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HalalTrip features a diverse array of businesses, from hotels and restaurants to theme parks and airports.

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The Muslim travel market segment is among the fastest growing segments in the industry, increasingly recognised as a highly lucrative market worth $145 billion in 2014 and projected to grow to $200 billion by 2020.

HalalTrip is the leading trip advisory service for Muslims around the world and provides consistently updated information to assist Muslim travellers on every aspect of their trip.

HalalTrip provides Muslim travellers with the assurance they need on the Halal-friendliness of accommodation choices, tourist locations, airports etc. through the use of a recognised rating and accreditation system conducted by CrescentRating, the world’s leading authority on Halal travel.

How can I get my business on prioritised listing on HalalTrip?

It is very simple; get your service rated by CrescentRating. They offer both free and premium rating and subscription services.


By receiving accreditation by CrescentRating, consumers can feel confident of how comfortable they will feel on their trip, and will make their choice of accommodation accordingly.

For Hotel searches on HalalTrip, the Crescent_Rated Hotels are listed on a separate tab to make it easier for the users to book Crescent_Rated hotels.

Find out more about what CrescentRating can offer hotels in terms of ratings, auditing and consultation here.


Whether your restaurant is Halal certified, Halal assured, or perhaps even an all-vegetarian/seafood restaurant, receive a Crescent_Rating to draw in Muslim consumers searching for Halal food on their travels.

Find out more about CrescentRating’s restaurant rating system here, where you can register for a rating.

Travel Packages

HalalTrip also markets tour packages. These tour packages are from the Muslim Travel Warehouse, the world’s first global B2B travel aggregator offering Halal tour packages.

If you are a tour operator, and wish to market your packages to the Muslim travellers through HalalTrip, then become a supplier on Muslim Travel Warehouse.

Tour operators can register on Muslim Travel Warehouse to learn how to make your packages more Halal-friendly and to get them rated and catered directly to Muslim consumers.

Other Businesses

CrescentRating conducts ratings catered specifically to different types of businesses; including but not limited to theme parks, spas, shopping malls, cruises, hospitals, attractions, airlines, airports etc.

Find out whether CrescentRating currently offers ratings for your business and register here.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to broaden your reach to a segment now estimated to be more than 10% of the entire travel market. Register on CrescentRating and earn a priority listing on HalalTrip.