Russan Kafe, located in Darwin, Australia offers a fabulous selection of delicious and authentic Middle Eastern and Russian dishes, as well as a range of vegetarian specials, at reasonable prices. This alcohol-free restaurant is perfect for Muslims, since the food served is Halal. Only fresh and natural ingredients are used in the dishes.  ...more

Darwin, Australia



Russan Kafe, located in Darwin, Australia offers a fabulous selection of delicious and authentic Middle Eastern and Russian dishes, as well as a range of vegetarian specials, at reasonable prices. This alcohol-free restaurant is perfect for Muslims, since the food served is Halal. Only fresh and natural ingredients are used in the dishes. 


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  • Planning To Travel After Covid-19? Here Are 10 Best Road Trips in Australia You Need To Check Out

    Planning a getaway to restart your life after the pandemic? Great idea! Why not plan for a road trip, especially in Australia since it has some spectacular routes and scenic drives as you traverse this large island continent? A road trip will also give you an opportunity to revive long-standing relationships with friends whom you have been social distancing from recently. And, you can do this while taking in the awe-inspiring scenes, hidden natural wonders, and some out-of-the-way places which can only be reached via a road! What is more, a road trip does away with the tedious tasks of extreme budgeting, applying for visas, considering travel restrictions, and embarking on a long flight to reach your destination. It allows you to travel at your own pace, it can nicely work out on a limited budget, and there is no fuss on what to wear – comfort-wear is the way to go! Most importantly, it enables you to create your own unique route while traveling.  Road trips are a convenient way for you to travel with your friends after Covid-19 and it is expected to rise with domestic travel will begin to recover first. To help you plan for your next road trip, here are 10 best road trips in Australia!  via GIPHY  1. The Great Ocean Road, Victoria Image Credit: Mateusz Glogowski on Unsplash This is one famed road trip route taking you across the southern coast of Australia from between Torquay and Warrnambool, Allansford, or a little further to Port Fairy in Victoria. The Great Ocean Road, completed in 1932 as a First World War memorial, showcases breath-taking clifftop vistas, wildlife, shipwrecks, and the never-ending coastlines while passing through quaint towns and rain forest. Things to do and see: Bells Beach, 12 Apostles, Erskine Falls, Apollo Bay, Port Campbell National Park, Loch Ard Gorge, the Island Archway, the cliff-face Gibson Steps, Cape Otway lighthouse, Great Otway National Park, Lorne, Anglesea, Peterborough, the historic fishing village of Port Fairy, and many delicious eateries along the way. Time frame: The route is about 9.5 hours (approximately a 250-kilometre drive). So, a day-trip is possible and done often if you want to enjoy only the passing scenery. But the best way to take in all the sights and sounds and venture further afield is a three to four-day road trip along these most famous road trip routes. 2. The Great Beach Drive, Queensland Image Credit: Tim Foster on Unsplash; You can get a nice view of the beautiful sunrise at Hervey Bay while on this route. For those of you living in Queensland, you need not go too far to catch some scenic views and some of the best routes for a road trip. The Great Beach Drive is the famed road trip on some of the Sunshine Coast’s most stunning beaches leading to Fraser Island and the Fraser Coast while meandering through UNESCO Heritage sites, national parks, and many historically significant landscapes. While traversing this most wonderful of road routes, you will be privy to whale, dolphin, turtle, platypus, kangaroo, and rare bird sightings. Don't miss out on the Hervey Bay; you can get a nice view of the beautiful sunrise and sunset here! Things to do and see: Noosa Biosphere, Great Sandy Biosphere, wildlife sightings, picnics, camping inside national parks, off-road driving, Double Island Point lighthouse, Hervey Bay, Teewah beach, Rainbow beach, surfing, kayaking, swimming, Great Barrier Reef, hiking and trekking, and Fraser Island - the largest sand island in the world. Time frame: The route is about 168 hours (a 380-kilometre drive). Take a three to seven-day road trip along the Great Beach Drive or even longer, depending on how long you want your getaway trip to be and what you want to explore with your friends. 3. The Grand Pacific Drive, New South Wales Image Credit: Mara Page on Unsplash; The Grand Pacific Drive will lead you to some of the iconic places in Australia such as the whitest sand beach, Hyams beach at Jervis Bay. For those in New South Wales, the Grand Pacific Drive will lead you along some of the territory’s most memorable places and coastal scenes through a 140-kilometre bitumen road. Things to do and see: Sydney’s Royal National Park, Wollongong, Shellharbour, Sea Cliff Bridge, booming blowholes at Kiama, Austinmer Beach, Nan Tien Temple, hang-gliding, paragliding Minamurra Rainforest, whitest sand beaches in the world at Jervis Bay, and Jamberoo Action Park. Timeframe: The route is just a few hours (approximately a 140-kilometre drive) and an ideal one-day road trip for anyone from Sydney, Canberra, or other neighboring areas. However, there is nothing to stop you from making this road trip a longer vacation by staying over in any one of the towns or reserves along the way. 4. Great Alpine Road, Victoria Image Credit: Linda Xu on Unsplash; Experience the beauty of lush mountains at Mount Buffalo National Park  Another scenic drive starts off at Wangaratta in Victoria and traverses through the Victorian High Country and ends at Metung in the Gippsland Lakes region. The Great Alpine road trip will stun you with its fabulous Alpine scenes, mountain ranges, deep valleys, wine country, and sparkling waterways. This route will let you revel in the beauty of the mountains while enjoying some relaxation time with close friends whether you live in New South Wales or in Victoria! Things to do and see: Be inspired and rejuvenated by the lush mountains and rain forests, Mount Buffalo National Park, Gorge Lookout at Mt Buffalo, unique rock formations, and waterfalls. You can also try activities like mountain biking, trekking, and horse riding with your friends. Drive through Victoria’s highest alpine village, and view the 1,750 meter above sea-level Mt Hotham. Don't forget to visit towns such as Beechworth, Bright, and Omeo to experience the local hospitality.  Time frame: The road trip is approximately 500 kilometres and best enjoyed through a week where you can take in the scenes and enjoy the local hospitality. 5. Cairns to Cape York Peninsula, Queensland Image Credit: Photo by Pierre-Henry de Soria on Unsplash; Drop by the Palm Cove while on this route, and spend some time with your friends, catching up.  A Sunshine Coast epic journey is the road trip starting from Cairns and ending at the Cape York Peninsula. While this route is not common, unlike the Cairns to Cape Tribulations road trip, it will take you through the World Heritage-listed, Great Barrier Reef to the ancient World Heritage Daintree National Park across red sand, rain forests, many national parks, indigenous history and culture, and scenic views like no other. While the drive is said to be bumpy and does not boast much comfort, it is a once in a lifetime adventure and a chance to experience a simple lifestyle! Things to do and see: Palm Cove, Port Douglas, Daintree National Park, river crossings, ancient rock art at The Quinkan Galleries at Laura, rainforests, Cape Tribulation, Mossman Gorge, camping, Lakefield National Park, traverse the Old Telegraph Track, and walk to The Tip – the northern most point of Australia. Time frame: The route is about 14 hours (approximately a 1,000-kilometre one-way drive). Considering the dirt roads, raw terrain, and the need to do a round trip while exploring places and experiences the region, a minimum two-week road trip is called for. If you really are short on time, consider a one-way drive and return by air. 6. Gibb River Road, Western Australia Image Credit: jancolaco from Pixabay; Enjoy the Kimberley gorges on the Gibb River Road.  Western Australia’s Gibb River Road is another epic Australian road trip route for the adventurous. This route beginning and ending from Derby to Wyndham, or vice versa, will take you through the Kimberley region. Traveling through the outback on dusty roads will require a four-wheel drive, but the journey will take you through national parks, waterfalls, plateaus, gorges, natural wonders and lets you soak in the 50 to 60 thousand-year-old indigenous Australian culture. Things to do and see: Crocodile sighting; Windjana Gorge National Park; Mitchell Falls and Mitchell Plateau; El Questro; ziplining; King Leopold Ranges; visit outback cattle stations; compare and contrast between the Adcock, Manning, Galvans, Leonard, and Bell Gorges; Zebedee Springs; and Tunnel Creek. Time frame: Approximately a 660-kilometre route with only two roadhouses along the way – at Imintji and Mt Barnett. An ideal road trip would be a week-long, and more if you plan to stay and visit some out of the way places. Be prepared with extra fuel which can be expensive to purchase. 7. Red Centre Way, Northern Territory Image Credit: Philippe Wuyts on Unsplash; Kings Canyon, a must-visit to enjoy spectacular views!  The Northern Territory’s Red Centre Way is another epic and very cliched Australian road trip over sealed and unsealed roads. The route takes you through several mountain ranges, red earth deserts, isolated rocks, fresh swimming holes, ancient Aboriginal rock art sites, and historic towns. So, get ready for one epic Australian outback road trip experience! Things to do and see: Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon, and West MacDonnell ranges; walking and hiking; Finke Gorge National Park; Watarrka National Park, the only place to see the red cabbage palm; the spirited lands of mulga forest; and the spinifex. Time frame: A loop route of about 1,135 kilometres starting at Alice Springs and taking you through Uluru and Kings Canyon is a 5 to 6-day road trip. 8. The Nullarbor Plain, South Australia to Western Australia Image Credits: Simon Maisch on Unsplash; Create unforgettable memories with your friends here at Nullarbor, South Australia If you are living somewhere in South or Western Australia, consider taking the Nullarbor Plain road trip which stretches across Ceduna/Adelaide in South Australia and Perth in Western Australia. While quite remote, the desert highway is an easy route meandering through the goldfields of Western Australia and the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. If you enjoy off-road driving, then use a four-wheel drive to ride through wide-open spaces, sand dunes, and wooded hills while re-hashing some legendary UFO stories and old-time myths with friends.  Things to do and see: Bragging rights to having seen and driven on the largest piece of limestone on earth; strange landscapes which the Nullarbor Plain is renowned for; wildlife such as giant wedge-tailed eagles, emus, kangaroos, dingoes, and camels; whale watching beneath the world's longest line of sea cliffs; the world’s longest golf course; unique caves; riding over sand dunes; ruins of Eucla Telegraph Station built in the 1870s; and camping under the starlit skies. Time frame: An ideal 6-day road trip of 1,256 kilometres which requires some preparation due to it being remote. So, carry enough fuel, water, and other essential supplies. 9. Heritage Highway, Tasmania Image Credit: Samuel Scrimshaw on Unsplash; Rural Building at Tasmania, Australia.  Living in Tasmania? No worries… This little island has quite a few road trips on offer from the Tassie Loop, to the route from Hobart to Freycinet, and of course the famed Heritage Highway. The Heritage highway which runs between Hobart and Launceston is a 200-year-old road built by convict road gangs in the 1800s. The highway meanders through some scenic views of farmlands, Georgian villages, grand rural estates and the authentic scenes of Tasmania’s historic midlands. Things to do and see: Visit the towns of Oatlands, Longford, Evandale, Cressy, and Perth; enjoy some gourmet food; Heritage Highway Museum and Visitors Centre in Campbell Town; Shene Estate & Distillery; and the Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary. Time frame: A short 2 to 3 days road trip of approximately 200 kilometres. 10. The Big Lap, Australia Image Credit: Martyna Bober on Unsplash; Visit the Bondi Beach at Sydney, one of the most famous beach destinations.  Last but certainly not the least… we have “The Big Lap”, a spectacular adventure around the entire country. Try this fabulous road trip of 15,000 kilometres using Highway One around the edge of Australia as you take in the changing scenes and landscapes of the country’s diverse territories and mixed natural environs. The big lap route will take you through seven capital cities, ride through rain forests and the red earth deserts, cruise along the coastline, and enjoy the vast emptiness of the outback. Things to do and see: Everything and anything that you fancy from the coastline between Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Broome, Perth, Esperance, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Hobart. Time frame: To truly experience the big lap, you will need at least six months, so, consider this a final hurrah kind of road trip adventure!   In ending this article, let me say that depending on the amount of time you have for a vacation, some of these road trip routes can be combined with some fun activities to make it a super adventure. So, take this chance; do not agonize about limited overseas travel, but instead, make the most of exploring your own country and enjoying a relaxing, fun-filled time with your friends! Don't forget to download the HalalTrip App, here, for more travel tips, prayer times and Qibla Direction, and many more!    via GIPHY...

  • The Ghan Expedition - Australia

    Picture Credit -   What is The Ghan Expedition? A coast-to-coast journey would usually see people getting on a flight, but that means that they're missing out all the rich history, natural beauty, and amazing experiences that the lesser known places in between have to offer. That's why The Ghan Expedition is one of the best ways to travel in Australia; because not only does it take you from one place to another, the trip itself is an experience like no other!   The Ghan Expedition is one of the most popular and iconic trains in the world, and takes its passengers through an exciting and adventurous journey of around 1850 miles, from Darwin to Adelaide. Throughout the journey, passengers get to experience some of the best landscapes, cultures, food, and accommodation (even though its a moving train), and memories!   A Bit of History Picture Credit - The Ghan Expedition runs from Darwin to Adelaide, and the route it takes roughly follows the trails taken about 150 years ago by men on camels, all the way from Afghanistan. And that's where it gets its name from!   The Ghan began its run in 1929 on the Central Australian Railway, and was originally built as a 3ft 6 in long narrow-guage railway to Alice Springs. It was later replaced by a standard gauge line. The route was extended to Darwin only in 2004, after being privatised and taken over by Great Southern Rail (GSR) in 1997.   Read more about great train journeys     Food & Accommodation & Fares Picture Credit - Long gone are the days of men on the backs of camels. These days, the same journey can be taken in this luxurious train, but the experience is just as exciting. You could say that it's all the adventure and fun, but none of the pain or struggle.   Food and accommodation depends on the level of service you pick. Fares for the Ghan Expedition range from around $1250 to $4000, depending on the length of the journey, the time of year, and the class. Rates are all-inclusive of accommodation, food, and off-board excursions. You can check the fares and timetable at the Great Southern Railway website (   There are couple different packages to pick from:   Gold Service Picture Credit - You can chose between a Gold twin-sharing or single room. Twin sharing rooms have bunk beds that convert into a three-seater lounger by day, and a private en suite. Single rooms have a bed that converts into a seat, and shared toilet/shower facilities. Gold service also includes breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Queen Adelaide restaurant inside the train.   Read more about great train journeys     Platinum Service Picture Credit - Platinum cabins are almost double the size of a Gold twin room, and come with a private en suite with toiletries, a shower and vanity. By day, it resembles a deluxe living room, with a table and two Ottomans. By night, the lounge converts into a bed room with either a double bed or twin beds. Passengers of the platinum service are offered a hearty in-cabin continental breakfast upon request, two-course lunches and three-course dinners.   Note: The food is not Halal certified, and the restaurants serve alcohol. There are vegetarian and children's menus, but these might contain alcohol too. They do cater to special dietary requirements, but please do discuss your requirement for Halal food with the staff way in advance. At the very least, you could ask for vegetarian food that does not have any sort of alcohol or animal by-product.   Off-Train Excursions Picture Credit - The trip on the Ghan expedition spans over a period of three nights and four days. Starting in Darwin, the train makes stops along the way in Katherine, Alice Springs and Coober Pedy before arriving in Adelaide. These stops include off-board excursions and adventures, and what they want to see or do is entirely up to the passengers. Here are the excursions that you could be a part of:   In Katherine:   Nitmiluk Gorge Cruise Take a leisurely boat cruise down the Katherine River and marvel at awe-inspiring natural wonders.   Nitmiluk First Gorge Rock Art Cruise A boat cruise where you get to learn about ancient secrets and witness an amazing display of indigenous rock art that has stood the test of time over thousands of years.   Katherine Outback Experience Get an unmatchable look into the real Australian Outback and meet the people and animals who make it what it is.   Optional Upgrade – Nitmiluk Gorge Helicopter Flight Fly over the enormous river and the monumental Nitmiluk Gorge which is made of 13 massive limestone formations – one of Australia's best natural wonders.   Optional Upgrade – Twin Parks Fixed Wing Scenic Flight Explore one of Australia's most preserved, remote, and fascinating wildlife areas full of breathtaking waterfalls, foliage, wildlife, and landscapes.   In Alice Springs:   Alice Springs Desert Park & Outback BBQ Dinner An experienced guide will take you on a guided walking tour through the Alice Springs Desert, one of the best deserts in Australia with over 200 desert animals and 400 plants to explore.   Alice Explorer and Outback BBQ Dinner Explore this amazing town; visit the world's largest School of Air in the world, the Royal Flying Doctor Service Base, the Reptile Centre, the National Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame, and more.   Alice Explorer To Off Road and Outback BBQ Dinner A mountain bike adventure that begins at the birthplace of Alice Springs, takes you are the famous dry Todd River, the Ilentye trail (with pink sand!), and more.   Simpsons Gap Discovery Walk and Outback BBQ Dinner Take a walk through one of the largest and most striking gaps in the West MacDonnell Ranges. Marvel at the towering cliffs and spot wildlife that resides there.   Optional Upgrade – Uluru Fixed Wing Scenic Flight and Outback Pioneer Dinner The chance to visit this iconic rock, known as Uluru or Ayers Rock is one amazing experience.   In Coober Pedy:   Explore Coober Pedy Discover this amazing "underground town" of rich history, breathtaking views, and fortunes.   Opal Experience Coober Pedy is known as the world's Opal capital. You'll get to see and learn about the rich history of Australia's stunning national gemstone at the Umoona Opal Mine and Museum.   Discover the Majestic Breakaways A guided walking tour that gives you the chance to discover the breathtaking Breakaways of Coober Pedy.   What To Do In Darwin? Picture Credit -   Darwin is the capital city of the Northern Territory of Australia, and is situated on the Timor Sea. This tropical city is the most laidback and uncrowded capital in the country. It also certainly feels different to he rest of the country with it's aboriginal cultures, Asian influences, and easygoing vibe. In Darwin, you can find everything from open-air movies, galleries and museums, to sunset cruises, Asian food markets, and a vibrant food scene.   Other things you can do in Darwin for an unforgettable Australian holiday is visit some of the most magnificent natural Australian attractions like the Litchfield National Park, the Tiwi Islands, Kakadu, and Arnhem Land.   Once you've had your fill of this unique and fascinating city, you can board The Ghan Expedition and take yourself to Adelaide!   What To Do In Adelaide? Picture Credit - Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia and the fifth-most populous city in the country. This bustling city has a vibrant culture and innumerable opportunities to make memories. The city is known for it's awesome food scene and is a great place to get your credit cards out – cause it's time to go shopping!   You can also visit famous Australian attractions like the historic Port Adelaide, or visit the Cleland Conservation Park, the Adelaide Zoo, or the Adelaide Botanic Garden for a chance to witness the fascinating plant and wildlife of Australia. You can also explore the city's central market, chill out at the beach, or head for the mountains!   And the best time to visit Adelaide, Australia is: whenever! Because there is always something happening and something for you to do, no matter what time of the year it is.   Read more about great train journeys ...

  • The Ultimate Muslim Friendly Travel Guide to Northern Territory

    Offering the quintessential outback experience, Australia’s northernmost state is extensive in both size and possibility. Whether you choose to hop on a plane, bus, cruise or experience a truly grand train journey over the distance from Adelaide to Darwin, getting to the Northern Territory will not disappoint in providing a unique array of tourist activities. Kakadu National Park The Kakadu National Park is one of two World Heritage Sites located in the Northern Territory. Covering almost 20,000 square kilometres, the park comprises a diverse range of ecosystems; from river basins to stone country. You can even take a cruise to witness the seawater crocodiles. Most notably, the park is rich in Aboriginal culture and history, and presents an abundance of remarkable Aboriginal rock art. Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Kakadu National Park: Uluru One of Australia’s most treasured landforms, Uluru, or Ayers Rock, is the second World Heritage Site in the state. Found in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, it is a sandstone rock formation rising 863 metres above sea level. With immense spiritual and cultural significance to the indigenous people, Uluru is best admired at dawn and sunset, when the sandstone appears to glow a magnificent red. The park can also be viewed from the skies, in a helicopter or a hot air balloon. Litchfield Litchfield is another national park featuring a multitude of natural beauties. Prolific in tropical waterfalls and areas for swimming sports, the park offers a fun and immersive experience of the local environment. The especially exciting features are the stunning architectural achievements that are the magnetic termite mounds! Take a look via the formal viewing boardwalks. Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Litchfield National Park: Katherine Next on your outback to-do list should be to stop by the town where the state’s two climates meet: Katherine. Try anything from water adventures by canoeing or kayaking, trek the sandstone plateau, monsoon forest, the Katherine Gorge, swamp and woodland, or view it all from a helicopter! Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Katherine: Darwin  If you’re not much of a wildlife person, or just need a rest from the sun, there are plenty of shopping opportunities to be indulged in. Darwin Waterfront offers restaurants and shops, all with the backdrop of swimming lagoons that you are just as welcome to enjoy. Also in Darwin, the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets are on from May to October, on Thursday and Sunday evenings. This tropical event comprises everything from international cuisine to handmade jewellery.   Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Darwin Waterfront Precinct: Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Mindil Beach Sunset Market: The Parap Village & Markets is another occasional event, held every Saturday, it is definitely worth dropping by for some local arts, crafts and entertainment. If it’s a mall you’re looking for, Darwin’s CBD provides tourists with Smith Street Mall. At the site of many heritage sites, the mall exhibits much of what the region is unique for in products. Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Parap Markets: Muslim tourists will find that most Halal restaurants will be located within the capital, Darwin. No stranger to international cuisine, the city offers an Indonesian experience in Sari Rasa, South Asian style kebabs in Kebab and Momo House, and Sri Lankan food in Ammas Café, which is also Crescent Rated AAA. The state has two notable prayer places, the Islamic Society of Darwin and Afghan Mosque, also referred to as Alice Springs Islamic Society. Click here for a guide to the Islamic Society of Darwin; Click here for a guide to the Afghan Mosque: For more information on travelling to Australia, the Muslim Visitor Guide by Tourism Australia and HalalTrip details what every Muslim traveller should look to experience on their trip to any of Australia’s eight major states. Click here to download a free copy of the Muslim Visitor Guide to Australia ...

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