanstraße, this bistro is just a short walk from Ku’Damm and very close to Savignyplatz. The signature dish of this store with a colourful mix of the modern and old interior is Koshary, an unbelievable tasty high-carb Egyptian dish containing mainly pasta, rice, lentils and tomato sauce. If you have ever been to Egypt you’ll most likely know it. The regularly altering specialities take you on a journey through the alleys and souks of Cairo, Algier, Beirut or Marrakesh. The owner always tries something new and experiments on how to give the classics a modern twist. Algerian chickpea soufflé, Palestinian Freekeh soup, Israeli beetroot mash - the dishes are all variations of the originals. For your sweet tooth, they also offer desserts such as Umm Ali, a kind of sweet bread and butter pudding that’s very popular in the Arabic world. The staff is friendly, the service is quick. Everything on the menu is homemade and organic, their merguez comes from an Algerian butcher’s shop in Berlin. You shouldn’t miss the homemade hibiscus tea. Following their Facebook feed will make you drool! Address: Grolmanstraße 27, 10623 Berlin, Website: Price Range: €€   2. Namaste – Indian Hospitality Picture Credit - Only 1 subway station from Kurfürstendamm you will find this great Indian restaurant. They have dishes from all Indian regions on the menu. The service is very professional and highly attentive, they show a great sense of hospitality. You will get a welcome drink and papadams as a starter before you order anything. They have a special lunch menu from Monday – Friday from 12 p.m. until 4 p.m. The dishes for this business lunch change daily. Besides a variety of chicken, fish, and lamb curries you will find delicious biriyanis and dishes from the tandoor oven on the menu. The meat is very soft and the spices are well-balanced. Try the bathura bread. It’s perfect for soaking up the sauce of your curry dish and will get you addicted. You should best come here with a couple of friends or colleagues or with your special someone for a romantic dinner. Address: Pariser Str. 56, 10719 Berlin, Website: Price Range: €€   3. Nusantara Restaurant Picture Credit Directly opposite the small Tiergarten, you will find Indonesian dishes which perfectly combine the spiciness and the freshness of the Indonesian islands. Nusantara at Turmstraße was founded by three Berlin women with Indonesian roots in 2011. They offer a diversified menu with specialities from Sumatra, Bali and Java such as Gado Gado, Fried Rice, Bakmi Goreng and Saté and traditional cold Indonesian beverages like Ice Campur or Ice Cendol. All dishes are halal-certified. The food they serve can be considered as authentic since you will see a lot of Indonesian people going there, which is always a good sign, right? The service is quick and the prices are cheap, with main dishes being around 6€ in average, so it’s a good place when you are currently on a budget or if you are looking for a quick and easy lunch. They also offer free wifi. And while you Instagram your food you should try a Tubruk – coarsely ground Indonesian coffee that carries the flavour of Java and Sumatra. As it sometimes can happen in Germany, they don’t accept debit/credit cards, so cash only. Address: Turmstraße 18, 10559 Berlin, Website: Price Range: €   4. Yarok – Fine Syrian Cuisine from Damascus Picture Credit - Don’t let yourself be fooled by the simple appearance of this place. It might not look hip or stylish but the food that Yarok offers is nothing less than sensationally delicious. Yarok means “green” in Hebrew and hence is supposed to symbolize solidarity among the peoples. This down-to-earth, next door restaurant is a simple place with friendly staff, traditional food, and great service. This oasis of Syrian hospitality will send your taste buds on a journey with the aroma of their falafel, hummus and shawarma. Traditional dishes like fattoush, kebab and the obligatory oriental peppermint tea will make you miss nothing. If you are not familiar with Arabic cuisine or simply can’t decide just order one of their mixed plates. Yarok is quite popular among Vegetarians, too. To make your lunch or dinner perfect, take baklava for dessert. They also offer a daily changing speciality. As Syrians can generally be considered to be kid-friendly, there will be no problem taking your little ones with you for a family lunch. They don’t accept cards, so cash only. Also, they don’t take reservations, so simply walk in. Address: Torstraße 195, 10115 Berlin and Wilhelmstraße 41a, 10963 Berlin Website: Price Range: €€ 5. Nil – Surprising and Delicious! Picture Credit - Nil Bistro is truly a hidden gem. The owner, Walid, began cooking in his student dormitory in the 1990s and eventually made it a profession. He will soon open his 4th store because the Sudanese cuisine obviously meets a need for more than just Döner Kebab when you want a halal lunch. With his homemade peanut sauce, Walid proves that falafel can taste different and interesting. The most expensive dish is 6€, so you will get very fresh and authentic Sudanese lunch for a low price. They offer African Burgers, Koshary, Tamiya, and Foul, an African dish made of Fava beans. Also, you will find chicken, fish, and kofte on the menu. In the cold and long winters of Berlin, one of their delicious soups will warm you up. In summer, you should try some of their homemade coconut-, hibiscus- or hazelnut sorbets. To fight against the food coma after lunch you can try original Sudanese coffee or one of their regularly changing homemade Sudanese drinks and shakes. Tamarind, lemon-ginger, mango, baobab, and watermelon-peppermint are just some of the flavours they offer. Walid usually works in the store at Boxhagener Straße, experimenting and trying new things. So, if you always want to taste his newest creations, go there. If you come regularly, he will most likely greet you with a handshake. Address: Oppelner Strasse 4, 10997 Berlin Grünberger Str. 52, 10245 Berlin Boxhagener Str. 27, 10245 Berlin Website: Price Range: €   6. UNI Burger Picture credit- This Burger restaurant is close to the Virchow hospital in Berlin in the area between Wedding, Moabit and Gesundbrunnen. The place is easily accessible because it’s located directly at the exit of Amrumer Straße subway station. It’s a low-key small store but the burgers are fresh and not made from frozen patties. The halal meat patties are fresh and the crispy-toasted bread rolls are from their own production. They offer a variety of different burgers such as the Cheesy Cheese or Crispy Chicken. You can also get a healthy vegetarian and even vegan alternative such as Falafel or Halloumi burger. Besides, UNI Burger offers two burgers for children. You can order a menu with French fries and a drink for about 6€. The low prices are certainly due to the nearby Beuth-University (hence also the name). Since the main customers are (mostly) male students on a budget, don’t expect too much cosiness from this place. They only have seats outside so you better come during the warmer days. But it’s perfect for a quick lunch when you simply need a quick bite and don't have the time to hang around a place for long Address: Torfstraße 17, 13353 Berlin Price Range: €   7. Toro Negro – Spanish-Oriental kitchen Picture Credit - The Toro Negro (Black Bull) will seduce you with a modern Spanish-oriental Halal cuisine and with a lot of passion that you can taste with every bite. The restaurant is just a short walk from subway station Kurfürstendamm, so it’s very centrally located. In addition to countless tapas specialities and steaks, you will also find classics from the Spanish, Italian, and Arabic cuisine selected specialities from southern France, as well as their own creations on the menu. For lunch, they offer a special lunch deal with pasta or pizza for 5,90€. You can get this business menu from Monday – Saturday from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. The prices are quite moderate, with the most expensive fillet steak of 300gr. being 19,50€. The service is very kind, attentive, and kid-friendly. When you come here for a family dinner, your kids will certainly find something they like on the comprehensive menu. The ambience is quite cosy and old. During the weekend and in the evening a reservation is recommended since the place is evolving from an insider tip to the favourite Spanish restaurant of many people. Address: Nürnberger Straße 46 10789 Berlin, Website: Price Range: €€ Wondering how to find nearby Halal food in Berlin? Don’t forget to use the Halaltrip app to locate Halal food places on your mobile in Berlin so you won’t miss out on the best halal food  ...

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