Madeira Airport is considered to be amongst the most dangerous airports in the world because of the high mountains and the ocean surrounded.

Santa Cruz, Portugal



Madeira Airport is considered to be amongst the most dangerous airports in the world because of the high mountains and the ocean surrounded.


 9100-105 Santa Cruz, Madeira, Portugal


+351 291 520 700


Madeira Airport’s main terminal offers the highest standards of services and facilities to travelers to relax after a journey. Procedures at the terminal center are fast and efficient. The terminal is multifunctional and modern.

Prayer Facilities

There is insufficient information about prayer room and mosque facilities at Madeira Airport for Muslim ladies and gentlemen. But for prayer needs, passengers may visit a few of the mosques which are located outside.  

Halal Food

There is insufficient information on Halal friendly, alcohol-free food at Madeira Airport. It is recommended that Muslim diners inquire about the Halal status of food before dining or simply opt for vegetarian food! Several food courts are available at Madeira Airport, giving passengers several options such as restaurants, cafes and fast-food outlets.   


Numerous transport options are available at the Madeira Airport at affordable prices. Travelers can easily get into a bus or pick-up a car or taxi which can be taken from the area. Taxis are a popular - and also cheap - method of transport. 


There are plenty of duty-free shops at Madeira Airport to buy goods. Passengers may purchase the best perfumes and cosmetics, chocolates, bags, fashion items, sweets, eyeglasses, sun glasses and soft toys. There are varieties of shops including superstores, gift and crafts shops as well as clothing shops.


Plenty of modern facilities are available within the Madeira Airport including banking facilities, internet access, public telephones, cafes, restaurants, duty-free outlets, pharmacies, first aid services, dentists, conference rooms, multi-purpose meeting and event centre, wheelchair services, staff assistance, ATMs, luggage facilities and post offices.

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  • Noel Kempff Mercado National Park - A Natural Heritage of Humanity

    Wondering what top attractions in Bolivia you need to visit? Think about paying a visit to Noel Kempff Mercado National Park. As one of the largest national parks in the Amazon Basin, a visit to this UNESCO World Heritage Site will undoubtedly reveal a wealth of experiences.    The Noel Kempff Mercado National Park is named after a well-known Bolivian biologist. Located about 600km from the city of Santa Cruz, the park borders Brazil and is one of the most beautiful and must-visit places for travelers visiting Bolivia. The park offers different habitats that are usually not found in other parts of the world.   Noel Kempff Mercado National Park - Facts From the Cerrado Savannah to the upland evergreen Amazonian forests, there are numerous habitats that can be observed in the park. The park has an evolutionary history that dates back to the Precambrian. The park has a large section of the Huanchaca Plateau that is surrounded by cliffs in the northern and southern ends. A number of rivers have their source in this plateau hence giving rise to numerous waterfalls. The Arcoiris Falls that falls from 88m and the Frederico Ahlfeld Falls that falls from 25-45m are among the most popular waterfalls that travelers can visit. The park was declared as a Natural Heritage of Humanity site by UNESCO in the year 2000.   Amazing Flora and Fauna The Noel Kempff Mercado National Park features exclusive plants and wildlife. Visitors can frequently spot large mammals and unique varieties of flora while hiking in the savannahs of the park or while traveling along the river system or lagoons. The remoteness of the park has been a great boon in protecting several endangered species and the area from encroachment.   How to Enter Noel Kempff Mercado National Park The park can be accessed from a small community of La Florida at the edge of the park. There are two entrances to the park one from Flor de Oro on the Northern side and Los Fierros on the Southern side. From here you can hire guides who will take you around the entire park. Small accommodations are available at these camps where you can stay. You can also take a canoe and take a trip up the river to see freshwater dolphins before you start your journey into the Noel Kempff Mercado National Park.   What's Available for Muslim Travelers? Finding a masjid and Halal food around the Noel Kempff Mercado National Park can be difficult due to its seclusion. However, visitors can opt for vegetarian food while visiting the park.       ...

  • Cordillera Blanca of Peru

    The Andes in Peru is home to some of the most spectacular peaks in the world. These mountains have granite peaks rising above the snow-covered ridges and glaciers. The Cordillera Blanca is undoubtedly one of the most popular ranges. It includes over 33 peaks spanning over an area of 180Km in length and 21Km wide. The Cordillera houses the highest peak of Peru, the Huascaran, rising to a height of 6768m. The peak lies in the Huascaran National Park. The Cordillera has around 260 glaciers that are a very important source of water in the valley of Callejon de Huaylas. There are also a number of glacial lakes in the Cordillera, the biggest being the Lake Paron. The lake has turquoise waters and is located towards the north of the mountain Huandoy in Caraz. There are several other lakes in the region such as the Llankanuku Lakes: the green-turquoise Chinanqucha and Urqunqucha in the Llankanuku valley; the Santa Cruz Chica and the Santa Cruz Grande. The Cordillera gives a wide contrast as it also has a number of hot springs, especially in the Callejon de Huaylas. It is possible for visitors to take a swim in some of these lakes. The waters are considered good for certain health conditions. There are several other hot springs in the region. Hiking and climbing the peaks is the most preferred activity in the region and it is best to get a guide or explore the area in tour groups. The Cordillera can be accessed from the city of Huaraz. Several treks and climbs start from Huaraz. Accommodation is also available in the city and you can also hire guides or make tour arrangements in the city. There is no availability of masjids or halal restaurants in Huaraz, however you can find some restaurants serving vegetarian and fish delicacies....

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