Bollywood Restaurant, located in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg offers a fantastic selection of fresh and authentic Indian dishes, as well as a variety of delicious sweets. The food served here is Halal and unique, and the restaurant has a fantastic atmosphere. Also, please note that alcohol is not served here and only the freshest and finest ingredients are used in the dishes. If you're looking to dine on popular Indian dishes, Bollywood Restaurant is a must-visit! ...more

Luxembourg, Luxembourg



Bollywood Restaurant, located in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg offers a fantastic selection of fresh and authentic Indian dishes, as well as a variety of delicious sweets. The food served here is Halal and unique, and the restaurant has a fantastic atmosphere. Also, please note that alcohol is not served here and only the freshest and finest ingredients are used in the dishes. If you're looking to dine on popular Indian dishes, Bollywood Restaurant is a must-visit!


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  • The Year Is Coming To An End! Here are 10 Muslim-friendly Destinations To Visit in 2019!

    2019 is just around the corner! It’s time for you to start planning your upcoming holiday to an exotic country where you and your loved ones can have the time of your lives. With the growth of globalization, it is now easy for Muslims to enjoy a Muslim-friendly vacation almost anywhere in the world. Spoilt for choice and finding it hard to pick your next holiday destination? No worries! Below is a guide to some spots that will aid you in making your decision more smoothly and efficiently. Check out our travel packages and tours 1. Japan Japan being one of the most kid-friendly countries, I wouldn't hesitate to say that parents can worry less about stumbling upon dangers or hardships with the little ones. Not only does Japan provide its tourists with a rich culture and unique experience with its different traditions, but there is also a great number of hot-spots you can list down in your itinerary. These include the natural sightseeing locations like Mount Fuji and the Osaka Aquarium. For nature lovers, the Japanese-style garden, Kenroku-en, is a must visit. Another famous spot to head to would be Tokyo Disneyland, a dream destination for those traveling with the children. 2. Spain You haven’t entirely lived your life if you haven’t paid a visit to Spain. From the vast amount of places to tour, its history and its culture to the Muslim-friendly hotels and restaurants, Spain is an ideal destination for your summer holidays. Even if you are a person with toddlers or just too tired to lag around the little ones, Spain has plenty of parks to pick from for a relaxed picnic under the shade with your loved ones. One such park would be Park Güell due to its distinctive features brimming with unique structural designs and monuments. If you are in Madrid, do not leave without visiting the public square - Puertadel Sol. When in Barcelona, The Magic Fountain Show is proved to be a super hit with the small ones. You might also want to drop by to the La Rambla Street for some scrumptious gelato while you are there. 3. Switzerland What better place to take your family and friends to than a place that lets them build a snowman? If you’re visiting from a country which only revolve around the sun and rain, your group will surely be so elated with this change of ambience. Not only does Switzerland offer the greatest quality of chocolates, but parents can also encourage their children to pick up learning opportunities with regards to the different types of languages spoken or ethnicities present. There are quite a few sightseeing spots that you and your family can visit but some of the top ones would be the Zurich Zoo, the Kapellbrüke (also known as the Chapel Bridge), the Rhine Falls, and let’s not forget the Alps! 4. Australia Ah, the Land Down Under! Australia is a go-to spot for not only adrenaline junkies looking to spend their time doing blood-rushing adventures but it is also one of the best ideal spots for someone who wishes to opt for a more relaxed vacation. It is guaranteed that your itinerary for a place like Aussie will be nothing short of fun and enjoyment. Thanks to the country’s terrific weather, this serves as a plus point for those looking to enjoy strolls or picnics on beaches like Cape Conran in Victoria and Frangipani Beach in Queensland. Sydney should be a definite go-to location on your list. The Royal Botanic Garden by the Sydney Harbor is a beauty you must witness before your very eyes. As a treat for your kids, you can hop onto a ferry from Circular Quay and head towards the Taronga Zoo, Sydney Opera House and the Luna Park. 5. Maldives Generally, when someone says they hope to visit Maldives, people presume that it’s for a honeymoon or for a romantic getaway with their significant other. However, it’s not just for the lovebirds. Maldives is also considered as a great Muslim-friendly vacation spot for trips with family or friends. Unlike what many believe, Maldives does not have to be a destination that creates a dent in your wallet. If pre-planned carefully, you can tour the Maldives as a budget-friendly holiday. The Maldives does not only offer white sand beaches and a whole load of coral reef. The Maldives is best known for their water sports and snorkeling activities. You can even take the kids for dolphin watching and sandbank swimming at Kaashidhoo where the water is so clear you will be left amazed. 6. Singapore Having a proportion of 15% of its population as Muslims, Singapore thrives on Muslim-friendly locations and eateries where a huge number of their cafes and restaurants are HALAL certified. If you wish to cover all famous landmarks in Singapore, make sure you have a few days in hand. Some of the best few to visit with your children would be Sentosa Island, Universal Studios, the Singapore Zoo and Marina Bay. Gardens by the Bay is also recommended as it enables your kids to learn and witness a vast variety of lush greenery and exotic plants in a beautiful and one-of-a-kind setting (let’s not forget the Instagram-worthy photos that you can take). 7. Germany If you wish to go back in time and have major throwbacks of the Islamic heritage and culture back in the day, Berlin and Munich are the places to be when in Germany. The two cities have the highest proportion of the Muslim population so you need not worry when it comes to being on the lookout for Halal restaurants or Muslim-friendly attractions due to the abundance present. If you are looking to visit historical hot-spots, the Berlin Wall, the Berlin Mosque and the Brandenburg Gate can be included into your itinerary. In terms of Halal food, the Baraka for Moroccan food, and the Yarok Fine Syrian Food for Mediterranean food are the places you would love to dine at. 8. Turkey Previously being the home to the Ottoman Caliphate, Turkey is a country constructed of Islamic structures. Turkey brims with Islamic heritage and culture which can be deemed as pleasant for tourists, some of which are showcased in the Topkapi Palace and the Sultan Ahmet Mosque. Do drop by Istanbul and visit the blue mosque for a feel of true Islamic architecture. You will also find a large amount of `bazaars` at reasonable prices to shop from. A city to visit in Turkey with your family is Alanya. The Alanya Castle is a great spot which will give you a holistic view of the entire city from the top. One attraction which will be a hit for your children would be the Pirate Ship Cave Tour. After a tiresome day of sightseeing, you can grab some delicious Halal food from Mezze Grill Ocakbasi Restaurant if you are in the mood for some pizza or seafood. Summertime comes off as a busy time for Turkey, so be sure to plan well ahead to avoid disappointment when it comes to hotels and tours. 9. Morocco Distinguished for it’s out-of-the-ordinary culture, Morocco amalgamates influences from Europe and Islam and is overflowing with modern depictions of customary Islam. Karaouine Mosque in Morocco is considered a tourist magnet and it’s the largest mosque in Africa, spacious enough to fit 22,000 people at once. You can choose to wander through the lively blue streets of Chefchaouen and devour delectable Moroccan cuisines from famous restaurants like Restaurant Dar Hatim and Les Saveurs de Riad Fes Maya. Along with over 400 mosques, you and your family can also tour their museums such as Dar Batha and Nejjarine Museum in Fez. PS: While you wander around the streets of Morocco, you can treat yourself to pure leather merchandise and Moroccan slippers at one of the souks in Fez like Souk Serrajine. 10. France France is the ultimate spot to be during summer. You can never get bored rigid in such a place taking into account the large number of attractions and activities that this stunning country has in store for tourists. Disneyland Paris is an obvious choice if you are traveling with your children, along with the countless popular attractions and sightseeing spots like the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and Jardin du Luxembourg Garden. You can also visit the Grande Mosquee de Paris, a beautiful mosque in Paris. France also has no shortage of Halal restaurants. You can find various cuisines in multiple eateries, Turkish food at the Sizin Restaurant, Mexican food at Baili and if you desire authentic Halal French cuisine, Les GrandsEnfants should be number one on your list of places to dine at. There are a lot of great muslim-friendly spots that can be recommended for your vacation but it is imperative to take into account the wishes of your children as well if they are tagging along in order to have a successful trip where everyone is satisfied. Check out our Travel Blogs for more travel inspirations...

  • Best 10 Places for Millennials in 2017

    Most of the top travel destinations for millennials 2017 are ones that are not only chosen for the attractions and sites, but for a great travel experience as well. Where should Muslim millennials go in 2017? The general travel patterns of the millennials do differ from older Muslim travelers – especially in term of activities and excursions, but places where Halal food and prayer facilities are easily accessible are usually selected. HalalTrip has listed below ten of the most popular travel destinations for millennials.   1) Sydney - Australia With plenty of places to shop and countless adventurous activities that available - it is no surprise that Sydney is one of the top travel destinations for young travelers in 2017. Sydney is a large city with something for everyone - art galleries and museums and diverse international cuisines. Sydney is also one of the top travel destinations for Muslim millennials with its diversity when it comes to Halal food options and prayer facilities too. There are numerous places to explore and sights to see – such as Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Opera House or Port Jackson. Don’t forget to visit the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, Art Gallery of New South Wales or get some shopping done at the Queen Victoria building.   2) Reykjavik - Iceland  Reykjavik has become one of the must-visit travel destinations for millennials not just for being an interesting place, but mainly for the famous geothermal mineral spa - the Blue Lagoon. Iceland has some wonderful attractions and sights to offer visitors - from great shopping spots or flea markets to shop at and even bird or whale watching to see unique wildlife. One of the best parts of Iceland has got to be the Northern Lights phenomenon that should not be missed.   3) London - United Kingdom United Kingdom is an amazing country to visit especially for those who are looking for an interesting cultural and fun holiday. This makes London one of the top travel destinations for young travelers 2017. The best part of London is that it’s a very modern city being one of the  top travel destinations for Muslim millennials  where different cultures have made an impact on the city. Take a tour of London that includes some of the top attractions like Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussaud’s, Tower of London and the London Eye or simply get immersed in experiences London has to offer.   4) Tokyo - Japan Tokyo is a modern city that is always moving forward, but also has some authentic experiences to offer those who would enjoy learning more about Japanese culture. From amazing Japanese cuisine or traditional tea ceremonies to participate in, and with interesting sites to see - it is no surprise that Tokyo is one of the must-visit travel destinations for millennials. Take a tour to Senso-Ji shrine, The Imperial Palace or some of the many cultural and educational museums in the city. Tokyo is especially beautiful during spring, where millennials can enjoy the cherry blossom season.   5) Singapore   Singapore has always been one of the top travel destinations for Muslim millennials especially when it comes to the varieties of Halal cuisine and Muslim-friendly options that are easily accessible. As one of the top travel destinations for young travelers 2017, Singapore is known for its great shopping experiences and urban lifestyle – ideal for young millenials. Some great places to visit include Marina Bay, China Town, Universal Studies and the Sentosa Island which is filled with gorgeous resorts, theme parks and restaurants.   6) Cairo - Egypt Cairo is a place that offers some the best historical and cultural experiences – and the top of most millenials’ travel list includes a visit to the Pyramids of Giza. This intriguing city is also one of the  top travel destinations for Muslim millennials due to the country’s rich Islamic heritage and beautiful mosques as well – the Al Azhar mosque and the Islamic district are interesting places to visit. With great shopping spots to buy some quality local handicrafts and products, Cairo is one of the must-visit travel destinations for millennials.   7) Barcelona - Spain This charming city in Spain has become popular among young people and is one of the must-visit travel destinations for millennials. Pay a visit to some of the top historical attractions that are world-famous and other interesting attractions such as - the Picasso Museum, La Sagrada Familia or the medieval city of The Barrio Gottico. Drop by the Park Güell for a taste of Mordenist Architecture and take a stroll down Las Ramblas.   8) Paris - France Paris has become one of the top travel destinations for Muslim millennials with the increase in Muslim travelers and easier access to Halal food and prayer facilities. As one of the top travel destinations for young travelers 2017, Paris is an exciting place – a visit to the Louvre Museum to see some of the most amazing art collections in the world or the Centre Pompidou for modern art. Even enjoy a day spent relaxing in Jardin Du Luxembourg amusement park. A trip to Paris will not be complete without shopping, so drop by Champs-Élysées avenue.   9) Amsterdam - Netherlands Amsterdam has always been one of the must-visit travel destinations for millennials this year it’s still one of the top travel destinations for young travelers 2017. Amsterdam is a place with many art museums, galleries for millennial art lovers of both modern and classic art – visiting the Canal Ring is a great way to learn about the culture of the city. Admire the beautiful architecture, visit some charming cafés or take a canal cruise along the canal network – the best way to see the city is by walking or biking. Pay a visit to the Van Gogh museum or the Anne Frank House too.   10) Bangkok - Thailand As one of the must-visit travel destinations for millennials, Bangkok is filled with several interesting places to explore and some amazing places for shopping, especially at some bustling markets and major malls. Being one of the top travel destinations for young travelers 2017, some must-visit attractions include the Grand Palace and Wat Prakaew, Wat Pho, the Floating Market and the Chatuchak Weekend Market.     Click here for more of HalalTrip's Best 10 lists for 2017!       ...

  • 10 of Belgium's Fairytale-Like Chateaus and Palaces

    A visit to Belgium is not complete without seeing some of its wondrous castles and palaces - some of the top attractions in Belgium. It is home to numerous chateaus & palaces, each with its unique charm and architecture that is worth seeing. Belgium is known for having more castles per square mile than anywhere else in the world and some noteworthy castles in Belgium are mentioned below.   1) The Royal Palace of Brussels This is one of the most impressive palaces in the country and the official palace of the Belgian rulers. With magnificent corridors and explicit decorative art the palace makes an excellent visit. It is open for public viewing from July to September.   2) Castle of Beloeil The castle has been the palace of residence for the Princes de Ligne since the 14th century. At present it houses a wonderful art collection with paintings from the 15th to the 19th century. It is open for public from April to September.   3) Castle of Attre Built in the 18th century, the Castle of Attre is the only castle in Belgium that preserves the original decoration and furniture from that era. The castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens and rocks. It is open for viewing from April to September on Sundays and on Saturday and Sunday in July and August.   4) Castle of Seneffe This is a castle built in the 18th century and features classic style of architecture. Today this castle is home to the Silversmiths' Museum and the European Silver collection of Claude and Juliette D'Allemagne. It is open all around the year for public.   5) Castle of Chimay Built in the 17th century, this castle is one of the twelve noble houses of Hainaut. The Prince and Princess of Chimay host International Baroque Chant Competition and a Baroque Music Festival every year in this castle. It is open from April to October every day and from November to March on demand.   6) Castle of Jehay Located in the province of Liege, the architecture of this castle is a fine example of Renaissance style of architecture. The castle houses beautiful furniture, tapestries, paintings and china. The castle is open from April to October except on Mondays.   7) Castle de Modave This is a unique castle that combines mediaeval-style and modern architecture. With admirable interiors and richly furnished rooms, the castle is definitely worth seeing. The castle is open from April to October except on Mondays.   8) Feudal Castle of La Roche Located in the province of Luxembourg, this castle has been built overlooking the city. It sits on a Deister rocky spur and has a long history. It is open all around the year.   9) Castle of Bouillon Counted among the most interesting and oldest remains of feudalism in Belgium, this castle-fortress was built on three rocky boulders. Today the castle features an educational falconry exhibition and is open all around the year.   10) Castle of Veves In the province of Namur is this beautiful fairy-tale castle perched on a small hilltop and overlooking the village of Celles. It is open for public viewing from April to November.       ...

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