Esenboga International Airport locates near to Ankara, capital city of Turkey. Esenboga Airport has domestic also international terminal facilities.

Ankara, Turkey



Esenboga International Airport locates near to Ankara, capital city of Turkey. Esenboga Airport has domestic also international terminal facilities.


Balıkhisar Mh. Esenboga Havaalanı Girişi, 06970 Akyurt/ankara, Turkey


+90 216 588 8000


Staff within the terminal center is very helpful, active and the process is painless and efficient. Inside the terminal area is clean and has an open and bright surrounding where every traveler can relax after a journey. There is only one wide terminal which can handle domestic and international passengers at once. Esenboga International Airport terminal is the only terminal within Turkey that serves both domestic and international passengers at a single point.

Prayer Facilities

There are 12 mosques which are always open for Muslim passengers for prayers. Those are locates at domestic terminal arrival floor, at the end of the domestic terminal departure lobby, at the end of the international terminal departure lobby, on the International terminal air side mezzanine, In the VIP building and In the CIP building.

Halal Food

There are lot of restaurants and cafes within the Esenboga International Airport and mainly locates around International terminal arrival floor, international terminal departure floor, domestic terminal arrival floor and domestic terminal departure floor. No sufficient details on Halal foods, however Muslim travelers better to make sure on Halal status of food before dine.


Transport is not a problem at all here. Varieties of transport options are available for affordable price which are faster too. Easily travelers can get in to buses or else if interest can pick up a rental car or taxi which is also not hard to catch up from this area.


There are more than enough duty free shops at Esenboga International Airport to buy goods. Specially passengers can purchase best perfumes and cosmetics, Chocolate, Jewelry, Bags, fashionary items, sweets, eyeglasses, sun glasses and soft toys. There are varieties of shops including superstores, gift and crafts shops also clothing shops.


All most all the facilities that required by a passenger are available within the Esenboga International Airport  including meeting facilities, wheelchair service, staff assistance, ATMs and telephones, luggage facility, post office and banks.

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