Shujaas BBQ, located in Atlanta, Georgia offers delicious and popular American food, including authentic bbq dishes, at affordable rates. This restaurant is perfect for Muslim diners since the food served is entirely Halal. 


Atlanta, USA



Shujaas BBQ, located in Atlanta, Georgia offers delicious and popular American food, including authentic bbq dishes, at affordable rates. This restaurant is perfect for Muslim diners since the food served is entirely Halal. 


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1083 Euclid Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA

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  • 10 Best Instagram Spots In Seoul You Should Check Out After Covid-19

    Even though we can't travel to South Korea right now due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there is no harm planning for a future trip to Seoul. What more with all the fun and amazing things that you could do in Seoul! If there's one thing we miss about Seoul, it is the beauty that the country has got to offer, with many stunning locations that make amazing backdrops for all your photos. Seoul is the largest city in South Korea, also the nation's capital city. A bustling city mix with ancient and modernity, Seoul has become a top destination for travelers. What's more, with the invasion of K-drama and K-pop culture that swept the world, travelers from different age group flock in to see what does Seoul have to offer. From skyscrapers to village-like districts, designer boutique store to night markets, colorful cafes to street food stalls, there are endless places to explore. Whether you plan your itinerary or decide to follow your feet (and heart), you will witness the beauty of what Seoul has to offer. And of course, a trip to Seoul is not complete without all that flexing on your Instagram account. If you're planning a trip to South Korea in the future after Covid-19, you should check out these amazing Instagram spots in Seoul! Let us list down the Instagram-worthy spots for you to include in your itinerary. And you know what they say? Do it for the 'gram! via GIPHY    1. Bukchon Hanok Village Image Credit: Yeo Khee on UnsplashIn Bukchon Hanok Village, you can find yourself transported back to the Joseon Dynasty. It is home to traditional houses called Hanok. Despite being an actual residential area, it has become a popular tourist spot. You can experience and immerse yourself in the Korean culture by visiting the cultural center, restaurants and teahouse. Image Credit: Crystal Jo on UnsplashHow can we leave out the fact that you can rent a hanbok and explore the village? We promise that you will get that perfect shot, not to forget the experience and memories as if you are living in the Joseon era. For a more picturesque shot, capture the city center of Seoul as the backdrop to get the contrast between traditional and modernity.Address: 37, Gyedong-Gil, Jongno-gu, SeoulAccess: Alight at Anguk Station via Seoul Subway Line 3, 300m walk from Exit 1 or 2. 2. Common Ground Image Credit: Roberto R. on UnsplashIf you are looking for a hipster place to hang out at, Common Ground is the answer. Located in the eastern end of Seoul, Common Ground is a shopping district with pop-up stores built out from 200 blue shipping containers. It is filled with trendy cafes and restaurants, fashion labels and also lifestyle products. On some days, you can watch performances and exhibitions held in this space. Shopping in the containers gives you a unique experience as it is uncommon. And once you are done with retail therapy, get that OOTD shot with the blue containers as the backdrop.Address: 200, Achasan-Ro, Gwangjin-gu, SeoulAccess: Alight at Konkuk University Station via Line 2 or 7 and take Exit 6. 3. Dongdaemun Design Plaza Image Credit: HJ Park from Pixabay  Dream, design and play; that's what Dongdaemun Design Plaza is about. It is the latest architecture of the Korean design industry, becoming an essential venue when it comes to cultural events, design-related shows and even conferences and gatherings.Being the most tagged Instagram location in 2015, it is no doubt that Dongdaemun Design Plaza is an Insta-worthy spot. The unique and unusual structure of the building gives off a stunning background to your picture. The 25,550 installations of LED roses at night is another attraction that shouldn't be missed. Also, don't leave without exploring the shops and wandering the floors because who knows you might find a perfect photo spot!Address: 281, Eulji-Ro, Jung-gu, SeoulAccess: Alight at Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station via Line 2/4/5 and take Exit 1. 4. Starfield Library - COEX Mall Image Credit: Josip I. on UnsplashEither you are a bibliophile or not, there is always something to do at Starfield Library! Located in one of the largest malls in Asia, Starfield Library is open to the public. With a wide variety of genres encompass vast topics, this library is not like your traditional library.The iconic 3 towering bookshelves are the point of photography. Standing tall at 13 meters, ride on the escalator to get a snapshot high up.Address: 06164, 513 Yeongdong-Daero, Gangnam-gu, SeoulAccess: Alight at Samseong Station via Line 2 and take Exit 5 or 6. 5. Namsan Tower Image Credit: Ethan Brooke on Unsplash Being the #1 tourist attraction and a landmark of Seoul, the Namsan Tower also known as N Seoul Tower has a lot to offer. Sitting on top of Namsan mountain, it offers an observatory with a panoramic view of Seoul. Image Credit: Yi Liu on UnsplashWalk down to the infamous Love Locks and make the colorful locks as the backdrop of your photos. There are also places like Palgakjung Pavillion and Sunset Spot for you to explore. For a more scenic view and photo opportunity, you can walk down the mountain to reach the Namsan Shuttle Bus's Bus Stop. The beautiful scenery down the road is best viewed during Spring and Autumn.Address: 105, Namsangongwon-Gil, Yongsan-gu, SeoulAccess: Alight at Myeong-dong Station via Line 4 and take Exit 3. It is recommended to take the cable car to the tower. 6. Ikseon-dong Image Credit: Ikseon-Dong by Korea Tourism Organization Malaysia on FacebookFirst established way back for almost 100 years in the 1920s, Ikseon-Dong has gained popularity and became a hot spot. This neighborhood is defined as where traditional meets modernity. You can find Hanok that offers trendy cafes, bars and restaurants, giving off the nostalgic feel. Image Credit: Ikseon-Dong by Korea Tourism Organization Malaysia on Facebook Get lost in the twist and turn of the alleyways and discover the hidden gem of this neighborhood. The colorful shops and attractive cafes serve a perfect backdrop for your photos. Giving off the ambiance setting for K-drama like Mr.Sunshine and Hotel Del Luna, a vintage lover shouldn't miss out on this place!Address: Areas of Supyo-Ro 28-Gil, Jongno-gu, SeoulAccess: Alight at Jongno 3(sam)-ga Station via Seoul Subway Line 5, 300m walk along Donghwamun-Ro 11-Gil Street from Exit 4. 7. Yangpyeong Dumulmeori Image Credit: sonharam0 from Pixabay Put on your best pair of shoes and head down to Dumulmeori. Approximately 90 minutes journey from Seoul, you will be transported to a magical place of tranquility, away from the bustling city of Seoul. Dumulmeori is an eco-tourism spot, surrounded by water. In fact, Dumulmeori literally means "two water areas." It remains a popular site for dramas, commercials and wedding photography.The weeping willow and the 400-years old Zelkova trees will add the rustic feel to your photos. With the scenic view of landscape surrounded by water and lotus field, there are endless backdrops here. Don't forget to visit the Semiwon garden, a traditional Korean garden style which housed almost 50 kinds of lotus flowers and 60 other water plants.Address: Dumulmeori-Gil, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-doAccess: Alight at Yangsu Station Station via Jungang Subway Line, walking takes about 20-30 minutes. You can choose to reach the destination by cab/bicycle. 8. Haneul Park Image Credit: Melody Zhang on UnsplashJust like its name which means sky, Haneul Park is located at the highest peak of World Cup Park. Haneul park, together with another four parks are incredible examples of large-scale environmental and ecological parks. With a scenic view of vast grassland, Haneul park offers up to 22 lookout points. You can enjoy the panoramic view of Seoul, which includes landmarks like Namsan Seoul Tower, Bukhansan Tower and Han River. Image Credit: Haneul Park by Korea Tourism Organization - VisitKorea on FacebookThe best time to visit Haneul Park is in October during Autumn. The Silver Grass Festival is being held and it is the city's most popular event. Silver grass is also known as Pampas grass or Eulalia, which gives a beautiful backdrop to your photo. You can also witness cosmos and pink muhly grass around this timing.Address: 121-250, 95 Haneulgongwon-Ro, Mapo-gu, SeoulAccess: Alight at World Cup Stadium Station Station via Line 6. 9. Olympic Park Image Credit: JoHyeonSik on Pixabay Being the legacy of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, it is home to the largest sports arena. These days, it has become a place for recreation and relaxation. This huge park is divided into several zones and will take almost 3 hours to explore.Unlike Haneul Park, Olympic Park offers varieties of fauna photo spots in every season. You can catch Red Poppies in Spring; Rose in Summer; Yellow Cosmos, Pink Muhly Grass and Spiny Spiderflower in Autumn. Also in Autumn, don't miss the chance to snap a picture (or more) at the Ginko Tree Road which will give a spectacular view with golden yellow leaves. Your photo opportunity doesn't only stop here. The lone tree on the hillside known as One-Tree Hill will serve an aesthetic look to your photo.Address: 424, Olympic-Ro, Songpa-gu, SeoulAccess: Alight at Olympic Park Station via Line 5 and take Exit 3. Alternatively, you can alight at Mongchontoseong Station via Line 8 and take exit 1. 10. Yongma Land Abandoned Theme Park Image Credit: Yongma Land by The Korea TimesHave you ever thought about exploring an abandoned theme park without the fear of trespassing? This is your best opportunity. Yongma Land is an abandoned theme park that still welcomes visitors. Though the rides don't work any longer (except for the Merry-go-round at a price), this theme park offers you nostalgic scenes of the 80s. This park has also been used by some K-Pop idols like EXO and Crayon Pop. Despite the creepy ambiance of the amusement park, bring out your creativity to get that Insta-worthy shot. You are free to explore the park at your own risk. Also, who knows, you might even get the whole place for yourself.Address: 118 Mangu-Ro 70-Gil, Mangubon-dong, Jungnang-gu, SeoulAccess: Alight at Mangu Station, 10 minutes walk from the station.   There you have it, 10 Instagram spots in Seoul where you can get some of the best shots taken! The next time you plan a trip to South Korea after Covid-19, be sure to include these places in your itinerary! You can finally get the Instagram feed that you've been dreaming of with these Insta-worthy spots. For now, we hope that everyone stays safe and healthy.  via GIPHY...

  • Be Mesmerised By Creatures Of The Water At These 5 Aquariums Around The World

    If you're a fan of the Planet Earth series or even Finding Nemo, chances are you wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to see marine creatures that are full of mysteries and simultaneously a delight to the eyes. Now, not all of us can board a submarine and explore the deepest and darkest parts of the ocean. But fret not! The marine world is about to unravel its hidden mysteries in front of your very eyes. Here are 5 aquariums you will definitely have to check out at least once in your life. 5 must-see attractions at Disney Sea Japan 1. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium Picture: Crossley Architects Get ready to be submerged (literally) in one of the largest aquariums in allof  Asia. Bearing a 509 feet long underwater tunnel, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium has the longest underwater tunnel in the world. With such an incredible length, be prepared to see the hidden gems of the ocean right above your head as you walk through the tunnel. You will definitely be mesmerized by the shoals of fish gracefully swirling in the water or maybe be thrilled by the sight of sharks roaming around, waiting to attack their prey. Address: No. 1388 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai , ChinaOperating Hour: 9AM-6PM                              9AM-9PM (During Chinese New Year and Summer Holidays)  2. L'Oceanografic Picture: Wikipedia A true leap into the future! With its sophisticated and modern design, L'Oceanografic is anything but ordinary. This massive glass building located in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia happens to be the largest tank of all Europe. With more than 45,000 species of marine life sheltered and bred under one roof, L'Oceanografic is a place that will leave youngsters as well as the elderlies breathless. Be prepared to find bottle-nose dolphins swerving in groups and flame jelly-fish slowly making their way through the water. Behold Beluga lovers! You'll be under the binding spell of Kylu, the cute baby beluga whale. Address: Carrer d'Eduardo Primo Yúfera, 1, 46013 Valencia, SpainOperating Hour: 10AM-6PMWebsite: 3. Dubai Mall Aquarium Dubai is like a dream come true. Well, it's also a place where the world's largest acrylic panel exists! With more than 33,000 marine creatures, Dubai Mall Aquarium is a feast for the eyes. Among the many species found in this colossal aquarium, over 400 sharks and rays can be seen swimming around. Be ready to get amazed by the King Croc, the fiercest reptile known. Let your imagination run wild as you explore the depths of the sea. Address: Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, The Dubai Mall, Doha Street                 Off 1st Interchange - Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, U.A.EOperating Hour: 10AM-12AMWebsite: TheDubaiAquarium 4. Aquarium of Western Australia Picture: IFlyFirstClass This 130 ft long aquarium based in the coastal suburb of Australia is a must try for the Adventure seekers. With a number of species protected and bred in its aquarium, the Aquarium of Western Australia will be sure to impress you with its colorful corals, shoals of clownfish, cuttlefish and beautiful sharks. Those who want to experience the marine life at its best can get into the deep waters for an additional fee and take a closer look at sharks and rays by joining the aquarium dive master. Address: 91 Southside Drive, Hillarys 6025Operating Hour: 10AM-5PMWebsite: Aqwa 5. Georgia Aquarium Picture: Last but not least, the largest aquarium in the entire planet, the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta! This colossal aquarium is the only place in the West to house the whale sharks. Home to 100,000 sea creatures, the Georgia Aquarium is a world of fantasy where your eyes will feast on the beauties of the sea. Get ready to embark on a roller coaster of emotions and hues and blues while you lose yourself into the marine life. Address: 225 Baker St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313, USAOperating Hour: 10AM-9PMWebsite: GeorgiaAquarium Let your inner Nemo out and explore the depths of the oceans inside those jaw-dropping aquariums, full of life and mystery. Let your eyes feast over the most beautiful of sea creatures. Watch the waters swirl and dance and let your imaginations flow. Read our Halal Travel Blogs...

  • 5 Halal Restaurants Everyone Ought To Know In Atlanta

    Known as the capital of the South, Atlanta has much to offer to every traveler. A vast region within the state of Georgia, it is a fast-growing city rich in culture and history, with lush nature amongst suburbanization and a touch of Hollywood (hugely famous for film-production), this metroplex should be a must visit! Atlanta may be moving away from the traditional Southern culture, however, Southern hospitality is one thing they still stay true to. The city is a multicultural metroplex with a diverse social scene – boasting world-class museums as well as theatre and arts venues. Food plays a vital part in Atlanta – may it be classic Southern-style cooking, innovative New American restaurants or ethnic joints, it has something for everyone – a true foodie’s paradise! Worried about not being able to find Halal food in Atlanta? Do not fret! The city has a population of 75,000 Muslims, which makes it the 6th largest proportion of Muslims in the US. This means finding Muslim friendly food in Atlanta will be an easy task! There are many great restaurants and eateries in Atlanta which serve Halal-friendly fare, here are 5 Halal restaurants in Atlanta that you must try! 1. Urban Taali Picture Credit: Urban Taali Facebook Starting off with a restaurant that is quintessentially American – both a food truck and a restaurant – Urban Taali is a venture by four friends who began their culinary journey in Eid 2013. Serving up classic American dishes which are Halal friendly, Urban Taali will make sure you don’t miss out on an all-around American experience when in Atlanta. Their Atlanta-inspired dishes will not disappoint, like the 5 point philly cheese steak, piedmont grilled cheese and perimeter veggie wrap. If it’s burgers, wraps or philly steaks, Urban Taali is the place to get it! Opening hours: 11AM to 10PM (Mondays to Fridays)                          12PM to 10PM (Saturdays & Sundays)Address: 3099 Breckinridge Blvd Suite 209B, Duluth, GA 30096, USAContact: 404 940 4034Email: info@urbantaali.comWebsite: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter  2. The Halal Guys Picture Credit: The Halal Guys Facebook This restaurant had humble beginnings as a dog-cart selling chicken and gyro over rice to Muslim cab drivers in New York City - 25 years later it is a world-renowned restaurant chain! The true American Dream! The Halal Guys are the pioneers of American Halal food and therefore a must try. Like any street food joint, they have a simple menu which includes sandwiches or platters - with options like chicken, beef or a combo of gyro meat and chicken served with their signature white and red sauces. They also serve sides such as baba ganouj, hummus, and the American staple – fries. For dessert, they serve everyone’s favourite Middle Eastern dessert – Baklava. The line can be quite long but it is definitely worth the wait! Opening hours: 11AM to 11PM (Sundays to Thursdays)                          11AM to 1AM (Fridays & Saturdays)Address: 4929 Buford Hwy NE, Chamblee, USAContact: 470-268-8481Website: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 3. The Cedar Cafe Cedar’s Cafe specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine. Their dishes are prepared with the best seasonal ingredients to provide you with an authentic and flavourful experience. They also serve American favourites such as burgers and pizza! Don’t forget to try their desserts, they highly recommend their Palestinian kunafah, which is guaranteed to excite your taste buds! With a great ambience and a menu with a wide variety, Cedar’s Cafe will not disappoint. Opening hours: 11AM to 9PM (Mondays to Thursdays)                          11AM to 10PM (Fridays & Saturdays)                          11AM to 8PM (Sundays)Address: 1497 Alpharetta Hwy, Alpharetta GA-30009, USAContact: 678 404 7558Website: Facebook | Instagram  4. Poppin Pita Poppin Pita first opened its doors in 2015 and specializes in Mediterranean fare. Their menu includes classic Mediterranean dishes such as falafel and kebab but also serves some innovative fusion food like shawarma quesadillas and falafel sliders! With its refreshing interior and outdoor dining options, this restaurant will not let you down! Opening hours: 11AM to 12AM (Sundays to Thursdays)                          11AM to 2AM (Fridays & Saturdays)Address: 420 14th St NW #100b, Atlanta, GA 30318Contact:(404) 994-7850Email: abed@poppinpitagrill.comWebsite: Facebook | Twitter 5. Bismillah Cafe Picture Credit: Bismillah Cafe Facebook You can never go wrong with Indian cuisine and Bismillah Cafe serves up some wholesome dishes. Some of the popular items on their Halal menu are chicken shawarma biryani, gyro biryani, and Kebab burgers. You can also “Skip the line, order online”, according to their website and enjoy your food in the comfort of your own room. Opening hours: 11AM to 10.30PM (Mondays to Sundays)Address: 4022, Buford Highway, Atlanta, GA 30345, USAContact: 404-634-5955Website: Now that you know what restaurants to go to, you may want to know the easiest way to locate them, and that’s with the Halal Trip App! Use the Nearby Halal Food Finder feature to easily locate Muslim friendly restaurants in Atlanta!...

  • 10 of the Greatest Olympic Moments in History

    A sportsperson can delight by doing things better than everyone else but none can thrill so viscerally as the brilliant oddball who comes along once in an era and does things that no one else had even thought of. To successfully defy normality is to redefine it. Muslims traveling to Rio Olympics 2016 can anticipate great moments of achievements from the competing athletes. Here’s a look at some of the ten greatest moments in Olympic history that will never be forgotten. 1) Alice Coachman is the First African American Woman to win a Gold Medal - 1946 High jumper Alice Coachman was the first African American woman to join the U.S. track and field team, competing at the London Games. And she crushed it! Not only did she set an Olympic record for high jump, she also became the first African American woman in Olympic history to win gold. 2) First Olympics on Television - Rome, 1960 As the first Olympics ever to be televised and include a brand endorsement by an athlete, the Rome Games ushered in a new era of commercialism and changed the way the world viewed its Olympians. 3) Ethiopian Athlete Abibe Bakila Achieves World Record - Olympics in Rome, 1960  It’s not the shoes that make the runner, as Ethiopian athlete Abibe Bakila proved at the 1960 Olympics in Rome. Unable to find a suitable pair of shoes prior to the marathon, Bakila ran barefoot, leading his competitors to write him off. But barefoot running is how Bakila trained so he was right at home running on Rome's ancient roads. Bakila took home the gold, not only becoming the first black African to win the event but also setting a world record. 4) Olga Korbut at Munich Olympics - 1972 A young Soviet athlete - Olga Korbut - stunned the crowd, winning three gold medals at the gymnastics events and pulling off a move that became known as 'the Korbut flip'. 5) Carl Lewis's Four Gold Medals - Los Angeles Olympics, 1984 Carl Lewis competed in the ambitious quadruple of 100m, 200m, long jump and 4x100m and he won gold in all of them!  6) Dream Team Play the Olympics - Barcelona, 1992 The 1992 U.S. Men's Olympic basketball team, nicknamed the "Dream Team" for its impressive line-up of the biggest names in basketball - Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and Patrick Ewing, to name a few was the first time active NBA players were recruited for an Olympic team. They won the Gold medal winning all their games. Today, the Dream Team is still widely celebrated as the greatest team ever assembled in any sport. 7) Games Turn 100 with Muhammad Ali - Atlanta, 1996 Former heavyweight boxing champion and Olympic gold medalist Muhammad Ali lit the Olympic flame during the opening ceremony of the 1996 Atlanta Games. 8) Phelps Takes Most Gold Ever - Beijing, 2008 Champion American swimmer Michael Phelps and his teammates set a new world record in the medley relay event, awarding Phelps his eighth gold medal (the most won in a single Olympic Games). 9) Usain Bolt Stuns the World - Beijing, 2008 Usain Bolt's 100m and 200m gold wins in Beijing launched a remarkable career and rescued sprinting from controversy. Bolt's 100m run was so thrilling, so astonishingly emphatic, and yet so casual, it stunned the world! 10) Gabby Douglas becomes a National Role Model -  London, 2012 Gabby Douglas is currently training for the 2016 after becoming the first African American to win the individual all-around gold in 2012. We think two gold medals are in line and we can't wait to see this gracious, talented athlete compete in the Rio Olympics! Click here for more information about Rio Olympics 2016 ...

  • What Facilities do USA's Busiest Airports Offer Muslims?

    The Unites States has long been a popular travel destination, being home to world-renowned attractions. With visitors coming from all around the globe, it is therefore no surprise that the county houses some of the best and busiest airports in the world. Here’s a look at the top 5 of the United States’ busiest airports and what airport facilities for Muslims are available at airports in USA. . Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport First on our list is the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Not only is this airport the busiest in the United States, it also happens to be the busiest in the world. Located in Atlanta Georgia, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport saw over 96 million passengers in 2014. The airport has 151 domestic gates, and 28 international ones. It therefore caters to the needs and wants of all passengers. Muslim travelers will be pleased to know that there are prayer facilities at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Muslim passengers can therefore offer their prayers at the interfaith chapel, which also holds Jumu’ah prayers every Friday. Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport . Los Angeles International Airport Los Angeles International Airport, or LAX saw over 70 million passengers in 2014. Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area and as a hub for major airlines like American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and Virgin America, LAX is the United States’ second busiest airport. It connects 87 domestic and 69 international destinations, and houses 9 passenger terminals. Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Los Angeles International Airport . Chicago O'Hare International Airport Serving 153 domestic and 57 international destinations, Chicago O'Hare International Airport is the busiest airport in the world by number of yearly takeoffs and landings, and was once the busiest airport in the United States. Today, with a whopping 70,015,746 passengers in 2014, it takes the third spot in our line-up of the busiest airports in the USA. Airport facilities for Muslims at O'Hare International Airport include an interfaith chapel, with ablution facilities. Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Chicago O'Hare International Airport . Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is the primary airport that serves the Dallas–Fort Worth area, and is the fourth busiest in the country. It services 55 international and 147 domestic destinations, and is the largest hub for American Airlines. Muslim travelers in need of prayer facilities at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport can visit the airport’s interfaith chapel. Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport . John F. Kennedy International Airport New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport or JFK International Airport, offering direct flights to destinations all across the globe, is the fifth busiest airport in the Unites States. Handling over 53 million passengers in 2014, JFK offers a variety of services and facilities for Muslims, including an interfaith chapel, which can be found in Terminal 3 for passengers who require prayer facilities at John F. Kennedy International Airport. There is also one known Halal restaurant at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Eat & Go Istanbul in Terminal 1 is believed to serve Halal food. Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to John F. Kennedy International Airport  . Other airports that deserve a mention in this list include Denver International Airport; which is the sixth busiest airport in the United States, San Francisco International Airport, Charlotte Douglas International Airport, McCarran International Airport and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, which came in seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth places respectively.  ....

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