Kuching International Airport which is the fourth busiest airport in Malaysia located in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Kuching, Malaysia

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Kuching International Airport which is the fourth busiest airport in Malaysia located in Sarawak, Malaysia.


Jalan Lapangan Terbang, 93722 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia


+60 82-454 242


Kuching International Airport’s main terminal offers the highest standards of services and facilities to travelers to relax after a journey. Procedures at the terminal center are fast and efficient. The terminal is multifunctional and modern.

Prayer Facilities

There is insufficient information about prayer room and mosque facilities at Kuching International Airport for Muslim ladies and gentlemen. But for prayer needs, passengers may visit a few of the mosques which are located outside.  

Halal Food

There is insufficient information on Halal friendly, alcohol-free food at Kuching International Airport. It is recommended that Muslim diners inquire about the Halal status of food before dining or simply opt for vegetarian food! Several food courts are available at Kuching International Airport, giving passengers several options such as restaurants, cafes and fast-food outlets.   


Several transport options are available at the Kuching International Airport at affordable prices. Travelers can easily get into a bus or pick-up a car or taxi which can be taken from the area. Taxis are a popular - and also cheap - method of transport.


There are plenty of duty-free shops at Kuching International Airport to buy goods. Passengers may purchase the best perfumes and cosmetics, chocolates, bags, fashion items, sweets, eyeglasses, sun glasses and soft toys. There are varieties of shops including superstores, gift and crafts shops as well as clothing shops.


Plenty of modern facilities are available within the Kuching International Airport including banking facilities, internet access, public telephones, cafes, restaurants, duty-free outlets, pharmacies, first aid services, dentists, conference rooms, multi-purpose meeting and event centre, wheelchair services, staff assistance, ATMs, luggage facilities and post offices.

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  • 9 Honeymoon Destinations You Have Yet To Discover In Malaysia

    You must have heard that Malaysia is slowly easing its traveling restriction. Even though international travel has yet to be permitted, domestic traveling is possible. Thus, we can take this opportunity to discover the hidden gems in Malaysia. Who says that you need to go far for a honeymoon gateway? And if you think that Malaysia is not an ideal location for a honeymoon destination, you might want to reconsider that! via GIPHY Check out these 9 romantic honeymoon destinations in Malaysia! 1. Rawa Island Image Credit: Rawa Island Resort Skip the more popular islands like Tioman Island and Perhentian Island and head straight to Rawa Island to discover the pristine beauty of this island. This small island is located in the vicinity of Johor Bahru, despite its small size, there are plenty of activities to do here!In Pulau Rawa, you can book one out of the two resorts that are available here; Alang's Rawa Resort and Rawa Island Resort. Both would give you some of the best views of the vast sea and amazing packages for various water activities. If you're bringing kids, let them have fun at the water slides! Apart from water activities that you can do in Pulau Rawa, you can hike The Hilltop Walk, which only takes around 40 minutes. It's worth the effort and time once you reach the top because the panoramic view of Rawa Island is something you and your spouse shouldn't miss. 2. The Banjaran Hotsprings, Ipoh Image Credit:The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, Ipoh on Facebook Ipoh is a city full of cultural trails and historical monuments. You and your spouse may choose to explore Ipoh because of its heritage, but what I want to highlight here is The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat. The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat will give you a one in a lifetime experience and a perfect choice for your luxurious honeymoon getaway. The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat is Malaysia's first natural Hotsprings wellness. You can relax and enjoy nature here while being surrounded by limestone hills, rainforest, natural caves, and waterfalls. Explore the caves, visit the library, or take a dip in the geothermal hot spring. With the resort having about 45 villas available and no kids below 12 are allowed to stay, The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat will guarantee you an intimate time with your spouse. Do take note that alcohol is served throughout the resort. 3. Mabul Island Image Credit: Tourmab Mabul Island is located in Sabah and is a popular destination for divers. But this doesn't mean Mabul Island is not for you! The aqua ocean and beautiful reefs will reel you in. If you and your spouse enjoy snorkeling and kayaking, then you should check out this island. Isn't it nice to be kayaking on a Molokini, a transparent kayak, and witness the underwater marine life? Definitely, a good alternative if you can't dive or snorkel. Once you have experienced the water activities, go ahead and watch the sunset with your spouse. Mabul Island offers you a great view of both sunrise and sunset. Another activity that you should do here is stargazing. With low light pollution, you can witness the Milky Way galaxy at night. What a way to end the day with your loved ones! 4. Bentong Image Credit: Ryan Chu on Unsplash If you are considering Genting Highlands as your honeymoon destination, you might want to check out Bentong instead. Located on the western side of Pahang, you can escape the hectic city life and enjoy what nature has to offer you here. Of course, the things that you should be looking forward to will be exploring nature. Known for its mountainous terrains, you may see yourself surrounded in greeneries. Enjoy the fresh air with your spouse at the Japanese Garden or picnic by Lentang Recreational Forest. When planning for a place to stay at, you should check out these Muslim-friendly resorts in Janda Baik; Chengal Hill Retreat and Fifty4Ferns. They only served Halal food and no alcohol allowed on their premises. 5. Serendah Another foresty destination you may want to consider is Serendah. This destination is best if you and your spouse are an outdoor person. Discover the beauty of Waterfall Forest Park Kanching. Be ready to hike through the 7 levels of Kanching Waterfall as the difficulty varies at each level. If you want to skip the hiking and head for adrenaline activities, there's dirt biking that you can try at Moto Maniac. Also, it is worth checking out Sekeping Serendah Retreats. Providing an eco-tourism accommodation, you can spend quality time with your significant others away from the bustling city life. Think about the greeneries and the meal shared under the stars, it will definitely leave great memories for both of you! 6. Kuching Image Credit: Farizal Resat on Unsplash Experience the beauty of what Kuching has to offer by renting a Sampan down the Sarawak River. Kuching is not only about the stunning waterfront, but also a city full of cultural and historical aspects. Go on a museum hop with your significant others like the Sarawak Museum. Discover places to shop at and dine in at the Waterfront after taking a relaxing walk. Also, don't forget to view the Kuching Mosque and marvel at its incredible architecture. As Kuching means "cat" in Malay, you should not miss out on the Cat Museum. To add up a little bit of adventure to your honeymoon getaway, how about hunting down the cat statues around the city? But let me break it to you that the city's name might not be derived from the Malay word. Then again, it is worth discovering all these cat elements around the city. 7. Malacca Image Credit: Tammy on Unsplash Being one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Malacca has so many to offer to everyone. Considering Malacca as your honeymoon destination won't be a disappointment. Explore the historical landmark with your spouse and discover various museums that you can visit. After a long day walking around the town, hopping from one museum to another, it's time to hunt down for food. And isn't it fun to hunt down food with your loved ones? Malacca has arrays of food stalls ranging from local, Westerns, Chinese to fusions. Beat the heat by getting your sweet tooth fix at Klebang Original Coconut Shake or Cendol Kampung Hulu. No matter how long you are planning to stay in Malacca, the choices of Halal or Muslim-friendly food are endless! 8. Lake Kenyir Image Credit: MOHD HAFIZ YAHYA on Unsplash Believe it or not, Lake Kenyir is a man-made lake, said to be the largest in Malaysia. Located in Hulu Terengganu, this destination is set for couples who love outdoor, and definitely those who are not scared of water. Fishing is one of the popular activities here as river fish has adapted to its ecology. You can also go for jungle trekking and caving and experience the nature around. Lake Kenyir offers a once in a lifetime experience to spend a night on a houseboat. There are some other resorts and chalets that you can choose from, but why not go for something different and create special experiences with your significant other. 9. Kuala Lumpur Image Credit: Izuddin Helmi Adnan on Unsplash Lastly, in this list, let's not forget about the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. This metropolis city has so much to offer. There are endless options to shop, various food stalls to eat at, and so many things to discover. Of course, one of the touristy things to do is to witness the Petronas Twin Tower. If you are craving some local street food and want to experience the feel of a night market, there is Tapak Street for you to check out. You can also take a walk at the KL Forest Eco Park, suitable for anyone as it is not as rugged as any hiking trails. Kuala Lumpur might be deemed as an overrated city to visit, but if you look at every nook of what this city has to offer, it is worthwhile. After all, you are visiting with the love of your life, so there is nothing that can beat that! Do you believe it now that Malaysia owns some of the best honeymoon destinations? These 9 destinations might not seem romantic at first glance, but now that you know they are, isn't it time to start planning? And once it is safe to travel, set off with your significant others for an incredible journey together. via GIPHY...

  • Penang For A Short Getaway? 8 Dishes You Need To Try!

    "Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is endlessly delicious." Or so we have heard. When it comes to traditional cuisine, you cannot let your thoughts dictate your hunger. Rich in flavor, abundant in taste and texture, traditional food is anything but boring. It fills your stomach with deliciously prepared meals and embarks you on a culinary discovery. And what could be better than discovering traditional food in its hometown? Whether you're having a quick bite or just need something to munch on, don't forget to try these dishes while you're in Penang. via GIPHY 1. Char Koay Teow Credit: Wok & Skillet Meet the national favorite dish in Malaysia and Singapore. The Char Koay Teow is a minute preparation of flat rice noodles and shrimps. This dish is the perfect equilibrium between sauces, textures, and taste. It combines a number of fresh ingredients which can also be topped with duck eggs for more taste. We recommend the Sany Char Koay Teow Basah. Address: Jalan Tokong Ular, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau PinangContact: +60 19-456 5493Operating Hours: 4PM to 2.30AM (Mon-Sun) 2. Popiah Fresh spring rolls filled with radish, fresh veggies and a sweet sauce added to it. There are two types to popiah, one being fried ad the other comes in a wrap, also known as Popiah Basah. However, you can't claim to have eaten popiah if you haven't added crab meat with it. Address: Jalan Dato Keramat, 10400 George Town, Pulau Pinang, MalaysiaOperating Hours: 2PM to 10PM (Fri-Wed | Closed on Thursdays) 3. Roti Canai (Malaysian Flatbread) Credit: Wikipedia Now, this is the most popular street food you'll find across Malaysia. Crispy, chewy and best served hot, the Roti Canai is basically a flatbread but unlike any flatbread, you might have tasted so far. The Roti Canai is prepared with coconut water which gives it quite an exotic taste. The bonus point with this flatbread is that it can accompany almost any Asian meal. So, don't be afraid to take a bite. Our recommendation to you is the Roti Canai found at Argyll Road.Address: Jalan Argyll, George Town, 10050 George Town, Pulau PinangOperating Hours: 6AM to 12.30PM (Mon-Sun) 4. Chicken 75 Credit: DEEN MAJU on Facebook When you're stopping by Penang, there will be one place you'll definitely need to go to grab a meal, and that is Deen's Maju Nasi Kandar. With amazing service and dishes at the disposal of its clients, Deen Maju has earned its glorious reputation through its tasteful dishes and especially the Chicken 75. Rated as one of the best dishes in Penang, the Chicken 75 is a dish prepared with 15 different spices which give a greater taste and flavor to the plate. Address: 170, Jalan Gurdwara, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang, MalaysiaContact: +60 12-425 2421Operating Hours: 2.30PM to 11PM (Mon-Sat | Closed on Sundays) 5. Mee Goreng Spice lovers, brace yourselves! Here comes the plat de résistance for you! Born from a fusion of Indian and Muslim dishes, the Mee Goreng is a proportionate serving of noodles, cuttlefish, potatoes and bean sprouts which are stir-fried and delightfully seasoned with tomato, chili and soy sauce in order to amplify the taste. For this dish, you gotta try the Hameed Pata Mee Sotong. Address: 19, Lebuh Pantai, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau PinangContact: +60 13-431 9384Operating Hours: 24 Hours (Daily) 6. Penang Rojak A very representative dish of the different flavors and textures available. The Penang Rojak is a delightful mixture of bean curds, fritters, bean sprouts, cuttlefish and a wide variety of fruits generously topped with a thick peanut syrup. This dish promises to be an explosion of flavors in your mouth and make you discover the creativity behind the Malay cuisine. 7. Penang Teochew Chendul Credit: Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul on Facebook Sweet and unique in taste, that's how we'd describe this popular sweet dish. The Penang Teochew Chendul is a unique composition of shaved ice, accompanied with green rice flour jelly, red beans and fresh coconut milk topped with sugar syrup. It's certainly not your usual Ben&Jerry chocolate ice cream, but it has got awesome flavors and colors you need to dive for, especially during the hot, humid days! And we recommend you to try the Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul. Address: Various LocationsContact: +60 4-262 6002Operating Hours: 10.30AM to 7PM (Mon-Fri)                                  10AM to 7.30PM (Sat & Sun)Website | Facebook 8. Apom Manis Credit: Choo Choy May on Malay Mail Crispy on the outside and soft and chew on the inside. The Apom Manis is very similar to the crepe, except it has a soft center. Just like how you can fill your crepe with Nutella or even strawberries, the Apom Manis can be sweet or sour depending upon your liking. Whether you're in a rush or you just need some grab on snack to munch on, the Apom Manis is the ideal treat for you. Penang Famous Apom Manis Address: 7, 1, Lorong Kuching, Pulau Tikus, 10350 George Town, MalaysiaOperating Hours: 8.30AM to 1PM (Mon-Sat | Closed on Sundays) Enjoy the awesomeness of each plate and delve into a world of love and food. After all, there is no love sincerer than the love of food....

  • 7 Unique Accommodations In Malaysia That Will Cost You Less Than RM180 Per Night!

    Known for its beaches, rainforests and vast cultural influences, Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country occupying parts of the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo. Comprising of 32 million people, this bustling metropolis has been home to a plethora of ethnicities. Malaysia brims with nature's wonders, delicious traditional food and a vast variety of accommodations. Taking this country as a whole, it would not be easy pickings trying to name the most favorable budget weekend getaways for less than RM 180, due to the great amount present. However, if I MUST choose, it would be the subsequent seven and here's why! 9 Things To Know Before Your Trip To Malaysia 1) Time Capsule Retreat Picture: TimeCapsuleRetreat If there is one hotel that has gotten people talking over the internet, without a doubt it's the Time Capsule Retreat. Hidden away in the lush forests in the town of Sungai Lembing, the Time Capsule Retreat will offer you the best weekend getaway in Malaysia by providing a very unique lodging experience. Instead of ordinary hotel rooms, you would be spending the night in cylindrical capsule rooms made of re-purposed enormous concrete pipes. The prices start at RM 139 per capsule, which can accommodate up to 2 guests. If you're not feeling up for the adventure or if you don't want to leave out that third wheeler or a friend, you can opt for the Parallel rooms (the first reflective rectangular glass retreat in the world) or the White Cottage rooms. Apart from having karaoke and BBQ facilities, the friendly folks will also help you sign up for hiking tours at a set price so you don't have to worry about being bored in the middle of the forest. Picture: TimeCapsuleRetreat Nearby Attractions include Sungai Lembing town, Rainbow Waterfall and Bukit Panorama. You can get to the Time Capsule Retreat by hopping onto Rapid Kuantan bus numbered 500 to go to Sungai Lembing. You could also take the Komuter to Bandar Tasik Selatan Station from KL Sentral Station. From there, you would then want to take an express bus to Kuantan Sentral where you can catch a cab to the retreat. Address: Sungai Lembing, 26200 Sungai Lembing, Pahang, MalaysiaPrice: RM118 – RM498 (per night)Contact: +013 963 8888 Website | Instagram |Facebook Pro tip: Don't forget to pack an insect repellant unless you desire to be sucked dry by those hovering mosquitoes. 2) Tadom Hill Resorts, Selangor Picture: TadomHillResorts From being an unsightly crater which was remnants of excavated limestone hills, this site has now been revamped into an eye-catching eco-friendly resort placed next to a sparkling lake. About all of the resort is constructed from bamboo. At Tadom Hill Resorts, you are provided with seven various settings that are inspired by the 'Orang Asli' structural design and manner. They range from the communal bamboo huts which mimic a dormitory to the plusher 'Gendul' bamboo chalets. This resort provides its guests with nothing short of a fun experience. There is a wide array of activities that guests can decide on such as a Bamboo Diving Platform, Tarzan Swinging, and Bamboo Rafting. They also offer visitors outdoor games like Giant Jenga, Badminton and basketball. These recreational activities are inclusive in the Day Pass rate and in the rate for overnight guests. If you have a couple of additional Ringits to spare, do sign yourself up for the Flying Fox. Adding to the activities, Tadom Hill Resorts also supply amenities for rent such as a gazebo, grill, locker, mat, bean bags and BBQ facilities. Picture: TadomHillResorts Nearby attractions include My Balloon Adventure, Masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin and Putrajaya Lake. To get to the resorts, you can take the train or bus from KL Sentral to KLIA, hop onto a bus numbered 471 from the bus terminal and get off at Petronas, Jalan Perak Kanan. Another option is getting a cab from the airport which will get you to the destination in 15 minutes. Transportation services by the resort are also available as two or one-way trips from KLIA 1 and 2. The rates would be cheaper if you travel in larger groups. Address: Bukit Tadom, Kampung Labohan Dagang,42700 Banting, SelangorPrice: RM65 – RM300 (depending on the category of accommodation and peak season)Contact: +6 012-522 5908/ +6012 – 522 5728 /+6012 – 522 5883 Website | Facebook 3) The Sticks, Selangor Picture: TheSticks Surrounded by a rainforest and radiating with fresh air and greenery, The Sticks Resort is an ultimate getaway for a break with your loved ones. Built with the environment in mind, all rooms are powered by solar energy. The Sticks consists of huts and chalets which go under the name ‘Tendoks' which is a combination of a tent and ‘pondoks' (wooden shelters). The most basic Tendok can accommodate two adults with a starting price of RM140. They have a series of rooms that visitors can pick from – The Opera House, The Nest, The Bamboo House and so on. The Sticks resort offers an abundance of activities like paragliding, trekking, botanical walks, white water rafting, and a selection of board games to pick from. Picture: TheSticks Common amenities like parking lots, toilets and 'dewans' (common halls) are provided as well. They also provide meals so you will not be left to fend for yourself in the middle of the forest. You can pay a deposit of an extra RM50, which will be returned, to get yourself occupied with tubing in the river if you're feeling hot and bored, Attractions that are close to the resort include Chiling Waterfall, Pine Tree Trail, and Hulu Tamu Hot Springs. To get to The Sticks, you can take the Komuter from KL Sentral Station to Kuala Kubu Bharu Station. From there, you can take a taxi to the resort. Address: 213, Jalan KKB, Fraser's Hill, 44000 Kuala Kubu Baru, SelangorPrice: RM140 - RM480 (per night)Email: Website | Facebook | Instagram 4) Tanjung Inn, Cherating, Pahang Picture: TanjungInn The Tanjung Inn has been in existence for almost 30 years and can be spotted on the borders of Pahang and Terengganu. One of the main attractions surrounding this location is the lush greenery present in the vicinity of the Tanjung Inn. A major element that makes this Inn stand out from the rest is the way operations are conducted. This Inn does not function as an ordinary hotel, so get ready for some DIY activities such as cleaning up your room during your stay. However, worry not as the rooms are still cleaned by the keepers of the Inn after visitors have checked out. The Inn provides guests with quite a few accommodation options. Tents that are circulated around a pond will cost RM70 per night for two people. The rooms which have fans and power are called `Tanjung Digs` and are RM100 per night. Those who wish to indulge in a more luxurious visit with adequate facilities can go for the chalets that will cost them RM180 per night. Picture: TanjungInn Guests can hop on fishing boats at the close by Cherating River or head to the nearby Cherating Beach for a stroll or a swim. From Kuala Lumpur, you can purchase a ticket to Kemaman from the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan bus station (TBS Terminal). From KLIA/KLIA2, you can hop onto the train and get down at Bandar Tasik Selatan. You have to then walk to Bersepadu Selatan Terminal where you can purchase a ticket to Kemaman. Nearby attractions include Cherating River, Cherating Turtle Sanctuary and Kemaman District Museum. Address: Jalan Cherating Lama, Kampung Cherating Lama, 26080 Cherating, PahangPrice: RM70 – RM253 (2 people)Contact: +609 581 9081/ +6011 3989 9402Email: Website | Facebook 5) Wind Paradise, Sabah Picture: Resimweb Have a desire to visit Mongolia but haven't had the chance to? Fret not, the Wind Paradise will offer you a perfect Mongolian experience with their Mongolian Yurts (tents). The labeling of the tents as `Mongolian Yurts` derive from the interior of the tents which are done up in Mongolian inspired designs. A regular indoor room can fit two people for only RM170 per night. A yurt can accommodate three or four people for a price of RM250 - RM300 per night. All rooms and yurts come with attached bathrooms with heated water. Upgraded lodgings come with TVs and spectacular mountain views. They also provide BBQ facilities, picnic tables, and a general kitchen. Wind Paradise is a 9 minutes (2.8km) drive from Kundasang town and is located on the left-hand side when you go up the hill just before the Desa Cow Farm. Take a left turn when you spot the Wind Paradise. Sosodikon Hill, Ranau Malaysia and Desa Dairy Farm are three of many attractions that are around the area. Price: RM170 – RM380(for standard rooms) & RM220- RM300(for the Mongolian Yurts)Contact: +6019 8000 201E-mail: Website  PS: Don't forget to clean up after yourself or get ready to incur RM50 cleaning fee. 6) Bamboo Village, Hulu Langat, Selangor Picture: BambooVillage If you want to escape the modernized life and get away from the technology-driven world, the Bamboo Village is a must visit spot. To make it easier on the wallet, the Bamboo Village will let you stay for a cheaper rate if you put in three to five hours daily of your energy on voluntary work and if you help out for more than seven days you are scot free of all charges! Due to the Bamboo village being a 100% nature retreat, there aren't any air conditioners installed in any of the rooms as they are constructed as Bamboo-styled houses. Bathrooms are communal and an entire cottage can be rented for about RM120 for a group of five and above. A dorm is priced at RM45 a night. The Bird of Paradise (Bungalow House), Frog House (Cottage for a maximum of 5 people) and Eagle Nest (Cottage for a maximum of 3 people) are a few of the famous accommodation types available. You can partake in some of the activities such as jungle trekking, visit nearby hot springs and waterfalls or just waddle about in the pool. To get to the Bamboo Village, you can take the MRT SBK Line to Taman Suntex Station from KL Sentral Station. The accommodation is just a 5 km Grab or Uber ride from there. Address: Off Jalan Pelangi 5, Taman Desa Pelangi, Batu 11, 43100 Hulu Langat, SelangorContact: 019-2275620 /016-2226424Email: Website | Facebook 7) Permai Rainforest Resort Picture: PermaiRainforestResort Known for its extraordinary tree houses and the undisturbed lush natural beauty that surrounds it, Permai Rainforest Resort is the ideal spot for a perfect jungle getaway experience. As it is located close to the beach, one can enjoy and take in fresh air by going for strolls along the shore. Every cabin at Permai Resort is set with a fridge, a tea/coffee maker and attached bathrooms with hot shower facilities. This resort is just right for adrenaline junkies' to indulge in blood-flowing activities such as jungle trekking, flying fox, dolphin watching and other water sports like kayaking and snorkeling. A cafe and BBQ facilities can also be found here. The Permai Rainforest Resort is a 50-minute road journey from Kuching International Airport. Permai Rainforest Resort also arranges and provides transport for visitors from the Airport to the resort and vice versa. This will cost passengers RM40 per person, for a minimum of 2 to 3 people per journey. Nearby attractions include Aquabase Scuba Diving, Mount Santubong, and Damai Beach. Address: Pantai Damai Santubong, 1101, 93860 Kuching, SarawakPrice: From RM150 (for the Cabin rooms) and RM170+ (for the Treehouse) per nightContact: +6082 846487 / +6082 846490Email: Website All in all, Malaysia is undoubtedly an enjoyable city with plenty of entertaining attractions. From the food to the culture to the people, Malaysia is spot on in all aspects. To top it off, it is budget-friendly so treat yourself with an affordable getaway! Read more about Malaysia...

  • 7 Local Thirst Quenchers to try when in Malacca, Malaysia

    The tropical climate of Malacca is the perfect setting to make you want to get out and about and explore the many wonders this beautiful city has on display. So, as you get set to witness the bright red buildings demonstrating the architectural splendour of the Dutch Square, enjoy the spectacular view from the Taming Sari Gyro Tower, and take a stroll along the Malacca River which has won this city the title as ‘Venice of the East’, you might begin to feel the heat and want to quench your thirst. While there are many famous eating places in Malacca which you will be drawn to refresh yourself, you should also take this opportunity to enjoy a Malacca famous drink or two that will allow you to enjoy something truly local. Read on to learn more about some of our top picks in this exciting list of Malaysian drinks that are perfect local thirst quenchers to try when in Malacca.   1. Bandung Picture Credit- A favourite often found as part of every Malaysian drinks menu is the colourful and refreshing drink called Bandung. This richly flavoured beverage is made of a rose flavoured base which gives the drink its signature pink colour. If you have tasted the rose milk drink served in most parts of India, and Falooda in other parts of the world, Bandung served in Malaysia might taste quite familiar. You can find this drink in almost every Malacca café and is the perfect solution to quench your thirst and also get refuelled after a hectic day out. The drink is also quite famous among Malay communities and is served especially during festive seasons like Ramadan. Like with any popular beverages you will also find some exciting variants of Bandung including grass jelly and even soda water.   2. Air Mata Kucing Picture Credit - If you are looking for a Malay traditional drink which is refreshing while at the same time a healthy option, then an Air Mata Kucing is the perfect option for you. The reason behind it being a popular health choice is due to the fact that it is packed with several natural herbal ingredients which infuse superior nutritional qualities to the drink. The beverage is believed to have traditional Chinese origins where it has been used to fight various ailments like coughs, throat irritations, diabetic conditions and is also a popular pick due to its cooling properties. The main ingredient used to make Air Mata Kucing is the dried fruit Lo Han Go which is a natural sweetener used in most Chinese herbal drinks.   3. Teh Tarik Picture Credit - As you enjoy your holiday in Malacca you most certainly cannot miss out on the extremely famous Malaysia local drink called The Tarik which is also Malaysia’s national drink. The drink gets its name from the way it is prepared which translates to “pulled tea”. It is believed that The Tarik came to Malaysia through Indian Muslim immigrants and has become the main part of Malaysian Indian cuisine. Locals and tourists alike are in for a delightful treat as you watch your cup of milk tea being mixed by pouring it back and forth leaving a long stream of tea through the air.   4. Cendol Picture Credit - Cendol is a drink that has become quite popular in most South East Asian countries and can be enjoyed during your visit to Malacca as well. This cool beverage is a perfect thirst quencher after a tiring day outside and is also a great option to enjoy a sweet dessert after a delicious Malaysian meal. The drink is made up of coconut milk, palm sugar syrup and is coloured with rice flour jelly which is given its signature green colour due to the infusion of the juice of Pandan leaves. Aside from this delicious combination, you will also be able to find variants of this Malay traditional drink including toppings of diced jackfruit, red azuki beans and the exotic fruit durian.   5. Milo dinosaur Picture credit - No matter what part of the world you come from, you must already a fan of Milo. This well-known chocolate malt drink is given its own twist in Malaysia and is known none other than Milo Dinosaur. Since Mamak stalls are top picks of where to get local drinks in Malacca you should also try these stalls to find this amazing drink as well. Be prepared to be served with a massive cup of iced Milo with lots of Milo powder sprinkled on top making it a great thirst quencher and quite a filling treat even while you are on an empty stomach.   6. Teh O Ais Limau Picture Credit- Most of the drinks featured on our list of Malaysian drinks are quite heavy and by default sweet. In the instance you are in the mood for something less heavy and also not too sweet, the Teh O Ais Limau is a great pick for you. Especially on a hot afternoon a drink of this iced lime tea will be a perfect way to cool down and also give you a citrus burst to leave you invigorated. Overall if you do not enjoy this excessive sweetness you might want to remember the phrase “kurang manis” which means you prefer the drink to be less sweet.   7. Sugar cane juice Picture Credit - To get the best out of your trip to a foreign land you should try to eat and drink as a local as much as you can. And as part of your authentic Malaysian experience, you should definitely taste as much sugarcane juice as you can. If you watch the locals dine at Hawker stalls you might notice that most of them have a murky-green coloured drink along with their massive food portions. This is the famous sugar cane juice which is often made fresh out of sugarcane sticks. This too is quite a sweet drink and if you want to try a more sour variation you could try one flavoured with a slice of lemon or sour plum.   Wondering how to find nearby Halal food in Malacca? Don’t forget to use the Halaltrip app to locate Halal food places on your mobile in Malacca so you won’t miss out on the best halal food....

  • The Best 10 Countries to Backpack on a Budget for 2016

    If one of your resolutions this year was to travel more, but your budget doesn’t quite permit it, check out our guide to places that allow you to see the world and its wonders without breaking the bank! . Indonesia Indonesia is the perfect place to backpack through, if you don’t have a rigid itinerary. With so much to do and so much to see, take advantage of the cheap food and accommodation to explore the depths of beauty here. The good thing about Indonesia being such a tourist destination is that they cater to each end of the spectrum – luxury living or bare necessities; and even if all you get is a room with a bathroom (which is generally under USD15), it is well worth the money you pay. Street food is a great way to go in Indonesia, to maintain flavor and price. If you’re looking to cut costs, stick with a veggie plate because meats add more to the bill. Even with the variety of dishes and prices, you would be spending under USD3 for a meal. There are plenty of places to go and things to do without breaking the bank. Going the usual tourist-route means pricier fares, so veer off the path and climb a volcano in Bandung, explore the scenic botanical gardens in Bogor, and discover village life in Kalibaru. . Peru Rich in history, culture, and wonders, Peru is a backpacking adventure. Ranging between USD25-40 per day spent on accommodation, food, traveling, as well as activities, the difference in costs only exist depending on the level of luxury you require and the kind of activities you choose. Opt for guesthouses instead of hostels in popular destinations like Cusco, Arequipa and Lima, as they use tourism to their advantage by pricing higher. Lunch is the main meal in Peru and can be found for just over USD1. This extremely cheap meal is a set menu that is fulfilling in taste and quantity. The best places to go to are Arequipa and Colca Canyon, and Cusco and Machu Picchu. As amazing as other places are, these are the best. Huacachina is a fun stop oasis in the desert near Ica that allows you to relax or experience some thrills with sandboarding and dune-buggy riding. Other adventures including white water rafting near Arequipa, trekking for a few days in Colca Canyon - appreciating the beauty and spotting giant Condors, observing Alpacas, and exploring the Amazon from Iquitos or Puerto Maldonado. . Thailand A must-visit in South East Asia! So much so that some areas like Bangkok are completely run over by tourists. To avoid the crowds and enjoy the splendor of the country, veer off the beaten track to places less travelled. You can find basic accommodation with beds and a fan for under USD10 a day, but keep in mind that the South of Thailand is costlier than the North due to its tourist potential. Street food is easy to come by and can be found for under USD2 for a small meal, or under USD7 for a big one, which is the same as a restaurant, if you want the comfort of one. Things to do include checking out the snake farm and show in Bangkok, getting a massage, scuba diving in the Similian Islands, and visiting Isaan – a rural farming village that takes you away from the crazy city life. Be sure to check out Khao Sok National Park, where you can find caves, jungles, lakes, rivers, and some of the largest limestone krysts, which make for a gem of a park to trek around in. . Madagascar Known mostly because of the animated movie, Madagascar has beauty yet to be explored. Home to 80% of flora and fauna that is not found anywhere else in the world, it is popular for its lemurs, beaches, and wildlife. Backpackers on a budget are advised to sleep in the tents widely available around the national parks which comes to under USD2, or spend less than USD4 on a hostel. You can find traditional Malagasy traditional food for less than USD2 but it is usually tasteless rice with a few pieces of meat. However, French cuisine is widespread and tasty, and can be found at a little more of a price at around USD7. Experience the amazing scenic beauty of Madagascar in the Ranomafana National Park, and Isalo National Park - both with their diverse ecosystems - and the tropical island of Ile Ste Marie, which, in addition to relaxing on its beach, also offers watersports for thrill-seekers. Keep in mind that parks need a guide to venture into, which is an additional cost to the entry fee. . Malaysia Certain people consider Malaysia to be a little more of a costly destination, but it is great value for money for a backpacker, and around the same level as Indonesia and Thailand. Its developed city offers comfort, while its diverse landscape offers adventure. Accommodation is available for about USD10 for a hostel, even while being modern and well-equipped, along with A/C. Food is pretty cheap - at around USD3 for street food, while a local restaurant will cost you around USD8. There is a wide variety of mouth-watering Malaysian and Indian food available cheap, amongst others. If you spend a few days in Kuala Lumpur, head over to the Petronas Towers, or relax in the Lake Gardens. If you’re seeking more excitement, hike in Taman Negara, let yourself go in Kuching, visit the Crystal Mosque in Terengganu, and don’t miss out on Kenyir Lake and Cameron Highlands. . Nicaragua Even though Nicaragua is the biggest country in South America, civil wars and earthquakes have meant that it has hardly been on anyone’s travel list except of late. And so, it is the cheapest country to backpack in, while enjoying a life of adventure. Accommodation is easily found for about USD6 for a dorm bed, or USD10 for a private room, but keep in mind that Leon is a bit more expensive. Food can be anywhere between USD1 and USD10, depending on the kind you get. There aren’t many options for street food, and Western food is costlier with less taste and value. There is plenty to do in Nicaragua – try your hand at fishing, swimming, kayaking or paragliding at the crater lake of Apoyo, enjoy the thrills of Ometepe like hiking up volcanoes or mountain biking, or take it slow and spend your days in a hammock, taking in the view. For those who wish to truly live on the edge, volcano boarding is always an option, in addition to hiking up an active volcano and peering down its crater to the molten lava below! . New Zealand With its epic breathtaking scenery, New Zealand is just waiting to be explored. Discover landscapes beyond what you have seen on Lord of the Rings, and be in awe of the splendor in this country. Backpacking on a budget in New Zealand is doable if you know where to cut costs. Tourism here is aimed at the outdoors, and that can get a bit pricey, so be sure to take note of the freebies and cheap routes where you can. In looking for a place to stay, New Zealand is very backpacker-friendly – besides a campsite or a bed (between USD5 and USD10), you could save a few dollars a night by obtaining a Budget Backpacker Hostel (BBH) card for USD50. You could also WWOOF it (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) – where you help out on a farm in exchange for food and boarding. The ultimate backpacking experience! It is most budget-friendly if you cook meals yourself – spending about USD50 a week, rather than much more eating at restaurants. There is an abundance of activities to do in New Zealand, so make sure you budget for them and don’t try to fit it all, as you will overspend and not enjoy a hectic holiday. Use the Flexipass to go sightseeing, and watch the dolphins at the Bay of Islands, experience the Waitomo Glow Worm Caves, visit Abel Tasman National Park, go skiing in Queenstown, or take advantage of the spectacular nature and national parks and just take a walk. . Turkey This fusion of East meets West is relatively new in the backpacking world. Turkey is rich in history and culture, one of the few countries that holds artefacts that are 2000 years old. Accommodation is fairly cheap, at less than USD10 and an even lower, USD3 at Olympos. Considered one of the best cuisines in the world, eating out will get you more than your money’s worth, in terms of flavor. You can find a hearty 3-course meal for around USD10, but would be costlier in less touristy areas. Whether it’s the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, the splendor of Cappadocia, examining the ancient ruins at Ephesus or Artemis - the latter being one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, or trekking, paragliding, mountain biking or sea-kayaking, Turkey has plenty to offer. . Nepal This third world country has much to offer in addition to the Himalayas, but they continue to be the biggest attraction. While infrastructure and development may not be high on Nepal’s list, there is nowhere else in the world where you can find independent trekking so easy to organize. Accommodation can be anywhere between USD5 and USD25, depending on the facilities you require, but it is cheaper if there’s a trek involved. Local food is cheap and tasty and should only cost you around USD2. Western food is generally only available in Kathmandu. Besides hiking up the Himalayas, and trekking across lush, fertile valleys, you could also go rafting, or explore deserted areas, national parks, and architectural sights.  . Costa Rica Although some consider Costa Rica to be a slightly more expensive destination, it is possible to backpack there on a budget. This gem of a country might be a popular haven, but there is still much to discover. Accommodation prices differ depending on where you are - they can go from USD5 in Arenal to double that Mal Pais, but a great way to save money is to couch surf if you’re up for bonding with the locals! Eating at the “sodas” or local restaurants is your cheapest option, at USD5 for a meal, as well as snacking at Musmanni, with pastries at less than USD1. Costa Rica has plenty to do, and while some activities like white water rafting and zip lining might set you back a bit, there are plenty of things to do that are easy on the wallet. Taking a coffee tour in Alajuela, visiting the animal sanctuary in Puerto Viejo, exploring Manuel Antonio National Park without a guide, and reveling in La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Irazu Volcano amongst others, or Corcovado National Park are just naming a few. . Check out more of HalalTrip’s Best 10 lists of 2016 here!  ....

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