Queen's Cafe restaurant located in Colombo, Sri Lanka offers a fabulous selection of mouthwatering Western,Chinese ,Thai and much more dishes, at reasonable prices. This alcohol-free restaurant is perfect for Muslims, since the food served is Halal. Only fresh and natural ingredients are used in the dishes....more

Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka



Queen's Cafe restaurant located in Colombo, Sri Lanka offers a fabulous selection of mouthwatering Western,Chinese ,Thai and much more dishes, at reasonable prices. This alcohol-free restaurant is perfect for Muslims, since the food served is Halal. Only fresh and natural ingredients are used in the dishes.


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198, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia., Colombo, Sri Lanka


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  • 4 Great Places for Halal High-Tea in Colombo

    Staying true to its colonial charm Colombo is home to quite a number of establishments that offer high tea. Therefore if you are looking for some of the best places to have afternoon tea in Colombo, Sri Lanka you will find that there is a healthy choice of options available to choose from. As a Muslim traveller, you would be concerned with finding what the best Halal places in Colombo to have your high tea are. Read on to discover our recommendations for the best high tea places in Colombo, Sri Lanka so you can enjoy a delightful and charming experience with friends and family during your stay in the city. Credits -   1) Mount Lavinia Hotel Picture Credit - Major city hotels are known to be some of the most famous places to have high tea in Colombo. The Mount Lavinia Hotel is the finest example of this. This five-star hotel is known for its impressive colonial-style architecture that will most certainly set the right mood to enjoy an elegant afternoon High Tea. Served at The Terrace, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Indian Ocean as you sip on a cup of tea made of the finest blends. Although this one of the most high-end hotels, their prices are not too extravagant so you can sink your teeth into plenty of wonderful treats like sweetened cream tarts and berry compotes. Be sure to call in advance and reserve a table with the best view for your special afternoon tea. Location: Mount Lavinia Hotel, 100, Hotel Road, Mount Lavinia, Colombo Contact: +94 112711711Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday: 6.30 AM to 1 AM 2) The Galle Face Hotel Picture Credit - Yet another fancy hotel located on the coastal line of Colombo is the Galle Face Hotel. Because of its unmatched reputation, it is by far one of the best places to have afternoon tea in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Their High Tea is served at The Verandah which also overlooks the clear blue ocean. The hotel serves a buffet including a wide collection of sweet and savoury delights that perfectly compliment the rich flavour of pure Sri Lankan tea. The refreshing cool breeze creates the perfect mood to spend some quiet time with friends and family. Be sure to drop by the museum located in the hotel that takes you on a tour of the history and heritage of the island.Disclaimer: Almost all of the ingredients sourced are Halal. However, they do serve pork too. They take extra care to not mix those ingredients that are Halal and non-Halal. As they do not have a separate kitchen, it's best to take extra precaution. Location: 2 Galle Road, Colombo 0300, Sri Lanka Contact: +94 112541010  Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday: 7 AM to 10 PM 3) Galadari Hotel Picture Credit - If you are looking to enjoy a buffet for High Tea, the Galadari hotel is another great option to consider. Since this is a popular pick among many guests, space might get a bit crowded during peak hours. Still, it is one of the best high tea places in Colombo serving Halal food. The variety of food served is quite impressive and even includes some authentic Sri Lankan treats like fried vadais, savoury items like seafood dumplings, and pastries with meat fillings. The dessert range is even more vibrant featuring several waffles, wraps, cakes and other sweets. Location: 64 Lotus Road, Colombo 00100, Sri Lanka Contact: +94 112544544  Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday: 24 Hours   4) The English Cake Company While five-star hotels may take centre stage among the top places to have high tea in Colombo, you should also not miss out on the smaller but very appealing eateries like The English Cake Company. Also known as The Cakery, this café is one of our most favourite picks as part of this review of best places to have afternoon tea in Colombo, Sri Lanka. They promise the very best quality that their food is always fresh and does not include any artificial additives or alcohol. You can visit this lovely establishment to dine in or take away some delicious delights like layered cakes, cheesecakes, fruity tarts that come in a wide range of flavours like peach, apple, chocolate mousse or caramel, or other desserts like fruit crumble, crème brûlée, fruit trifle or tiramisu. Location: 2A Sulaiman Terrace, Colombo5, Sri Lanka  Contact: +94 112501344  Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday: 7 AM - 10 PM   ...

  • Is Pizza Hut Halal? Your Guide to Halal Pizza Hut Restaurants

    Halal Pizza Hut outlets can be quite easy to find in some countries. Pizza Hut has been a major food chain for a long time and has gained popularity worldwide with their pizza, pasta and snacks as well. As with most international food chains, there are interesting menu variations that are unique to each country and that is only available in one place. Halal pizza branches generally have a Halal logo on display, on the menus and product packaging as well. Is Pizza Hut Halal in Singapore? Pizza Hut in Singapore has a huge following as well. The Singapore Pizza Hut franchise is Halal certified and Halal pizza branches can found with no trouble at food courts in most locations. Only Halal meat and ingredients are used in food preparation at all Halal Pizza restaurants. There are branches at most malls and shopping centres like Thomson Mall, NEX, Tampines Plaza, Bedok Mall and more. To find Halal pizza branches in Singapore with no hassle that are closest to you, simply visit the Singapore Pizza Hut website. Is Pizza Hut Halal in Malaysia? Pizza Hut in Malaysia serve Halal certified meat and Halal products as the whole franchise is Halal certified. There are several places where Halal Pizza restaurants in Malaysia have been opened in cities like Sarawak, Sabah, Pahang, Melaka and Kuala Lumpur. Being a popular fast food chain, you can find Halal pizza branches at most food courts in shopping complexes and malls as well. To easily locate Halal Pizza restaurants that are near you, visit the Pizza Hut Malaysia website where all branches will be mentioned. Is Pizza Hut Halal in Sri Lanka? The entire Pizza Hut franchise in  is Halal certified with Halal meat being served, and Halal certified products being used. Halal Pizza restaurants in Sri Lanka can be located easily in the main cities such as Colombo, Galle, Kandy and Kurunegala and all pizza restaurants have Halal accreditation. Halal pizza branches located in places like Fort, Colpetty, Mount Lavinia and Bambalpitiya are quite easy to find in highly populated areas, and restaurants can even be found in Rajagiriya, Nugegoda and Maharagama as well.  You can visit the Pizza Hut Sri Lanka website to locate Halal pizza restaurants that are close to your destination or that will be in the area you are visiting. There are more Halal Pizza Hut branches around the world, including Pizza Hut outlets in countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and several other OIC countries. Tell us about the Halal Pizza Hut outlets in your country! To find more nearby Halal Pizza Hut outlets and other fast food franchises that serve Halal food, you can use the Halal Food Spotter feature on the official HalalTrip Mobile App. Click on the below links to download the free App: Apple: Android: ...

  • 5 Places to Get Halal Biryani in Sri Lanka

    Halal biryani in Sri Lanka is a must-try if you are traveling in the Indian subcontinent. Even though it is taken from Indian cuisine, it is such a popular Sri Lankan dish that it is seen at weddings, festivals, and a pretty regular basis. Different Halal biryani restaurants in Sri Lanka vie to give their own twist to the basic dish of rice with a side of somewhat standard curries. Here are some of the places that you can find the best Halal biryani in Colombo: 1) Kandoori For Halal biryani, Kandoori has some of the best biryani in town. With fragrant rice, well-cooked chicken, and raita as a side, the fact that the chicken could use more seasoning doesn’t take away from this great dish. Even though their prices are a bit on the high side for something as regular as biryani, they provide good value for money. The restaurant is also pretty centrally situated in Colombo whether you want to dine-in or take out. 2) Big Bite, Mount Lavinia There are quite a few branches of Big Bite and all of them differ in their quality, but the one in Mount Lavinia is definitely one of the best. However, this is probably a place in Sri Lanka that you will order Halal biryani to take away as the eating environment is not entirely sanitary and family friendly. That being said, the biryani is delicious! Originally an eatery with a menu, Big Bite now specialises in Pakistani biryani and barbecued chicken and do they ever do a good job of it! With a large portion or rice and meat, you certainly get more than your  value for money too. Note that it is known to be a bit on the spicy side though. 3) Malay Restaurant  As the name states, Malay cuisine is what you get here, with a wide variety of dishes across their menu. With big portions and plenty of meat, it really does have value for money too. Malay Restaurant is where you would be able to order sawan biryani in Colombo, which is a mega sharing plate style of eating. Sawan style is perfect for gatherings with a large amount of people, as each sawan is enough for around 8 people. Malay Restaurant is a pretty popular spot, located in Dehiwala on Hill Street. 4) Aahaara A small house at the end of Initium road in Dehiwala might seem inconspicuous, but out of it comes wafting the fragrances and customers bearing various meals of rice and curries. Known mostly through word of mouth, this catering service piles its sawan of biryani a good 5 to 7 inches high, and can feed about 10 people easily, so it’s perfect if you have a bunch of people over. While the main dish of rice itself is spectacular, the side dishes lack a bit in flavour, but nothing to totally throw you off. The price might seem a bit high, but with the quantity of food, it is definitely worth it! Everything is cooked over firewood, which gives it a nice authentic touch. 5) Galle Caterers You can’t ask someone about ordering Halal biryani in Colombo and not have ‘Galle Caterers’ as part of the response. Yes, it’s that popular, especially amongst the Muslims who order from there for weddings, pre-wedding meals, Eid, and just about anything other occasion that occurs! One of the oldest caterers in the business with a large customer base, this is one of the best Halal sawan biryanis that you would find in Colombo. With affordable prices, well-cooked sides, and a delicious dish overall, this is the perfect solution to order in for a large crowd. However, due to its popularity, you would need to place your order well in advance for it to be met without any hiccups.  You may also use the Halal Food Spotter feature on the official HalalTrip Mobile App to discover more places to find Halal biryani in Sri Lanka. Click on the below links to download the free App:   Apple: Android: ...

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