Steak Out Restaurant located in Leicester, United Kingdom offers American and much more food dishes. The food served here is Halal, unique and delicious, and the restaurant is a definite must-visit!

Leicester, United Kingdom



Steak Out Restaurant located in Leicester, United Kingdom offers American and much more food dishes. The food served here is Halal, unique and delicious, and the restaurant is a definite must-visit!


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14 Granby Street Leicester Leicestershire LE1 1DE



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  • Birmingham: Check Out These Halal Eateries To Fill Up Your Tum Tum

    Birmingham is a hugely diverse city in England and it is the second most populated area in the UK after London. So, there's no surprise that with the amount of people living there, there is an abundance of choice of Halal eateries to fill up your Tum Tum. Keep reading for a carefully selected choice of halal eateries in Birmingham. Marrakech Restaurant Picture Credit: Marrakech Restaurant Facebook This restaurant succeeds in creating a gentle fusion of Mediterranean cuisine along with its neighbour north african cuisine. Customers love the marinated meats and garlic prawns that are clearly presented to let the flavours and recipes truly satisfy the taste palettes. From filling choices such as meat tagines, homemade bread to lighter dishes such as brochettes, mediterranean salads and hummus. The restaurant can satisfy groups of friends, adults and couples on dates. Address: 1122 Stratford Road | Hall Green Birmingham, Birmingham B28 8AE, EnglandPrice Range: ££Opening Hours: 5PM to 11PM (Mon-Thu)                               5PM to 11.30PM (Fri & Sat)                               4.20PM to 11PM (Sun)Contact: +44 121 702 2244Website: Facebook | Instagram Wrap Chic Picture Credit: Wrap Chic Bullring Facebook A simple eatery in Bullring Shopping Centre, it’s a perfect stop during your shopping days and even worth a visit when nearby. This fast food fusion of Mexican and Indian wraps, bowls, meats is simple and straight to the point. Don’t be afraid to ask the staff to explain the menu as they engage and allow tasters as they understand their concept is unique. The opportunity to customize your bowls, burritos, wrap-chos, wrap, wraplette or Quesadilla means there's someone for everyone. A great place for family with little ones, hang out stops with friends, quick stops and lunch- breaks. Bullring OutletAddress: Bullring | Bullring Shopping Centre, Birmingham B5 4BU, EnglandPrice Range: £Opening Hours: 11AM to 8PM (Mon-Sat)                          11AM to 5PM (Sun)Contact: +44 7572 464 640Website:​ Facebook Birmingham International Airport OutletAddress: Birmingham International Airport​ | Ground Floor, North Terminal,​ B26 3QJ​Price Range: £Opening Hours: 6AM to 9PM (Daily)Contact: +44 121 782 1938​Website:​ My Lahore Picture Credit: MyLahore Facebook The atmosphere in My Lahore sizzles, from the meats placed sizzling hot before you to the colourful decor. Introducing Asian food with no inhibitions, you can find your classic currys, biryani, naan choices as well as choices from the Far east such as noodles and sweet and sour meats. If you have some picky little ones, they also have burgers and steaks available. The portions are sized generously and the traditionally decorated environment matches the food placed before you. The place is often packed and great for celebratory gatherings as well as family outings. Address: 191-194 Bradford Street, Birmingham B12 0JD, EnglandPrice Range: ££-£££Opening Hours: 12PM to 12AM (Mon-Thu)                               12PM to 1AM (Fri)                               1PM to 1AM (Sat)                               1PM to 12AM (Sun)Contact: +44 121 771 1117Website:​ Facebook | Instagram | YouTube Golden Balti Indian Takeaway Picture Credit: Golden Balti Indian Takeaway Many customers who have ordered from Golden Balti Indian Takeaway have returned for more. The tiny atmosphere and cultural remnants are felt as the food tastes authentic and homemade. Perfect for that cosy night in with some good comfort food without the hassle of preparing and cleaning. Golden Balti Indian do all the hard work and allow you to enjoy their delicious bangladeshi, indian food. Upon specific requests, the cooks can also whisk something off menu for you such as vegan or vegetarian foods or any cravings you have. This is perfect for sleepovers, days when you leave the office late or times with the family in-front of a film. Address: 82B Edgewood Road | Rednal, Birmingham B45 8SG, EnglandPrice Range: 5PM to 11PM (Mon-Sun)Opening Hours: ££-£££Contact: +44 121 453 0338Website: Kobe Sizzlers Picture Credit: Kobe Sizzlers Steakhouse Facebook Although, not in Birmingham, it is just a one hour drive away and may be worth the trek for special occasions. Kobe Sizzlers is a deluxe diner that uses 35 day old steaks, premium ingredients that compliment each-other. Experts have created a menu that includes a variety of food guilty pleasures, such as truffle fries, monterey jack cheese melted on marinated grilled chicken, jalapeno teriyaki sauce on an 8oz beef patty. The restaurants crowning glory are the sizzlers which arrive with a meat of your choice, sauce of your choice and Hand-cut triple cooked Chips, Rice/Noodles, Onions, Green Beans & Carrots. The dishes arriving sizzling hot as the title of the restaurant suggests. Great for family, friends and days where your feeling a huge meal Address: 64-66 London Road Leicester, Leicestershire LE2 0QD AreaPrice Range: ££-£££Opening Hours: 5.30PM to 10.30PM (Mon-Thu)                              5.30PM to 11PM (Fri)                              1.30PM to 11PM (Sat)                              1.30PM to 10PM (Sun)Contact: +44 116 222 5555​Website:​ Facebook | Instagram...

  • Still Clueless About The EPL 2018? We'll Break It Down For You!

    Clueless about the English Premier League or also known as EPL? Don't worry because we got you covered! Despite being a massive phenomenon in England, only hard core fans have a general idea of the premier league teams, and understanding of the league gets sparse when you leave England. Set up The league includes 20 teams - 19 English and 1 Welsh team playing 38 matches. The EPL commences every year and it is ranked at number four among the professional sports leagues in the world with an approximate gain of 5,297 € million. Origins This central English season in Football has been running since the 90’s with a constant increasing popularity. However, it hasn’t always been the case, the low point in the 80’s was peaked when English clubs were banned from playing in European competitions after the Heysel Stadium Disaster which saw 39 deaths and 600 injuries. This devastating event led to an attempt to rebuild the English football legacy. In 1992, the league held its first season with 22 members including all the current big football names. The Teams Arsenal Liverpool Bournemouth Manchester City Brighton Manchester United Hove Albion Newcastle United Burnley Southampton Chelsea Stoke City Crystal Palace Tottenham Hotspur Everton Watford Huddersfield Town West Bromwich Albion Leicester City West Ham United The “Top Four” There are four English teams that are recognised worldwide. Fans around the globe support these English teams with a fervour presented through jerseys, football mugs. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United are the main teams that has constantly topped the English Premier League Table. They would qualify for the European competition and managed to raise popularity and awareness, improving the reputation of the English Football teams worldwide. Most Championship Picture Credit: GetWallpapers The title of most Championships won goes to Manchester United with 13 wins in total. Nicknamed the “red devils” they are one of the most popular football teams in the world with an average value of 3.1 billion. It is no surprise that Manchester United has been predicted to win the 2018/2019 championship. Leicester Picture Credit: The Comeback This year the Premier League kicks off on the 10th of August at 8pm. The first match will feature Leicester City and Man United. As this highly anticipated season for football approaches, the estimates and stats have begun and predictions are high. Football fans predict the outcomes of the match based on the teams performance during the year and star football players who have proven themselves. Now that you have a basic understanding of the English Premier League, pick a team, buy the memorabilia, wear the jersey and get ready to cheer for your team!...

  • 10 Muslim Footballers Everyone Should Be A Fan Of

    Football is an international sport that transcends religion, ethnicities and nationalities. So, Muslim Footballers are far and wide. Some surprises may be found as you read through the players! Whilst others will openly perform Sajdah after a goal, or their social media and popularity have given it away. Here are the short stories of 10 Muslim footballers. 1. Mesut Ozil Picture Credit: 101 Great Goals Nationality: Germany and TurkishTeams: Arsenal, GermanyPosition: Attacking Midfielder Football Story Starting young in German teams, his first team career ended badly when he fell out with the club Manager of Schalke 04. This led to his defining role in Werder Bremen where his role as a key playmaker allowed him to gain fame, he was declared "best player of the first half of the season". This allowed his big move to the team of Real Madrid which was important as a rising skillful player he required a famous team. After 3 seasons, Arsene Wenger played a key role in convincing Ozil to come play for Arsenal. This move was hated by his Real Madrid co-players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, "He was the player who best knew my moves in front of goal ... I'm angry about Özil leaving.” Ozil has since become synonymous with Arsenal being signed on till 2021. He is known for being a German Turkish player proud of his heritage and religion. He has stated in interviews that he recites Quran before every game and this habit is respected by his team-mates who know not to disturb him. In an interview he explained, "My technique and feeling for the ball is the Turkish side to my game. The discipline, attitude and always-give-your-all is the German part." 2. Franck Ribery Picture Credit: FC Bayern Munich Nationality: FranceTeams: Bayern Munchen, FrancePosition: ​Winger, Left Side Football Story He began playing at the age of 6. At the age of 13 he joined the professional outfit of Lille, he left for the biggest club in the city of Boulogne, US Boulogne, after a few moves in 2005 he joined Marseille on a 5 year contract. His style of play "fast, tricky, and an excellent dribbler who has great control with the ball at his feet" gained him recognition and fame for his left sided play. His current role in Bayern Munich has proven to be long-standing as his career with the German club started in 2007 and has been contracted till 2019. Although, his international career with the French team has ended due to “purely personal” reasons in 2014, he has continued to persevere with Bayern Munich despite injuries. Ribery married a French national of Algerian Descent and converted to Islam, adopting the name Bilal Yusuf Mohamed. In addition, to conversion, Ribery has opened a non-alcoholic bar in attempts to fight alcohol addiction, he named the bar after his 2 daughters. 3. Demba Ba Picture Credit: Nationality: SenegalTeams: Senegal and Shanghai ShenhuaPosition: Striker Football Story Although his career started in France, Demba gained fame when he joined famous English teams such as West Ham United, Newcastle United and Chelsea. He left Chelsea earlier than his contract deadline due to the arrival of Diego Costa another striker. This time his move was more than over the English Channel and he joined a Turkish team Beşiktaş, he moved on to China a year later to join Shanghai Shenhua and has become a key player scoring 6 goals in 11 games including a hat-trick. He won the titles of 2015 Chinese FA Cup Most Valuable Player and Top Scorer. Born Muslim due to the majority of muslims in West-Africa, Demba performs Sujud on the pitch as a celebration of goals and observes fasts during the Islamic month of Ramadan. 4. Islam Feruz Picture Credit: We Ain't Got No History Nationality: British, Somali, TanzaniaTeams: Chelsea and ScotlandPosition: Forward Football Story From a Somali family who migrated to Yemen and Tanzania to escape the violence and war, he joined the Celtic club and they helped him to stay in the country and move into an expensive flat. His first match was at the age of 14. He moved to Chelsea in 2011 but it was in 2014 that a long-term contract was signed, however through his career he has been loaned to many teams for specific seasons and games. Born in a Muslim country and being educated in Scotland’s most racially diverse schools Hillhead High School, he has had the chance to practice his religion freely. His name is a great hint to his religion. 5. Paul Pogba Picture Credit: LE BUZZ Nationality: FrenchTeams: France, Manchester UnitedPosition: Central Midfielder (sometimes Attacking Midfielder, Defensive Midfielder) Football Story Known as a midfielder player, his capability of playing left, in holding and even attacking shows a versatility only a few football players hold. He's known for his long legs which work quick and has a powerful and accurate striking ability. His career began in the national youth football team. He was destined for greatness when he captained the team at just 16, then later for the under 20 team. His senior career debut was in 2013 when he played the full 90 minutes and gained a reputation for being a team player and eventually won the FIFA tournament’s Best Young Player. Recently during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, he scored the winning goal in France’s game against Australia. Recently, social media blew up for football fans when Pogba uploaded pictures of him in a Mosque near a charity box and also holding a Qur’an in-front of the holy Ka’bah. Reports claim that his mother was the one who introduced him to Islam years ago and this inspiring woman was the one that keep her sons away from the drugs that surrounded their home in Roissy-en-Brie, pushing Pogba to pursue his football career. At 24, the young Muslim player has a huge amount of thanks for his mother. 6. Asmir Begovic Picture Credit: BBC Nationality: Bosnian, CanadaTeams: Bournemouth, BosniaPosition: Goalkeeper Football Story Although he began his football career in Canada and earned a trial with Portsmouth and Tottenham Hotspur, allowing him the opportunity to become an international Goalkeeper, Asmir as a dual national decided to change and play for his homeland. His long career has seen him start in Portsmouth and move to Stoke city where he signed a 4 and ½ year contract. When that has ended, his most popular move was to Chelsea where £8 million was signed as part of the deal. Begović became the 5th goalkeeper to score a goal in the English Premier League with FC Chelsea, setting the world record for ‘longest goal scored in football.’ Last year, he moved to AFC Bournemouth and has shown impressive game playing. A tense game between his old team Chelsea V. Bournemouth saw 3-0 to Bournemouth, making Chelsea regret letting him go. Born in a Muslim-Majority country he helped Bosnia qualify for the 2014 FIFA world cup, the first time Bosnia had ever qualified for the major football tournament. 7. Mohamed Salah Picture Credit: The Liverpool Offside Nationality: EgyptianTeams: Liverpool, EgyptPosition: Forward Football Story The internet and world recently exploded with sympathy and admiration for Mohamed Salah. Most fans claim he carried Egypt to the FIFA World Cup 2018. He is known to be a tactical player with good technique and an eye for goal, playing as Forward and Striker. He has definitely carried out his responsibilities for his team. His role in the UEFA champions league 2018 was huge, scoring a crazy amount of 32 goals. José Mourinho described Salah as “young, he's fast, he's creative, he's enthusiastic. When we analysed him he looks the kind of humble personality on the pitch, ready to work for the team.” Salah is a practicing Muslim and often celebrates his goals with sujood, he has increased awareness of Islam in the English Northern town and his impact on Liverpudlians has been positive, some fans claiming they would convert to Islam if he continued to score. Internationally, he has been nicknamed “the Pharaoh” by fans and international media, his role as a leader can be seen through active regeneration projects in Nagrig, his hometown where a reported 65% of inhabitants live in poverty. 8. Mehdi Benatia Picture Credit: The Independent Nationality: French, MoroccanTeams: Juventus, MoroccoPosition: Centre Back Football Story His career began in Marseille and over the years he has moved around European teams, from Udinese to Roma, then Bayern Munich where he signed a 5 year contract, after the end of that he moved to the Italian Champions Juventus as a loan but his impressive game playing led to Juventus signing him on till 2020. Despite being Algerian and Moroccan, he chose to play for Morocco in 2008. His good technique, defensive ability and strong game-playing earned him the position of Captain. His goal against Ivory Coast showed his versatility as a player and also qualified Morocco to the 2018 FIFA World cup. Mehdi Benatia often wished his followers on social media Eid Mubarak as well as other Muslim celebrations, furthermore whilst he was in Germany news broke out that he refused to hold a beer in a promotional shoot due to his faith. 9. Fahad Al-Muwallad Picture Credit: Levante UD Nationality: Saudi- ArabiaTeam: Al-Ittihad, Saudi ArabiaPosition: Winger Football Story His career started in Jeddah where he gained prominence and was approached by Barcelona but rejected to join Al Ittihad. Since this decision, he has stayed with them for 6 seasons and gained the title of most promising and fastest player in Asia. Internationally, he was named in Saudi Arabia’s squad for the 2018 FIFA world Cup, due to the failure of Saudi Arabia to score any goals in their group games, his performance has been considered a dissapointment. However, he has gained popularity on a wider scale. Born Muslim he has expressed faith and his gratefulness to God in interviews which express his Islamic attitude. When he qualified for the World Cup he said, “Thanks to God for my first participation in La Liga,”. 10. Riyad Mahrez Picture Credit: Sports Illustrated Nationality: France, AlgerianTeams: Leicester City, AlgeriaPosition: Winger Football Story Mahrez has stated in an interview with The Guardian that after the death of his father, "I don't know if I started to be more serious but after the death of my dad things started to go for me. Maybe in my head, I wanted it more". His major break was joining Leicester City where his skills brought him attention, in total he has scored 83 goals throughout his career. Internationally, he chose to represent Algeria rather than France, a rare move amongst French-Algerian players, he assisted many goals as well as scoring the qualifier in the Africa Cup of Nations. Throughout his career he has won many awards as player of the year nationally and internationally. Mahrez is a practicing muslim who performed Umrah in 2017, he also married a Punjabi Sikh who converted to Islam. They have a daughter named Inaya, an Arabic name that gives the meaning of grace and solitude....

  • 7 Amazing Destinations to Visit for Chinese New Year Holiday 2018

    What are the best places to travel to for a Chinese New Year getaway in 2018? The Chinese New Year will fall on 16th February 2018 starting off the Year of the Dog. With the dates getting closer, taking a trip to experience colourful, vibrant celebrations will be fun. This traditional holiday is also known as the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival and is celebrated worldwide with festivities that are unique to the destinations. Check out the places listed below to find out which one is perfect for your next trip Credit-   1. Hong Kong, China Hong Kong should be your first stop if you are wondering where to celebrate the Chinese New Year in China itself. The three-day celebrations are with blended ancient traditions and customs with some modern elements too, complete with festivities, traditional performances and dancers in colourful costumes. The highlights of the celebrations include the spectacular fireworks at Victoria Harbour. Don’t miss the evening parade that goes through Tsim Sha Tsui that features vivid, colourful floats along with dragon and lion dancers too. Picture Credit - Hong Kong has become more Muslim friendly, making it easy to find Halal food places near you and sample the delicious local cuisines.The Chinese New Year is the best time to try out unique traditional food too. With a growing Muslim population, there are decent numbers of mosques in Hong Kong – such as the Kowloon Mosque. Click here for more Information on Hong Kong Find nearby Halal food places in Hong Kong Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Hong Kong     2. Beijing, China If you can’t make it to Hong Kong, do travel to Beijing to join in the celebrations where the biggest festivities take place with dancers, parades and more. There is just so much to see here and just admire the city that is beautifully decorated with red lanterns for the Chinese New Year. Do drop by the temple fairs for a truly amazing cultural experience or check out the athletic competitions that will be held at most parks – tourists can join in too! You can’t miss the fireworks display that beautifully lights up the whole city at night. Picture Credit Muslim travellers will be pleased to know that there are several Halal restaurants located throughout Beijing – especially in Wangfujing Snack Street, where you can taste the local flavours. There are no worries when it comes to mosques or prayer facilities either – since Beijing has the highest Muslim population in China. Click here for more Information on Beijing Find nearby Halal food places in Beijing Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Beijing   3. Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok’s Chinatown comes alive during the Chinese New Year where the streets are lively with bright red decorations and lanterns – and celebrations take place with dance and cultural performances as well. This is the largest celebration in Bangkok which last for three days. From colourful, lively parades with the famous dragon dancers, floats and acrobatic performances to a massive fireworks display – you cannot miss these fun festivities. Picture Credit- If you are looking for a cheap destination during the Chinese New Year – pay a visit to Bangkok. Additionally, Halal eateries can be easily found in Bangkok, and there are several mosques located within the city too. Click here for more Information on Bangkok Find nearby Halal food places in Bangkok Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Bangkok     4. Singapore If you prefer a short trip during the Chinese new year – you can enjoy the holiday in Singapore where the celebrations are quite fun too. Singapore is among the most Muslim-friendly destinations ever – so there are no worries at all when it comes to Halal eating outlets and finding prayer facilities and mosques. Picture Credit - Since 1987, celebrations in the River hongbao event at Marina Bay have become more magnificent with lively dances, performances and amazing fireworks too. Don’t miss out on Chinatown which will be beautifully decorated during the Chinese New Year. From acrobats, performances and parades – what could be more fun? Of course, the major highlight is the famous Chingay Parade with dragon dancers, brightly coloured floats and stilt walkers too. Singapore is known for being culturally diverse and the celebrations reflect this when everyone comes together to celebrate this holiday. Click here for more Information on Singapore Find nearby Halal food places in Singapore Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Singapore     5. Sydney, Australia The Chinese New Year is one of the most awaited events in Sydney – where the festivities last for three long weeks in Chinatown! One of the major highlights of the celebrations includes the dragon boat race at Cockle Bay where ornamental boats sail to drum beats. Don’t miss the massive parade of floats, lanterns and the colourful dragon and lion dancers. The celebrations at Sydney are filled with fun events such as martial arts demonstrations, karaoke competitions and so much more. Picture Credit - The city is very Muslim-friendly as well, and it’s easy to find Mosques and prayer places near you. Locating Halal eateries in Sydney won’t be an issue either. Click here for more Information on Sydney Find nearby Halal food places in Sydney Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Sydney   6. London, United Kingdom London is another ideal destination for a short trip during the Chinese New Year 2018 – and supposedly where the largest celebrations are held outside Asia. The festivities take place in Chinatown, Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square while live performances can be seen at Shaftesbury Avenue and Charing Cross Road. However, the main celebrations take place in Trafalgar Square where you can watch traditional performance and dancers, where there is plenty of entertainment for everyone. The amazing parade with brightly coloured floats starts off a with a lively dragon and lion dance in Charing Cross Road and then proceeds through Chinatown – you should not miss this. Picture Credit - London also has a high Muslim population and finding Halal eating outlets, prayer facilities and mosques will be quite easy too. Click here for more Information on London Find nearby Halal food places in London Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in London     7. San Francisco, United States The Chinese New Year Celebrations in San Francisco is best known for its magnificent parade, which is among the largest ones outside Asia and is worth visiting the city for. Being one of the top ten parades in the world, the Chinese New Year night parade features vibrant floats, drummers, acrobats and stilt walkers too. But the major highlight is the Golden Dragon that is 268 foot long and has to be operated by a team one-hundred people. Picture Credit - Additionally, there is no issue to find Mosques and prayer places near you and Halal restaurants can be easily located in San Francisco too. Click here for more Information on San Francisco Find nearby Halal food places in San Francisco Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in San Francisco So now you know where to go during Chinese New Year in 2018 – take your pick from the destinations listed above!...

  • 10 City Squares That You Should Visit

    City Squares around the world become the centre point of most journeys. All around the world, many cities boast of prominent squares. Having inspired generations over years, these public squares have been the social and commercial meeting places for the people of these cities. Most of the prominent squares in the world are surrounded by shops, restaurants and usually carry a fountain, monuments or statues. Every city square has a unique history. Listed below are 10 of the famous city squares in the world.   Rynek Glowny, Krakow The Rynek Glowny or the Grand Square happens to be the largest and the best square in Europe. Located in downtown Krakow, it is said that all the streets lead to this square. The place is dotted which benches and cafes and shopping are the main activity in the area. There are a variety of attractions associated with the square attracting locals as well as visitors alike.   Plaza Hidalgo, Mexico City One of the most important sources of community life in Mexico City, the Plaza Hidalgo is located in the Coyoacan neighbourhood of the Mexico City. The plaza is surrounded by restaurants and many shops. The entire area is surrounded by green trees and the square has well-maintained seating arrangements. The plaza should be accessed by foot and no vehicles are allowed in the area. The best time to visit the plaza is the weekend when it hosts the vibrant market.   Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Mexico City   Piazza Navona, Rome Home to some of the most noted attractions of Rome; the Piazza Navona is one of the most vibrant squares in the world. The square has one of the most premier attractions of Rome, the Bernini's great fountain. It is filled with people across the year and at every time of the day.   Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Rome   Piazza del Campo, Siena One of the best medieval city squares, the Piazza del Campo is the main public space in the historic heart of Siena, Tuscany. The square is popular across the world for its architectural authenticity and beauty. It is one of the best examples of how a square can have an influence on the social lives of the people.   Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Siena   Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Covent Gardens, and Leicester Square, London The Trafalgar Square along with Piccadilly Circus, Covent Gardens, and Leicester Square form the heart of central London. These squares have been brilliantly designed and beautifully maintained. Today they are one of the most premier attractions of the London Metropolitan area.   Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to London   Hotel de Ville (City Hall), Paris Bustling with people at all times of the day, the Hotel de Ville (City Hall) - Paris, imbibes the vibrancy and elegance of Paris quite well. From a faux beach with relaxing chairs to an ice skating rink, the square is filled with delightful surprises.   Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Paris   Old Town Square, Prague The Old Town Square in Prague is a place where you can spend an entire day without even realising the passage of time. The square is surrounded by small stalls and shops that sell interesting souvenirs and you can see the art nouveau fountain always surrounded by people. Everyone who visits the square waits for the popular clock to ding at the hour.   Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Prague   Plaza de la Constitucion (Zocalo), Oaxaca City Dotted with fountains and with vendors calling out to sell their goods, the Plaza de la Constitucion in Oaxaca City is an excellent place to enjoy the evening breeze and also sip on delicious coffee. The square is the centre of all social activity in the city.   Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Oaxaca City   Plaza Santa Ana, Madrid A serene centre to enjoy a few hours, the Plaza Santa Ana in Madrid is surrounded by green trees lining the promenades that lead to the square. The square is surrounded by cafes where you can enjoy delicious beverages and snacks.   Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Madrid   Plaza de Armas, Cuzco An attractively landscaped public square, the Plaza de Armas dates back to the Inca Empire. Encircled by numerous cafes, shops and restaurants, the square offers entertainment all around the day and also lots of shaded benches and walls to sit around. The plaza has served as the meeting point since historical times and still plays the same role.     ...

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