Satay Kajang is owned by Malaysian Chinese who are familiar with the concept of Halal food. The food is a mixture of Chinese and Malay cuisine typically found in Malaysia. Open Mon-Thu 11:30am-10pm; Fri-Sat 11:30am-10:30pm; Sun 12pm-10pm.

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Satay Kajang is owned by Malaysian Chinese who are familiar with the concept of Halal food. The food is a mixture of Chinese and Malay cuisine typically found in Malaysia. Open Mon-Thu 11:30am-10pm; Fri-Sat 11:30am-10:30pm; Sun 12pm-10pm.


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  • Nature Junkie? Here's Why New Zealand Should Be On Your Bucket List

    On the other side of the world, New Zealand has a huge reputation on the globe for being an exotic destination, from endless fields to mountains touching the sky, to the mythical looking lakes, it is a MUST to go to New Zealand if you're a nature junkie. Read on to acquaint yourself with the enchanting combinations of Islands. Find Mosques or Prayer Places Near You in New Zealand New Zealand is a combination of 2 main islands and 200 smaller Islands, the most known islands include Fiji, Hawaii, New Caledonia, and Tonga. The capital city is Wellington, yet the most populated city is Auckland.  Due to the location of New Zealand on the globe, summer is from December to February and is considered the best time to travel to experience the natural gifts, New Zealand can offer. The temperatures vary from 20 to 30ºC, a perfect milieu to explore and experience New Zealand. Narnia on Screen Picture Credit: We Heart It Te Whanganui-A-Hei Marine Reserve, New Zealand The beauty of New Zealand has often been represented in mythical and dystopian films, hence it is the country of choice for many directors. The lush scenery, crystal waters complimented by beautiful coves, planes of sand and tall wheat fields are the home to movies like Narnia, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and The Last Samurai.  The natural beauty is boundless in New Zealand and a huge contributor to tourism. There is a whole ton of activities you can do in New Zealand such as whale watching, sea-kayaking and Bungee Jumping. Due to the wide variety of natural landscapes, the 'adventure tourism' in this country is vast with tramping and camping all available for you! In addition to the thrilling, relaxing and once in a lifetime experience, New Zealand is also home to a wide variety of World Heritage sites, such as Hawaii’s Volcanoes, Greater Blue Mountains Area, Great Barrier Reef which can be accessed through scuba diving escapades, Henderson Islands which is one of the most remote Islands in the world. The heritage sites are endless, exploring Moai history and culture as well as natural phenomenon underwater, over volcanoes at high altitudes or on the ground. If you are a natural escapist but also enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city, fear not for New Zealand ranks highly in health, quality of life and education which is reflected in the city life. The extremely modern cities follow the form of any major cities, with national museums, aquariums and buildings for a panoramic city view. Not to forget, New Zealand boasts a huge choice of theme parks and water parks, perfect for families, couples and friends. Islam in New Zealand has been gradually growing, especially within the Maori community. It is estimated that Islam is the fastest growing religion among the oldest community in New Zealand. It has been recorded that within 7 years there was a 28% increase in Muslims. This naturally means that it is not difficult to find delicious halal-certified foods in New Zealand. Ranging from the Pacific cuisine which includes seafood, and lamb to global cuisine from India to the Middle East. Find Halal Restaurants Near You in New Zealand So, what are you waiting for? Brush up on your New Zealand lingo, pack your bags light, clear your mind in preparation for a re-connection to nature and go explore the other side of the world....

  • Halal Food Guide Launched by Tourism New Zealand

    Breath taking landscapes, icy cold mountains, crystal clear waters, greenery as far as the eye can see, all these phrases would never be sufficient to describe the natural beauty New Zealand comprises of. Due to its natural features the country is an iconic location for film makers, to add that beautiful zing to movies. Well if directors all over the world fly thousands of miles due to the indescribable beauty of this country, it is without a doubt that New Zealand is a country that must be visited by any travel junkie. For Muslim travellers however the most tedious task in visiting a country with a Muslim minority in the community would be finding locations to obtain halal food. New Zealand is a country very well known for its tender and juicy roasts, barbeques , pies and mouthwatering desserts. It would be such a pity if any Muslim traveller was to visit this beautiful country and stick to vegan only dishes due to halal concerns specially if you are a person who loves tender and succulent meat. The Tourism New Zealand has decided to assist the huge crowd of Muslim travellers visiting the country each year by providing support to ensure that all Halal travellers are able to locate and find halal food at ease without any disappointments. In order to do so , they have issued a Halal food guide which features the list of restaurants, cafes, bakeries, supermarkets and grocery stores where Muslim travellers would be able to locate halal food in New Zealand and eat to their hearts content without having any concern. Download the New Zealand Halal Food Guide here! Check out our Locals Guide to New Zealand! In 2016, The Halal food guide was previously released, featuring 567 halal listings of restaurants, cafes and supermarkets but the newer version features 289 more options added to the previous listing. The Halal Food Guide of New Zealand was compiled on the initiative of Tourism New Zealand along with the cooperation of "The Kiwi Muslim directory" (which is a portal where halal businesses, organizations, prayer locations and times are listed) and "FIANZ" (The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand).   User-friendly Picture Credit: Picture Credit: I am sure you have all experienced typing and searching through the internet for halal food options in any country that you may have visited. Reading each and every review, thousands and thousands of clicks and searches can make any trip frustrating. But if New Zealand is your next destination for your trip all you have to do is to download the halal food guide and you are good to go ! The Halal Food guide is designed so that it is user-friendly. The halal guide uses a symbol to categorize the three types of halal-friendly outlets available in the list. The categories included are; Certified by FIANZ: green circular symbol with a capital “F” in the centerMuslim-owned: purple circular symbol with a white tick at its centreVegan-only: green leaf symbol These symbols help any halal traveller to clearly identify and choose an eatery of their choice. Please note that the vegetarian eateries included in the guide are not halal certified or muslim-owned, but are claimed to be purely vegan. Hence, please check with the members of staff regarding any oil or other ingredients that may be impermissible (in Islam) before consuming. The Halal Food Guide of New Zealand covers a range of cities of the beautiful country, and the halal restaurant list is organized in a way which will easily enable Muslim travellers to locate halal food nearby. The guide is mainly divided into two sectors; one which is NORTH ISLAND and the other which is SOUTH ISLAND. In these sectors, you will find a list of the major cities of each island and the restaurants featured along with the addresses, telephone numbers and contact information. Therefore if you have any concern regarding the food served or any menu inquiries you can dial the phone right away. North island is further divided to Auckland (central, north, east, south and west are further divisions), Northland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Rotorua and Lake Taupao, Hawke’s Bay, Taranaki and Whanganui, Wellington and Wairarapa and finally Manawatu . On the other hand, the South Island is further divided into Nelson and Marlborough, Canterbury, West coast, Southern Lakes, Dunedin and Southland. So whether your holiday to New Zealand is among the busy city lights in Auckland, or among the hills of Waikato or even at the Majestic Canterbury or maybe a mixture of all the cities over a couple of weeks. You will be able to locate restaurants, cafes, and even supermarkets out and about New Zealand, thanks to the halal food guide.   North Island Central AucklandIn Central Auckland you would be able to locate an abundant of spots to eat without any hassle what so ever. In this city, you will find a total of 72 spots featured, out of which 18 are vegan-only diners (not halal certified) and the rest of the restaurants are either owned by Muslims or certified by FIANZ. There also 9 bakeries and snack food places available in the halal food guide and five meat and grocery stores which are all certified by FIANZ for selling halal meat. North AucklandAt Northern Auckland you would be able to find some great spots for some Arabian food especially if you are a fan of grilled kebabs and chicken. The halal food guide includes 15 restaurants and 2 grocery stores in which you will be able to locate halal food . East AucklandAt East Auckland there are no halal bakeries and snack food options listed in the halal guide. However, there are 11 restaurants out of which three are beautiful restaurants that serve pizza, and are all halal certified. Southern AucklandIn Southern Auckland , you will have no worries buying yourself a good cut of halal meat to whip up a warm meal at home. The Halal Guide shows 16 meat and grocery stores that are either Muslim-owned or Fianz certified. Apart from the meat shops, the Guide includes a list of 5 bakeries and 34 restaurants which is quite a bigger number compared to East and North Auckland. Out of the 34 spots included in the halal guide, only 3 locations are vegan-only restaurants which serve traditional south Indian food while the rest of the locations are halal certified. West Auckland and WhangareiOptions are rather limited in these two locations. West Auckland is listed to have around 13 restaurants and a couple of meat and grocery stores. Most of the halal certified restaurants weigh towards the Indian and middle eastern cuisine. In Whangerei, there are only 2 locations listed in the halal guide, one being a grocery store and the other being a vegan-only Indian Restaurant. Hamilton, Morrinsville, Te Awamutu, Te Aroha and Te KuitiThese locations which are all situated just below Auckland contain quite a number of halal friendly restaurants but are not very much as concentrated as Auckland. There are a total of 7 restaurants throughout the 5 locations with Hamilton containing the majority. There are also a total of 3 meat and grocery stores throughout the 5 locations. TaurangaIf you are fond of visiting the beautiful volcano of Tauranga, your halal food options will be among the four restaurants included in the guide in which the majority is influenced by the Middle Eastern cuisine. Rotorua and Lake TapuoAdmire the beauty of the volcanic landscapes and geothermal fields of Rotorua and cruise on a beautiful boat ride along the magnificient Taupo lake while dining in one of the seven halal restaurant options available in the area. Majority of these restaurants are influenced by the middle eastern cuisine where you would be able to enjoy a yummy kebab platter and middle eastern flat breads. Unfortunately there are no halal grocery stores or bakery and snack food outlets recommended by the Kiwi Muslim directory. Hawke's BayEnjoy a stroll down beautiful lanscapes of the Hawke’s Bay and enjoy the beautiful climate of the region. While you are at it, you will have 8 options of restaurants to choose from. A highlight restaurant in the region is "Café Anatlia Turkish Cusine" which will serve you some mouth watering food to munch on during your beautiful stay. New Plymouth, Whanganui, Taihape and HaweraHalal food options are rather limited in these areas, with two meat and grocery stores at New Plymounth and Whanganui and all four locations have a total of seven options of restaurants to eat from. Although there are limited options of Halal food options, these areas are incredibly beautiful with their natural landscapes for you to admire. I definitely recommend that you give these places a go, while keeping track of your pit stops for some of the halal restaurants mentioned in the guide. Wellington and MastertonThis little stop before jumping over to South Island offers some great halal eateries for you. Both areas combined have 15 food options to choose from, 4 of them being vegan-only cafes and the rest of the eateries are Muslim owned for you to stock up on the meat.   South Island Nelson, Marlborough and MurchisonSo for our first stop at South Island, I have got to say halal options are rather limited in this area, with only 4 restaurants recommended by the halal guide. ChristchurchEnjoy the beauty of the Garden city of Christchurch which is adorned by beautiful flora as far as the eye can see. While you are at Christchurch make sure to dine at some of the best resturants in the area which are included in the halal guide. Pick your spot from the 10 restaurants and 5 halal-friendly grocery stores as per your preference. Unlike the other regions mentioned earlier, Christchurch has a variety of restaurants with different cuisines to choose from during your halal holiday to New Zealand. DunedinDunedin is a very great stop to all the Wildlife enthusiasts who visits New Zealand. It also has some great spots to grab halal food as seen on the list. With 12 options on the list, 11 are muslim-owned and one is a vegan-only eatery. Unfortunately the halal guide does not recommend any meat or grocery stores in the area. Queenstown and WanakaThe adventure capital of New Zealand which is Queenstown comprises of 2 recommended halal food outlets for Muslims where both are Turkish Restaurants, the same goes with Wanaka which has only one option in the list. From the guide it is clearly visible that halal food options are very much concentrated around North Island of New Zealand in which Central Auckland has an abundance of eateries for you to choose from. There are lesser options in the South Island, but be adventurous and don't miss the chance to go out and about the country while having the nearby halal restaurants in mind. Since there are telephone numbers and addresses included in the guide, planning your holiday to New Zealand is definitely going to be a piece of cake. Get your bags packed and head to the beautiful land of New Zealand where exciting thrills, beautiful landscapes and delicious food awaits you. For further information visit   For more travel guides, check out our Halal travel blog or download the Halaltrip Islamic travel app to help locate Halal restaurants and prayer locations near you....

  • Finding Mosques in Perth

    Perth, Western Australia’s capital, and known for its fabulous sunny weather, is a blend of urban life and the great outdoors. The gateway to Western Australia, Perth oozes charm. It is the perfect spot for a holiday, whether alone or with loved ones, and in our opinion, is a definite must-include on every travel addict's bucket list! Boasting countless must-visits and must-sees, from fascinating museums and galleries, to fantastic restaurants and cafés, great shopping spots, beautiful, picture-perfect white sandy beaches and pristine coastlines, renowned landmarks, iconic lush gardens, cute wildlife and stunning, legendary sunsets, the bustling city is a gem of a destination that will give you an experience that will leave you mesmerized and craving more. Perth's Best Shopping Spots Read our Guide to Western Australia     Muslims visiting the city will also be pleased to know that it’s quite Muslim-friendly! While the percentage of Muslims residing in Perth may not be as high as it is in other major cities in Australia, such as Melbourne and Sydney, Perth does have a sizeable Muslim population. So for those wondering if they’ll be able to find mosques and prayer places in Perth, the answer is YES! There are a number of mosques in Perth and in its suburbs that are used by its local Muslim community as well as tourists, in addition to a plethora of great Halal restaurants. While many of these mosques and prayer rooms may not be large or fancy, they serve their purpose well. So, if you’re planning a trip to the city, finding prayer places in Perth shouldn’t be a worry at all for you with the help of our list!   1. Perth Mosque Picture Credit - Perth mosque is not only the city’s oldest mosque - built in 1901 - but also its most popular one. Located in the city center, on one of its busiest streets, this mosque is not only frequented by local Muslims belonging to a plethora of nationalities, but also by tourists from around the world, due to its central location. The mosque hosts all five daily prayers and Jumu’ah prayers on Fridays as well as Eid prayers. It has separate prayer and wudhu sections for both males and females. Address: 427 William Street, Northbridge, Perth WA 6000, AustraliaOpening Times: During prayer timesContact: +61 8 9328 8535   2. Perth City Musallah / Murray Street Musallah Picture Credit - anggo frizman, Located in London Court, a popular shopping arcade in Perth’s CBD, the Murray Street Musallah is mostly visited by worshippers working in the vicinity, as well as shoppers who happen to be in the area during prayer times. The Musallah has an area for men and women, but it's only open for Dhuhr and Asr prayers, and it doesn't have wudhu facilities. Those wanting to use the room will have to Press #3 then speaker to open the door. Address: Suite No. 3 101 Murray Street, Perth 6000, AustraliaOpening Times: Open only during Dhuhr and Asr prayersContact: +61 414 134 945Website: Twitter   3. Masjid Ibrahim Picture Credit - Masjid Ibrahim is a mosque located in Southern River, a suburb of Perth. The purpose-built mosque not only offers prayer and wudhu facilities for men and women, but also hosts a variety of religious and educational classes, from Tajweed and Fiqh to Hadith and Islamic history. Masjid Ibrahim is mainly frequented by the Muslims residing in the area, thus making it the ideal place to visit for those looking to learn more about the Muslim community there, whether Muslim or non-Muslim. Address: 1526 Leslie St. Southern River, WA, AustraliaOpening Times: Open throughout the dayContact: +61 412 785 919Website: Twitter   4. Harbour Town Musallah Picture Credit - Located at a well-known specialty shopping spot, the Watertown Brand Outlet Centre, the Harbour Town Musallah is a convenient spot for Muslims visiting the shopping centre there to pray. The prayer room can be found near the Centre’s Management Office and the Tourist Information Lounge near the car park. Address: Watertown Brand Outlet Centre, 840 Wellington Street, West Perth WA 6005, AustraliaOpening Times: Open at prayer timesContact: +61 8 9321 2282   5. Canning Mosque/ Queens Park Mosque/ Perth Mosque Queens Park Picture Credit - The Queens Park Mosque, also known as the Turkish Suleymaniye Masjid of Canning is located in another of Perth’s suburbs, Queens Park. Serving the neighbourhood’s Muslim community, the masjid hosts the five daily prayers as well as Jumu’ah prayers on Fridays, and offers prayer and ablution facilities for men and women. It also hosts Islamic classes for children. Address: 239 Welshpool Road, Queens Park WA 6107, AustraliaOpening Times: Open at prayer timesContact: +61 8 9358 6539Website:    6. Rivervale Mosque & Islamic Centre Picture Credit - Located in Rivervale; another suburb of Perth, is the city’s second oldest metropolitan Mosque, the Rivervale Mosque. The beautiful mosque and Islamic centre hosts the five daily prayers, Jumu’ah prayers on Fridays, as well as Eid prayers. It has separate prayer and wudhu sections for men and women, and a variety of religious classes, such as tafseer classes, and even one for new Muslims interested in furthering their knowledge. Address: 9 Rowe Ave, Rivervale WA 6103, AustraliaOpening Times: Open throughout the dayContact: +61 8 9362 2210Website:   7. Ar Rukun Mosque Picture Credit - Opened in 1998, Ar Rukun Mosque in Rockingham, south-west of the Perth city centre, serves the increasing number of Muslims settling down in Rockingham and neighbouring areas. It hosts the five daily prayers as well as Jumu’ah prayers on Fridays, and offers facilities for men and women alike. Address: 4 Attwood Way, Rockingham WA 6168, AustraliaOpening Times: Open throughout the dayContact: +61 8 9527 8633Website: Facebook   Mosques near me in Perth Halal Restaurants near me in Perth While we’ve only listed out 7 mosques here, there are plenty of other prayer places within the city and its suburbs. To make finding them easier, why not install the Halaltrip mobile app?. The app will also allow you to find Halal restaurants in Perth, must-see attractions, and much more! So, download the app today and make your Halal trip to Australia a fabulous one!...

  • Locals Guide to New Zealand

    New Zealand is well-known for its sheer of pristine beauty from vast landscape consist of mountains, lakes, glaciers, geothermal pools, volcanoes peaks to stunning beaches and islands. It’s the land of indigenous Maori, the first settlers before European arrived. According to the latest 2013 Census, the total population of 4.2m New Zealanders or Kiwis made up of a multicultural society dwelled by the majority of European descent (called Pakeha), and immigrants including Polynesian communities. Topped off by amazingly fresh food, friendly people, and unique culture; there are endless activities to experience from free and independent undertakings to paid tour or package deals. This travel guide will provide tips for planning your trip and prepare you for a Muslim-friendly travel in New Zealand. Credit-   Getting Around New Zealand is comprised of 2 main islands – North Island and South Island. Planning logistic and how to travel will depend on time, budget, and convenience. A good combination of some mode of transportation is recommended to enrich the experience. The most common and popular is self-drive either by car or motorhome/campervan due to its flexibility and independence factor. Stopping whenever you want to snap pictures of beautiful location is the most desirable. Driving in New Zealand is left handed and require a license. Beware you will be driving long hours from the city to city and while traffic may not the issue, you may get fatigued from it. The bus and coach transport is convenient and well-organised. There are a lot of bus coaches serving the main tourist route. Inter-city is the most popular bus network and you can take advantage of the unlimited travel pass. Picture Credit - New Zealand’s rail network is not vast due to the challenging landscape. The train may not be the best option for inter-city travel but if you have 12 hours to spare, board the Northern Explorer which links Wellington and Auckland through the volcanic heart of the North Islands (make stops at Tongariro National Park).The South Island’s TranzAlpine is highly recommended for a stunning alpine rail journey. At the main tourist cities like Auckland and Wellington, you can rely on the city loop bus to get around other than walking. Get on the ferry to explore beach suburbs and enjoy the view of harbour city from afar. In Wellington, you must ride the cable to for an amazing view of Wellington harbour. From North Island (Wellington) to South Island (Picton), a huge Interislander ferry can take passengers as well as cars through spectacular Marlborough Sounds. Alternatively, you can take a domestic flight to save some travel time. You can enjoy breathtaking mountains view from the top such as when arriving at Queenstown Airport.   Etiquette and Manner New Zealanders are generally friendly and laidback. The way of life is casual but manners are important. Carry yourself with open-mind, open-heart, and respect others. The general etiquette of treat others like you want to be treated must be held firmly as you encounter new culture or conversing with locals in a remote location. In New Zealand, strangers do talk particularly in rural part. Exchanging a few pleasant greetings is expected. Keep your conversation general such as about weather, what’s plan for the weekend (or how was the weekend), or about a sport (rugby especially). Avoid anything personal such as people’s salary, why they don’t get married or have children. Also, note that you can call a person by their first name and avoid calling with designated ‘uncle’ or ‘auntie’ if no family relation. When visiting Maori village, equip yourself with Maori custom such as do not sit on a table and do not show emotion on the face when witnessing Maori warrior dance (haka). Maori’s relationship with the land is deep, profound and sacred. It’s important to respect the natural environment and its resources when visiting its natural park. While freedom camping is allowed, ensure that it’s not on private property. New Zealand custom is very strict at the airport in protecting its beautiful environment. Do not bring fresh food of any kind. All food items brought into the country must be declared The Maori language is recognized as the official language in New Zealand (although English is commonly used). You will encounter the name of places, street or building in the Maori language widely. Get to know few useful phrases such Kia Ora (Hello) and do pronounce Maori word began with ‘wh’ as ‘f’. Get yourself familiar with Kiwi slang (often spoken very quickly) and local phrases such “sweet as, she’ll be right, see ya later bro, choice bro, how’s it going mate.” Know what is dairy (little corner store), gumboots (rubber boots), EFTPOS (payment accepted by debit or credit card), and entrée (appetizer).   Exploring Nature Be up close to the nature, its flora and fauna through a brisk walk, swim, hiking or ferry cruise. This way the appreciation of nature can be best absorbed. South Island is definitely top of the list to visit for the best of nature New Zealand can offer. Queenstown, Mackenzie and Westland regions are the most stunning with incredible display of nature such glaciers (Franz Josef, Fox and Tasman), fiord (Milford Sound, Doubtful Sound), lakes (Lake Wakatipu, Hayes, Matheson, Wanaka, Tekapo), beaches (Gillespie) and national parks (Mount Cook, Mount Aspiring, Fiordland). Some attractions are within close proximity so you can witness the amazing creation of lake, beach, and mountain in one day. Other parts of South Island worth visiting are Abel Tasman National Park (beautiful seaside best for sea kayaking), Kaikoura (sperm whale watching), Paparoa National Park (Pancake Rocks and Blowholes). In North Island, the most notable natural attractions can be found in Rotorua for geysers (Pohutu Geiser at Te Puia), mud pool, geothermal spring, and colourful pool (Waiotapu). Be amazed at Lake Taupo for its impressive size (about the size of Singapore) that you feel like standing by a seaside. After visiting Huka Falls, make way from Taupo to the oldest national park in New Zealand - Tongariro National Park for mountain and volcanoes view (such as at Mount Ruapehu, Whakapapa Village, and Chateau Tongariro). Most favourite by New Zealanders for its one of a kind landscape and natural wonder. Other natural beauties in North Island are in Northland region (Bay Of Island, Cape Reinga, 99 Miles Beach) and Bay Of Plenty region (Cathedral Cove, Hot Water Beach, Mount Maunganui ) where islands, rugged cliff, and long beaches are your playground. New Zealand is also famous for unique habitats that can’t be found elsewhere. Other than the shy Kiwi bird which you can view in conservatory or wildlife sanctuary, be amazed at clever kea bird, fur seals, Hector’s dolphins, and native animals such as yellow-eyed penguin, tuatara, pukeko, pukeno, and tui.   Exploring Culture New Zealand culture is essentially a Western culture that shaped by its geographic isolation and at the core, is the result of the influence of Maori culture and British colonisation. The Maori culture can be experienced at Waitangi (the most historic ground in New Zealand where a treaty was signed between the Maori and the Europeans), Rotorua (Tamaki Village, Mitai Maori, Whakarewarewa), Auckland (Auckland Museum) and Wellington ( Te Papa Museum) where you will learn about Maori art, craft, cultural dance, song and hangi (meal cooked in earth-oven). Auckland is the biggest Polynesian city in the world. Take this opportunity to explore Otara market in West Auckland where you can absorb the rich Pacific cultures from islanders of Samoan, Tongan, Niueans, and Cook Islanders. Sporting culture also runs deep in the life of Kiwis where you could be part of it by getting a ticket to rugby or cricket matches. Must-do when in Auckland, the City of Sails is to sail on America’s Cup prestigious yacht around the harbour. The strong sense of Kiwis identity is unique and can be characterised by iconic elements such as L&P drink, paua shell (close relative of abalone), pineapple lumps (chocolate covered sweet with pineapple flavoured in centre), the pohutukawa (New Zealand Christmas tree), pavlova (meringue and cream dessert), and jandals (flip-flop or thongs). Café culture is an evolution throughout New Zealand (especially Auckland and Wellington) and you can taste the art of perfecting and experimenting espresso in many cafes in city and countryside where the standards for coffee is high.   Adventure Activities Apart from natural beauty, the country is well-known for its extreme sports, adventure activities, and mountaineering tradition. The adventure hub is in Queenstown where you could challenge adrenalin for bungy jumping (AJ Hackett choices from Kawarau Bridge, Nevis, Ledge/Freestyle), skydiving (NZone Skydive), jet boating, rafting, canyoning, and zip-lining. In North Island, you could perform bungee off Auckland Harbour Bridge or at Lake Taupo. Waitomo Cave is popular with caving, black-water rafting and abseiling. In Rotorua, you could get inside a big plastic ball and roll down a hill – called Zorb or OGO. You could take a guided trek or mountaineering skill course from one of many experienced mountain guiding companies. During the winter season, you could ski or snowboard at Whakapapa in North Island or endless choices in Queenstown (The Remarkable, Coronet Peak, Cardona, Treble Cones). Outside winter season, the indoor ski is possible at Snowplanet in Auckland.   Muslim Friendly According to the latest Census statistic from 2013, the number of Muslim in New Zealand is around 1% showing an increasing trend from 2006 census. There are several mosques and Islamic centres in major cities where Muslims concentrated in New Zealand. You can find the list and salath/prayer time at Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ) websites. Major universities provide a prayer room for students, and public place such as Auckland International Airport serves a quiet place to observe prayer. With abundant of fresh ingredients including delicious seafood and influence from diverse ethnics in New Zealand, you won’t experience too much inconvenience in finding Halal eateries. Tourism New Zealand published a New Zealand Halal Food Guide as recommended by FIANZ and Kiwi Muslim Directory which also include plenty of vegetarian outlets. In North Island, you can’t go wrong with Long John Silver outlets for various seafood meals (3 locations in Auckland serve Halal menu). For pies and sausage rolls, you can enjoy Mrs Mac’s Halal-certified range at selected petrol stations and supermarket. If you require self-catering, there are plenty of Halal butcher around major cities given New Zealand export its meat and poultry abroad. Stay in Muslim homestay enables convenient arrangement for Halal food such as Mesra Homestay in Auckland or Rasa Sayang Villa in Rotorua. Other Useful Tips/Places of Interests For the Lord of the Ring fans, while you can book the various location tours, you could plan a trip to Tongariro National Park where you can admire the Middle Earth landscape at your own pace. When in Nelson, South Island don’t miss out to pop by jeweller Jens Hansen who designed and made the famous movie ring. If you are into design and creative art, World of Wearable Art and Classic Cars Museum in Nelson and WETA Workshop in Wellington for filmmaking experience can’t be overlooked. Some of fresh produced and bounty that must be eaten unique to the land are; seafood - crayfish, oyster (from Bluff), green-lipped mussels, pipi, abalone, and fruits - tamarillo, feijoa, and yellow kiwifruit. There are quirkiest and interesting places to visit such as the longest place name in the world with 92 letters (Hawke’s Bay), world’s steepest residential road (Baldwin Street, Dunedin), and the largest wooden building in Southern Hemisphere (Old Government Buildings, Wellington). Picture Credit - New Zealand night sky is perfect to view Southern Cross, Southern Lights and the Milky Ways at the International Dark Sky Reserve (Mt John Observatory, Lake Tekapo). Expect a good standard of service when travelling in New Zealand. That said, tipping is not customary. With proper planning by referring to travel guide above, New Zealand (or Aotearoa in Maori) can be one of the best vacation. This is a destination you must add to your travel bucket list – a once in a lifetime experience to see and undertake in adventure or adrenaline activities. A unique Kiwi experience that is priceless and pure awaits you. More details: Tourism New Zealand: Click here Halal Food Guide by FIANZ: Click Here FIANZ for Islamic Centres, Prayer Times and Halal Directory: Click Here Te Ara for complete guide of New Zealand: Click here For more travel guides, check out our travel blog or download the Halaltrip Islamic travel app to help locate Halal restaurants and prayer locations near you....

  • Experience Halal Travel - 10 Destinations Every Muslim Globetrotter Must Visit in 2017

    Add these top destinations for Muslims in 2017 to your travel list when searching for some of the best vacation spots for 2017.  These amazing destinations have much to offer in terms of attractions, culture, cuisine and sights to see. Read HalalTrip's Muslim travel guide 2017 to get more information.   1) Helsinki - Finland     Helsinki - Finland's Southern capital - is one of the best places to travel in 2017 since Finland will be celebrating 100 years of independence and visitors will get to see a spectacular torch parade complete with celebrations. Places like the Helsinki Zoo which was established in 1889, Esplenadi Park or even the famous Linnanmäki Amusement Park make for great day out or for a relaxing stroll. Art enthusiasts can visit the well-known Ateneum Art Museum and travelers should not miss the UNESECO Heritage site -  Fortress of Suomenlinna. With interesting landmarks, attractions and unique architecture, Helsinki is definitely worth a visit. There are a few Halal restaurants in Helsinki serving Halal food, mainly located close to the main mosques in the city.         2) Seoul - South Korea    South Korea has plenty to offer both modern travelers and those who would enjoy authentic experiences in Korean culture – being one of the top 10 destinations in the world 2017. Travelers should drop by the beautiful Gyeonbokgung Palace and Bukchon Hanok Village and observe beautiful Hanok architecture. Experience a gorgeous view of Seoul and get immersed in Korean culture by visiting the N Seoul Tower, or more commonly known as the Namsan Tower. Seoul has countless places such as Myeongdong and Hongdae to shop for clothes, accessories and beauty products at any bustling retail outlet. Traditional carvings or handicrafts can be found at special weekend market a as well. There are quite a few restaurants and cafés serving Halal food, and a few mosques including the Seoul Central Mosque.       3) Port Louis - Mauritius    Being one of the top Halal-friendly destinations in 2017 - Mauritius is a breathtakingly beautiful island that should be visited at least once in your lifetime. Spend hours strolling surrounded by white sandy beaches and the blue ocean, or take a historical tour that includes a visit to the National Museum or St. Louis Cathedral. Halal food can be easily found at a decent number of restaurants in Port Louis and when it comes to prayer facilities, there are a number of mosques too. The famous Jummah Mosque that was built in the 1850s is an important part of history and has unique mix of Creole, Indian and Islamic architecture.       4) Kyoto - Japan   Immerse yourself in Japanese culture and history by first visiting the famous Fushimi Inari Shine. Entrance is free and be sure not to miss the Instagram-worthy vermillion orange gates that adorn the shrine. If you are feeling adventurous and prefer the path less traveled, take the scenic route up Mt. Inari with a breathtaking view of the Kyoto skyline. Be warned though, it is easily a 3 hour hike! Travelers can take a day out to the bamboo forest of Arashiyama for a morning walk through the serene greenery that surrounds you. Also not to be missed is a visit to the Kyoto Imperial Palace (just beside the Kyoto Mosque), Maruyama Park for an amazing view of cherry blossoms and the Kimono Forest during the night. Availability of Halal food in Kyoto has increased over the years and you can find Halal outlets as well as Muslim-friendly eateries in Kyoto.        5) Granada - Spain   Located in the Andalusian region of Spain, a holiday in Granada should include a visit to the UNESCO Heritage Site – the Alhambra (Alcazabac citadel) and the Palacio de Generalife garden where beautiful Islamic architecture can be seen. Granada has a rich Islamic history that dates back to the 13th century - Albaicín where the influence of Moorish architecture and structures can be seen. The Gothic style of Santa María de la Encarnación Cathedral and Renaissance architecture of Capilla Real is simply beautiful too. Finding Halal food in Granada will not be hard since there are several Halal restaurants in convenient areas. There are two mosques in Granada which are the Grand Mosque of Granada and Altaqwa Mosque.       6) Wellington - New Zealand   With a relaxing environment surrounded by interesting galleries, charming cafés and a great view of the natural harbour - Wellington is one of the best vacation spots for 2017. The Museum of New Zealand also known as Te Papa Tongarewa should be visited to experience the culture and heritage of the country. Taking a cable car ride promises an amazing view of the city, and visiting the Botanical Garden, Zealandia Ecosanctuary and the Space Place observatory is also a great way to view other attractions too. Wildlife and nature enthusiasts can take a drive to Wairarapa that located in North Wellington. Wellington is also known for some great eating outlets with a number of restaurants serving Halal food and a few mosques in convenient locations.       7) Taipei - Taiwan   Taipei is one of the busiest cities that is also an interesting place where cultural and historical landmarks and unique attractions can be found. The Confucius Temple built in Minnan style and the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall including Zhongshan Hall are some of the main attractions that should be visited. To see the beauty of Taipei city, travelers can ride to the top floor of the famous Taipei 101 Tower. There are more restaurants and eating outlets serving Halal food that can be found and the majority of the mosques in China are situated in Taipei – the main Taipei Grand Mosque is a famous historical landmark too.       8) Xi’an - China   Contrary to popular assumption, China has a significant Muslim population found in the city of Xi’an. Also home to the popular attraction – Terracotta Army – the Muslim quarter in Xi’an boasts a wide variety of authentic Halal Chinese food that you will not be able to find anywhere else. Not only are things cheaper here than in bigger cities in China like Beijing, you will also be spoilt for choice. It is said that the snacks here are a must-try and the souvenirs a must-buy! Islam was first introduced to China by Arabian and Persian merchants during the Tang dynasty. Remember to drop by the Xi’an Great Mosque, home to the largest mosque in China. Its architecture is a mix of traditional Chinese and Islamic art typical of that period which makes it a sight to behold.     9) Florence - Italy   It’s no surprise that Florence is one of the best vacation spots for 2017 with beautiful historical buildings such as The Florence Cathedral, Palazzo Vecchio, National Museum of Bargello and much more. The architectural styles are something to be admired and Florence is full of historical wonders - art enthusiasts should not miss the Uffizi Gallery and the Accadamia Gallery too. There is a small selection of restaurants and cafés serving Halal food and a small number of mosques too.        10) London - United Kingdom   Traveling to the United Kingdom will be more affordable for foreign travelers with the British Pound declining in value. London falls on the list of top Halal-friendly destinations in 2017 with a growing Muslim population, easier access to Halal food and prayer facilities or mosques. For a cultural experience, take a tour of Buckingham Palace and Kensington Gardens or visit the famous wax museum Madame Tussauds. The Sea Life Aquarium is a fascinating place to observe marine life or learn something new by visiting both the Science Museum and The British Museum. London is an interesting and exciting place to visit - you can get an amazing panoramic view from the London Eye too.     The HalalTrip iOS and Android App is a great tool for Muslim travelers who find it difficult to calculate prayer times and find the correct Qibla direction while traveling to an unfamiliar location.    ...

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