Kababji Grill, located in Beirut, Lebanon serves a great selection of home-made Lebanese dishes and more, at reasonable rates. This restaurant is ideal for Muslims, since the food served is Halal. However, please note that alcohol is served here.


Beirut, Lebanon



Kababji Grill, located in Beirut, Lebanon serves a great selection of home-made Lebanese dishes and more, at reasonable rates. This restaurant is ideal for Muslims, since the food served is Halal. However, please note that alcohol is served here.


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  • Flying off to Lebanon's Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport? Here's A Muslim-friendly Guide You'll Need!

    Flying to Lebanon? Beirut is your international getaway and one of the buzzing city in the Middle East. It’s also one of the oldest city in the world, rich in history and populated by multicultural and multi-religion society. Its diverse geography and mild Mediterranean climate have made Lebanon famous for many activities. There is plenty to do and see at their mountains and beaches. Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport may not be the best airport in the Middle East, but this formerly called Beirut International Airport is more than sufficient to welcome you with its metallic structure and high ceiling. 10 Reasons to visit Beirut! History of Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport Picture: BeirutAirport Originally built in 1954, the airport has since flourished as a premier hub in the Middle East until it suffered damages during more than 2 decades of Civil War and Lebanon War. While the airport has undergone massive construction when completed in 2005, some argued about the need for better management, maintenance, or new makeover. Recently, the government has finally approved its first phase of expansion to accommodate an increase in passenger traffic. The airport was named after the late Prime Minister, an important man in the reconstruction of Lebanon post of the civil war. You can never miss his tomb and mausoleum in downtown Beirut, nearby the Mohammad al Ameen Mosque. Services And Facilities Sum up below for your convenience are the services and facilities at this single terminal airport - a U shaped building with 2 wings from East to West: Ground level: Arrival Hall and Qatar Airways Lounge Level 2: Departure Hall and access to the East and West wingsLevel 3: Airlines lounges, prayer rooms and a restaurantLevel 4: Airport administrative offices (Closed to passengers) Muslim prayer room is above the Duty-Free Zone on the level 3. Food Option Dining at the airport may be limited and a bit pricey. That said, more restaurants and cafes are planned to open in the near future. If you feel peckish and have no other choice, the following are available to consider. Akle Picture: fulcrum-bia This alcohol-free eatery is located at the Arrival Hall in the meet and greet area. They serve both Arabic and Lebanese fast-food. You can expect 3 daily hot dishes, shawarma, grills, salads, desserts, breakfast and many more. Balkoumi Picture:fulcrum-bia A quick service and ‘grab & go’ is located in the Departure Hall, offers a wide variety of healthy light dishes including a selection of vegetarian options and manakish menu. The full-service Balkoumi is located in the West pier where you can enjoy home-made shawarma, falafel, sandwiches or moussaka. Cafe Matik Picture: fulcrum-bia You can find this eatery in the Arrival Hall as well as in the East and West Wing of the Departure Hall for late minute bite closer to the gate. Hot and cold beverages (including freshly ground coffee from finest beans), handmade sandwiches, salads, and sweet treats are available. They also offer vegan-friendly menu. SALT Picture: fulcrum-bia A nice place to relax and dine before boarding your flight, this gourmet restaurant is located on the upper level (3rd floor) immediately after passing through passport control. Sit by the window to marvel at the mountain and enjoy the flights taking off while savoring the selection of pastries, cakes, salads, sandwiches, and hot dishes. Or get your Oriental fix from its made-to-order sushi. Vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free options available. All eateries above are managed by Fulcrum SAL and are opened 24/7.Free WiFi available at restaurants such as Akle and SALT. Contact: +961 1 628240Email: info@fulcrum-bia.comWebsite: Tip: We advise you to ask before consuming any meat meal because Halal certifications in Lebanon is limited. Shopping You will find a variety of high-end shopping at the five distinct shopping zones in the departure such as Luxury, Electronics (including Middle East’s first Virgin Megastore), Beauty, and Food (for delicious Lebanese sweets and delicatessen you got to try!). All passengers' purchases are exempt of V.A.T. and Beirut Duty-Free ensures there are good saving as compared to the domestic market. As for the prices, Beirut Duty-Free claimed to be cheaper than all Regional airports as well as other international airports. Amenities Wireless Internet Access (WiFi or Internet): Free up to 30 minutes within 24 hours. For more access time, you may purchase internet cards in the airport duty-free zone. Money: ATM and currency exchange services are available. Transportation: The airport is about 10km to the Beirut city center which will take a 15 to 20 minutes ride. You may choose either a taxi or hire a car from car rental booths. For taxi, it is advisable to catch the Airport owned taxis which can be easily recognized by their airport logo on the side, over the regular taxis of Beirut. Alternatively, you can also avail privatized taxis like welcome pickup offered by hotels and various online companies. Other guidance: The official Android and Apple application of Beirut Airport is now available on Playstore and Appstore.Passengers coming to Lebanon are not allowed to carry fresh fruits and vegetables. Contact: +96 11 62 80 00Website: beirutairport Discover Airports Around The World!...

  • Find 7 Halal Food Restaurants Near you in Berlin, Germany

    Lunch is as essential and important as the first coffee in the morning. In a multi-cultural city like Berlin, you will have the agony of choice considering that the city is home to several thousand restaurants, bistros and cafés. And given the high quote of migrants from Muslim cultures who live and work in the German capital and the millions of tourists that visit the city every year, Berlin has no lack of Halal lunch spots! We've just collected a variety of trendy and modern eateries for you where you can easily head with your coworkers during your break. And since the budget can be as tight as your time schedule we kept an eye on both of these issues, so rest assured that the restaurants are affordable and the service is quick. Some of them even qualify for a dinner night out after work! Credit- 1. Koshary Lux – Fresh and Authentic Middle Eastern Street Food Picture Credit - Being located in Grolmanstraße, this bistro is just a short walk from Ku’Damm and very close to Savignyplatz. The signature dish of this store with a colourful mix of the modern and old interior is Koshary, an unbelievable tasty high-carb Egyptian dish containing mainly pasta, rice, lentils and tomato sauce. If you have ever been to Egypt you’ll most likely know it. The regularly altering specialities take you on a journey through the alleys and souks of Cairo, Algier, Beirut or Marrakesh. The owner always tries something new and experiments on how to give the classics a modern twist. Algerian chickpea soufflé, Palestinian Freekeh soup, Israeli beetroot mash - the dishes are all variations of the originals. For your sweet tooth, they also offer desserts such as Umm Ali, a kind of sweet bread and butter pudding that’s very popular in the Arabic world. The staff is friendly, the service is quick. Everything on the menu is homemade and organic, their merguez comes from an Algerian butcher’s shop in Berlin. You shouldn’t miss the homemade hibiscus tea. Following their Facebook feed will make you drool! Address: Grolmanstraße 27, 10623 Berlin, Website: Price Range: €€   2. Namaste – Indian Hospitality Picture Credit - Only 1 subway station from Kurfürstendamm you will find this great Indian restaurant. They have dishes from all Indian regions on the menu. The service is very professional and highly attentive, they show a great sense of hospitality. You will get a welcome drink and papadams as a starter before you order anything. They have a special lunch menu from Monday – Friday from 12 p.m. until 4 p.m. The dishes for this business lunch change daily. Besides a variety of chicken, fish, and lamb curries you will find delicious biriyanis and dishes from the tandoor oven on the menu. The meat is very soft and the spices are well-balanced. Try the bathura bread. It’s perfect for soaking up the sauce of your curry dish and will get you addicted. You should best come here with a couple of friends or colleagues or with your special someone for a romantic dinner. Address: Pariser Str. 56, 10719 Berlin, Website: Price Range: €€   3. Nusantara Restaurant Picture Credit Directly opposite the small Tiergarten, you will find Indonesian dishes which perfectly combine the spiciness and the freshness of the Indonesian islands. Nusantara at Turmstraße was founded by three Berlin women with Indonesian roots in 2011. They offer a diversified menu with specialities from Sumatra, Bali and Java such as Gado Gado, Fried Rice, Bakmi Goreng and Saté and traditional cold Indonesian beverages like Ice Campur or Ice Cendol. All dishes are halal-certified. The food they serve can be considered as authentic since you will see a lot of Indonesian people going there, which is always a good sign, right? The service is quick and the prices are cheap, with main dishes being around 6€ in average, so it’s a good place when you are currently on a budget or if you are looking for a quick and easy lunch. They also offer free wifi. And while you Instagram your food you should try a Tubruk – coarsely ground Indonesian coffee that carries the flavour of Java and Sumatra. As it sometimes can happen in Germany, they don’t accept debit/credit cards, so cash only. Address: Turmstraße 18, 10559 Berlin, Website: Price Range: €   4. Yarok – Fine Syrian Cuisine from Damascus Picture Credit - Don’t let yourself be fooled by the simple appearance of this place. It might not look hip or stylish but the food that Yarok offers is nothing less than sensationally delicious. Yarok means “green” in Hebrew and hence is supposed to symbolize solidarity among the peoples. This down-to-earth, next door restaurant is a simple place with friendly staff, traditional food, and great service. This oasis of Syrian hospitality will send your taste buds on a journey with the aroma of their falafel, hummus and shawarma. Traditional dishes like fattoush, kebab and the obligatory oriental peppermint tea will make you miss nothing. If you are not familiar with Arabic cuisine or simply can’t decide just order one of their mixed plates. Yarok is quite popular among Vegetarians, too. To make your lunch or dinner perfect, take baklava for dessert. They also offer a daily changing speciality. As Syrians can generally be considered to be kid-friendly, there will be no problem taking your little ones with you for a family lunch. They don’t accept cards, so cash only. Also, they don’t take reservations, so simply walk in. Address: Torstraße 195, 10115 Berlin and Wilhelmstraße 41a, 10963 Berlin Website: Price Range: €€ 5. Nil – Surprising and Delicious! Picture Credit - Nil Bistro is truly a hidden gem. The owner, Walid, began cooking in his student dormitory in the 1990s and eventually made it a profession. He will soon open his 4th store because the Sudanese cuisine obviously meets a need for more than just Döner Kebab when you want a halal lunch. With his homemade peanut sauce, Walid proves that falafel can taste different and interesting. The most expensive dish is 6€, so you will get very fresh and authentic Sudanese lunch for a low price. They offer African Burgers, Koshary, Tamiya, and Foul, an African dish made of Fava beans. Also, you will find chicken, fish, and kofte on the menu. In the cold and long winters of Berlin, one of their delicious soups will warm you up. In summer, you should try some of their homemade coconut-, hibiscus- or hazelnut sorbets. To fight against the food coma after lunch you can try original Sudanese coffee or one of their regularly changing homemade Sudanese drinks and shakes. Tamarind, lemon-ginger, mango, baobab, and watermelon-peppermint are just some of the flavours they offer. Walid usually works in the store at Boxhagener Straße, experimenting and trying new things. So, if you always want to taste his newest creations, go there. If you come regularly, he will most likely greet you with a handshake. Address: Oppelner Strasse 4, 10997 Berlin Grünberger Str. 52, 10245 Berlin Boxhagener Str. 27, 10245 Berlin Website: Price Range: €   6. UNI Burger Picture credit- This Burger restaurant is close to the Virchow hospital in Berlin in the area between Wedding, Moabit and Gesundbrunnen. The place is easily accessible because it’s located directly at the exit of Amrumer Straße subway station. It’s a low-key small store but the burgers are fresh and not made from frozen patties. The halal meat patties are fresh and the crispy-toasted bread rolls are from their own production. They offer a variety of different burgers such as the Cheesy Cheese or Crispy Chicken. You can also get a healthy vegetarian and even vegan alternative such as Falafel or Halloumi burger. Besides, UNI Burger offers two burgers for children. You can order a menu with French fries and a drink for about 6€. The low prices are certainly due to the nearby Beuth-University (hence also the name). Since the main customers are (mostly) male students on a budget, don’t expect too much cosiness from this place. They only have seats outside so you better come during the warmer days. But it’s perfect for a quick lunch when you simply need a quick bite and don't have the time to hang around a place for long Address: Torfstraße 17, 13353 Berlin Price Range: €   7. Toro Negro – Spanish-Oriental kitchen Picture Credit - The Toro Negro (Black Bull) will seduce you with a modern Spanish-oriental Halal cuisine and with a lot of passion that you can taste with every bite. The restaurant is just a short walk from subway station Kurfürstendamm, so it’s very centrally located. In addition to countless tapas specialities and steaks, you will also find classics from the Spanish, Italian, and Arabic cuisine selected specialities from southern France, as well as their own creations on the menu. For lunch, they offer a special lunch deal with pasta or pizza for 5,90€. You can get this business menu from Monday – Saturday from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. The prices are quite moderate, with the most expensive fillet steak of 300gr. being 19,50€. The service is very kind, attentive, and kid-friendly. When you come here for a family dinner, your kids will certainly find something they like on the comprehensive menu. The ambience is quite cosy and old. During the weekend and in the evening a reservation is recommended since the place is evolving from an insider tip to the favourite Spanish restaurant of many people. Address: Nürnberger Straße 46 10789 Berlin, Website: Price Range: €€ Wondering how to find nearby Halal food in Berlin? Don’t forget to use the Halaltrip app to locate Halal food places on your mobile in Berlin so you won’t miss out on the best halal food  ...

  • The 7 Top Halal-Friendly Restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand

    For every Muslim traveller travelling to a Non-Muslim country, certain things can be troublesome. One of those things is finding the right food and by right food, I mean 'Halal food'. Thankfully for those visiting Bangkok, this isn't a big issue since you will find plenty of Halal food restaurants around the city. Bangkok is the prime destination for travellers from nearby Muslim majority countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Locating a Halal food restaurant is easy, usually, the restaurants have the word 'Halal' written on their logo, so if you see one you know where to go. Here are 7 restaurants that I think everyone travelling to Bangkok should check out:   1. Home Cuisine Islamic Restaurant Located in Bangrak district, just opposite to the French Embassy, Home Cuisine Islamic Restaurant is a family restaurant which offers a variety of dishes such as Chicken Biryani, Tom Yum soup and many interesting Thai dishes. There's another positive to dining in at this place, there's a mosque nearby, so, if you're late for prayers you won't have to worry about finding a mosque.Click here for more information about Home Cuisine Islamic Restaurant   2. The Muslim Restaurant Picture Credit -   You can find this restaurant at the Charoen Krung road near its junction with Silom road. You can find food made in Isaan (Thailand's North-Eastern region) fashion here. The restaurant also offers a number of Pakistani and Indian dishes to its customers. The food is believed to be so good that according to visitors they sometimes run out of food so if you're planning to visit, try to be there on time. Click here for more information about The Muslim Restaurant 3. Sophia Restaurant You can find it at the Ramkhamhaeng alley, it offers options for Halal fast food including Burgers. Furthermore, for those coming from Malaysia and Singapore, the good news is that you can communicate with the staff in the Malay language. However, the most liked thing about this place is its cosy interior. Click here for more information about Sophia Restaurant 4. Punjab Grill Picture Credit - This restaurant can be found in Radisson Suites Bangkok Sukhumvit hotel. As you would've guessed from its name, Punjab Grill specializes in making dishes that are native to the Punjab region of South Asia (India & Pakistan). The restaurant offers musical shows six nights a week where a number of renowned Indian singers are known to perform.Click here for more information about Punjab Grill   5. Beirut Restaurant Picture Credit - Found in Sukhumvit Soi 39, Phrom Chit alley, Beirut Restaurant specializes in crafting delicious Lebanese food. The price might look a bit unjust but believe me the food makes it worth it. Moreover, the restaurant also offers mouthwatering vegetarian dishes. Finding the restaurant could be a challenge for some as it is hidden in the back streets of Bangkok.Click here for more information about Beirut Restaurant   6. The Great Kabab Factory The Great Kabab Factory is located in the Majestic Grande Hotel building at 12 Sukhumwit road and can be accessed from both Nana and Phloen Chit station of the BTS Sukhumwit line you would have to walk for a few minutes though. The restaurant opens at 11 in the morning and closes at 11 at night. It mainly serves Indian styled food including Kebabs and curries. The restaurant offers a buffet in a unique way, you don't have to get up, instead, the food will be served on your table.Click here for more information about The Great Kabab Factory   7. Bangkok River city cruise Unlike any conventional restaurant, The Bangkok River City cruise offers visitors a chance to see the beauty of Bangkok while munching their favourite food. You can find numerous companies that offer these services in the River City. the food is not always Halal but you can inform the company so that they may prepare halal food for you. The cruise runs along the Chao Phraya River. During the journey, you can witness the sparkling skyline of Bangkok and see important cultural and national landmarks such as the King's Palace and several golden temples.   Finding Halal food is not that difficult in Bangkok, apart from the above-mentioned restaurants you can find small side shops, local diners, and food stalls that serve Halal food, remember all these places will have 'Halal' mentioned in their logo otherwise there would be a Kalma written in Arabic.   Download the Halal Trip Islamic Travel App to find more halal restaurants near you....

  • A Guide to Halal-Friendly European Cities

    Getting the chance to travel to Europe would be like a dream come true for many. But while you might be excited about travelling to this amazing part of the world, as a Muslim traveler you will have some concerns as well. Apart from exploring the medieval wonders, magnificent European architecture and breathtakingly beautiful natural landscapes you will also need to think about ‘how easy will it be to find mosques near me in Europe’ and if there are enough Halal food options in the destination you travel to. As an answer to this, we have put together a list of some of the most Muslim-friendly European destinations so that you can enjoy the most enjoyable Halal holidays in Europe. Credit -   Berlin Most European cities boast of a diverse mix of cultures and ethnicities, and one such amazing city that tops the list of Muslim-friendly cities in Europe you’ll have to visit is Berlin. Nearly 9% of the population of the city is made up of Muslims so this is one of the best options available to enjoy halal holidays. As you visit the many attractions scattered all over the city you might not want to miss out on the largest department store in Europe, KaDeWe, the beautiful Grunewald forest, the world famous Berlin wall and main mosques like the Berlin Central Mosque, Wilmersdorfer Moschee and Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Moschee. In terms of Halal food options, you have plenty of choices because there are nearly a 100 Halal restaurants in Berlin. Among these, Turkish food at Rayahn Chicken or the Lebanese cuisine at Maroush is affordable options for cheap Islamic holidays.   London London is by far one of the most popular tourist attractions and also a great holiday stop to look for in any halal Europe tour package as well. The world-class attractions on display like the Tower Bridge, British Museum, Buckingham Palace and the Big Ben need absolutely no introduction so you might just want to know if this city is a good place to enjoy your halal holidays. The answer is, yes! London too has a fairly large Muslim community and therefore there are enough of Halal food eateries and prayer facilities available. There are quite a number of mosques in London you can visit including the London Central Mosque, East London Mosque and Finsbury Park Mosque among many others, and close to these Muslim friendly neighbourhoods you can find several Muslim owned restaurants and even food carts so you can grab a bite where ever you go.   Manchester Planning a trip to Europe? You cannot miss out on this amazing city in England. Amidst the spectacular display of arts and culture, media, sports and world-class education, Manchester also boasts of several Muslim friendly attractions. Of course, we are talking about amazing Halal friendly restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious European style meal. Some of the best stops we recommend are Masala Twist for Pakistani food, Beirut for mouth-watering Mediterranean cuisine and Relish’d for some yummy steak and burgers.   Malta Malta is one of the most charmingly beautiful Muslim-friendly cities in Europe you’ll have to visit. The city is known for its picturesque beaches, romantic resorts, rich history and also best Halal restaurants. Although a small island located in the midst of the Mediterranean sea, there are plenty of elements that make this one of the best halal travel destinations. Keep a lookout for popular Halal eateries like Millenium Kebab in Sliema and Ali Baba in Gzira to enjoy some great-tasting food.   Amsterdam If you are a lover of fine arts, then Amsterdam will sure be on your top holiday destinations. Also, you have no need to worry about Halal food options, because this is one of the best European cities with easy to find Halal food for great Muslim holidays. As you wander through the classic paved streets visiting attractions like The Rijksmuseum, Dam Square or National Maritime Museum you can enjoy a lovely meal at restaurants like Bazar Amsterdam, Restaurant Riaz and MOZO....

  • Middle Eastern Cuisine In Singapore

    Why not have your next meal at some of the best Middle Eastern restaurants in Singapore? You will soon find that there quite a few Middle Eastern restaurants serving Muslim-friendly food in Singapore that is perfect for a night out. Famous for aromatic, spicy flavours and delicious grilled meats, there are some Middle Eastern cuisine places in Singapore you should definitely check out.   Credit -   1. Pistachio Grill Picture credit - Pistachio Grill is an awesome spot for delectable, authentic Middle Eastern food - and it's also where you will find some excellent Muslim-friendly food in Singapore too. This restaurant is located in Zhongshan Mall on Ah Hood Road and serves up some delicious fare such as pitas, falafel and beef or chicken wraps, as well as platters with a nice variety of delights. Do try out their delicious tangines  in their comfortable well-lit dining area. You can finish off your meal with some delicious baklava too. Location: 20 Ah Hood Road, Singapore 329984, 20 Ah Hood Road, Zhongshan Mall #01- 15, Singapore   2. Balqis The Bistro  Picture credit - Balqis The Bistro is the place you should visit for Halal Middle Eastern food in Singapore when you are in the East Village area. You can taste an interesting variety dishes which range from Saudi to Yemeni cuisine as well as Lebanese cuisine – do try the Saudi Chicken Bukhari, Mutton Mendi and amazing Arabian rice dishes on offer. This is one of the ideal spot for Muslim-friendly food in Singapore where you can enjoy your meal in small and cosy, yet modern dining area. This is a great place to visit when you are with friends or family. Location: 430 Upper Changi Road #01-04, Singapore 487048 3. Tabbouleh Lebanese Gourmet Café And Restaurant Picture credit - If amazing Lebanese cuisine is what you are after, Tabbouleh is a Lebanese restaurant in Singapore, Arab street where you should go next. Here you can get to taste the fantastic Mediterranean flavours when you order Shish Tawouk, falafels, hummus or some amazing lamb koftas with rice dishes. There is quite a decent variety on the menu and selecting a few items would be hard! The dining area is very simple and casual where you can watch the busy street while enjoying a great meal. Location: 41 Arab Street, Singapore 199740   4. Fill-a-Pita  Picture credit - When it comes to Halal food in Singapore don’t forget to check out vegetarian or vegan restaurants as well. Fill-a-Pita serves some delicious vegetarian food with fresh ingredients – and just like the name suggest,s they have some amazing pita sandwiches to check out. Some favourites include the falafel, eggplant and labna filling and these are especially popular. Don’t forget to check out their hummus and tabbouleh as well. The restaurant has a nice outdoor dining area where customers can enjoy the fine weather. Location: 3 Pickering Street, #01-29 Nankin Row, China Square Central, Singapore 048660   5. Pita & Olives Picture credit - Pita & Olives is one of the ideal spots for Halal Mediterranean restaurants in Singapore for some excellent meals. This outlet is located in the Suntec City Mall and is great to stop by after a long day of shopping. You can enjoy some of their best stuff that includes – hummus, chicken shawarma, zatar or falafel set menu options. They have some awesome platters that are ideal for sharing too. They serve both Israeli and Mediterranean food that has some amazing flavours with the home-made touch that will make you want to drop by again. 7 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038987   You can easily experience some amazing dishes now that you know where to find Halal Middle Eastern food in Singapore – so try something different next time you go out.   ...

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