This internationally known fast food restaurant serves up the most delicious and unique burgers, drinks and desserts for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This McDonald's, located in Ajman, United Arab Emirates is completely Halal and alcohol-free. Only fresh and quality ingredients are used in every well-prepared meal to ensure your satisfaction. ...more

Ajman, United Arab Emirates



This internationally known fast food restaurant serves up the most delicious and unique burgers, drinks and desserts for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This McDonald's, located in Ajman, United Arab Emirates is completely Halal and alcohol-free. Only fresh and quality ingredients are used in every well-prepared meal to ensure your satisfaction.


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Ajman City Centre Ajman City Centre, Food court - Ajman United Arab Emirates



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  • Top 10 Muslim-friendly OIC Destinations

    The Global Muslim Travel Index for 2018 is out! If you’re wondering what the most Muslim-friendly countries are for the year 2018, getting yourself a copy of the latest index is an absolute must! Covering 130 destinations - both, OIC and non-OIC -, the Global Muslim Travel Index 2018 by Mastercard and CrescentRating rank these countries based on key criteria covering access, communications, environment and services. The OIC destinations that scored the top spots in the index all offer a plethora of facilities and services that Muslims look for when traveling; from Halal food and prayer facilities, to affordability and accessibility. Here’s a look at the top 10 Muslim-friendly OIC destinations in 2018 that are doing all the right things to make Muslim travellers feel right at home!   Malaysia Picture Credit: It’s no surprise that once again, for the eighth consecutive year; Malaysia has managed to keep its top position in the global Muslim travel market! One of the most sought after travel destinations for Muslim families, as well as honeymooners and backpackers, Malaysia is a country that does not only offer endless things to do and see; from cultural wonders to spectacular natural sites, but its Muslim-majority status and the countless facilities they offer, attract Muslim tourists from around the world who are looking to have an unforgettable holiday while also staying true to their religious beliefs. Considered as one of the fastest developing countries in the world, Malaysia combines old-world charm and modern city-life effortlessly. Like most Muslim-majority countries, Malaysia is home to plenty of mosques; including some of the most beautiful in the world, and even offer prayer rooms and ablution facilities in most malls and major attractions. In addition to that, Halal food can be found throughout the country, from street-side carts to food courts to renowned, top-notch restaurant, thus the convenience. Along with the amazing tourist experience they offer, they are certainly proving to be unbeatable! Find Halal food places in Malaysia Find Mosques and Prayer places in Malaysia   Indonesia Picture Credit: Next on the list, and tying with the United Arab Emirates in second place, is beautiful Indonesia! A fantastic destination for Muslim travellers, this Muslim-majority country is one of the most perfect spot for that Muslim-friendly holiday you’ve been dreaming of for a while! While this Southeast Asian country remains as a popular destination for both Muslim and non-Muslims, Indonesia truly defines what it means to be Muslim-friendly. Halal food can be found almost anywhere in the country, and mosques and prayer places are available throughout. Indonesia ticks all the right boxes. From offering Muslim travellers all of the Muslim-friendly facilities they require, to its natural beauty, and its cultural diversity and even being a destination for shopaholics and foodies, Indonesia is a destination unlike any other! Find Halal food places in Indonesia Find Mosques and Prayer places in Indonesia   The United Arab Emirates Picture Credit: The United Arab Emirates, along with Indonesia, took the second spot in the Global Muslim Travel Index 2018. A collection of seven Emirates; Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, and Umm al-Quwain, the UAE is a Muslim country that has been in the limelight for the past few years, due to its ‘bigger is better’ attitude. From being home to some of the biggest and most well-known attractions in the world, to its incredible world-renowned food scene and its note-worthy infrastructure. Even boasting some of the world’s best Muslim-friendly facilities and its diversity in culture, Dubai is without a doubt one of the most popular tourist destinations across the globe. Finding mosques and prayer places along with Halal food in the country’s major cities, like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, will be incredibly easy, and finding the same, is just as effortless in its lesser known ones as well. Find Halal food places in UAE  Find Mosques and Prayer places in UAE   Turkey Picture Credit: The vibrant country of Turkey has long been a destination attracting tourists from all over the world. Its fascinating history, culture and customs, along with its spectacular attractions and beautiful architecture, stunning natural scenery and its location makes it one of the most popular travel destinations in the world! Long being enchanting visitors, Turkey also has some of the most mouth-watering food! And, all of you out there who travel to taste and discover new exciting dishes; since the country is made up of mostly Muslims, almost all the food found throughout is Halal! Mosques are scattered throughout the country, and that along with all other Muslim-friendly amenities the country offers, make Muslims always feel right at home when visiting. Find Halal food places in Turkey Find Mosques and Prayer places in Turkey   Saudi Arabia Picture Credit: Saudi Arabia is one of the top countries in the world for Muslim travel, especially due to it being home to the sacred cities of Makkah and Madinah. Muslims travel across the world to Saudi Arabia at least once in their lifetime to perform the Holy pilgrimages of Hajj and Umrah. However, Saudi Arabia’s other cities also offer plenty to do and see; from Islamic heritage sites, to modern attractions, making Saudi Arabia the ultimate Muslim-friendly destination. One thing that Muslims are sure to find exciting, is that only Halal food can be found throughout the country, so eating out can be done without a worry in the world! The country also has countless mosques and prayer rooms, which means no matter where you are; in a mall, or even driving across the dessert, finding prayer facilities can be done so with ease. Find Halal food places in Saudi Arabia Find Mosques and Prayer places in Saudi Arabia   Qatar Picture Credit: Qatar is the new up-and-coming destination, fast following in the steps of some of the UAE’s major cities, such as Dubai. The Middle Eastern country; known for its futuristic architecture and impressive, modern skyline, is developing rapidly and becoming a must-visit destination for Muslim travelers. It offers a great blend of rich culture and traditions, along with a sophisticated art and food scene, making it an exciting destination for Muslims to discover. As with all of the countries in this list, its majority-Muslim population means that Muslim-friendly facilities like Halal food, as well as mosques and prayer rooms, can be found throughout. Find Halal food places in Qatar Find Mosques and Prayer places in Qatar   Bahrain Picture Credit: Moving a few spots up in the Global Muslim Travel Index 2018, from the 2017 index, Bahrain may not be as well-known as some other Middle Eastern countries, but the destination is rapidly gaining recognition as a superb destination for Muslim travelers due to a number of factors. The island-nation boasts a laid-back vibe, which attracts those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life while not compromising on their religious values. It is home to numerous historical and cultural sites, offers visitors a fascinating look into wealthy Arab life and culture, and also has a plethora of Muslim-friendly facilities. Halal food and prayer facilities are widely found around the country, thus making it incredibly easy for Muslim visitors to explore it without a worry. Find Halal food places in Bahrain Find Mosques and Prayer places in Bahrain   Oman Picture Credit: Next up, is the exotic destination of Oman! The Islamic country offers Muslim travellers an incredible experience, by featuring all of the Muslim-friendly facilities visitors usually look for in a destination; Halal food and prayer facilities, as well as numerous fascinating attractions and sites, making it a gem of a destination that can be discovered with ease, and thus a popular getaway spot for those in neighbouring countries. The country is steeped in history and has managed to keep its roots without letting development take over. From incredible culture immersions, to the friendliest of people, to beach getaways, mountain treks and desert escapades, to breathtaking natural scenery and ancient sites, we truly can’t think of another place that offers everything that the spectacular country of Oman does! Find Halal food places in Oman Find Mosques and Prayer places in Oman   Morocco Picture Credit: This list would definitely be incomplete without the addition of colourful Morocco! A well-known travel destination; the North African country of Morocco is one that will enchant you with its incredible, diverse culture, its natural beauty and spectacular beaches, its fascinating ancient cities and rich deserts, its warm hospitality and its delicious, fragrant food. And it only gets better because of its Muslim-friendliness! With the country being predominantly Muslim, it has all the amenities Muslim travellers look for when planning a getaway. Halal food is widely found across Morocco, and so are mosques and prayer rooms. Find Halal food places in Morocco Find Mosques and Prayer places in Morocco   Kuwait Picture Credit: Kuwait takes the Global Muslim Travel Index’s tenth spot for the year 2018, and we think that’s definitely well deserved! While not as loud and luxurious as other well known Middle Eastern countries, Kuwait’s charm is magnetic and undeniable. Ideal for those looking to experience that ‘Arab feel’, Kuwait is home to some wonderful attractions, and its natural beauty is certainly something to write about. The country features some fantastic museums, a lively food scene, some lovely beaches and pretty souqs. Its predominantly Muslim population also means that no matter where in the country you are, prayer facilities are easy to find and Halal restaurants are aplenty! Find Halal food places in Kuwait Find Mosques and Prayer places in Kuwait   Go on a Halal Trip with us!...

  • Top 10 Muslim-Friendly OIC-Destinations to Visit in 2017

    The Global Muslim Travel Index for 2017 has just been released by the collective efforts of CrescentRating and Mastercard. The report lists 130 OIC and non-OIC countries which were ranked according to their Muslim-friendly and general facilities such as Halal food, modest fashion, prayer facilities, accessibility, affordability, wellness, etc.   Here are the top 10 ranking OIC countries for Muslim travelers in 2017:   1) Malaysia   Ranking number one for the third consecutive year, Malaysia stands proud at the top of this list. Apart from being a Muslim-majority country, it is also one of the world’s top developing countries. It is a country that combines culture with all aspects of modern life, and Kuala Lumpur -it’s capital city- is a true metropolitan city.   Muslim-friendly facilities like Halal food, mosques and prayer facilities at public places like malls, and more make it an attractive destination for travelers. Malaysia also offers a great tourist experience in general, as there are a lot of amazing places to see, both modern and historical/cultural.   2) United Arab Emirates   UAE is a federal monarchy consisting of 7 emirates: Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah, Umm al-Qaiwain, and its capital emirate Abu Dhabi.   Given that these countries are Muslim countries, and that they are one of the world’s top developed countries, no wonder it holds a top position in the GMT Index. Muslim-friendly facilities like Halal food, prayer facilities and more are available in abundance while also being a great tourist destination both in terms of infrastructure and tourist destinations.   3) Indonesia   Next on the list is Indonesia, another Muslim-majority country that is a great place for Muslim travelers. Indonesia also offers Muslim travelers a lot of facilities that make travel easier for them. Halal food is available almost anywhere you go, and there are many beautiful mosques scattered all around the country.   Full of beautiful beaches and haunting volcanoes, Indonesia is the place to be if you’re a nature or adventure lover. But it also has so much more to offer with its rich and diverse culture, shopping, and gastronomic experiences. It is also a great place to travel on a budget.   4) Turkey   Turkey is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. It is a historic and vibrant city that gives visitors an unforgettable experience with it’s beautiful architecture, delicious food, and a diverse group of people. Turkey is also home to quite a few UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as two of the world’s wonders.   The majority of the population is Muslim (although Turkey is a secular state), but this also means that there are plenty of amenities for Muslim travelers.   5) Saudi Arabia   Of course, all Muslims aim to travel to Saudi Arabia at least once in their lifetime for the holy pilgrimages of Umrah and Hajj. It is also one of the top countries for Muslim travelers to visit, even outside of the sacred cities of Makkah and Medina.   Literally all food in Saudi Arabia is Halal, there are plenty of mosques/prayer rooms, and there are no shortages of other Muslim-friendly facilities either. There are a lot of historical, cultural and Islamic sites to see as well as modern tourist destinations.   6) Qatar   Another middle-eastern developed country, Qatar is a mixture of history and modernity. This is abundantly clear even in the sky-high buildings lining the landscape of Qatar’s capital city, Doha, with its unique blend of modern and Islamic architectures.   Needless to say, Qatar is another Muslim-friendly travel destination due to its majority-Muslim population, which means there are plenty of Halal food, prayer facilities, and more.   7) Morocco   Morocco is well-known for its rich and vivacious culture and cuisine. Moroccan food is one of the most popular in the world. And Muslim travelers are in luck because, there is no shortage of Halal food here, so you can eat as much as you want.   It’s stunning Arab-inspired architecture still holds tradition near and dear even in today’s modern world, including the many gorgeous mosques. Apart from its architecture and cuisine, Morocco is also well known for its beaches and vibrant spice markets.   8) Oman   Oman is another Muslim country that offers a great travel experience. Not only does it have many of the amenities that Muslim travelers look for like Halal food and prayer facilities, but it also has great infrastructure and a lot of interesting tourist destinations both natural and man-made.   Tourism is one of the top industries in the country. The capital of Oman, Muscat, has been ranked as one of the top cities to visit not only by the GMTI, but also by Lonely Planet and the Capital of Arab Tourism.   9) Bahrain   Bahrain, although not as big or as dominant as its neighboring countries, is also a gem of a destination for travelers. With a more loose and laid-back culture, Bahrain is the ideal place to experience the Arab culture in its wealthiest form, while also being allowed as much freedom as travelers would need.   As an Islamic country, again, there is no question to the facilities available for Muslim travelers, and you can take full advantage of the local up-and-coming foodie scene. There are also plenty of historical and cultural sites to see.   10) Iran   Iran is a country of history and culture, and a great place for Muslim travelers to visit. Being a Muslim country means that travelers will not have any problems finding Halal food or mosques/prayer rooms. UNESCO has ranked Iran 4th in its list of the top destinations to visit in the Middle East.   Although inefficient advertisement and the war had cast a downturn in tourism, it has risen significantly back up in the recent years. Large mountains, vast deserts, stunning architectural buildings, pulsating bazaars, and incredible food are only a few of Iran’s praises.     The full GMTI 2017 is available here:     ...

  • Family Holidays - The Best 10 Family Travel Destinations for 2016

    Make 2016 unforgettable by taking your family on their best holiday yet! Whether you’re after a relaxing time at the beach, an action-packed getaway or anything in between, we’ve put together a list of destinations that offer attractions and activities that are sure to keep everyone busy and happy. . 1. Family Holiday Destination - United Arab Emirates Yup, we’re pretty sure you’re not surprised to see the United Arab Emirates, or the UAE, in the top family spot. Consisting of 7 Emirates; all of which are unique and worthy of a visit in their own right, the UAE is a destination that is pretty much on every traveler’s bucket list, and a family holiday haven. While the Emirates of Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah and Umm al-Quwain are fantastic destinations, the UAE’s capital; Abu Dhabi, is more visited as it is home to world-renowned attractions like Ferrari World, Yas Island and the spectacular Sheikh Zayed Mosque. The city of Dubai is however the most popular, and has become one of the top travel destinations in the world. Your family is sure to love everything about Dubai. From its gigantic indoor aquarium, to a spectacular indoor snow park, to its beautiful white sand beaches, world-class shopping malls and restaurants, grand mosques, huge water and theme parks, and numerous other family-friendly indoor and outdoor attractions, Dubai offers something for the entire family. . 2. Family Holiday Destination - Denmark Denmark is known to be one of the safest and best family holiday destinations in the world. Surrounded by beaches and understated landscapes, and home to world-renowned attractions such as LEGOLAND, Tivoli Gardens, Christiansborg Palace, the statue of the Little Mermaid and the Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark offers exciting outdoor adventures and unique experiences, to suit every taste and interest. Jam-packed with things to do, the hardest part of planning a trip to Denmark will be deciding what to do first! . 3. Family Holiday Destination - Singapore Singapore’s lively atmosphere, world-renowned attractions, cultural diversity and incredible cleanliness have made it THE place to be in 2016. One of Asia’s most modern cities, Singapore offers visitors an experience of a lifetime. With attractions like Sentosa Island, the Singapore Zoo, Universal Studios Singapore, Gardens by the Bay and Jurong Bird Park; all of which have something for guests of all ages, we promise, you’ll have just as much fun in Singapore with the kids in tow! . 4. Family Holiday Destination - Australia Australia is known to be one of the world’s most popular family destinations, and deservedly so. It is the land of dreams, a nature lover’s paradise, and a thrill-seekers haven, it is culturally diverse, home to beaches that look like they’ve been airbrushed, an array of unique wildlife, spectacular natural attractions - on land and underwater, and equally impressive man-made ones, a mixture of environments and thousands of beautiful islands. A country built for exploration, we can guarantee that there is no way you’ll be able to see and experience all of Australia in just one visit, or two..or even three! . 5. Family Holiday Destination - Canada Canada is probably not a destination that comes to mind when thinking of a family and child-friendly travel hot-spot, but its picture-perfect landscapes and natural landmarks, captivating cultures, famous historic sites, lively, modern cities and kid-friendly atmosphere make it ideal for a family getaway. Explore the landscapes of breathtaking Alberta, practice your French in Québec City, eat the freshest seafood in Nova Scotia, learn about Canada’s heritage in Ottawa, discover world-famous landmarks in multi-cultural Toronto, and ski to your heart’s content in the premier ski destination of Whistler! . 6. Family Holiday Destination - Malaysia From towering sky scrapers to mountains covered in greenery to pristine white-sand beaches, Malaysia has it all! Featuring a rich mix of cultures, vibrant cities, enormous shopping malls and bustling street markets, an outstanding selection of food from around the world, astounding natural beauty and charming people, Malaysia has something for everyone. If you want to spend your family holiday outdoors, head to one of Sarawak’s national parks, or if your family prefers to shop, Kuala Lumpur is where you need to be. Penang; famous for its exquisite beaches, is perfect for those looking to relax and catch some sun, and for a cultural experience like no other, visit Malacca! . 7. Family Holiday Destination - Hong Kong A melting spot of east and west, Hong Kong is known for its vibrant cultural scene, is a famed shoppers' paradise, and is Asia's top culinary capital. Found amongst the skyscraper filled city are modern shopping malls and ancient temples and attractions that will get you hooked no matter how many times you’ve visited. From adrenaline pumping outdoor pursuits to rich wildlife and beautiful natural heritage, to shopping at a bustling street market, to magical adventures at the iconic Disneyland, Hong Kong offers it all! . 8. Family Holiday Destination - Switzerland Switzerland is a country of untold natural beauty and picture-perfect vistas, ancient castles and palaces, a combination of ancient and modern architecture, sleek cities, quaint traditions and uncountable attractions for young and old. If your family wants to spend their holiday outdoors, breathing in the clean, crisp air, you’ll be pleased to know that Switzerland offers the best of the best - from hiking and biking to skiing, mountain climbing and snowboarding. If shopping or sightseeing, or even museum hopping is more your scene, you’ll be able to experience it all in Switzerland! . 9. Family Holiday Destination - New Zealand New Zealand is the ultimate escape for those seeking a break from their busy city lives. Featuring dramatic scenery and pure, untouched landscapes, lush forests, postcard-perfect beaches, majestic, snowcapped mountains and a modge podge of fascinating cultures, New Zealand is a destination that always offers something new and exciting. With attractions and activities that are sure to awaken the inner explorer in every member of your family, New Zealand definitely deserves to be in our list of the best family destinations for 2016! . 10. Family Holiday Destination - Qatar Whether it's your first visit or your 20th to Qatar, its bustling cities, mixture of cultures, fascinating heritage and traditions, divine food, great shopping and numerous family-friendly attractions will make you want to go back for more! Laced with natural splendor, and filled with unique sights and experiences, Qatar is a dynamic destination that will help you make unforgettable memories with your family. . Check out more of HalalTrip’s Best 10 lists of 2016 here! . ...

  • Top 10 Summer Destinations for Muslim Travellers

    Summer is the perfect time of year to pack your bags and set off on a relaxing holiday to take a break from the strenuous routines of daily life. To aid travel planning and to decide on which destination should be picked, some of the best summer destinations for Muslim travellers have been listed below. 1) Turkey Turkey is a fantastic summer destination, offering endless stretches of pristine beaches and glittery seas for travellers. In addition to its beautiful beaches, Turkey also offers the perfect summer climate as well as a laid-back atmosphere for travellers to sit back and relax. Some of the best beaches include Oludeniz (Blue) Lagoon and the Iztuzu Beach located on the southwest coast of Turkey.   2) Egypt Heading to Egypt during summer may very well be an excellent travel decision. Egypt is an incredible travel destination for Muslim travellers – offering a wealth of sight-seeing opportunities, beautiful sandy beaches, as well as plenty of facilities for Muslim travellers. Explore the land of ancient the Pyramids and Pharaohs and give in to an unforgettable vacation.   3) Morocco Muslim travellers may also choose to travel to Morocco, which is an ideal summer destination for Muslim travellers. Beach lovers will love Morocco and though many beaches in the country tend to get visited by large crowds during summer, there are a few quiet beaches such as the Paradise Beach located south of Asilah which will be paradise for travellers seeking relaxation.   4) Lebanon Lebanon is a spectacular country to visit during summer. Its verdant valleys, beautiful beaches and amazing climate offer the perfect atmosphere for a holiday vacation. Facilities such as mosques and Halal restaurants will be available in abundance, allowing Muslim travellers to explore the country without any hassle or inconvenience.   5) Malaysia The best destination in the world for Muslim travellers is perfect for a summer vacation. In addition to an abundance of attractions, accommodation options and shopping opportunities, travellers will be offered plenty of facilities to ensure a convenient stay.   6) UAE The United Arab Emirates caters to the needs of Muslim travelers with ease. With seven emirates to explore, travellers will find plenty to do – be it shopping, sight-seeing or simply sitting back and relaxing. Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, Dubai, Fujairah, Hatta, Khor Fakkan, Sharjah and Umm al Quwain are amongst some of its popular destinations.   7) Oman With some of the most beautiful and private beaches in the Arabian Peninsula, Oman offers endless pristine beaches as well as a plethora of facilities for Muslim travellers to ensure an enjoyable summer vacation. Travellers could head down to the Khalouf Beach, Mughsayl Beach, Bandar Jissah, Tiwi and Ras al Hadd beaches, which are considered to be some of the best in the country.   8) Thailand Thailand is one of the most popular summer destinations amongst travellers around the world. Offering a wealth of attractions as well as plenty of shopping opportunities, Thailand also offers sufficient facilities for Muslim travellers – including quite a number of mosques and several restaurants that serve Halal food.   9) Indonesia Beautiful Indonesia can dazzle guests by offering a bit of everything – sun-kissed beaches, natural wonders as well as historic places-of-interest. An abundance of facilities including mosques, prayer facilities and Halal food will be available across the country and Muslim travellers will be able to enjoy a fantastic summer holiday with peace of mind.   10) Jordan Jordan offers travellers rich history and culture and is a fantastic summer destination for Muslim travellers. Some of the must-visit places while travelling in the country include Amman, Aqaba, Ajlun, Irbid, Jerash and Petra. Muslim travellers will face no shortage of facilities in Jordan....

  • Top 10 Halal Friendly Destinations

    Deciding on the ideal Halal-friendly holiday destination can prove to be a meticulous process. The planning process would need to involve checking up on several aspects of travel and accommodation in order to ensure that the needs of Muslim travelers are catered to. The availability of Halal food, access to prayer room facilities and mosques in the area are all factors that would be needed to be taken into consideration during the planning process. Certain destinations tend to be more capable of catering to Halal conscious travelers than others. Two separate country rankings - one for OIC destinations and another for non-OIC destinations - have been prepared and listed below. The ranks were determined after judging each country on its overall Halal friendliness, taking into account the facilities, services and amenities that it offers Muslim travellers as well as its suitability for family travel.   Top 10 OIC Halal Friendly Destinations: 10) Egypt Egypt - the land of pyramids, pharaohs and glittering dynasties - is an immensely popular tourist destination for Halal conscious travelers. Must-visit locations in Egypt include Hurghada, Cairo, Sharm El Sheikh, Luxor, Dahab, Alexandria and Aswan.   9) Tunisia Offering rich culture and numerous spectacular sights, Tunisia is ranked 9th amongst the top Halal friendly destinations belonging to the OIC. The most popular destinations in Tunisia include Tunis - the capital city - as well as Sousse, Sfax and Gabès.   8) Qatar The richest country in the world is also one of the best options when it comes to Halal travel. Qatar offers visitors a number of fascinating attractions in addition to popular destinations such as the capital city of Doha, Al-Khor, Rayyan and Wakra.   7) Jordan A country known for its long history and many civilizations, Jordan is home to a population of close to 6.4 million residents and offers plenty to Muslim travellers. Amman, Aqaba, Ajlun, Irbid, Jerash and Petra are amongst its most-visited destinations.   6) Morocco Morocco offers genuine warm hospitality and a rich Islamic history to captivate Muslim travelers and to make them feel at home. Tangier - the hometown of Ibn Battuta - as well as Rabat, Fez, Marrakech, Al Hoceima and Ouarzazate are destinations that must not be missed.   5) Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia being included amongst the best destinations for Muslim travellers perhaps comes by no surprise. In addition to the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah, other much visited cities include Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Tabuk and Taif.   4) Indonesia Indonesia offer a bit of everything - breathtaking beaches, natural wonders, historic well as an abundance of facilities and amenities for Muslim travelers. Must-visit destinations in the country include Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Ubud City, Bandung, Medan, Lombok and Bali Island.   3) Turkey Turkey offers stunning natural splendor with centuries of history and is a fantastic holiday destination for Muslim travelers. The cities of Antalya, Istanbul, Izmir, Ani, Oludeniz and Konya are a few of the most visited destinations and are definitely worth seeing.   2) United Arab Emirates With seven emirates to explore, the United Arab Emirates will dazzle and amaze every traveler with its pure brilliance and magnificence. Must-visit locations include Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, Dubai, Fujairah, Hatta, Khor Fakkan, Sharjah and Umm al Quwain.   1) Malaysia The best Halal-friendly country in the world is none other than beautiful Malaysia. Known for its exotic yet delectable cuisine and numerous attractions, Malaysia caters to the needs of Muslim travelers with ease. Visitors should not miss out on popular destinations such as Kuala Lumpur, Georgetown, Johor Bahru and Melaka.   In addition to the above mentioned OIC countries, non-OIC countries were also ranked on their Halal-friendliness. Singapore topped the list, with South Africa, Thailand, United Kingdom, Bosnia & Herzegovina, India, Hong Kong, Germany, Australia and Tanzania claiming the other ranks respectively. ...

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