Bibi, Chitose, Hokkaido Prefecture 066-0012, Japan



Prayer Facilities

Prayer room locates at 2F of International terminal building where passengers from various religions are allowed to follow up their own meditation ways. This serves all Muslim travelers an atmosphere of peace. Al Noor, Muroran and Sapporo mosques are locate nearby New Chitose Airport.

Halal Food

There are no specific full Halal friendly dining places at the airport but by considering the increasing number of Muslim passengers airport will turned the restaurants most probably to Halal friendly in coming future. Anyway currently passengers can order foods by their reference. So Muslim travelers are able to find out Halal friendly food items at a reasonable price within the airport. There are so many food varieties available which are fresh and fabulous. Just make sure the food has Halal certification before dine.             


Transport is not a problem at all at here. Varieties of transport options are available for affordable price which are faster too. Easily travelers can get into trains or buses or else if you are interest to pick up a car or taxi it also not hard to catch up from this area. 


Travelers have different interests and here around the airport you can fulfill any of those. People are more concern about gifts and souvenirs while travelling. There a more than enough shops available to buy gifts. For ladies there are fashion accessories stalls also spa centers nearby. Any way most of your shopping needs will cover while going around the airport area and specially you can get into duty free shops as well. Duty free shops locate at International Terminal Building 3F. There passengers can purchase goods under well-known brand names for an affordable price. Specially cosmetics and cartoon character related merchandise available for unbelievable price. Japanese Yen can be used. But most of the credit cards also accepted.



Airport has banking facilities such as Currency Exchange, ATM / Cash Dispensers. Also available many facilities including Baggage Storage, Baggage Delivery Service(Baggage Delivery from Your Home to the Airport), Baggage Wrapping Service, Coin Lockers, , Baggage Carts, Mobile Phone Rentals, WiFi Router Rentals and Kids Playing Area. 

Also other useful services available namely Police, Post Office, Dental Clinic, Meeting Points, Prayer Room, etc. Business support area and internet service implemented within the airport. There are separate facilities provided for visitors with small children such as Nursery, Stroller Rental Service and Powder Room. Varity of relaxation facilities also provides by the airport.

Doraemon Exciting sky park is a fabulous place where you can enjoy though you are adult or a kid which is open 10:00-18:00. Steiff Nature World is another place where you can experience a real difference where locates in Terminal Building connecting passage 3F Smile Road. If you are a cinema lover then visit the Japan's first airport movie theater, Jaga Pokkuru which has three screens with a total of 377 seats and 3D capability. Relax, enjoy!

At Building 2F there are several shaops opens from early in the morning namely Sweets Avenue - Chantilly Moncher, Convenience store/book shop -Culture Agent Bunkyodo, Craft/ sundry goods,/toy,/clothing shops -MINIPLA and earth music & ecology airport store. 

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