Love & Care Cafe, located in Perth, Western Australia serves a great selection of delicious Malay dishes. This cafe offers a variety of Halal dishes and is therefore ideal for Muslim diners. Love & Care Cafe is known for offering a variety of delicious Halal, alchol-free Malaysian dishes. ...more

Perth, Australia



Love & Care Cafe, located in Perth, Western Australia serves a great selection of delicious Malay dishes. This cafe offers a variety of Halal dishes and is therefore ideal for Muslim diners. Love & Care Cafe is known for offering a variety of delicious Halal, alchol-free Malaysian dishes.


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38 Pier Street, Perth, Western Australia 6000


+61 4 1554 7235

  • Be Mesmerised By Creatures Of The Water At These 5 Aquariums Around The World

    If you're a fan of the Planet Earth series or even Finding Nemo, chances are you wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to see marine creatures that are full of mysteries and simultaneously a delight to the eyes. Now, not all of us can board a submarine and explore the deepest and darkest parts of the ocean. But fret not! The marine world is about to unravel its hidden mysteries in front of your very eyes. Here are 5 aquariums you will definitely have to check out at least once in your life. 5 must-see attractions at Disney Sea Japan 1. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium Picture: Crossley Architects Get ready to be submerged (literally) in one of the largest aquariums in allof  Asia. Bearing a 509 feet long underwater tunnel, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium has the longest underwater tunnel in the world. With such an incredible length, be prepared to see the hidden gems of the ocean right above your head as you walk through the tunnel. You will definitely be mesmerized by the shoals of fish gracefully swirling in the water or maybe be thrilled by the sight of sharks roaming around, waiting to attack their prey. Address: No. 1388 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai , ChinaOperating Hour: 9AM-6PM                              9AM-9PM (During Chinese New Year and Summer Holidays)  2. L'Oceanografic Picture: Wikipedia A true leap into the future! With its sophisticated and modern design, L'Oceanografic is anything but ordinary. This massive glass building located in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia happens to be the largest tank of all Europe. With more than 45,000 species of marine life sheltered and bred under one roof, L'Oceanografic is a place that will leave youngsters as well as the elderlies breathless. Be prepared to find bottle-nose dolphins swerving in groups and flame jelly-fish slowly making their way through the water. Behold Beluga lovers! You'll be under the binding spell of Kylu, the cute baby beluga whale. Address: Carrer d'Eduardo Primo Yúfera, 1, 46013 Valencia, SpainOperating Hour: 10AM-6PMWebsite: 3. Dubai Mall Aquarium Dubai is like a dream come true. Well, it's also a place where the world's largest acrylic panel exists! With more than 33,000 marine creatures, Dubai Mall Aquarium is a feast for the eyes. Among the many species found in this colossal aquarium, over 400 sharks and rays can be seen swimming around. Be ready to get amazed by the King Croc, the fiercest reptile known. Let your imagination run wild as you explore the depths of the sea. Address: Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, The Dubai Mall, Doha Street                 Off 1st Interchange - Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, U.A.EOperating Hour: 10AM-12AMWebsite: TheDubaiAquarium 4. Aquarium of Western Australia Picture: IFlyFirstClass This 130 ft long aquarium based in the coastal suburb of Australia is a must try for the Adventure seekers. With a number of species protected and bred in its aquarium, the Aquarium of Western Australia will be sure to impress you with its colorful corals, shoals of clownfish, cuttlefish and beautiful sharks. Those who want to experience the marine life at its best can get into the deep waters for an additional fee and take a closer look at sharks and rays by joining the aquarium dive master. Address: 91 Southside Drive, Hillarys 6025Operating Hour: 10AM-5PMWebsite: Aqwa 5. Georgia Aquarium Picture: Last but not least, the largest aquarium in the entire planet, the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta! This colossal aquarium is the only place in the West to house the whale sharks. Home to 100,000 sea creatures, the Georgia Aquarium is a world of fantasy where your eyes will feast on the beauties of the sea. Get ready to embark on a roller coaster of emotions and hues and blues while you lose yourself into the marine life. Address: 225 Baker St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313, USAOperating Hour: 10AM-9PMWebsite: GeorgiaAquarium Let your inner Nemo out and explore the depths of the oceans inside those jaw-dropping aquariums, full of life and mystery. Let your eyes feast over the most beautiful of sea creatures. Watch the waters swirl and dance and let your imaginations flow. Read our Halal Travel Blogs...

  • Visiting Perth For The First Time? Read On & Start Stamping That Passport!

    First-time travelers to Perth, Western Australia, are in for fun-filled, engaging experiences where both nature lovers and city explorers will have an unforgettable time. When it comes to Halal travel to Perth, you will soon find that locating Halal restaurants and mosques can be quite easy as Western Australia is rather Muslim-friendly. To make things easier for your first travel to Perth, we have put together a 5 Days 4 Nights travel guide, along with some very useful tips which will help you get around the city much easily. Landing in Perth Picture Credit: Matthew Smith on Unsplash First time travelers to the Perth Airport should be aware that the terminal precincts T1 and T2 are separated from T3 and T4 by a 15-minute drive. The bus shuttle between terminals operates 24-hours a day. When it comes to traveling from the airport to city of Perth - you can easily get a taxi or go for the Transperth bus service. From T1 and T2, you will have to take the Bus Route 380 which makes limited stops in Perth. From T1 and T4, you can take Bus Route 40 which takes you directly to Perth.Do have a look at the regulations on the Perth airport website for some guidance before you land and have a look at the TravelSecure information to avoid bringing prohibited items. Travelling Around Perth By Public Transport Picture Credit: Transperth Facebook It’d better to opt to commute via public transport as it will be easier on the wallet. You can get on the Central Area Transit System or also widely known as the CAT buses quite easily around Perth. You'll find a number of bus stops available at different locations. By Car Picture Credit: kaluci on Unsplash On the other hand, hiring a car would mean that you will have more time in your hands. This is also a more convenient alternative as you are not restricted to stopping at the bus stops. This could be a better alternative if you are traveling with a group of friends or with the family. But be sure to be fit enough to drive on the road! If you are traveling within Swan Valley, it might be better to hire a taxi or a car since public transport can be time consuming. Accommodation In Perth Picture Credit: Spencer on Unsplash Travelers on a budget can choose to spend their nights at AirBnBs or budget hotels rather than big chains that would most likely cost you a fortune. Another great option would be serviced apartments where you can enjoy some great facilities and cook your own meals if it gets difficult to locate Halal food. There are affordable and comfortable options that you can find quite easily in Perth too. Find Halal food places in Perth Picture Credit: Marie-France Latour on Unsplash Truth is Western Australia can be rather Muslim-Friendly as you can pretty easily locate Halal restaurants in the city. However, keep an eye out for some excellent seafood and vegan/vegetarian restaurants as well. If you are unsure about anything always ask the staff whether pork, pork products or alcohol is part of the food preparation or if Halal food options are available. Picture Credit: Alyson McPhee on Unsplash If your are still concern about the Halal status of the food served at restaurants in Perth, cook your own! No sarcasm intended! It is always economically friendly to cook your own preferred meals that would suit your own taste buds even when you're not traveling. Halal meat can be rather easy to find in Australia. The Weather Picture Credit: Victor Garcia on Unsplash Perth is usually known for its wonderful weather especially during September, October and November which is the spring season - with fewer chances of rain. This time of the year is especially beautiful, which is the ideal season to get outside and explore the wildlife parks or simply enjoy a picnic. What Not To Do In Perth? Picture Credit: Gor Davtyan on Unsplash Australians are well-known for their straightforward, friendly nature and are quite laid-back too – and Perth is no exception. However, there are a few things to be aware of while traveling to a new place. 1. Don't come empty handed! For example, if you are invited to a barbeque, its always considered polite to bring a food or drink item to show your appreciation. 2. Be Respectful If you are visiting indigenous sites especially those that are considered sacred, avoid touching or disturbing the area. Your 4-Day and 5-night Travel Guide To Perth Day 1 Perth is not only an awesome destination where you can explore nature and take in amazing sunsets - but you can enjoy what a thriving urban city had to offer in terms of entertainment too! Picture Credit: Swan Valley Facebook There are some quirky interesting places to shop in Swan Valley, or better yet - go on the Swan Valley Cycle Trail that starts from Guildford that boasts of four routes. You can easily explore the region and appreciate surroundings. Your next stop should be Freemantle - for some history, shopping and to drop by the Port Beach to catch the sunset. Do visit the Freemantle Prison and the Roundhouse which are some of the most important historical sites in the area. Picture Credit: Freemantle Market For some budget-friendly shopping, get your souvenirs at the Freemantle Markets. Day 2 Picture Credit: Angah hfz, Wikimedia Commons Now that you are getting to know Perth a bit better head down one of the most popular Instagram-worthy attractions - the Blue Boathouse and enjoy the scenic Matilda Bay area too. After that, you can head down to Kings Park to enjoy an impressive view of the lake and vist the 750-year-old Boab tree. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for interesting birds – the park is home to over 70 species. Australians are proud of their beaches. So if you want to get a taste of the local scene, drop by Scarborough Beach and Cottesloe Beach for a picnic or to enjoy a swim. When your hunger pangs start to strike, head down to some popular Halal restaurants in the area which include Insan’s Café and Café Karache. Insan's CaféAddress: 113-115 Murray St, Perth WA 6000, AustraliaOpening Hours: 11AM to 9PM (Sat-Thu)                          11AM to 10PM (Fri)Contact: +61 402 679 008Website: Facebook | Instagram Café KaracheAddress: 124 Murray St, Perth WA 6000, AustraliaOpening Hours: 11.30AM to 5PM (Mon-Thu)                          11.30AM to 9PM (Fri)                          11.30AM to 4PM (Sun)                          Closed on SaturdaysContact: +61 8 9325 7777 Facebook Day 3 Elizabeth Quay Harbor Picture Credit: Taylor Cullity Lethlean Take your time and explore the area around the famous Elizabeth Quay Harbor and the Swan Bells. Some more Halal restaurants in the area include Chee Tayeb and Indonesia Indah, where you can drop by for lunch after a fun day of sightseeing. Chee TayebAddress: 353 Murray St, Perth WA 6000, AustraliaOpening Hours: 9AM to 9PM (Mon-Thu)                          9AM to 11AM (Fri-Sat)                          9AM to 5PM (Sun)Contact: +61 8 9481 7788Website: Facebook | Instagram Indonesia IndahAddress: 118-120 Barrack St, Perth WA 6000, AustraliaContact: +61 8 9221 3970 Day 4 Rottnest Island Picture Credit: Rottnest Island Facebook, Mark Fitz Photography On Day 4, do hop on the ferry out to Rottnest Island and take an island tour to explore this fantastic nature reserve. Look out for the famous quokkas, and enjoy bird or whale watching too. There is no shortage of fun things to do at Rottnest Island when it comes to getting closer to nature. Karrinyup Shopping Centre Picture Credit: Karrinyup Centre After that, head over to Karrinyup for some fun retail therapy, especially at Karrinyup Shopping Centre. For some good food, you can visit Hungry Jack’s or Origin Kebabs, which are some of the Halal restaurants located nearby. Hungry Jack’sAddress: Spencer Village, 208 Spencer Rd, Perth WA 6108, AustraliaContact: +61 8 9356 2088Website: Origin KebabsAddress: Karrinyup Shopping Centre, 200 Karrinyup Rd, Karrinyup WA 6018, AustraliaOpening Hours: 9AM to 5.30PM (Mon-Wed, Fri)                          9AM to 9PM (Thu)                          9AM to 5PM (Sat)                          11AM to 5PM (Sun)Contact: +61 431 121 774Website: Day 5 Nambung National Park Picture Credit: Explore Parks WA Spend your final day in Perth by getting away from the city and exploring the Nambung National Park which is also famous for the limestone formations, known as The Pinnacles. The park is located near Cervantes and is roughly two hours away from the main city of Perth. You can enjoy some stargazing at The Pinnacles during a night-time visit – this is one of the best spots in Australia to do this! Finally, the closest option for Halal-friendly food in the area is the Lobster Shack for some seafood.However, once you get back to the main city, wind down at Northbridge and enjoy a bit of shopping - or kick back while watching an outdoor movie at Rooftop Movies. You will undoubtedly hope to take a second trip after such an adventurous one the first time round. So start making those plans to see the best of Perth!...

  • Finding Mosques in Perth

    Perth, Western Australia’s capital, and known for its fabulous sunny weather, is a blend of urban life and the great outdoors. The gateway to Western Australia, Perth oozes charm. It is the perfect spot for a holiday, whether alone or with loved ones, and in our opinion, is a definite must-include on every travel addict's bucket list! Boasting countless must-visits and must-sees, from fascinating museums and galleries, to fantastic restaurants and cafés, great shopping spots, beautiful, picture-perfect white sandy beaches and pristine coastlines, renowned landmarks, iconic lush gardens, cute wildlife and stunning, legendary sunsets, the bustling city is a gem of a destination that will give you an experience that will leave you mesmerized and craving more. Perth's Best Shopping Spots Read our Guide to Western Australia     Muslims visiting the city will also be pleased to know that it’s quite Muslim-friendly! While the percentage of Muslims residing in Perth may not be as high as it is in other major cities in Australia, such as Melbourne and Sydney, Perth does have a sizeable Muslim population. So for those wondering if they’ll be able to find mosques and prayer places in Perth, the answer is YES! There are a number of mosques in Perth and in its suburbs that are used by its local Muslim community as well as tourists, in addition to a plethora of great Halal restaurants. While many of these mosques and prayer rooms may not be large or fancy, they serve their purpose well. So, if you’re planning a trip to the city, finding prayer places in Perth shouldn’t be a worry at all for you with the help of our list!   1. Perth Mosque Picture Credit - Perth mosque is not only the city’s oldest mosque - built in 1901 - but also its most popular one. Located in the city center, on one of its busiest streets, this mosque is not only frequented by local Muslims belonging to a plethora of nationalities, but also by tourists from around the world, due to its central location. The mosque hosts all five daily prayers and Jumu’ah prayers on Fridays as well as Eid prayers. It has separate prayer and wudhu sections for both males and females. Address: 427 William Street, Northbridge, Perth WA 6000, AustraliaOpening Times: During prayer timesContact: +61 8 9328 8535   2. Perth City Musallah / Murray Street Musallah Picture Credit - anggo frizman, Located in London Court, a popular shopping arcade in Perth’s CBD, the Murray Street Musallah is mostly visited by worshippers working in the vicinity, as well as shoppers who happen to be in the area during prayer times. The Musallah has an area for men and women, but it's only open for Dhuhr and Asr prayers, and it doesn't have wudhu facilities. Those wanting to use the room will have to Press #3 then speaker to open the door. Address: Suite No. 3 101 Murray Street, Perth 6000, AustraliaOpening Times: Open only during Dhuhr and Asr prayersContact: +61 414 134 945Website: Twitter   3. Masjid Ibrahim Picture Credit - Masjid Ibrahim is a mosque located in Southern River, a suburb of Perth. The purpose-built mosque not only offers prayer and wudhu facilities for men and women, but also hosts a variety of religious and educational classes, from Tajweed and Fiqh to Hadith and Islamic history. Masjid Ibrahim is mainly frequented by the Muslims residing in the area, thus making it the ideal place to visit for those looking to learn more about the Muslim community there, whether Muslim or non-Muslim. Address: 1526 Leslie St. Southern River, WA, AustraliaOpening Times: Open throughout the dayContact: +61 412 785 919Website: Twitter   4. Harbour Town Musallah Picture Credit - Located at a well-known specialty shopping spot, the Watertown Brand Outlet Centre, the Harbour Town Musallah is a convenient spot for Muslims visiting the shopping centre there to pray. The prayer room can be found near the Centre’s Management Office and the Tourist Information Lounge near the car park. Address: Watertown Brand Outlet Centre, 840 Wellington Street, West Perth WA 6005, AustraliaOpening Times: Open at prayer timesContact: +61 8 9321 2282   5. Canning Mosque/ Queens Park Mosque/ Perth Mosque Queens Park Picture Credit - The Queens Park Mosque, also known as the Turkish Suleymaniye Masjid of Canning is located in another of Perth’s suburbs, Queens Park. Serving the neighbourhood’s Muslim community, the masjid hosts the five daily prayers as well as Jumu’ah prayers on Fridays, and offers prayer and ablution facilities for men and women. It also hosts Islamic classes for children. Address: 239 Welshpool Road, Queens Park WA 6107, AustraliaOpening Times: Open at prayer timesContact: +61 8 9358 6539Website:    6. Rivervale Mosque & Islamic Centre Picture Credit - Located in Rivervale; another suburb of Perth, is the city’s second oldest metropolitan Mosque, the Rivervale Mosque. The beautiful mosque and Islamic centre hosts the five daily prayers, Jumu’ah prayers on Fridays, as well as Eid prayers. It has separate prayer and wudhu sections for men and women, and a variety of religious classes, such as tafseer classes, and even one for new Muslims interested in furthering their knowledge. Address: 9 Rowe Ave, Rivervale WA 6103, AustraliaOpening Times: Open throughout the dayContact: +61 8 9362 2210Website:   7. Ar Rukun Mosque Picture Credit - Opened in 1998, Ar Rukun Mosque in Rockingham, south-west of the Perth city centre, serves the increasing number of Muslims settling down in Rockingham and neighbouring areas. It hosts the five daily prayers as well as Jumu’ah prayers on Fridays, and offers facilities for men and women alike. Address: 4 Attwood Way, Rockingham WA 6168, AustraliaOpening Times: Open throughout the dayContact: +61 8 9527 8633Website: Facebook   Mosques near me in Perth Halal Restaurants near me in Perth While we’ve only listed out 7 mosques here, there are plenty of other prayer places within the city and its suburbs. To make finding them easier, why not install the Halaltrip mobile app?. The app will also allow you to find Halal restaurants in Perth, must-see attractions, and much more! So, download the app today and make your Halal trip to Australia a fabulous one!...

  • 10 Must-Try Halal Middle Eastern Dishes

    Traveling to the Middle East can be for one of the two main reasons; to live amongst a forest of skyscrapers in a sea of dessert sand or to devour the uncountable delectable local dishes that have made the Middle Eastern cuisine a go-to for comfort meals to be shared with loved ones on any occasion. Locate the best Arabic restaurants on your stay and enjoy the wholesome, rich and freshly prepared meal at a reasonable price. What’s more special about this mouthwatering cuisine is that, by tradition, each portion ordered is enough for a gathering to feast on with a pile of food being served and the table decorated wholly with Middle Eastern salads and the obligatory mezze platter that comes with most dishes on their menu. Middle Eastern cuisine is the cherry on top of all Halal cuisines a diner could ask for. The best authentic Arabic and Middle Eastern dishes serve the perfect combination of flavors, colors and beyond a doubt fulfill the living dream of all foodies. Here is a list of the ten yummiest hence most popular Arabic dishes (a list which was difficult to cut short)- via GIPHY 1) Hummus A creamy and smooth blend of mashed chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic. Hummus is served as either a dip with the traditional pita bread and vegetables, but it also works its wonder when spread in a burger, or even with baked potato.  Its flavor is combined with other Arabic dishes when used as a condiment. Hummus is more of a staple dish; this mouthwatering and healthy appetizer found in nearly all Middle Eastern restaurants is the best pick to start off your foody-ride. Foodie Tip! For the diners who are more experienced in attacking Middle Eastern dishes, ask to add in more garlic to get a taste of the true, local tang. Recommended restaurant Picture Credit - Address: Abu Shukri, Via Dolorosa near Damascus Gate, Jerusalem, IsraelOpening Hours: 8am -4.30pm (sometimes later on Saturdays) Tel.: +972 2 627 1538 Facebook   2) Shawarma Picture Credit - Peteravivangel, A ridiculously tasty bundle of goodness. The Arabic version of the Greek gyro, with the exception of tender meat, is slow cooked on a turning spit preserving the juiciness and incorporating the rustic flavors of smokiness, the highlight of the Middle Eastern variant. This wrap of laffa / hot pita bread filled with smoky meat together with sauces, cream, veggies and the earthy, authentic Arabic spices, which make every bite of this Middle Eastern dish leave you craving for more. Foodie Tip! Shawarma is more commonly found made with either chicken or beef although the traditional option; lamb is a must-try specialty. via GIPHY Recommended restaurant Photo credit Address: Hashipudia (Yeudit), 6 Ha-Shikma Street, Jerusalem, Israel.Opening Hours: Sunday - Thursday 11am to 11pmContact: +972 2-625-4036Tel: +972 2 625 4036 Facebook   3) Baba Ghanouj/ Ghanoush Found alongside the famous hummus on a mezze platter, Baba Ghanouj is often described as the best eggplant dish - a succulent eggplant dip and a vegetarian favorite. Although spelled in countless ways, this dip delivers similar deliciousness all across the Middle East with a combination of flavors from roasted eggplant, garlic, Arabian spices and the famous sesame seed paste- tahini. Like most dips, Baba Ghanouj is used as a condiment in Middle Eastern cuisine, sharing its wholesome flavor with more dishes on the menu.  Foodie Tip! When ordering Baba Ghanouj, ask for it to be spiced up with chili for the real Arabic zing. Recommended restaurant Address: Zest, One&Only The Palm, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Opening Hours: Breakfast: 7.00am to 11.00am / Lunch: 12.00pm to 6.00pm / Dinner: 6.00pm to 11.00pm (last order 10.45pm)/ Brunch: Friday & Saturday 12.00pm to 4.30pmTel: +971 4 440 1010Website:   4) Halvah Picture Credit - deror_avi, Much like the name suggests, in Arabic, Halvah means a sweet confection and is most likely the most popular Middle Eastern sweet. Halvah is much like a layer cake generally shaped as a cheese wheel. The main component of grain based halvah is glutens like wheat, or semolina and are spongy in texture, while the main ingredient of nut based halvah is tahini paste; sesame seeds and sugar. Although the unique flavor of plain halvah tastes excellent, it is often flavored with pistachio or chocolate.   5) Tabbouleh Picture Credit - cyclonebill, Tabbouleh, a cocktail of herbs, parsley, mint, bulgur (cracked wheat) and a handful of vegetables, onions and tomatoes, is the best appetizer for not only the vegetarians out there, but also for the health-freak foodies who love to chomp but are calorie-conscious. This Arabian salad is refreshing and bright, however it'll leave some green stuck between your teeth, so be cautious. Foodie Tip! To the meat lovers; this delicious salad has the ability to make you switch teams, so watch out for it yumminess. Recommended restaurant Picture credit - Address: Cairo Restaurant, Al-Malek Talal Street, Amman, JordanOpening Hours: 8am to 10pmTel: +962 6 462 4527   6) Baklava Similar to the Greek baklava, this Middle Eastern sweet pronounced as baklawa is made with lots of love and layers of thin sheets of buttery filo dough, filled with a mixture of coarsely ground nuts and Arabian spices. Unlike the Greeks who use honey, this mixture is bound together with sugar syrup and either rose water or orange blossom. Drizzled with honey to top off the unique dessert, baklava is made in interesting shapes. For example, the shape of birds’ nests, though cylinders and triangles are more common. via GIPHY Foodie Tip! Pistachio and walnut baklavas are the easiest to find, however, look out for the fruity version for an alternative experience that you’ll be glad you had. Recommended restaurant Address: Karaköy Güllüoğlu, Rihtim Cad, Kati Otopark Alti, 3-4 Karakoy, Istanbul.Opening Hours: Monday - Wednesday: 7am to 12am / Thursday - Saturday: 7am – 1am / Sunday: 8am - 1amTel: +90 212 249 96 80 Website:    Facebook | Instagram | Twitter   7) Labneh Picture Credit - stu_spivack, This low-in-calories Middle Eastern alternative to traditional cream cheese is not too sour or strong in flavor, and is easily made from cow’s milk. Labneh is a creamier, thicker and denser variant of the Greek yoghurt, often found alongside hummus and tahini on the mezze platter. A great dip for za’atar pita bread, your favourite veggies, and even fruits, the versatile Labneh dip is best to share among the flavors of Middle Eastern cuisine. Foodie Tip! Sprinkle authentic Arabic spices on labneh to enjoy the more exciting version.   8) Falafel A globally recognized Middle Eastern dish, the falafel sandwich is much beloved and appreciated in the foodie empire. The traditional falafel sandwich is a gigantic pita bread wrapping of the falafel patty along with tangy pickles, fresh vegetables and tahini spread. To best compliment a falafel sandwich, order a salad to go with it. The most interesting aspect of the savoury doughnut is that the falafel patty has a crispy exterior when freshly fried, contrasting to its soft and fluffy interior composed of ground chickpeas, onions and a decent amount of herbs and spices blended in to enhance the simplicity and flavor of the dish. The falafel perfectly fills in for the protein on a vegetarian’s menu and as with hummus, is a staple on the obligatory mezze platter. Recommended restaurant Picture Credit - Address: Books@Cafe, 'Umar Ibn Al Khattab, Amman, JordanOpening Hours: 9am - 2amTel: +962 6 465 0457Website: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter   9) Mansaf Picture Credit - Ji-Elle, Jordan’s national dish, mansaf is culturally meant for feasts and celebratory gatherings. Mansaf in Arabic, literally translates to “large tray” and therefore is served as such, enough to cater to a small foodie nation! This Middle Eastern resemblance of an enormous pizza looks rather intimidating for vegetarians. Chunks of lamb cooked in broth of Jameed (a variety of cheese made from fermented yoghurt), dressed with yummy yoghurt and garnished with almond and pine nuts are on display placed on a heap of white rice served on an oversized platter of flatbread. Initially a Jordanian dish, Mansaf migrated to Palestine, Iraq and the Saudi Arabia to mark its deliciousness.  Recommended restaurant Picture credit - Address: Jabri Restaurant, Wasfi Al-Tal Street, Amman, Jordan.Opening Hours: 9am to 11pmTel: +962 6 568 1700Website:   10) Pita with za’atar Picture Credit - N. Saum, A staple component of Middle Eastern cooking, the warm and versatile pita bread is served in nearly every meal. Za’atar pita's specialty is that the dough is generously sprinkled with a blend of Middle Eastern spices which include thyme, oregano and marjoram to uplift the sensory experience of the flavorsome bread dipped in any appetizer off the mezze platter. The original za’atar plant, rather endangered, is protected by the government to preserve the rare and authentic Mediterranean flavor, however, the addition of herbs doesn't detract from the original taste of the za’atar pita. Hence the purchase of a jar of this herb mixture is worth it if you want to try the za’atar pita crisps recipe in the comfort of your home. Since the next dish was frequently mentioned on the list of 10 Must-Try Middle Eastern dishes, it felt unfair to leave it out:   11) Tahini Picture Credit - jules, The tahini dip, spread or condiment is made from a base of toasted and ground sesame seeds ground to a paste and is essential to, if not all, many Middle Eastern dishes. Tahini collaborates well with sweet as well as savory flavors, and is hence a highlight on the mezze platter. An uncommon, yet palatable combination is tahini and halvah, so be sure to have a go at it when possible. Buckle up for a flavorsome ride on Middle Eastern cuisine, serving wholly satisfying food and leaving you wanting more of the Mediterranean goodness. Amongst the uncountable delectable dishes on their menu, try out the dishes listed above on your next visit to the Middle East! Check out our Travel Blog on the Middle East...

  • Getting Married? - Who To Contact For Nikah services

    What Is The Meaning of Nikkah? Picture Credit -   Nikkah is the Islamic marriage ceremony that occurs between a Muslim man and Muslim woman, combining their lives as partners going forward. It is a personal contract as well as a social announcement of such a contract. Getting married is said to “complete half of somebody's deen” and is an act that is strongly encouraged by Qur'an and Sunnah. "And one of His signs is that He has created for you, spouses from amongst yourselves so that you might take comfort in them and He has placed between you, love and mercy. In this, there is surely evidence (of the truth) for the people who carefully think." - [Al-Qur'an: Surah 30, Verse 21] The Prophet Muhammed (saw) said: “Marriage is my Sunnah. Whosoever keeps away from it is not from me.” - [Sahih-Al-Bukhari]   Steps to Getting Married in Islam   The stages of a Muslim Nikah ceremony are as follows:   1. Consideration Picture Credit - This is the first step of a Muslim wedding. Usually, the elders in the family will seek a suitable partner for their children through friends, family, or marriage consultants. The proposal for marriage is then sent to either the bride or the groom's parents. Alternatively, a young man may approach the father or guardian (wali) of the woman he wishes to marry and ask for her hand.   “A woman may be married for 4 reasons: for her property, her family status, her beauty and her piousness in religion, blessed are those that marry her because of her deen (piousness).” - [Sahih-al-Bukhari & Sahih-al-Muslim]   Note: There is no intermingling of two non-mahrams or “dating” allowed before getting married. The bride and the groom are however allowed to meet and talk in a controlled setting with a mahram (father/brother/guardian) present.   2. Consent Picture Credit - The sought out party will then accept the proposal after receiving consent from the man/woman who is to get married. This is a very important step as there is no moving forward if there is no consent. Any conditions/ terms of marriage must be agreed upon before moving further as well (e.g. moving to another country after marriage, etc.)   Khansa bint Khidam Al-Ansariya narrated that her father gave her in marriage when she was a matron and she disliked that marriage. So she went to Allah's Apostle and he declared that marriage invalid. - [Sahih-al-Bukhari]   3. Nikah Picture Credit -   Then comes Nikah, which is the actual ceremony of marriage. There are few things that are involved in the Nikah being valid. They are:   - Mahr: The groom must present the bride with “mahr”, a marriage gift or dower. It may be in the form of money, jewellery, or other things of value, or even a simple act. There is no specified amount or description for mahr, it depends on different people and their cultures. Mahr may be paid upfront, promised at a later date, or a combination of both.   “And give the women (on marriage) their dowry as a free gift; but if they, of their own good pleasure, remit any part of it to you, take it and enjoy it with right good cheer.” - [Qur'an 4:4]   Sahl bin Sad (rali) narrated that the Prophet (saw) said to a man, "Marry, even with (a Mahr equal to) an iron ring." - [Sahih-al-Bukhari]   - Ijab-o-Qubool: Then comes “Ijab” expressing the willingness to get married and “qubool” acceptance of the offer. Qubool is usually granted by the wali on behalf of the bride. A written contract (Aqd-Nikah) is then signed by the bride, groom, and two witnesses of sane mind (two males, or one male and two females). The wali must also be present, otherwise, the marriage is invalid.   - Khutbah: The Imam (or any other knowledgeable Muslim) will then address the people gathered at the Nikah ceremony and the bride and groom with a sermon, most often about Islamic marriages and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (saw).   4. Waleema Picture Credit -   Once the Nikah is over, a wedding banquet called the “walima” is held by the groom. One of the main purposes of a walima is to let the community know that a marriage has taken place between two people, this is important as secret marriages are discouraged and a marriage is only said to be valid if it is made known.   The other purpose of a waleema is to celebrate with friends, family and loved ones. It is also very important that the poor people of the community are invited to the banquet along with everyone else. It is better when the ceremony isn't extravagant or wasteful, as the Prophet (saw) has said:   “The most blessed nikah is the one with the least expenses.” - [Al-Bayhaqi]   He (saw) also said: “The worst food is that of a wedding banquet (walima) to which only the rich are invited whilst the poor are not invited. And he who refuses an invitation (to a banquet) disobeys Allah and His Messenger (saw).” - [Sahih-al-Bukhari]   Narrated by Anas: “The Prophet did not give a better wedding banquet on the occasion of marrying any of his wives than the one he gave on marrying Zainab, and that banquet was with (consisted of) one sheep.” - [Sahih-al-Bukhari]   Where to Find Nikah Services Picture Credit -   There are many agencies around the world that provide Nikah services. Think of them as a matchmaking platform, only that these Muslim wedding services are completely Halal. Some of them exist purely offline, but most are taking their platforms online to keep up with the modern world. Of course, the process will depend on the particular country and the particular agency (even though the process of Nikah is well defined and exact, the process of finding a partner is not).   There are many places that offer Nikah services that do not include the process of finding a match but do guide you through everything else, i.e. registration, overseeing of the ceremony, etc. If you are unsure of where to go for Nikah services in your country, your closest mosque would be the best bet. Even if they themselves do not provide such services, they will be able to direct you to those who do.   Here are some places where you can find Nikah services and other useful information in a few countries around the world:   Singapore   Sultan Mosque (65) 6293 4405 / 6293 4043   Masjid Al-Islah 6312 5174   Online:   Registration of Muslim Marriages (ROMM) – Singapore Government   Nakkahwin - Malay Muslim Marriage Portal   WannaGetMarried – Chinese, Indian, and Western Marriage Portal   Malaysia   Masjid Wilayah 03-6201 8791/8767/8780   Online:   SingleMuslim   Find Your Muslim Partner   Indonesia   Masjid Agung Sunda Kelapa (Jakarta) +62 21 31934261   Istiqlal Mosque (Jakarta) +62 21 3811708   Sri Lanka   Wekanda Jumma Masjid (Colombo) 011 2320355   Online:   Sri Lanka Nikah Service   Nikah Lanka   India   Kathija Nikah Muslim Matrimony Services (Chennai) +91 9941697533 / 9941697956   Marriage Solutions (Delhi) 9868219296   Nikah Qubool (Bangalore) +(91)-80-23536177   Nikah Matrimonial Service (Mumbai) +(91)-22-23742687   Humsafar Marriage Bureau (Kolkata) +91 97484 33019   Hyderabad Nikah (Hyderabad) +91 1800 121 4787   Online:   Nikah In Kerala   Nikahnamah – Muslim Matrimonial   Rishta Matrimonial   Register Marriage   Taqwa Marriage   United Kingdom   Al-Ihsan Marriage Service (London) +44 20 7650 3026   Swansea Mosque and Islamic Community Center (Wales)   London Central Mosque (London) +44 20 7724 3363   Birmingham Central Mosque (Birmingham) +44 121 440 5355   Epsom and Ewell Islamic Society (EEIS) (Surrey) 01372 210 828   Leeds Grand Mosque (Leeds) 01132468789   Online:   Nikah Services   The United States of America   Frisco Masjid, Inc. (Dallas) (469) 252-4532   EPIC Islamic Center (Texas) 214 7443 786   Jamaat Ibad-ar-Rahman (North Carolina) (919) 683-5593   New York Qazi Office (New York) (718) 864-4803   Islamic Institute of Boston (Boston) 617-365-7427   IMAN Center (Washington) (206) 202-IMAN (4626)   Taqwa Islamic Center (California) (510) 894-4684   Canada   Masjid Bilal – Muslim Society of Cumberland (Ontario) (613) 841-0786   Winnipeg Central Mosque (Manitoba) (204) 783-6797   Australia   Auburn Gallipoli Mosque (New South Wales) +61 2 9646 5972   Hisham Obeid (Perth) 041 888 1321   Islamic Society of South Australia (Adelaide)   Mustafa Arja - Authorised Islamic and Civil Marriage Celebrant (Sydney) 0405 664 402   Worldwide– Online   Worldwide Islamic Marriage Bureau   Muslim Matrimonials   Muslim Nikah Services   Nikah Explorer   Way To Nikah  ...

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