This internationally known fast food chain serves up the most delicious burgers and unique desserts for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This Mc Donald's located in Alexandria, Egypt is completely Halal and alcohol-free.  


Alexandria, Egypt



This internationally known fast food chain serves up the most delicious burgers and unique desserts for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This Mc Donald's located in Alexandria, Egypt is completely Halal and alcohol-free.  


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66 Safaya Zaghloul, Al Mesallah Sharq, Qesm Al Attarin, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt


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  • 10 Best Places to Visit in Egypt For A Holiday for First-Timers

    The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions “Egypt” is the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and the Nile. In any case, with over 7,000 years of unique history, legacy, and culture, there are numerous other amazing attractions in Egypt to justify its title as a tourist hotspot. With an intriguing history that spans back to the beginning of human civilization, Egypt is known to be a very popular tourist destination. Pharaohs being synonymous with this destination, Egypt is an amazing country to visit to explore ancient tombs, pyramids and attractions which will leave you in awe. An ideal place for adventurers, explorers and history buffs alike. Egypt is an allrounder for travelers looking for a blend of activities rich in tradition, gaining memorable experiences, and simply looking to let loose. Here are 10 Best Places to Visit in Egypt that should be on the top of your itinerary and bucket list when you finally decide to make a trip to this delightful nation. via GIPHY   Giza Image Credit: Photo by Pradeep Gopal on Unsplash Giza is presently known as one of the most renowned spots in Egypt where tourists often visit. Giza is filled with leading hotel chains, famous boutiques, cafés and large shopping centers. Near the hustle and bustle of the city lies the famous Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. You can't say you have been to Egypt without visiting and seeing these monuments first-hand. The extraordinary Pyramids at Giza are famously known for being one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and in addition to that, it is also undoubtedly one of the most famous landmarks in the world. Giza's pyramid complex has awed voyagers down through the ages. An unquestionable feature of any trip to Egypt, Giza's pyramids ought not to be missed. A large portion of the touring destinations at Giza is situated on the plateau aptly named the Giza Plateau, where the Great Sphinx and Great Pyramid stand tall. Don’t forget to snap some pictures of you riding a camel while soaking in the magnificence of the ancient pyramids (Indiana Jones-esque). The pyramids of Giza will definitely be the gem in any trip to Egypt.   Luxor Image Credit: Photo by Lea Kobal on Unsplash Luxor, also known as Thebes in Ancient times, is situated on the east bank of the Nile River in southern Egypt. At its peak, it was the ruling capital of the Middle Kingdom and the New Kingdom of Egypt. Luxor is also famously called the world’s greatest open-air museum. With iconic structures, temples, and historical museums, the city is a significant destination in Egypt. The essential touring destinations of the Luxor are not situated in the city itself but on the other side of the Nile in the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens. The Valley of the Kings is a burial spot of the Pharaohs of Thebes, this valley comprises of several burial places portraying the life of ancient Egyptians through the engravings inscribed on the walls and the roofs of the burial spots. The Valley of the Queens is likewise a burial location that contains close to 57 tombs including the breathtaking and remarkable burial place of Queen Nefertari. The vast majority of the Luxor attractions are found either on the East Bank or the West Bank of the Nile. Popular features on the East Bank incorporate Karnak Temple, an exceptional sanctuary city that took more than 2,000 years to develop and it is also known to be one of the largest religious places on the planet. The flawlessly lit up Luxor Temple is a jaw-dropping temple to visit at night. Some other attractions to check out in Luxor are the Luxor Museum and the Colossi of Memnon.   Cairo Image Credit: Photo by Dario Morandotti on Unsplash Cairo the capital of Egypt has a rich history of Islamic, Christian and Jewish culture. The 2000-year-old city is additionally the biggest city in Middle-East, Africa and the Arab world. Do not miss out on the opportunity to shop at Khan el-Khalili bazaar where coppersmiths continue to craft their wares despite having small workshops. Vendors are loaded with a variety of products such as ceramics, textiles, spice, perfume, collectibles, souvenirs, and jewelry. Khan el-Khalili is one of Cairo's must-visits with eateries, cafés and street food merchants scattered around the market adding to the appeal of the bazaar. The significant mosques in Cairo are the mosque of Amr Ibn Al-Aas (Al-Fustat), Mosque of Ahmed Ibn Tulun, Mosque of Al-Azhar, Mosque of Sultan Hassan (which is wonderfully lit up in the evening), Mosque of Al-Refai, The Blue Mosque and the Alabaster Mosque of Mohammed Ali. Additionally, other Islamic sites are the Salah El-Din Citadel, House of Gamal-Al-Din and the Museum of Islamic Art (Bab Al-Khalq). At the widely acclaimed Egyptian Museum of Tahrir Square, guests can get a better perspective on Tutankhamun along with mummies and different antiquities from Egypt's Ancient past.   Aswan Image Credit: Photo by Mo Gabrail on Unsplash Aswan is the third biggest city in Egypt and is situated on the eastern bank of the Nile River. Aswan is the name given to this city by Arabs, the prior name of the city was "Suno" which translates to 'The Market'. Aswan gives one of the most delightful perspectives of Egypt with the eye-catching views of the town on the eastern bank. Aswan is likewise a bonus for guests as it is flooding with brilliant markets, aromas, Pharaonic and roman remains and artifacts from the ancient spot of Nubia. The two most amazing destinations of Aswan town are the two principle islands-Kitchener which is a botanical garden and Elephantine which is a site having vestiges of ancient structures and a museum. Elephantine and Kitchener Island are worth the time and money spent on exploring these islands. The Elephantine Islands are the ideal escape to loosen up. The vivid Nubian towns in the focal point of the island are unique Egypt vacation spots and make for an incredible night walk. It is also recommended to take the boat to Angelika Island to study the Temple of Philae which is from the Ptolemaic and Roman era. The biggest landmark of the island is the sanctuary of Isis which takes up around one-fourth of the island. Aswan is currently known for its amazing views on the desert dunes and the Nile stream. Some other essential attractions are Aga Khan Mausoleum, Tombs of the Nobles and the Temple of Philae.   Abu Simbel Image Credit: Photo by AussieActive on Unsplash Abu Simbel comprises of two enormous stone temples made out of appreciation for the powerful King Ramses II. Cut out of the mountainside, the sanctuaries are enduring energy of Ramesses II and Nefertari. The temple is the most remarkable temple of all ancient Egypt. Indeed, even in a nation brimming with temples and tombs, Abu Simbel is something uncommon. This is Ramses II's extraordinary sanctuary, embellished with enormous sculpture placed outside, and with an inside luxuriously finished with artistic creations on the wall. The stone impressions of the lord and the lady seated on their thrones is a notable aspect of ancient Egypt. The temple was shifted elsewhere as a result of the rising waters of the lake during the 60s and this attraction creates a flow of tourists throughout.   White Desert Image Credit: Photo by Mariam Soliman on Unsplash Prepare to be stunned by the extraordinary white-hued rock arrangements of the White Desert, the Bedouin national park north of Farafra. This exceptional natural wonder consists of strangely molded chalk mountains with colossal arrangements of chalk running from snow white to cream in color, which likewise includes the sand dunes of the Great Sand Sea and the cliffs of the Farafra Depression. The white rocks have been molded by wind disintegration for a few centuries. The landscapes here look nothing short of magical, with white stones and chunks. For desert fans and travelers, this would be your ideal setting, while at the same time basking in the regular landscape. With its stunning natural beauty, it is among the most delightful spots to visit in Egypt. PS – Lookout for the Rhim and Dorcas gazelle, the latter of which roams the landscape at the White Desert.   Siwa Oasis Image Credit: Photo by Flo P on Unsplash This dazzling oasis, encompassed by date palm ranches and various freshwater springs, is one of the Western Desert's most pleasant spots. The town is based on the remnants of an immense mud-block fortress that ruled the view. This is the best spot to slow down and rejuvenate for a couple of days. Vacationers go to the city to appreciate the town's numerous freshwater springs, walk around sections of land of palm forests and to explore antiquated mud-fabricated fortifications and leftovers of Siwa's Greco-Roman past. Gurgling springs are in bounty here. One of the most famous is a stone pool known as Cleopatra's Bath. A segregated and more private pool is situated on an island in Lake Siwa. An outing to the nearby commercial center offers guests the chance to tour the city's rich culture and soak up the uniqueness the place has to offer.   Alexandria Image Credit: Photo by Peter Nicola on Unsplash Situated on the Northern Coast of Egypt, Alexandria or known as the "Pearl of the Mediterranean" or the "Social Capital of Egypt" is an ancient city in Egypt which is viewed as a significant tourist point of Egypt, the second biggest city of Egypt and furthermore a bustling trade port. Alexandria is enhanced with numerous sublime Greek landmarks, offering incredible touring chances to all and worth a visit for its numerous social attractions which provides deeper insights into its past. The city is definitely a standout amongst other Egypt destinations which would allow you to unwind and relax stress-free. Well known touring spots in Alexandria are Fort Qait Bey, Bibliotheca Alexandrina (one of the largest and most significant library in the ancient world) and Pompey's Pillar Alexandria which is a decent spot to chill with your friends and walk around the boulevards which are loaded up with cafés.   Sinai Image Credit: Photo by Irina Nakonechnaya on Unsplash Egypt's focal point for seashore fun is the South Sinai which is on the Sinai Peninsula. Sharm el-Sheik or, more than likely known as the City of Peace is a European-style resort brimming with lavish lodgings, universally known eateries, and a plethora of activities to offer. Sharm el-Sheik is one of the most well-known retreat towns in Egypt, situated at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula. With its warm, dark blue waters and extraordinary brilliant seashores, it would be hard to eliminate such a spot from your itinerary. Try not to pass up on the opportunity to snorkel or dive into the phenomenal reefs around Tiran Island and Ras Mohammed National Park, home to some incredibly vivid marine life. Sharm el-Sheik gives access into the desert, where you can visit Bedouin camps and climb Mount Sinai, an ancient biblical spot famously known for its optimal view of the sunrise.   Dahab Image Credit: Photo by Nassim Wahba on Unsplash Dahab is a serene budget beach town that goes easy on your bank account. Dahab, which implies gold in English, is one of the most-visited urban communities by travelers and Egyptians in Southeast Sinai. It is otherwise called Sinai's most-cherished diving spot, which makes it a go-to spot for diving or swimming enthusiasts. Any place you pick in the South Sinai will have an association with diving. The Red Sea is one of the top diving destinations on the planet. Apart from being the most celebrated national park inside Egypt, Ras Muhammad National Park also happens to be one of the most well-known diving sites. This attraction is tucked in the midst of the beautiful coral reefs and mangroves of the Red Sea just along with the inland desert of Sinai. It has completely clear waters that permit divers and swimming lovers to effectively view the dynamic corals and aquatic life. If you decide to take a boat for a ride further into the sea, you might even get to spot some dolphins, including Risso's Dolphin.   Nile Cruising Image Credit: Photo by Lea Kobal on Unsplash You can never be finished with a trip to Egypt without going on a journey on the Nile River. Regardless of whether you take it toward the beginning of the day or around evening time, in a boat or a felucca, the appeal of the Nile will blow your mind. For some guests, a multi-day voyage upon this much-admired Nile is a noteworthy feature of their Egypt trip. Cruising the Nile is likewise the most loosening up approach to see the sanctuaries that stud the banks of the waterway on the course among Luxor and Aswan. The two celebrated sights on a Nile Cruise are the Temple of Kom Ombo and Edfu's Temple of Horus, where all the large cruise ships make a halt. You can also opt to voyage the Nile by felucca which is Egypt's conventional wooden boat. Boats and cruises leave from both Luxor and Aswan, yet feluccas must be boarded for trips from Aswan. Egypt offers the most intriguing encounters to tourists and such an experience that cannot be compared to any other place else on the planet. Everything about Egypt leaves its visitors in amazement.THE PS – It is advisable to wear full-length clothing in Egypt, to regard the traditions and save yourself from some serious sunburn.   via GIPHY...

  • Every Story Has A Beginning. Here are 7 Historical Places You Should Visit in 2019!

    History surrounds us, whether you're walking down the street, sitting in a cafe or relaxing at home. It can be identified and traced for almost every object. There are many iconic places around the world that are identified by their rich history that still stands amongst us in the present day. This article will explore 7 historical cities you should visit in 2019. Check Out More Halal Travel Blogs 1) Luxor, Egypt We begin with the land of the Pyramids, Om al-dunya (Mother of the world) and the Breadbasket of the Empire. Egypt is generally a treasure cove when it comes to history. From the Pyramids in Giza, to the Hellenistic influences in Alexandria and the Ottoman remnants in the daily lives of their locals. Luxor is often overshadowed by the Capital and Resort towns but for history lovers, Luxor holds an untouched candour. The town's scenery is free of skyscrapers. The Nile and Temple's pillars stand in a way that can transport you away from modern city life. The city is divided by the river, leaving the East side as the lively side and the West side as the dead side. Considered as the oldest city in Egypt, it's no suprise that history surrounds the street. The Luxor Temple and extensions to Karnak Temple are always linked back to the days of Ramsis the 3rd, the Pharoah of Musa (pbuh). Historical Places to Visit: Luxor Temple Valley of the Kings- Tutenkhamun's Tomb Valley of the Queens Karnak Temple Medinet Habu Colossi of Memon 2) Rome, Italy An obvious choice as Rome is an open air museum. When in Rome do as the Romans do. Rome as a city and an expression of life, reminds us how roman lives were like in the early centuries. From the way the roads are structured to the city centre and plazas. A casual bus ride through the city will show you an immense amount of relics, including the Colosseum and fountain of Trevi. The era of Renaissance(rebirth) aimed to link itself back to the prosperity and dominance of the Romans, hence the structures that are in Hellenistic design. It creates a neat circle of history repeating itself. Historical Places to Visit: Castel Sant Angelo Colosseum Trevi Fountain Sistine Chapel The Vatican (though it is technically a separate city) Piazza Novana St Peters Basilica Roman Forum 3) Istanbul, Turkey Where East meets West, Istanbul cannot be compared to any other city in the world. Its unique position globally, historically and socially have made it a beautiful city that's rich in history. Formally known as Constantinople, Istanbul was the capital when the Roman empire split, evolving the city into the Byzantine Empire. After centuries of conflict, the Islamic Caliphate took over and gained access to Eastern Europe. Islamic history is the most prevalent in this destination, with huge, majestic mosques and museums dedicated to sharing Turkey's islamic past. Historical Places to Visit: Topkapi palace Hagia Sophia Sultan Ahmed mosque Grand Bazaar Basilica Cistern Sulemaniye Mosque Dolmabahce palace Galata tower 4) Prague, Czech Republic Prague is a picturesque beautiful city with immense amount of uphills and downhills. This city gives us a cleaner version of what the Bohemian middle ages may have looked like. The cobbled pavements take you back into the past with every step. The sight of houses with wooden panels will make you believe that you're living in a fairytale. Prague was rich in the aspects astrology and religion and the Old Town Square is a reminder of this. An interesting fact about Prague as a city is that is often used to film historical movies and tv shows due to its intact landscape. Historical Places to Visit: Astronomical clock Old town Square Prague Castel St Charles Bridge St Vitus Church Jewish Quarter Wencaslas square 5) Jerusalem - Palestine The holy city is a beautiful culmination of the three monotheistic religion. A truly religious city with Monks, Orthodox Jews and Muslims walking past each other in almost identical modesty and submission to God. This city has undergone immense changes but the old areas will transport you back to the Middle ages. The hilly landscape and forted Walls built by Suleiman the Magnificent shelter a historical haven away from cars and modern buildings. The Al Aqsa complex is not only a place of pilgrimage for Muslims but its serenity and the lack of change show us the steadfastness of Islam throughout the years.  This city is a perfect destination to explore the history of the three religions that majority of the locals practice. Historical Places to Visit:  Ethiopian Church Dome of the Rock Al-Aqsa mosque Old city Western Wall Mount of olives Church of the holy Sepulchre Damuscus Gate 6)Edinburgh, Scotland The capital of Scotland is not only known for the helpful character of the locals but also the history that graces the city. The Edinburgh castle reflects the development of forts and castles as the centuries progressed. With intact architectures displaying the Renaissance and Jacobean eras, Edinburgh is an important state for Scotland because it represents the history of the country's rebellion and cohesion. The rocky roads, gothic buildings and old-fashioned specialist shops truly give a sense of Victorian culture. The city itself holds a historic charm with its bridges, road structures and neoclassical architecture. Hike up Arthur’s seat for a view of the whole city and its sweeping natural scenery. Historical Places to Visit: Arthurs Seat Edinburgh Castle Old Town Holyrood Castle National Museum of Scotland Princes Street 7) Delhi, India India itself is a country drowning in history, so the capital is a good place to start. The Old Delhi holds the beautiful Mughal Red Fort where you can wonder around and imagine being part of the imperial household. Not far from the Red Fort lies Chandni Chowk, a colorful market selling everything from dried fruit to silver jewellery, allowing a historical market experience. This city’s history is heavily intertwined with Hindu and Mughal identities. Visit the intricately lavish Akshardham which shows the artisanal beauty and skillmanship of Hindu artisans. There is an immense list of temples and complexes that are worth a visit because of their unique and beautiful historical influences. A recent culmination of this would be the Lotus Temple which was opened in 1986 and is open to visitors of all religions. Historical Places to Visit: Red Fort Akshardham Qutb Minar complex Laxminarayan Temple Rashtrapati Bhavan Lotus Temple Humayun’s Tomb Get more inspirations for your 2019 trips  ...

  • 5 Reasons to Visit the Galle Fort - A UNESCO World Heritage Site!

    The Galle Fort is a must-visit attraction in Sri Lanka for Muslim travelers. When you consider all of the major attractions in Sri Lanka, it is good to consider the many reasons why visit Galle Fort. Playing a significant role in shaping the history of the country, this location is one of the most important and hence popular tourist attractions which is put on display. Receiving the most coveted title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site shows how valuable this site is globally. Here HalalTrip take you through the top five reasons why is Galle Fort a top attraction.   Click here for a complete Muslim-friendly city guide to Galle   1) A Historically Significant Port in the World  The documented history of this port dates back as far as 125–150 AD when it was demarcated as one of the major ports in the famous historical map designed by the Alexandrian astronomer Ptolemy. Major incidences in the history of Galle Fort which occurred in subsequent times are when medieval Moroccan traveler Ibn Battuta landed at the port, and in 1505 the Portuguese arrived to the country at this location. Out of the most significant was when the Dutch captured the fort and set up the fortifications to the present form it is seen today. Evidence of all of these historical events and more can be still seen in this remarkable location.   2) World Reputed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site This is one of the main answers to the question why visit Galle Fort as a part of your holiday in Sri Lanka. Owing to the immense historical and heritage value of this site, this site has received recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is something you would be most proud to talk about as a location you have visited during your travels.   3) Breathtaking Views of the Indian Ocean As you walk along the majestic fortifications of the Galle Fort you will feel relaxed by the calm and cool atmosphere which is created as the fresh sea breeze blowing across refreshing the entire area. This architectural wonder has been built overlooking the mighty Indian Ocean and provides one of the best places to view the sunrise and sunset.    4) Shopping! An Incredibly Pleasurable Activitiy Since this site is one of the top attractions down south which draws counts of local and foreign travelers on a daily basis, there are many different vendors who have set up shop in the vicinity. These markets serve as excellent places where you can pick up lovely trinkets and souvenirs to take back with you as keepsakes from your visit.    5) Ideal Conditions for Muslim Travelers There is a significantly high number of Muslims who live in and around Galle. Therefore you will find that there are ample amounts of mosques near Galle Fort for your religious observances. In addition most of the eateries in the location serve Halal food in Galle Fort. This gives you the chance to enjoy the unique flavor of Sri Lankan food.      Click here for a complete Muslim-friendly city guide to Galle     ...

  • The 7 Great UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Egypt

    Wondering what the top attractions in Egypt are? HalalTrip has compiled a list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Egypt - the must-visit attractions when traveling to the acclaimed Muslim-friendly travel destination. Read on for more information!   Click here for Muslim-friendly guides to popular destinations in Egypt   Large numbers of tourists flock to Egypt every year. Many yearn to get a glimpse of Egypt's rich history and wish to witness the great UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Egypt. It is by no means an easy task to gain such a status and it is only due to their immense value that these sites in Egypt possess the title of being a UNESCO site. Through this article you will get a glimpse of the six cultural heritage sites of Egypt and the natural heritage site of Egypt which have received this recognition.    1) Abu Mena     Leading the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Egypt this site gained world recognition due to its immense cultural importance. Built in the 2rd century AD it features an ancient city with the tomb of the Martyr Menas of Alexandria and other religious buildings.    2) Ancient Thebes with its Necropolis     Ancient Thebes is the ancient city which once thrived as the city of the god Amon. It is also historically important as it was the capital city of the country during the Middle Ages. All those who visit the site located in Qina, will be able to witness amazing wonders such as the temples of Luxor and Karnak and the Theban Necropolis.   3) Historic Cairo     A tour itinerary of Egypt will not be complete without a visit to Historic Cairo. Formed during the 10th century this site is of immense importance as it is known to be one of the oldest Islamic cities in the world. The city remains a popular Muslim-friendly attraction due to the beautiful mosques, madrasas and fountains.   4) Memphis and its Necropolis - The Pyramid Fields from Giza to Dahshur     These UNESCO pyramids speak for themselves. The truly awe inspring structures still baffle experts on how they were constructed during such ancient times. Due to this they are also identified as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.     5) Nubian Monuments from Abu Simbel to Philae   This site is yet another popular UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Egypt which is visited by counts of tourists every year. There are so many monuments of historic value and gives visitors the great opportunity to learn about the culture and history of the country. The most important attractions not to be missed are, Abu Simbel Temples and Sanctuary of Isis at Philae which overlook the beautiful River Nile.   6) Saint Catherine Area   One of the more recent sites to join the list of UNESCO sites in Egypt, is the Saint Catherine Area. This location is centered on the Mount Horeb which is considered sacred amongst Islam as well as Christianity and Judaism.    7) Wadi Al-Hitan (Whale Valley)   The above sites received recognition as UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Egypt owing to their cultural significance. But the Wadi Al-Hitan or whale valley has managed to secure the title of natural heritage site of Egypt since it contains rare fossilized remains of extinct whale species. The discovery of these findings led to the explanation of how whales evolved from a land mammal to an oceanic species.     HalalTrip guide for travelers on how to use Qibla direction feature and prayer calculator   Travelers may also use the attraction spotter feature on the HalalTrip App to locate more top attractions in Egypt. Explore nearby attractions during your travels! Click on the below links to download the free App:   Apple: Android:     ...

  • 4 Reasons to Visit Egypt - The Mystical Land of Pharaohs & Pyramids

    Why visit Egypt? You may have already seen and heard much about this mystical land. Ancient Egypt history has been the topic of discussion for many centuries and almost everyone on the planet has heard of the wonders this magical country has to offer. There are many reasons to visit ancient Egypt, with countless Egypt points of interest scattered all throughout the country. Apart from that it is a destination that offers a wide range of things to do and is popular for its specially designed tour packages with the Muslim traveler in mind. Listed below are a few reasons to visit Egypt. 1) A Visit to the Pyramids in Giza & Other Ancient Sites A visit to Cairo, the capital city of the country, is a good enough reason to travel to Egypt. The famous Pyramids of Giza are by far one of the most popular attractions in Egypt that are known around the entire world. Show similar intertwinement with the rich history of the land is the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis which showcases the world’s oldest standing step pyramid. You would also not want to miss out on another one of the important attractions, the massive rock temples of Abu Simbel.    Other top attractions which draw counts of tourists every year include the Qaitbay Citadel in Alexandria and the Luxor Temple in Luxor. Apart from the attractions of historical significance your holiday in Egypt will not be complete without visiting the modern wonder of Cairo Tower.    2) Discover Egypt's Fascinating Rich Ancient History The rich history of Egypt is no secret and the tales of its past civilizations have been passed down generations over the years. A trip to Egypt will undoubtedly help uncover some of the stories of ancient Egypt, for an experience like no other. Be it getting to know more about the Pharaohs who ruled the land or delving into its ancient kingdoms; there is a lot to be experienced.   3) Cruise Down the Nile Enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the river Nile while on a unforgettable cruise is a definite must during a visit to Egypt. Witness the natural beauty of Ras Mohamed National Park, and of course learn more of the ancient history by exploring the mystical lands created by Pharaohs.     4) As Muslim-Friendly as it Gets! There are a vast number of options for Muslim travelers to consider in terms of food and prayer facilities - a crucial aspect of your travels. There are many leading tour operators in Egypt who would help you find accommodation close to mosques in Egypt. With Egypt being a Muslim country, finding restaurants which serve Halal food in Egypt does not require extra effort and will be available no matter what part of the country you travel to.     ...

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