Nihonbashi Information - Ippin cafe, located in Tokyo, Japan offers home style, expertly made, fresh and authentic Japanese food dishes.This restaurant is perfect for Muslim diners since the food is Halal.

Tokyo, Japan



Nihonbashi Information - Ippin cafe, located in Tokyo, Japan offers home style, expertly made, fresh and authentic Japanese food dishes.This restaurant is perfect for Muslim diners since the food is Halal.


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Halal certified restaurant


Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Muromachi 2-2-1 Coredo Muromachi underground first floor


  • 9 Must-Stay Airbnb in Osaka For ANY Budget

    Perhaps the lesser-known little sibling to Tokyo, Osaka is the slightly rebellious, night owl, and modern financial city of Japan. Osaka is home to a massive cityscape phenomenon and an impressive night skyline. This city is filled with inventive and clever buildings showcasing wonderful Airbnbs. We're here to guide your journey into finding the perfect home or perhaps homes for your Osaka stay. It may be worth the experience to book a capsule stay for at least one night just to enjoy the uncommon opportunity. Who said that you have to book one place for all your stay? If you're up for the adventure then why not book more than one of these Airbnb's. If you are travelling as a group or a family then this home offers the comforts of a home with the added luxury of hotel elegance.   Modern Japanese Airbnb Unique traits: Central Location, cute decor, magic shows If you are looking for a place that has class, character, and care then why not consider this modern Japanese home. It houses up to 4 people and has an extremely central place in Osaka with close access to popular locations like Osaka castle (13 min walk), Tennoji Zoo/Tsutenkaku (15-20min walk), and Abeno Harukas( 10min walk). The place was carefully designed to create a safe cocoon of comfort and even includes a foot massage machine for all the walking you might do in Osaka. If you are a fan of magic tricks and clever slights of hand then you can also request a magic show in your home or the shared lobby in the building, Check out this Airbnb listing here.   Simple homes with necessary features and warm hospitality, these affordable Airbnbs don't let down!   Deep-in Osaka R172 Unique traits: Large space, Old port town, homely  This 3 bedroom house is a home that provides the necessary comfort for your stay with enough space for a family or group of friends. You will not be cramped for space in the 10-meter living room. This home is situated in the old port town of Osaka. The district has tried to amplify this great touristic location; it is home to modern touristic ventures such as the Universal Studios Japan and Osaka Aquarium. Check out this Airbnb listing here.   Enzo Chidoridibashi Unique traits: Accessibility to stations, cheap This home is the epitome of a good bargain. Simple and modern, the home provides you with 3 beds for less than $10 a night during prime seasons. The closest station is 2 minutes away and it is less than 15 minutes away from 5 other stations! This is best for short stays where you only need a place to sleep and to cook instant ramen. It is located a few km away from the Universal studio Japan and Kuchu Teien observatory, allowing you to walk around and enjoy the versatile neighborhood. Check out this Airbnb listing here.   Chikas bunk bedroom Unique traits: Female-only, long-term stays, parks This hostel-style accommodation provides two separate floors one dedicated to women only and another for mixed genders. This cheap but homely option offers you free breakfast and free reign of the kitchen, its utensils, and bathroom. The location of this place could be great for people looking for a place to stay long term without breaking the bank. There are coin laundry services nearby, a cheap convenience store for snacking and groceries, and a drug store. In terms of tourist attractions, this Airbnb is located next to beautiful parks such as Hamadera park known for its rose garden and cherry blossoms. Check out this Airbnb listing here.   Osaka is the ingenious innovator of the capsule bed, hence it only makes sense to list Capsule-pod Airbnbs in Osaka.   KICHINAN capsule hostel Unique traits: Photography Lovers, Osaka Castle, Japanese details.  Capsule hostels originally started with the concept of affordability and singularity. Over the years style and character have developed to create a distinctive experience at each Capsule hostel. This Hostel provides you with a homely traditional Japanese style of sleeping on a hard surface with a comfy mattress. The owner also has a darkroom for those who are budding photographers and his passion for Japanese aesthetics and art can be felt from the decoration and attention to minute details. The location is ideal for history geeks who want to be close to the Osaka Castle and the ground it dominated in the past.  Check out this Airbnb listing here.   Domi Otoyadoikuha in Kyoto Unique traits: Hostel, Capsule and Hotel experience, music  This next Airbnb is the craziest amalgamation of a hostel, capsule, and a hotel. The space provided with the bed is the equivalent to tiny homes found on youtube. You will find yourself in a mini private room that almost resembles a bunk bed and room. If you are an experience seeker then this dormitory for you, this unique Airbnb does it all. The theme of music runs throughout the place providing guests. This space’s historic journey started as an old Japanese folk house and was eventually transformed into a shared hostel. It must be warned that there is a bar on the first floor.  Check out this Airbnb listing here.   NERAREL Hostel No.06 Unique traits: Amenities, Good location This capsule-pod lodging provides their esteemed guests with options of private rooms, unisex dormitory, and female-only dormitories. The shared places provide you an abundance of toiletries including cleansing oils, foams, toothbrushes, and even curling irons. The space is modern and earthy with sublime woodwork and more than enough space for comfort. The location of this hostel is only a 1-minute walk to the station, easily connecting you to Osaka. It is incredibly close to famous tourist destinations such as Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi, and Kuromon Market, only a 5 minute walk away. Check out this Airbnb listing here.   If you can afford the opulence Osaka offers then do not hesitate to check out:   House with Playroom Unique traits: Superhost, playhouse, interior gardens  As the name suggests this home has a playroom but this home is also impressive with 4 bedrooms, bikes in the garage, a beautiful interior garden, grandiose spaces, fascinating furniture, a sleek black and white marble bathroom, colorful toilets, and a fully equipped kitchen. This home is ideal for families travelling with lots of children and even pets. Check out this Airbnb listing here.   BijouSuites AI PREMIUM Unique Traits: Superhost, cinema, large groups This premium home is not premium just by name– a seamless design of old Japanese elements paired with modern furniture and traits creates a fascinating home that has not disappointed a single guest. The rating for this home is a complete 5* and this should come as no surprise when you have a choice between a TV and projector, a kitchen free to use, tatami rooms for dining and sleeping as well as plush beds. This place sleeps up to 8 people.  Check out this Airbnb listing here. We hope these choices guide you into making the right decision for your unique experience in Osaka.  Check out The Halal Travel Podcast hosted by Hazirah, Nurul and Raudha as they talk candidly about travel, food, life and everything else in between and sometimes with awesome guests! Listen now! ...

  • The Best Airbnb to stay in Tokyo

    Japan has always been ahead of the game when it comes to technological advances. So it should come as no surprise that Japan is also ahead of the game in home architecture and hospitality. Tokyo is the most populous city in the world with around 9 million people living in a pretty small city, to put that into perspective Singapore has a population of 5.4 million. We have gathered Airbnb’s for every type of travel experience, shared sleeping spaces for the solo travelers stretching his pennies, affordable Airbnb's for comfort and style, traditional style Tokyo Airbnb’s for those seeking the genuine Tokyo experience, and affluent Airbnb for the groups able to splash the cash. The attention to detail in listings for Tokyo is like no other, architectural plans, pictures of all the individual kitchen and bathroom amenities, and graphic designed maps allow you to envision where you are staying before you arrive. Tokyo’s hospitality begins in the planning. Important information: Due to the lack of space per person in Tokyo, extra care and consideration have been taken to ensure cleanliness and hospitality through the Minpaku Law. You must ask your hosts to present you with their Minpaku law number.   Shared sleeping spaces For those travelers who prioritize adventure and experiences over where they sleep for the night! Seidokan 202/Quiet, an entirely private room with freedom of access (own bathroom/toilet). Image Credit: airbnb This is an option for those who need a cheap but private stay, surrounded by many other tiny apartments and shared Kendo training space. You are provided with a small room that offers everything basically in your stay. This space is preferable for one but if you are two the center can provide you with another foldable bed. This space is the definition of cheap and cheerful! Neighborhood: Arakawa-Ku, Max. number of guests: 2   ダイニングバーが併設だから、お食事もバータイムも楽しめます☆ バーベキューもできますよ♪ Private room hosted by Namiko. Image Credit: airbnb Shared places in Tokyo can also come in the form of a private room within a home. This beautiful home combines eastern elements of furniture and a private outdoor place. This is a perfect location for a group of four who want privacy but cheap prices. Namiko describes the place as close to the Tokyo Nature which is perfect for hikers and tree-huggers. Neighborhood: Hanno, Max. number of guests: 4    4 minutes walk from Kuramae station】 Dormitory room (Wi-Fi · Kitchen) Image Credit: airbnb This hostel almost deceives you into thinking you're in a hotel space. The wooden decor and aesthetic of wood and metal amenities immerse you in modern Japan. The rooms have bunk beds with thick curtains to provide privacy and the space provided in your bed is enough to let you think you're in a small room rather than a hostel bed. Neighborhood: 浅草, Japan Max. number of guests: 1    4F8【Men only】5 min to Ueno sta./ capsule hotel Image Credit: airbnb If you are traveling alone, then Tokyo is one of the best places to do so! Although capsule beds began in Osaka, Japan they soon spread to Tokyo and are now a famous alternative. This capsule dormitory is for men only. It is very accessible and ideal for men who want to have segregated facilities. You do not need to squander the price of cleanliness and style. These dormitories have a beautiful Japanese motif running throughout the place. The beds look deceivingly small but the inside is deep, equipped with adjusting lights, plugs, space for you, and your necessary items and hanging space. Neighborhood: Taito City, Max. number of guests: 1   Affordable Airbnb These Airbnb’s are for those who need good quality affordable homes to stay in as they venture out to explore Tokyo. 3 #Transfer/TokyoDisneyland 6min Image Credit: airbnb This tiny flat is the epitome of Japanese living, with sliding doors to save space, floor seating, mattress sleeping, and wood paneling. What may seem cramped will provide you with a genuine Japanese experience of what it means to live in Modern-day Tokyo. The details and decor are true to the Japanese artistic spirit. The amenities and appliances stand true to a hotel experience. Neighborhood: Urayasu Max. number of guests: 3   [REASONABLE PRICE】Best location in Ikebukuro! Image Credit: Airbnb This tiny flat merges the simplicity of Japanese living with more Western comforts. The main space is defined by this double-bed and when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom space be prepared to adjust to the tiny spaces. This Airbnb provides a bed for those who are afraid of the more traditional and Japanese ethos of sleeping on the floor. Neighborhood: Toshima-Ku Max. number of guests: 2    Traditional Tokyo If you are looking for a traditionally genuine experience of Tokyo then these houses are for you! J's APT 2 Bed Rooms + Free Portable Wi-Fi Image Credit: Airbnb This home is a sight for the senses, completely uniform with the beautiful wooden paneling, this home aims to transport you back to the 1940s. It is a bigger home that houses 4 people and thus has more space than the traditionally petite houses found in the city. The reviews all rave about the hospitality of the family, so if you are feeling a bit anxious traveling to Tokyo, this home not only provides you a place to sleep but a family to take care of you. Neighborhood: Katsushika Max. number of guests: 4   Feel the Japanese culture! 銭湯に泊まろう!#101 Image Credit: Airbnb Just as the name suggests, this home begs visitors to immerse themselves in Japan. This beautiful home is 20 mins away from major spots allowing you to explore the city. The ideal selling point about this home is that it is next to a Sento, a traditional Japanese public bath. This is segregated between men and women perfect for halal travelers. This pristine home is not only sparkling clean but beautiful in its aesthetic. Neighborhood: 北区, 東京都, Kita-Ku Max. number of guests: 3   Hidden 2Story Gem - TOKYO HIDEAWAY! Image Credit: Airbnb This home is one for those who wish to travel in the past by entering their home away from home. This two-story home has a huge 90-meter plan of space, with sliding doors and beautifully lit corridors that enlarge the impression of the house. It gives the semblance of being in a section of a traditional Japanese palace. You can complete your walk through history by visiting the Onsen natural Hot Spring Spa which is a 7-minute walk. These springs are segregated and they provide a Kimono for modesty, perfect for halal-conscious travelers. Neighborhood: Toshima-Ku, Tōkyō-to, Japan Max. number of guests: 6    Affluent Airbnb’s Experience the luxurious side of Tokyo, the affluence, and merging of cultures on the lesser-explored side of Tokyo. ★New★PDO INN Coffee & Open-air bath on the roof Image Credit: Airbnb This beautiful space merges nature, fine art, and the bamboo aesthetic well-known in Japan with sleek modern fittings. Perfect for couples or two close friends this home provides the intimacy of a well-kept home and the luxury of a hotel. The owners ‘handcrafted’ the interior to provide the best experiences for their guests. If you have the chance to travel in the warmer months then this home has a secluded open-air bath on the roof. Neighborhood: Toshima-Ku Max. number of guests: 2   160㎡★Grand Piano♪ nr JR Shinjuku stn./Studio House Image Credit: Airbnb This huge house is great for group or big family trips! This home is unique with its soundproof basement, perfect for late-night catch-ups or family arguments! In a city like Tokyo where space is sparse, this home is perfect to feel detached from that experience. There is a grand piano and electric organ if any tourists are instrument players. The huge dining room could be a great starting point to plan your Tokyo days out and cinema space with a projector and an array of Japanese CDs. Space can also be adapted for business meetings perfect for business start-up trips. Neighborhood: Shinjuku-ku Max. number of guests: 11 Check out The Halal Travel Podcast hosted by Hazirah, Nurul and Raudha as they talk candidly about travel, food, life and everything else in between and sometimes with awesome guests! Listen now! ...

  • Things To Do in Tokyo After the Pandemic

    Possibly one of the most fascinating and unique cities in the world, Tokyo is known for several reasons that either make it entirely loveable or slightly strange to the foreign eye. This city has a lot to offer and we have categorized some possible activities for your Tokyo adventure!   Crazy Cute Cafes  Animal cafes are the perfect place for a hot drink and a warm cuddle with pets. Tokyo has an array of choices based on your favourite animals. You can go for the classic cat and endearing dog cafes. These are priced as quality experiences because of the upkeep and care provided to the animals.  Temari no Ouchi, Cat Cafe Image Credit: Temari no Ouchi A unique cat cafe with decor like no other, the fun environment really allows you to watch the cats explore their environments. This place is extremely popular so make sure to reserve your place early! Address: 〒180-0004 Tōkyō, Musashino-shi, 吉祥寺本町Kichijōji Honchō, 2 Chome−13−14 Hours: 10am to 9pm Daily Fee: Y1200/60 min (no drinks) If you find reptiles, tortoises, and hedgehogs cute and prefer these funny friends over furry animals, then Tokyo’s cafe scene will not disappoint. An experience in Tokyo would not be complete without a trip to these utterly fascinating establishments. Tourists who do not consider themselves animal fans might even find themselves surprised by the fun and endearing experience these cafes can create. Harry Cafe, Hedgehog Cafe Image Credit: Harry Cafe  An extremely popular cafe, Harry is the first hedgehog cafe in the world! The staff at Harry encourage visitors to find their perfect hedgehog pair based on personalities and compatibility, making every experience unique. Address: Iwahori Building 2F, 6–7–2 Roppongi, Minato-ward, Tokyo Hours: 12pm to 8pm Daily (Last entry: 7.30pm)  Fee: 1400 yen~/30 min Owl Village Image Credit: Owl Village Harajuku In Japan, the owl has always been viewed as a symbol of good fortune and love. At Owl VIllage, owls are considered to exude healing and stress-relieving energy. This is a highly optimistic cafe to visit and the workers encourage positive experiences through various courses if a simple visit is not enough. Owl Village has branched out to three stores due to popular reaction and interest. Address: 150-0001, 4F HARAJUKU-ATM Building, 21-15, ​Jingumae 1 Chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Hours: 11am to 8pm Daily (Last entry: 7.30pm) Fee: 1500 yen~/60 min (limited time offer)- includes one free drink, one glass craft souvenir, and play with the owls   Restaurants Japan is known for its love story with seafood, this will make any searches for halal food very easy! Seafood and sushi are on offer nearly everywhere and for very affordable prices. But if you're craving some halal meat then Japanese, Korean and Indian food are also available. Halal Wagyu Yakiniku PANGA  Image Credit: Halal Wagyu Yakiniku PANGA As the name suggests, this restaurant is halal and doesn’t let Muslim visitors miss out on eating traditional Japanese and Asian food. The restaurant offers barbeque dishes where you pick the cut and do the grilling. If this isn't your style there are also Korean and national options. Halal Status: Halal Certified Address: 3-27-9 Taito, Taito 110-0016 Tokyo Prefecture Hours: Mon - Sat: 11.30am to 2pm; 5pm to 11pm Ninja Akasaka Photo Credit: Ninja Akasaka Japan is known for its long history of martial arts and stealthy ninjas. Although ninjas only ever wore their iconic outfits in the dark to blend with the night, ninja cafes are now an attraction tourists can enjoy. The cafe incorporates the underground and spying elements of being a ninja in the decor of the cafe to create an immersive experience for guests. This restaurant/cafe is considered one of the best restaurants not only for its food but for the whole experience that is entirely ninja-tastic! The ninja experience begins before you even step foot into the restaurant as the entrance is well-hidden, as all Ninja hiding spots should be. Photo Credit: Ninja Akasaka Website You may struggle to find the place, but once you are in, ninja magicians and ninja chefs will serve you elite dishes. Halal Status: Has halal and vegetarian options, but serves alcoholic beverages. Eat at your own discretion. Address: 2-14-3, Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Tokyu plaza Akasaka 1F Hours: Mon - Sat: 5pm to 1am (Last entry: 10.30pm) Sun & Holiday: 5pm to 11pm (Last entry: 9.45pm) Price: 7,000 yen - 15,000 yen (Dinner) Sakura Tei (Muslim Friendly) Photo Credit: Harajuku.jingumae on Instagram  This place is the definition of a restaurant to explore the senses. The food is paired with a visual experience of art and cool installations. The restaurant seats over 200 people, so the space is grand and the food choice is limitless. There are Muslim-friendly suggestions, vegetarian, vegan, and even gluten-free options. Unsurprisingly, this restaurant has recurrently won Tripadvisor excellence awards. Halal Status: There are muslim-friendly options (seafood and vegetarian), however the place does serve pork and non-halal beef. Eat at your own discretion.  Address: 3-20-1 Jingumae, Shibuya 150-0001 Tokyo Prefecture Hours: 11am to 1pm Daily (Last order: 10pm) Standing Sushi Bar Photo Credit: Uogashi_nihonichi on Instagram  This may seem strange to people who come from cultures that spend hours at the dinner table, but this dine-and-go experience is affordable, serves fresh sushi, and is available almost everywhere in Tokyo, so why miss out? Halal Status: Not certified halal. Eat at your own discretion. Address: Up to 20 locations Hours: Mon – Fri: 10.30am to 11pm Sat, Sun & Holidays: 10.30am to 9.30pm Price: Eat for less than 1400 yen   Experience Tokyo Step out onto the Shibuya crossing Photo Credit: Koukichi Takahashi on Unsplash Tokyo is the most populous metropolis in the world and the Shibuya crossing is evidence of this. At the axis of many shops, restaurants, cafes, and workplaces, Shibuya crossing is on the way to many pedestrian destinations. Busiest times: 3pm to 6pm Photo Credit: Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash The best bird's eye views include Mag’s park which is on a roof terrace of the building Magnet by Shibuya (there is an admission fee). The highest building around Shibuya is Shibuya Sky and will require some negotiating to get to the top. The easiest and most wallet-friendly location is the Starbucks Shibuya Tsutaya branch – be prepared for large crowds because it is extremely busy.   Nestle with Nature Tokyo’s legacy is a beautiful world of nature, architecture, and infrastructure built around what the natural landscape has to offer. The history of China and Japan is reflected in a lot of these gardens as philosophy, art and academia have all influenced the designs of the architecture. Rikugien Garden Photo Credit: Toshi_Tokyo on Flickr Considered to be Tokyo’s most beautiful landscape garden, this garden preserved the promenade paths of the Edo period. Although a few infrastructural inclusions such as the hills and bridges are man-made, the garden aimed to compliment and preserve nature, in the most sincere form. Address: 6 Chome-16-3 Honkomagome, Bunkyo City, Tokyo 113-0021, Japan Hours: 9am to 5pm Koishikawa Korakuen Garden Photo Credit: Guilhem Vellut on Flickr This historic garden was built for the Tokugawa family, a powerful Japanese ruling family, in commemoration of Japanese poetry and art. The colours of the leaves and nature in this garden are resplendent. Every season offers different natural wonders – cherry blossoms in early Spring, the plum season in late Winter, and the shades of auburn and reds in Autumn. Address: 1 Chome-6-6 Koraku, Bunkyo City, Tokyo 112-0004, Japan Hours: 9am to 5pm Mount Takao Photo Credit: Trang Pham on Flickr Mount Takao overlooks Tokyo and is one of the closest mountainous reserves to the city. There are numerous hiking trails surrounded by organic Japanese nature. The mountain is 599 meters high, making it a manageable day trek upwards to enjoy the spectacular views. There is also a cable car lift that takes visitors up halfway.   Heritage and History Hour Imperial Palace Photo Credit: Svetlana Gumerova on Unsplash Walk a mile in royal shoes by visiting the Imperial Palace. The palace is composed of many buildings surrounded by a large park. Although it is not the original, it is an exact copy of the traditional palace. It is recommended to take tours which are held daily and will provide a lot of insider information. Address: 1-1 Chiyoda, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 100-8111, Japan Hours: Tues – Sat: 9am to 11.15am ; 1.30pm to 2.45pm Sensō-ji in Asakusa Photo Credit: Josh Soto on Unsplash This ancient Buddhist temple built in 645 AD necessitates a visit with its stunning bright red facade and impressive iconic roofing. A 200-meter shopping street is now a place for street food and souvenirs, when it was originally home to a bustling market. Address: 2-3-1 Asakusa, Taito City, Tokyo Hours: 6am to 5pm (opens at 6.30am from October to March) Ueno Park Photo Credit: Manuel Cosentino on Unsplash Once upon a time, the sacred grounds of the Kaneiji Temple, Ueno Park was believed to protect Tokyo from evil. After centuries of war and disturbances, Ueno Parks stands today as the grounds of heritage and history. Many of Tokyo’s shrines and museums can be found all around Ueno Park including The Tokyo National Museum, the National Museum for Western Art, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, the National Science Museum, and the Ueno Zoo. Address: Japan, 〒110-0007 Tokyo, Taito City, Uenokoen, 8, 5−20・池之端三丁目 Hours: 5am to 11pm Daily   Appreciate the Arts The arts in Japan are both distinctive and special; you cannot run out of things to enjoy in Tokyo! Studio Ghibli Museum via Giphy Possibly the Disney of Japan, Studio Ghibli creates heartwarming, profound films that have taken the world by storm. A visit to this museum will take you down memory lane and also allow you to experience the behind-the-scenes of creating movies. Enjoy the special exhibitions or, if you have time, sit through one of your favorite films. Photo Source: Studio Ghibli Museum Website Address: 1 Chome-1-83 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka, Tokyo 181-0013, Japan Fees: 1,000 yen for adults; 700 yen for 13-16yrs, 400 yen for 7-12 yrs. Kabuki-za Photo Credit: Ton Hooster on Flickr Kabuki is the distinctive traditional dance dramas that rose to popularity in the late Edo period. It was originally acted only by women but a law change made it illegal for women to act. Nowadays it is performed exclusively by men, and visitors can catch shows at theatres. Kabukiza Theatre offers English subtitles and explanations with context. Address: 15 12, 4-chōme, Ginza Chuo City, Tōkyō-to, 104-0061, Japan Akihabara Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons Akihabara is a district in Tokyo known for its wild world of anime, manga and collectibles, arcades, and much more. There's something for everyone so don't be deterred by things you are not used to. Japan has always been ahead with electronics and games so make sure to check out the electronics emporium and arcades with original games. If you are an anime and manga fan then Akihabara is the place to go for cheap collectibles and discounted deals. There are also robot cafes for a futuristic experience, cosplay photoshoot studios, and Buddhist cuisine. The quirky and crazy artistic choices are truly endless!   Be Fashion Forward Nakameguro and Daikanyama Photo Credit: Jeanbean30 on Flickr The fashionable districts of Tokyo are where all the young and culturally trendy individuals go to spend their time off. Meguro river has a beautiful natural display of Sakura trees in the winter-spring months, with April being the best month. These neighborhoods merge the traditional, the modern, and the quirky. There are sophisticated upmarket and boutique shops that people have compared to being a ‘little Brooklyn’ alongside preserved shrines and modern glass buildings. Address: Nakameguro and Daikanyama areas ...

  • Magical Hygge Campsite: Japan's Princess Mononoke Campsite

    Japan is set to open a Hygge inspired glamping campsite in 2021. Hygge (pronounced as Hue-ga), is a Danish word which means "a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being". If that sounds like something you would enjoy, here’s a place worthy of a detour to the Inabe City while traveling on the Bullet Train between Kyoto and Nagoya. Image Source: henrik-innovation Located in the dense forest of Uga Valley in the Mie prefecture, the Hygge Circles Ugakei by Nordisk will be a breathtaking magical campsite surrounded by lush forests, waterfalls, and cool mountain streams. With its aesthetically pleasing looks, it is easy not to think that one of the key intent of this campsite is also to bring visitors closer to nature with environmental sustainability in mind. Riding on the waves of the ecotourism movement in Japan. Image Source:   Different Kinds of Lodging The campsite will offer an experience closer to glamping in a sense, with a choice of available accommodations that will really make use of the natural scenery around the area, bringing out the Hygge aspect with full effect to the campers and visitors. Currently, the plans are that the campsite will feature Nordisk tents and Hygge Lodges alongside the Hygge Education field and the Hygge Nature field. Image Source: henrik-innovation Image Source: henrik-innovation Visitors will be assured to get the full and authentic Hygge experience while also enjoying the wonders of the natural wonders in Japan as the campsite will be constructed by Tredje Natur, a Danish architectural firm, alongside Structured Environment, a Japanese Engineering firm. All based on the sustainability advice from henrik-innovations, ensuring that campsite is green and eco-friendly. Letting visitors have the peace of mind while enjoying the facilities of the campsite. Image Source: henrik-innovation   Resemblance to Princess Mononoke from Studio Ghibli Avid fans of the Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli have pointed out the resemblance of the Hygge Circles Ugakei with the settings of the blockbuster hit, Princess Mononoke. The movie is largely based in the forest just like where the Hygge Circles Ugakei campsite is located in. It will definitely be a place to visit to have the full experience of the Princess Mononoke movie! Image Source: henrik-innovation For the fans of the animated studio, there will also be a fully-fledged theme park under works which is based on the studio’s animated films estimated to be open in late 2022 in Japan. With the Dondoko Forest - a My Neighbor Totoro inspired forest, Ghibli’s Giant Warehouse, the Hill of Youth - with the antique shop from Whisper of the Heart, Village of Mononoke - official recreation of the locations in Princess Mononoke and the Valley of Witches - a salute to Kiki’s Delivery Service.  Image Source: Studio Ghibli   Perfect for the Outdoor Traveller Imagine sitting by the campfire surrounded by the serene forest under the starry night sky while enjoying a cup of tea, this campsite promises to be a must-visit place for people who love the outdoors. A place where you can recharge and escape the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced and busy city life through connecting with nature. Check out our other blog on "Forest Bathing: Relax, Rejuvenate & Recharge With Nature When You're In Japan" if you want to learn more about reconnecting with nature. If you’re more of a city-dweller check out our blog on “Japan's Most Aesthetic Hostels You Need To Check Out”. Where we scour the street of Tokyo for the most awesome looking hotels you can find a piece of peace in the hustle and bustle of the city. With only the released renders, pictures, and limited information of the campsite to go by, it already looks to be an interesting development. There's no surprise that it is a highly anticipated project by all the avid travelers looking for new places to explore when the pandemic blows over. We know we will definitely keep an eye on this campsite for our next visit to Japan....

  • 10 Sebab Mengapa Anda Wajib Melawati Hong Kong

    Artikel ini aslinya ditulis oleh Assia Hamdi dalam bahasa Inggris. Kamu boleh membaca artikel dalam bahasa Inggris yang ditulisnya di sini. Tahukah anda bahawa Hong Kong adalah bandar keempat di dunia yang paling padat penduduknya? Dengan populasi lebih dari 7 juta orang, bandar raya ini yang sentiasa kesesakan trafik selalu mempunyai pelbagai aktiviti yang dapat menyeronokkan dan mengagumkan anda. Anda boleh bersiar-siar dan melihat pelbagai monumen keagamaan yang bersejarah, membeli jenama tempatan eksklusif dari 10 pusat membeli-belah dan menikmati makanan sedap dengan pelbagai jenis hidangan yang disajikan di restoran-restoran halal di Hong Kong. Oleh itu, jika anda sedang merancang percutian impian anda, berikut adalah 10 sebab mengapa anda harus melancong ke Hong Kong! via GIPHY 1. Lawati bandar-bandar yang berdekatan Hong Kong Kredit Gambar: Kychan di Unsplash; Melancong ke bandar-bandar berdekatan Hong Kong sangat mudah dengan lebih daripada satu cara untuk pergi ke bandar-bandar ini. Pelancong boleh menaiki kereta api, feri, bas atau kapal terbang ke bandar-bandar ini dengan senang. Setelah anda sudah mendarat di Asia, Hong Kong pasti merupakan perhentian yang sesuai untuk anda! Oleh kerana Hong Kong adalah salah satu hab penerbangan yang paling sibuk di dunia, ini menjadikannya sesuatu tempat yang sungguh mudah untuk mencari penerbangan terus ke dalam atau dari destinasi. Selain itu, kerana Hong Kong terletak di daerah Selatan China, ia berfungsi sebagai percutian terbaik untuk singgah sebelum anda menuju ke Asia Tenggara. Sekiranya anda ingin menginap lebih lama di Hong Kong, berjalanlah ke bandar-bandar yang berdekatan seperti ShenZhen dan Macau. Bandar-bandar kosmopolitan ini selalu dilawati oleh pelancong di Hong Kong kerana ia sangat mudah untuk melintasi sempadannya. Sekarang, anda boleh menaiki kereta api selama 20 minit di Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link (XRL) atau selama 45 minit dengan metro di East Rail Line. Walaupun kereta api adalah mod pengangkutan yang paling popular, ada yang lebih suka menaiki bas ulang-alik privet, menaiki feri dari Terminal Feri Hong Kong Macau ke Shekou Cruise Port atau penerbangan ke Lapangan Terbang Shenzhen. Baca Juga: All Set For The Best Deals In Seoul? Check Out These Top 5 Night Markets in Seoul, South KoreaMelancong Bersama Kami!: The Best of Tokyo and Osaka In 7 Nights 2. Kemudahan Pengangkutan Awam Kredit Gambar: Gambar oleh Chapman Chow di Unsplash Menurut artikel yang ditulis oleh Daniel Szuc, dianggarkan lebih 90% daripada 7.4 juta orang yang tinggal di Hong Kong menggunakan pengangkutan awam. Rekod ini hanya membuktikan kecekapan pengangkutan awam di Hong Kong. Semasa anda berada di Hong Kong, benda pertama yang anda harus mendapatkan adalah kad Octopus. Apabila anda memilih tiket mingguan atau tiket pelancong, anda akan menjimatkan banyak wang ketika anda menggunakan pengangkutan awam di Hong Kong. Sekiranya anda hanya menaiki pengangkutan awam untuk sebahagian perjalanan anda, anda mungkin mahu membayar semasa anda menaikinya. Namun, jika anda ada tiket mingguan atau tiket pelancong, anda boleh melangkau barisan di kaunter tiket ketika suasana stesen kereta api sesak atau sibuk. Isi sejumlah wang dalam kad Octopus anda kerana anda pasti akan menggunakannya di hampir semua tempat. Ini termasuk tempat teropong di Victoria's Peak, kedai-kedai serbaneka dan mesin-mesin layan diri (Vending Machine). Keluarkan kad Octopus anda dan menggunakannya untuk kereta api, trem, dan di Star Ferry di seberang Victoria Harbour. Pada akhir perjalanan anda, bawa pulang kad Octopus sebagai cenderahati atau kembalikannya ke Pusat Khidmat Pelanggan di lapangan terbang atau stesen MTR untuk mendapatkan bayaran balik HK$50 dan baki nilai di dalam kad itu. 3. Pelbagai pilihan makanan Halal Semasa anda berada di Hong Kong, nikmati masakan tempatan Hong Kong yang terbaik - Dim Sum! Pergilah ke Kantin Pusat Islam ketika anda berada di bandar. Tip! Pastikan anda membeli Dim Sum pada waktu pagi. Penduduk-penduduk Hongkong menikmati Dim Sum sebagai sarapan jadi jangan datang pada waktu petang setelah semua makanan enak hampir habis! Jangan bimbang tentang ketersediaan makanan Halal ketika anda berada di Hong Kong! #Alhamdulillah Perkara yang paling kami sukai di Hong Kong adalah restoran-restorannya dimiliki orang Muslim dan makanan Halal yang menyajikan masakan Kanton yang terdapat di setiap daerah. Pelancong mungkin perlu berjalan-jalan mencarinya, tetapi setelah anda mendapat lokasi yang betul, percayalah kepada kami, ia sangat berbaloi! Anda akan mendapat banyak restoran Halal yang menyajikan masakan Kantonis, Turki, India dan Indonesia. Kami mempunyai tiga tempat makanan Halal yang mesti dikunjungi semasa anda berada di Hong Kong.   Islamic Center Canteen Walaupun ini mungkin klise, anda wajib menjamu selera di Islamic Center Canteen, tidak kira apa jadual perjalanan anda ketika anda mengunjungi Hong Kong. Terletak di tingkat 5 dalam Pusat Islam Osman Ramju Sadick, makanan di sini pasti berpatutan dengan hidangan Dim Sum bermula dari harga HKD13. Status Halal: Mempunyai Sijil HalalMaklumat: 5/F, Masjid Ammar and Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Centre, 40 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong IslandWaktu Operasi: 10am - 9pm   Wai Kee Wai Kee adalah lagi satu restoran yang disyorkan yang anda mesti kunjungi semasa anda berada di Hong Kong. Ini adalah tempat untuk anda mendapatkan nasi goreng itik panggang untuk HKD38. Ini akan membuat anda kembali lagi. Status Halal: Muslim-OwnedMaklumat: Stall #5 Bowrington Cooked Food Centre 1/F Bowrington Road Market, 23 Bowrington Road, Wan Chai, Hong KongWaktu Operasi: 10am - 6pm Ma’s Restaurant Ma's Restaurant adalah restoran yang menyajikan masakan Xinjiang. Anda boleh pilih dari pelbagai hidangan dan masakan yang macam-macam dari menu-nya. Ini juga merupakan satu-satunya restoran di mana anda dapat menikmati mi daging lembu Halal yang bertempatan (HKD50), dan hidangan sampingan yang paling disyorkan adalah Veal Goulash (HKD42). Status Halal: Mempunyai Sijil HalalMaklumat: Shop A, 21-25 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Sham Shui Po, Hong KongWaktu Operasi: 11.30am - 11pm Ini hanyalah setitik restoran yang terpilih dalam makanan-makanan Halal di Hong Kong. Bandar ini terdapat lebih daripada 70 restoran Halal, jadi pastikan untuk merancang jadual perjalanan anda dengan bijak dan dapatkan rasa masakan tempatan di Hong Kong!   4. Menjaga Solat Kita Kredit Gambar: Gambar oleh Joshua J. Cotten di Unsplash Menurut tinjauan yang dilakukan pada tahun 2016, terdapat kira-kira 300,000 umat Islam yang tinggal di Hong Kong, yang merupakan 4.1% penduduknya. Umat Islam di Hong Kong terdiri daripada pelbagai bangsa seperti Cina, Indonesia dan Pakistan, dan sebahagian besar daripada mereka adalah Muslim Sunni. Hong Kong mempunyai lima masjid rasmi; masjid terbesar adalah Masjid Kowloon dan Pusat Islam (Kowloon Mosque and Islamic Centre), yang dapat menampung sehingga 3,500 orang. Masjid Kowloon didirikan pada tahun 1896 and ia dibina pada mulanya untuk tentera India Muslim dari tentera Inggeris untuk menjalankan tugas agama mereka. Masjid persegi ini terdiri daripada 4 menara, marmar putih di fasad dan lantai, atap merah jambu dan kubah besar di atasnya. Empat masjid lain di wilayah ini termasuk Masjid Ammar dan Pusat Islam Osman Ramju Sadick, Masjid Jamia, Masjid Chai Wan dan Masjid Stanley. Selain dari masjid-masjid ini, terdapat juga ruang solat dan ruang di tempat-tempat tarikan pelancong seperti Hong Kong Disneyland dan Oceanpark.   5. Lampu yang mempesonakan dan Pencakar Langit yang menjulang tinggi Menurut Guinness World Records, Hong Kong merupakan bandar perkotaan tertinggi di dunia, kerana jumlah ketinggian semua pencakar langitnya melebihi 330 kilometer. Dengan pelbagai bangunan pencakar langit yang menghiasi pelabuhan, Hong Kong terkenal kerana ia mempunyai salah satu latar langit yang paling mengagumkan. Waktu malam terutama sekali memaparkan sisi langit yang indah kerana lampu warna-warni menghiasi Victoria Peak. Lebih-lebih lagi, pada Disember 2005, Hong Kong memecahkan satu lagi Rekod Dunia Guinness (Guinness World Record) untuk "Persembahan Kekal Yang Terbesar untuk Cahaya dan Suara" (Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show). Pertunjukan 10 minit ini dinamakan A Symphony of Lights (Simfoni Cahaya) dan bermula setiap malam pada pukul 8pm. Ia menampilkan paparan kesan visual khas yang mempesonakan ketika pancaran laser dan kilatan menerangi langit malam, disertai dengan muzik yang menggembirakan. Ini jelas menunjukkan bahawa anda tidak mahu ketinggalan persembahan ini semasa anda berada di Hong Kong! Pada akhir pertunjukan, anda boleh pergi ke kawasan popular seperti Lan Kwai Fong dan SoHo untuk mendapatkan pengalaman yang meriah pada waktu malam. Sebaliknya, jika anda mencari pengalaman yang lebih tenang, anda boleh melakukan pelayaran pada waktu malam di sepanjang Victoria Harbour atau mengunjungi Pasar Malam Temple Street di mana anda boleh membeli barang-barang antik dan teh sebagai cenderahati untuk orang-orang yang anda sayangi.   6. Di Sinilah Seni Jalanan Berkembang Maju Kredit Gambar: Lysander Yuen di Unsplash Hong Kong mempunyai pelbagai seni jalanan yang meriah di mana anda boleh mendapatkan gambar OOTD (Outfit of the Day/Pakaian Hari) yang sempurna. Ia tidak sukar untuk mencarinya kerana seni-seni ini dinamakan Art Lane dan ia menampilkan mural berwarna-warni yang dilukis di bangunan lama, dan merangkumi tema seni dan muzik. Terletak juga di salah satu kawasan kejiranan paling sibuk di Hong Kong iaitu Public Square Street. Tempat mural ini mempunyai tangga yang dilukis dengan reka bentuk bunga kuning, biru dan merah terang – sesuai untuk mengambil gambar untuk Instagram. Tempat seni jalanan lain yang patut disebuti adalah Sing Lei Mahjong Parlor, yang terletak di tengah-tengah Temple Street Market. Ia menampilkan karikatur pemimpin-pemimpin politik yang sedang bermain permainan mahjong yang lucu.   7. Tarikan Pelancongan Mesra Muslim Tidak ada tarikan yang lebih seronok untuk keluarga anda untuk bersiar-siar seharian selain dari taman tema terbaik di Hong Kong. Hidupkan kembali impian masa kecil anda dan habiskan hari anda di Hong Kong Disneyland. Risau untuk mencari makanan Halal? Terdapat restoran dan kiosk makanan yang disahkan Halal di Hong Kong Disneyland. Dan! Ruang solat boleh didapati di taman tema di sebelah Restoran Tahitian Terrace (Halal). Sejujurnya, anda tidak perlu menjadi kanak-kanak untuk menikmati taman tema Hong Kong. Taman tema ini selalu ada sesuatu untuk setiap kumpulan umur. Hong Kong Disneyland adalah tempat yang anda ingin lawati jika anda mencari percutian yang mempesonakan dalam pelancongan anda ke Hong Kong. Menginap selama satu atau dua malam di tempat peranginan mereka dan dikelilingi dengan segala yang menggembirakan kanak-kanak batin anda. Peminat tunggangan taman tema yang mendebarkan? Keistimewaan Ocean Park pasti begitu. Taman tema berusia 40 tahun ini mungkin kelihatan kuno di luar tetapi anda pasti tidak mahu ketinggalan taman tema ini semasa anda berada di Hong Kong. Pertama sekali, taman tema ini BESAR. Berlumba ke tunggangan klasik mereka seperti Hair Raiser, The Flash, The Mine Train dan The Dragon. Apabila tiba waktunya, singgah untuk solat di dalam taman tema itu sekali. Berjalan ke Pejabat Perhubungan Tetamu dan kakitangan di situ akan membantu anda ke ruang solat. Dapatkan tenaga anda balik di restoran yang disahkan Halal di Ocean Park - Cafe Ocean, Dive Into A Float di Marina World dan Panda Cafe Food To Go di Amazing Asian Animals. Petua! Bawa Bersama anda pakaian solat dan sejadah poket. Anda akan menemui arah kiblat yang bertanda di dalam bilik. Anda boleh menunaikan wudhu di tandas berdekatan. Pada waktu malam, naiki Pelayaran Pelabuhan Bauhinia (Bauhinia Harbour Cruises) dan nikmati pemandangan Pelabuhan Victoria yang menakjubkan. Dinamai sempena bandar bunga Hong Kong, Bauhinia, Pelayaran Pelabuhan Bauhinia membolehkan anda masuk kapal yang telah menjadi sebahagian daripada sistem pengangkutan awam Hong Kong. Menjamu selera Pelayaran Pelabuhan Bauhinia’s menu Halal di atas kapal atau mengambil udara segar di dek atas.Petua! Pelayaran Pelabuhan Bauhinia berhenti di North Point dan Hung Hom Pier. Untuk maklumat lebih lanjut, lawati   8. Nikmati Alam Terbaik Kredit: @hannyg_3 di Instagram Walaupun saiznya kecil, Hong Kong tetap dapat mengekalkan lanskap alam semula jadi. Sama ada di pantai atau kawasan pergunungan, pelancong dan orang awam dapat menikmati pengembaraan berjalan kaki, jalan-jalan rekreasi dan berenang. Hong Kong Global Geopark adalah kawasan yang luas dengan formasi batuan unik yang menampilkan pemandangan indah. Terdapat juga Taman Kowloon untuk peneliti dan pemerhati burung, dan juga untuk berkelah dan bersantai. Beberapa pantai termasuk Pantai Big Wave Bay, Pantai Repulse Bay dan Mui Wo dan Pantai SilverMine Bay. Dikelilingi oleh bukit, kehijauan dan pergunungan, pantai-pantai ini kaya dengan pemandangan alam semula jadi yang biru dan hijau. Luangkan satu hari dari jadual perjalanan anda dan naiki Dragon's Back semasa anda berada di Hong Kong. Kembara berjalan kaki ini akan membawa anda ke Big Wave Bay yang indah. Semasa perkembaraan anda, anda akan dapat melihat pemandangan panorama pantai bandar ini. Dragon's Back ini pasti akan membuat jantung anda mengepam tetapi jangan ragu untuk perlahankan aktiviti mendaki dan mengikut rentak anda sendiri.   9. Sejarah dan Budaya Kredit Gambar: Jason Cooper di Unsplash Bolehkah anda percaya bahawa penduduk-penduduk pertama di Hong Kong menetap pada akhir Zaman Batu? Itu hampir 9 abad yang lalu! Hari ini, Hong Kong dipenuhi dengan banyak harta karun yang unik, iaitu 'Big Buddha' setinggi 34 meter yang terletak di biara Po Lin, dan kuil-kuilnya yang moden seperti Kuil Wong Tai Sin yang berfungsi sebagai rumah ibadat bagi tiga agama - Taoisme, Buddhisme, dan Confucianisme. Cara Sampai Ke Sini! Naik Keretapi MTR dan turun di Stesen Tung Chung, Exit B. Anda akan menemui Citygate Outlet Mall tepat di luar stesen kereta api. Berjalan lebih jauh ke arah Terminal Kereta Kabel Ngong Ping dan naik kereta kabel 25 minit ke Ngong Ping 360. Sebagai alternatif, menaiki bas 23 dari Stesen Tung Chung selama 50 minit perjalanan ke Terminal Bas Ngong Ping. Tempat bersejarah lain yang patut disebutkan adalah Haw Par Mansions yang menggabungkan unsur-unsur Cina dan Barat dalam gaya seni bina, dan Gua Kamikaze yang dulu diduduki oleh tentera Jepun semasa Perang Dunia II. Berjalan ke Muzium Sejarah Hong Kong dan bayangkan bagaimana peneroka awal tiba di Hong Kong dengan kapal jong (junk). Gali lebih mendalam dan berlajar mengenai perkembangan dan pemodenan Hong Kong di bawah jajahan Inggeris. Jangan ketinggalan Kowloon City Walled Park semasa anda berada di Hong Kong dan saksikan bagaimana bandar ini pernah dikenali sebagai tempat paling padat penduduk di dunia ini. Bandar ini mempunyai 35,000 orang yang dimuatkan dalam bangunan apartment yang sungguh kecil. Namun, teruskan mendengar tentang kisah-kisah mereka yang menetap di sini. Keadaan hidup mereka mungkin kelihatan pelik tetapi penduduk-penduduk Kowloon gembira. 10. Berkata Ya Untuk Pasar Malam! Kredit Gambar: Gambar oleh Annie Spratt di Unsplash Terakhirnya, Hong Kong tidak akan segembira dan riang tanpa penduduk-penduduk mereka. Sama ada anda bangun pada pukul 5 pagi untuk menyaksikan penduduk tempatan berlatih Tai Chi atau berduduk di gerai makan pada waktu petang, anda boleh mengharapkan orang tempatan berbual mesra dengan anda, sama ada anda saling bertutur dalam bahasa yang sama atau tidak. Lebih-lebih lagi, jikalaupun anda tersesat, penduduk tempatan akan bersedia membantu anda mencari jalan. Pastikan anda bersedia dengan beberapa frasa Kantonis!   Petua! Inilah lembaran cheat frasa Kantonis anda: Terdapat banyak lagi yang boleh diterokai di bandar Hong Kong. Hong Kong telah berkembang selama bertahun-tahun. Temui sudut-sudut dan celah-celah Hong Kong dan rasakan sisi Hong Kong yang berbeza. Artikel ini disampaikan kepada anda oleh Lembaga Pelancongan Hong Kong. via GIPHY...

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