Yogi offers delicious Indian food at unbelievably affordable rates. This restaurant, located in Dresden, Germany serves a variety of tasty vegan dishes and is thus perfect for Muslim diners!

Dresden, Germany



Yogi offers delicious Indian food at unbelievably affordable rates. This restaurant, located in Dresden, Germany serves a variety of tasty vegan dishes and is thus perfect for Muslim diners!


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Oesterreicher Str. 21, 01279 Dresden, Saxony, Germany



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  • A Muslim's Guide to Finding Mosques in Germany [Prayer Facilities]

    Germany, with its captivating scenery and natural beauties, lively cities, fascinating history and delightful cuisine, is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It is also home to world-renowned attractions like the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, and Museum Island, which tourists from across the world; including Muslims, come to see. If you’re planning on visiting the country, and wondering if there are Muslim-friendly facilities, such as mosques in Germany, read on to find out. Credits - Islam in Germany Although Christianity is the major religion in Germany, Islam comes in as a close second and is a recognized religion in the country. Muslims in Germany come from a variety of backgrounds; with the community being made up of a majority of those of Turkish origin, while the rest of the Muslim population in Germany is made of individuals from Arab countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and so on. Islam in Germany is therefore present throughout; with Muslim communities residing all around the country. . Mosques in Germany With millions of Muslims now residing in the country, there are multiple prayer facilities in Germany, including about 50 well-known mosques. The other prayer facilities consist of just a room and are not obvious to those passing by. Muslims will be able to find quite a number of mosques in Berlin, Hamburg, Hesse, as well as in many other cities and states. Muslim tourists must however be aware that although there are numerous mosques in Germany, they belong to different denominations. . Berlin, the capital of Germany, is home to a sizeable number of Muslims and tourists will therefore be able to find quite a few mosques in Berlin - with the Berlin Mosque being the oldest mosque in Germany. Other mosques and prayer facilities in Berlin include the Sehitlik Moschee (also known as the Berlin Central Mosque), Omar ibn Al Khattab Mosque and Ar-Rahman Moschee. . Mosques in Hamburg will also be easy to locate, due to its large Muslim community. Two popular mosques in Hamburg include the Fazle Omar Mosque, and the Hamburg Central Mosque. Other well known prayer facilities in Hamburg include the As Salam Mosque and Al Nour Mosque. . Muslim visitors will also be able to find several mosques and prayer facilities in Munich. While the Mosque in Sendling is quite well-known, other mosques in Munich include the Freimann Moschee (also known as Islamic Centre of Munich) and Al Ummah Moschee (Mosque). . Frankfurt also houses several mosques to serve the local Muslim community, as well as tourists. Noor Mosque, Othman Ibn Affan Mosque and Abubakr Mosque are just a few mosques in Frankfurt. There are also numerous prayer rooms in Frankfurt that are used mainly by the Muslims in the area surrounding the facility. You can ask the locals who are more familiar with these prayer rooms. . The Cologne Central Mosque is one of the most well-known mosques to be built in Cologne, and also aims to be one of the biggest in Europe, after construction. Muslims can also offer their prayers at the Abu Bakr Moschee (Mosque) or at one of the other mosques or prayer facilities in Cologne. . Muslim visitors will also be able to find mosques and prayer rooms in Leipzig, Hannover, Nuremberg, Dresden, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart, as well as in several other smaller cities and towns. You don't have to worry about not being able to find a place to do your prayers while you're travelling there!  ...

  • Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

    One of the most delightful train journeys that you will ever embark on, the Venice Simplon-Orient Express takes you to some of the most elegant cities of Europe The Venice Simplon-Orient Express (VSOE) is a private luxury train. Originally started between London and Venice, today it travels to eight destinations in Europe during the months of March through November. The train made its maiden journey on May 25,1982 between London and Venice.   Itineraries/Signature Journeys of the VSOE include: London to Venice(2 Days/1 Night): This is the classic VSOE journey; the train departs from London in mid-morning and arrives in Venice the next day late-afternoon. London to Venice (5 Days/4 Nights): This is a return journey package where you travel from London to Venice and stay in Venice for 2 days; then travel back to London. Venice to London (2 Days/1 Night):The train departs from Venice late in the morning and journeys overnight to reach London the next day late in the afternoon. Paris-Budapest-Bucharest-Istanbul (6 Days/5 Nights): This is an annual journey of the VSOE; the train departs from Paris, reaching Budapest the next day and then follows the route to Sinaia, then continuing to Bucharest crossing the Danube to reach Bulgaria.The next morning the train enters Turkey finally ending the journey at Istanbul. Overnight stays are arranged at Budapest and Bucharest and a brief sightseeing tour is arranged at Sinaia. Istanbul-Bucharest-Budapest-Venice (6 Days/5 Nights): The train departs from Istanbul late in the afternoon, following the route to Bucharest, Sinaia, Budapest, Vienna and finally terminating in Venice. Overnight stays and sightseeing are arranged in Bucharest and Budapest. Brief stops are also made at Sinaia and Vienna. Venice-Krakow-Dresden-London (8 Days/7 Nights): The journey starts late-afternoon from Venice, traveling overnight to Krakow then Dresden and finally reaches London. Arrangements are made for overnight stays and sightseeing at Krakow and Dresden. The VSOE also travels across other destinations in Europe such as: Paris to Venice (2 Days/1 Night): The train departs from Paris just before dinner and reaches the next day late in the afternoon in Venice Venice to Paris (2 Days/1 Night): The train leaves from Venice in mid-morning and journeys overnight to reach Paris the next day just after breakfast. Venice-Prague-London (5 Days/4 Nights): Departs from Venice late-afternoon reaching Prague, where you stay for one day, two nights. It then joins the journey to Frankfurt, Paris, and finally reaching London. Venice-Budapest-London (5 Days/4 Nights): The train leaves from Venice in the late afternoon to reach Budapest. With a overnight stay in Budapest, the next day you can enjoy sightseeing before embarking on the train to travel further to Vienna, Paris and finally London. Venice-Vienna-London (5 Days/4 Nights): The train departs from Venice in the late-afternoon, journeying overnight to Vienna where there is a sightseeing arrangement and over night stay. From Vienna continue the journey to Paris and then to London. Cabins: The cabins on the VSOE are originals from the 1920's that have elegantly been restored. There are two types of cabins that you can book, Double Cabin and Single Cabin. The Double Cabin has an upper and a lower berth whereas a Single Cabin has only one lower berth. All the cabins have wash-basins however lavatories are located at the end of every carriage. For those looking for a spacious and more luxurious accommodation can opt for Cabin Suites. The Cabin Suites consist of two connecting Double Cabins making it spacious for movement. Dining: The VSOE offers three restaurant cars that are perfectly managed. Each of the dining cars is beautifully decorated in its own unique style. Your table will be reserved a day before and you can state your choice of 2 or 4-seating. The food offered is not halal. The dress code for dining is formal. Boutique: The VSOE also has a souvenir car that sells exclusive mementos to carry back as a memory of your trip on the VSOE....

  • A Muslim Backpacker's Guide to Germany

    Germany is a glorious haven for backpackers. Backpacking in Germany will expose travellers to the marvels and wonders that Germany has to offer - be it the breathtaking Bavarian Alps or the charming coastal towns in the North. The rich history of the country and its abundance of spectacular natural scenery will enthrall every type of traveller. The best destinations in Germany for backpackers ultimately depend on your interests and what you are looking for. Travellers who wish to see ancient castles must not miss out on a visit to Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, while car lovers should head to the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. For Muslim travellers, most major cities in Germany offer sufficient facilities to ensure a comfortable visit. Berlin, the vibrant capital of the country, is a must-visit destination on the itinerary of every traveller to Germany. Berlin is home to a population of over 40,000 Muslim residents and facilities such as Halal food and prayer facilities will be available across the city. Berlin offers around 70 mosques for Muslim travellers including the Sehitlik Mosque, Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque, Khadija Mosque and the Ahmadiyya Mosque Berlin - the oldest mosque in Germany which was built in 1924. Several Halal restaurants are also available in Berlin – most of which are owned by Muslims. Travellers could try out ZamZam Restaurant at Hauptstrabe for South Asian cuisine, Rayan Chicken at Friedrichstrabe for American cuisine, Baraka at LausitzerPlatz for Turkish cuisine and Sharazad at Dahlmanstr for Middle Eastern cuisine. Muslim travellers should also pay a visit to Munich – the capital city of Bavaria. Some of the highlights of Munich include Marienplatz - the central town hall of Munich, Frauenkirche - the symbol of the city, the early Dachau Concentration Camp of Nazi Germany, the English Garden - Munich's largest park, the bustling Viktualienmarkt market, the Residence Palace of Munich as well as its numerous museums. Muslim travellers will be able to find quite a number of Halal restaurants in Munich, serving South Asian and Middle Eastern fare - such as the Istanbul at Landwehrstraße and Dehbaschi at Dachauer Straße. Munich's most popular mosque is located at the Sendling borough of Munich and more mosques are available in the neighborhood of Ludwigsvorstadt. Hamburg and Frankfurt are also excellent destinations. Hamburg - Germany's second largest city - is the country's wealthiest city and offers rich history and architecture. Some of its attractions include the Hamburg Harbor, its museums, markets and ancient cathedrals, offering plenty to explore. The city of Frankfurt is located on the banks of River Maine and is one of the largest financial hubs in Europe. Travellers in Frankfurt will be able to witness the city's rich cultural history in some of its old building architecture that date back to the 14th and 15th centuries. Both cities are home to a diverse population of Muslim residents and facilities will be adequate when travelling. Some of the other destinations in Germany that are worth visiting include Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dresden, Hannover, Stuttgart, Nürnberg and Leipzig. Each destination has something different and unique to offer, to ensure a memorable visit! ...

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