Chiang Mai International Airport is the fourth busiest airport in Thailand.  

Chiang Mai, Thailand



Chiang Mai International Airport is the fourth busiest airport in Thailand.


60 Mahidol Road, Sutep Subdistrict, Muang District, Chiang Mai Province 50200, Thailand


+971 4 224 5555


Staff within the Chiang Mai International Airport terminal center are very helpful, active and procedures are fast and efficient. The inside of the terminal area is clean and offers an open and bright surrounding for travelers to relax after a journey. 

Prayer Facilities

There is insufficient informational about prayer room facilities and mosques for Muslim passengers at Chiang Mai International Airport.

Halal Food

There is insufficient information about Halal friendly food courts or restaurants at Chiang Mai International Airport for Muslim passengers. But there are more plenty of fast food & snack shops, restaurants and cafes within the airport. 


Transport at Chiang Mai International Airport will not be a problem. Several transport options are available at affordable prices. Travelers can get into a rental car or taxi which can be taken from the area. Taxis are cheap and popular method of transport.


There are plenty of duty free shops at Chiang Mai International Airport to buy goods. Passengers can purchase the best perfumes and cosmetics, chocolates, jewelry, bags, fashion items, sweets, eyeglasses, sun glasses and soft toys. There are several shops including superstores, gift and crafts shops and clothing shops. 


Almost all facilities required by passengers are available within the Chiang Mai International Airport, including staff assistance, ATMs and telephones, luggage facilities, banks, VAT Refunds, currency Exchange and post services.

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