Ciampino–G. B. Pastine International Airport is one of the busiest airports in  Rome, Italy. The airport is also known as Rome Ciampino Airport. 

Rome, Italy



Ciampino–G. B. Pastine International Airport is one of the busiest airports in  Rome, Italy. The airport is also known as Rome Ciampino Airport. 


Via Appia Nuova, 1651, 00040 Ciampino Roma, Italy


+39 06 65951


Ciampino–G. B. Pastine International Airport’s main terminal offers the highest standards of services and facilities to travelers to relax after a journey. Procedures at the terminal center are fast and efficient. The terminal is multifunctional and modern. 

Prayer Facilities

There is insufficient information about prayer facilities at Ciampino–G. B. Pastine International Airport for Muslim passengers. There are several mosques for prayer needs outside the airport that passengers could visit.

Halal Food

There is insufficient information on Halal friendly, alcohol-free food at Ciampino–G. B. Pastine International Airport. It is recommended that Muslim diners inquire about the Halal status of food before dining or simply opt for vegetarian food! Several food courts are available at Ciampino–G. B. Pastine International Airport, giving passengers several options such as restaurants, cafes and fast-food outlets. 


Varieties of transport options are available around the Ciampino–G. B. Pastine International Airport at affordable prices. Travelers can easily get into a bus or pick-up a car or taxi which can be taken from the area. Taxis are a popular - and also cheap - method of transport. 


There are plenty of duty-free shops at Ciampino–G. B. Pastine International Airport to buy goods. Passengers may purchase the best perfumes and cosmetics, chocolates, bags, fashion items, sweets, eyeglasses, sun glasses and soft toys. There are varieties of shops including superstores, gift and crafts shops as well as clothing shops.


Plenty of modern facilities are available within the Ciampino–G. B. Pastine International Airport including banking facilities, internet access, public telephones, cafes, restaurants, duty-free outlets, pharmacies, first aid services, dentists, conference rooms, multi-purpose meeting and event centre, wheelchair services, staff assistance, ATMs, luggage facilities and post offices.

  • 9 Best Honeymoon Destinations In Italy You Must Visit After Covid-19

    Italy has joined the list of countries which are easing its travel restriction. It is slowly welcoming tourists internationally and reviving its tourism industry. The fusion of ancient and modernity, stunning landscapes, and the beautiful culture have made Italy one of the best destinations to visit!For those of you who had to halt your plans for your honeymoon due to the Covid-19 lockdown, it's time to plan for a honeymoon destination! Not forgetting the soon-to-be brides and grooms too. Italy has so much to offer, depending on what you are looking for as a couple. Either sightseeing, doing exciting activities with your spouse, or simply indulging in the local culture, Italy has it all. Here are the 9 best honeymoon destinations in Italy to visit with your spouse!  via GIPHY 1. Rome Image Credit: Christopher Czermak on Unsplash; Vatican City, a perfect backdrop for your couple photos! Let's start off with the capital city of Italy, Rome. Rome is rich in culture and history, a city where you can indulge in Romans art and architecture. One of the best ways to explore the city is on a Vespa. Go ahead and rent a Vespa if you have a license and explore Rome with your significant other. Ride down to Trevi Fountain, through the cobbled streets of Trastevere and Vatican City. These places make a perfect backdrop for your couple photos too, apart from the great memories that you can make there. Remember to take lots of photos!It is worth mentioning that Rome is a Muslim-friendly destination. Dine at Luna Caprese, a restaurant serving Halal Italian food like pizza, pasta, and lasagna. And since you are already in Rome, don't forget to visit the Grand Mosque to witness its stunning architecture and to perform your prayers. 2. Venice Image Credit: Damiano Baschiera on Unsplash; The famous Gondola ride where you could enjoy the sunset with your loved ones. When you mention Venice, what comes to mind would definitely be the Gondola ride down the Grand Canal. Of course, nothing can beat a Gondola ride through the sunset where you could just enjoy this romantic little moment with your loved ones.Venice has been deemed as one of the most romantic cities. Stroll down the streets of Venice, which is rich with its art and history. Explore this city and discover famous tourist attractions such as Piazza San Marco and St Mark’s Basilica. Don't forget to grab a scoop of Gelato if you spot a Gelato shop. (Be sure to ask the storekeeper if the ingredients used are Halal first!) Satisfying your sweet palate on a refreshing flavor of the Gelato while admiring the Grand Canal with your significant other would definitely leave you sweet memories.  3. Verona Image Credit: Alessandro Visentin on Unsplash; Verona, the setting for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.  Known to be the city of love, Verona is the setting for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Tour around the city to catch a glimpse of the location settings of this famous love story.Setting aside this tragic love story and literature, Verona features its historical side through monuments and ruins, which was dated all the way back to the Roman empire. A day trip to Lake Garda is recommended as it is close by. Not only does it offer a scenic view of the town, but exciting activities await you and your spouse. You could either choose to ride the cable car to the top of Mount Baldo or visit the Gardaland Amusement Park. It will be worthwhile, we promise! 4. Amalfi Coast Image Credit: Gabby J on Unsplash; The colorful houses sit upon staggered cliffs in Amalfi Coast. If you are looking for a serene honeymoon location, then Amalfi is a perfect city for you. The colorful houses sit upon staggered cliffs with a coastline of turquoise water, making every spot in this city picturesque. A laidback trip with the spouse is best enjoyed at any of the sandy beaches here in Amalfi.A trip to Amalfi Coast is not complete without exploring the towns. Exploring towns like Atrani and Positano will complete your romantic getaway package. Strolling down the beaches and watching the sunset is enough to leave sweet memories. Don't forget to visit Ravello too, known as the City of Music. It doesn't only provide the scenic view of the Amalfi Coast but also houses one of the stunning gardens, Villa Cimbrone. Being one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, it should be enough of a reason for you not to miss it! 5. Lake Como Image Credit: Damian Chojnacki on Unsplash; Lake Como, a must-visit tourist spot! Lake Como is deemed as one of the most picturesque destinations for couples. The unique shape of the lake which is like an inverted Y, with a mountainous backdrop, will give you the best honeymoon retreat. Lake Como is always swarming with locals and tourists, so if you want to choose Lake Como as your honeymoon destination, be ready to brace the crowd!But this doesn't mean you should give Lake Como a pass. There are so many reasons to visit Lake Como. Beautiful blooms of Azaleas, Wisteria, and Camellias can be seen in summer, adding up to the picturesque scene. The weather is terrific even in summer due to its mountainous geography. If you fancy some water sports to do with your spouse, there are activities like kitesurfing and sailing.  6. Monte Isola Image Credit: Ouael Ben Salah on Unsplash; Lake Iseo, one of the attractions in Monte Isola. If you want to experience the pleasures of life with your spouse, give Monte Isola a try. It is not only one of the best honeymoon getaway but also a great escape from reality. Cars are banned in Monte Isola, so your only option to explore the island is by the small bus or cycling. Isn't it fun to be enjoying every crook of what life has to offer with your loved ones in this manner?Monte Isola consists of eleven villages which you can easily explore via foot. But renting a bicycle will be less tiring and thus, highly recommended. Take a break and relax by the beaches where you can rejuvenate and have a wonderful picnic. 7. Cinque Terre Image Credit: Mika Korhonen on Unsplash; Stunning views at Cinque Terre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Cinque Terre is another area in Italy for those adventurous couples. Comparing it to Monte Isola, you can actually find public transport here at Cinque Terre, and you can rent a car if you want to. But we suggest skipping those and explore Cinque Terre by foot to experience the beauty of what this area has to offer.Cinque Terre is a UNESCO World Heritage site, therefore expect to see tourists flock in every now and then. Having said so, visiting Cinque Terre will leave great memories for you and your spouse. The five little villages have colors of their own, and they are worth exploring. Also, the stunning viewpoints are not to be missed. Watching the sunset with your spouse would be one of the best things to end the long day of exploring. 8. Florence Image Credit: Jonathan Körner on Unsplash; Florence, Italy, home to Renaissance art and architecture.  Being one of the major cities in Italy, Florence is home to Renaissance art and architecture. If you and your spouse would like to indulge in some history, art, and culture, Florence has so many to offer.Have a romantic walk down the Boboli Gardens, where you can see Renaissance sculptures and fountains. You can also book a Renaioli, a traditional boat, to enjoy a cruise down the river. Apart from enjoying the beauty of what Florence has to offer from this scenic river cruise, it is one of the best romantic things to do with your spouse in Florence. 9. Milan Image Credit: Caleb Stokes on Unsplash; Milan Cathedral, a famous landmark in Italy.  Milan is seldom deemed as a romantic city, but you and your spouse should check it out! There are a lot of attractions in store for you. Milan is known to be the city of fashion and design. But aside from that, Milan offers historical architecture such as the Milan Cathedral and Castello Sforzesco.Milan is the best place if you want to splurge luxuriously. Grand Galleria houses most of the designer brands, but it's definitely not the place for you to bargain. Even if you don't plan to shop here, you should visit the Grand Galleria as the architecture is definitely stunning. You wouldn't want to miss the chance to snap a shot or two as memorabilia of one of the oldest shopping malls in the world. There you have it, 9 of the best honeymoon destinations in Italy. We hope that this list will get you excited for your honeymoon. And even if you have yet to decide on one, we hope that this list will have you geared up to fly to Italy and spend some romantic time with your loved ones, once it is safe to travel again!  via GIPHY ...

  • Imbas Kembali Zaman Kanak-Kanak Di 4 Tempat Wisata Hong Kong

    Artikel ini aslinya ditulis oleh Rashmi Wickramasinghe dalam bahasa Inggris. Kamu boleh membaca artikel dalam bahasa Inggris yang ditulisnya di sini. Hong Kong sememangnya tempat ulung untuk berseronok - terdapat banyak tempat-tempat menarik untuk dikunjungi dan banyak pengalaman untuk diraih. Lokasi-lokasi wisata di Hong Kong sangat penting untuk dimasukkan ke dalam itinerari seseorang pelancong kerana Hong Kong mempunyai antara tempat-tempat paling menarik di Asia!  Dengan berbilang aktiviti dan permainan untuk anda pilih, anda pasti akan sibuk dengan keseronokan! Berikut adalah beberapa lokasi wisata untuk membawa anda kembali ke zaman kanak-kanak sewaktu di Hong Kong!  via GIPHY 1. Hong Kong Disneyland Kredit Gambar: Hong Kong Disneyland Siapa tidak suka Disneyland?! Lebih penting lagi, anda tidak perlu melancong jauh ke US untuk mengalami Disneyland kerana Disneyland di Hong Kong sama taraf kehebatannya kerana adanya pengaruh Timur-Barat.  Hong Kong Disneyland mempunyai 7 kawasan yang berbeza dengan tempat-tempat menarik, permainan-permainan dan majlis yang unik bagi setiap kawasan. Salah satu tempat menarik ialah di Main Street, USA ialah Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad - sebuah perjalanan cukup indah yang membawa anda ke semua kawasan dan daerah di Fantasyland. Satu lagi daya tarikan ialah Disney Paint the Night Parade. Tarikan ini berlangsung selama 30 minit yang mana terdapat lampu-lampu LED dan semua watak-watak Disney akan berarak mengikut rentak lagu-lagu terkenal yang dikaitkan dengan mereka. Salah satu tempat yang harus dikunjungi ialah Royal Princess Garden di mana anda boleh memetik gambar bersama-sama puteri Disney kegemaran anda! Satu lagi tempat wajib anda lawati di Adventureland ialah Festival cerita Lion King. Di sana, anda akan menonton animasi unggul yang menceritakan semula cerita klasik tersebut. Naiki Jungle River Cruise untuk melihat secara terkemuka binatang-binatang animatronik. Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars ialah sebuah permainan roller coaster yang mesti anda cuba.  Kredit Gambar: Hong Kong Disneyland Sebuah tarikan gempak di Mystic Point ialah Mystic Manor - versi rumah hantu di Hong Kong Disneyland yang mempunyai cerita unik tentang perawakan Lord Henry Mystic dengan temannya, seekor monyet, dengan watak-watak comel dan pengalaman yang penuh dengan kejutan-kejutan.  Toy Story Land memang penuh dengan keseronokan, terutama sekali RC Racer - iaitu sebuah gelongsor yang mempunyai permainan kereta yang bergerak atas dan bawah - sangat mengecutkan hati!  Kredit Gambar: Hong Kong Disneyland Fantasyland memang penuh majis! Salah satu daya tarikan di situ ialah Mickey dan Buku Ajaib, yang merupakan persembahan yang terbaik di Hong Kong Disneyland - persembahan selama 30 minit ini membawakan ramai watak-watak Disney yang digemari ramai yang akan menari mengikut rentak lagu-lagu digabungkan mengikut genre muzikal. Cinderella Carousel ialah tarikan yang harus dinaiki semua orang, sudah pastinya ia menjadi impian setiap orang untuk menaiki merry-go-round yang mempunyai kuda-kuda segak dan muzik indah. Permainan yang paling seronok di Fantasyland sudah pastinya ialah Cawan Teh Mad Hatter - cawan gergasi yang berputar yang pastinya akan membuat awak teruja.  Kredit Gambar: Hong Kong Disneyland Pergi ke Tomorrowland untuk permainan-permainan dan daya tarikan yang bertemakan futuristik. Hyperspace Mountain merupakan roller coaster yang khas untuk semua penggemar Star Wars, elak percikan api sambil mendengar putaran lagu tema Star Wars - pastinya sebuah pengalaman yang epik. Iron Man Experience adalah satu-satunya permainan Marvel yang hanya ada di Hong Kong Disneyland - anda akan melambung tinggi sambil melihat pemandangan Hong Kong di permainan 3D Iron Man ini. Di sana juga terdapat tempat peranginan untuk anda diami dan alami pengalaman unik dengan bilik-bilik dan suite bertemakan Disney! Anda boleh pilih salah satu daripada tiga tempat penginapan - Disney Explorer’s Lodge ialah untuk mereka yang suka mengembara, bagi yang suka keanggunan, anda boleh pilih untuk menginap di Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, bagi yang gemar majis Hollywood boleh menginap di Hollywood Hotel Disney!  Cara ke Sana Anda boleh menaiki keretapi MTR untuk ke Hong Kong Disneyland yang mempunyai perjalanan dengan pemandangan indah dan mod pengangkutan yang lebih berbaloi. Anda perlu mengikuti garisan Tung Chung ke Stesen Sunny Bay, tukar ke garisan Penginapan Disney dan ke Keretapi Disney - keretapi yang bertemakan Disney.  Informasi Tiket Tiket biasa untuk sehari atau dua hari di Disneyland bermula dari harga HK$639 untuk dewasa dan pengunjung berusia 12 tahun ke atas.  Pakej 2 hari bermula dari harga HK$719, dengan adanya baucar diskaun HK$30 untuk dagangan dan akses segera taman permainan dengan e-tiket Disney. (Lawatan pertama harus pada atau sebelum 31 Disember 2019). Terdapat juga Tiket Keutamaan Disney + Pakej 1-hari bermula dari harga HK$938 dan HK$838 - pergi ke lelaman Disney untuk maklumat lanjut.  Makan dan Beli-belah Terdapat 2 restoran halal dalam taman bertema itu - Tahitian Terrace di Adventureland dan Restoran Kelab Peneroka di Mystic Point. Anda boleh dapatkan makanan bersijil halal atas permintaan di restoran-restoran berikut:  Chef Mickey di Hollywood Hotel Disney Studio Lounge di Hollywood Hotel Disney  Kafe Walt di Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Dragon Wind di Disney Explorers Lodge World of Color Restaurant di Disney Explorers Lodge Khidmat Bilik di Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel   Kemudahan Ruang Solat  Taman bertema ini mempunyai ruang solat; ruang ini berada bersebelahan dengan Restoran Kelab Peneroka. Ruang ini juga mempunyai kemudahan mengambil wudhu, namun, tiada tikar solat yang diberikan jadi anda perlu membawa tikar anda sendiri.  Alamat: Lantau Island, Hong Kong Waktu operasi: 10:30 pagi hingga 8:30 malam Penting! Waktu untuk tempat tarikan dan permainan berbeza-beza, jadi anda perlu kunjungi lelaman web rasmi untuk maklumat lanjut. Laman Web | Facebook | Instagram 2. Ocean’s Park  Kredit Gambar: Ocean Park di Facebook Ocean Park Hong Kong, sebuah taman hiburan bertemakan kehidupan laut telah menyebabkan terukirnya senyuman di wajah ramai orang sejak 1977, ialah tempat tarikan yang mesti ada dalam senarai anda.  Sebuah tempat yang mempunyai tarikan untuk semua, Ocean Park Hong Kong merupakan taman hiburan sekaligus taman kehidupan laut dan taman haiwan semua dalam satu! Ia juga merupakan tempat diaman beruang Panda terkenal - Le Le dan Ying Ying - siapa yang tidak gemar beruang panda? Taman bertema ini sebesar 915,000 meter persegi, sebesar 174 padang bola.  Taman hiburan ini ada dua kawasan utama: Waterfront dan Summit, yang ada 8 zon bertemakan berbeza-beza untuk aktiviti-aktiviti, persembahan-persembahan, tarikan-tarikan dan permainan-permainan. Semua pengunjung akan ke Waterfront dahulu kerana ia berdekatan dengan tempat masuk, namun, jika anda ingin menggunakan masa anda di sana secukupnya, anda patut menaiki kereta kabel atau keretapi ekspres untuk terus ke Summit. Kredit Gambar: Ocean Park Summit ialah tempat yang mempunyai permainan-permainan yang menyeronokkan dan Polar Adventure. Ocean Park dikenal sebagai taman yang mempunyai banyak permainan yang gempak - permainan-permainan yang terkenal seperti Hair Raiser, Raging River, Rapids dan Flash. Satu lagi tarikan yang anda harus lawati di Summit ialah Mine Train - sebuah rollercoaster yang unik kerana ia menggunakan teknologi VR! Jika anda sememangnya seseorang yang gemar merasakan derasan adrenalin, permainan ini memang untuk anda!  Setelah merasakan derasan adrenalin, apa kata anda lakukan sesuatu yang lebih santai seperti di tarikan Polar Adventure yang didiami oleh binatang-binatang dari Kutub Utara dan Selatan, anda akan melihat penguin, anjing laut dan pelbagai binatang lagi. Jika anda ingin lebih dekat lagi dengan binatang-binatang, anda boleh mengambil bahagian dalam Animal Encounter.  Kredit Gambar: Ocean Park Setelah anda mengembara di Summit, anda boleh ke Waterfront. Di Waterfront, tarikan utama ialah Beruang Panda Gergasi, Akuarium Agung dan Jalan Hong Kong Lama. Akuarium Agung, seperti namanya, memang agung - dengan adanya 5000 ikan-ikan dari 400 jenis yang berbeza, anda sudah tentu akan teruja dengan kepelbagaian yang ada. Jalan Hong Kong Lama oleh  Kedai Roti Kee wah akan membawa anda ke zaman silam 50an dan 70an di Hong Kong.  Jangan lupa untuk melawat Le Le dan Ying Ying, bintang-bintang taman itu! Anda tidak dapat menahan rasa ingin menggigit beruang-beruang panda yang sangat comel itu dengan kemalasan mereka sewaktu dalam ruang diaman mereka. Sebelum mengakhiri hari andam pergi ke Aqua City untuk menyaksikan persembahan air di skrin 360 darjah yang pertama di dunia - Symbio! Persembahan ini berlangsung pada malam hari dengan adanya lampu-lampu, pyroteknik, muzik dan animasi - ia akan mengakhiri hari anda yang penuh keseronokan di Ocean Park dengan sempurna.  Anda boleh juga menginap di  Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel, yang berada di tempat masuk taman itu. Cara ke Sana  Anda boleh menaiki bas lokal atau rentas sempadan dan turun selepas melalui terowong Aberdeen, selepas itu berjalan ke taman tersebut.  Anda juga boleh menaiki Citybus mengikut garisan 629 yang beroperasi hari-hari dari Central Star Ferry setiap 20-60 minit. Anda boleh menaiki keretapi MTR ke stesen Ocean Park melalui garisan South Island -  pastikan anda dapatkan kad pelancong Octopus terlebih dahulu. Jika anda memandu, lebih mudah kerana anda hanya perlu ke sana dan mencari ruang meletak kereta.  Informasi Tiket Anda boleh membeli tiket di gerbang taman atau menempah dalam talian menerusi lelaman rasmi. Tiket juga boleh didapatkan dari kedai-kedai 7-11.  Tiket biasa berharga HK$498 untuk orang dewasa dan pengunjung berusia 12 tahun ke atas, manakala tiket kanak-kanak berharga HK$249. Jika anda kurang berminat untuk beratur berpanjangan, anda boleh dapatkan Ocean FasTrack (Biasa) tiket yang berharga HK$280 untuk kanak-kanak dan juga orang dewasa - ia memberikan keutamaan kepada anda akses 7 permainan dan tarikan. Terdapat dua lagi pilihan untuk FasTrack: HK$400 (Mewah) dan HK$520 (Unggul). Makan dan Beli-belah Terdapat pelbagai pilihan tempat membeli makanan di Ocean Park, dari kafe ke restoran. Terdapat juga kiosk-kiosk makanan di merata tempat taman ini, jadi jika anda ingin makan snek, anda hanya perlu berjalan-jalan di sekeliling taman untuk mendapatkan snek - terutama sekali untuk mengisi perut selepas bermain permainan-permainan di sana.  Anda boleh dapatkan makanan Halal di Kafe Ocean, Dive into A Float (di Marine World), Panda Cafe Food To Go (di Amazing Asian Animals), dan di Popcorn Cart (di Aqua City). Semua hidangan di restoran-restoran dan kiosk-kiosk ini sudah mendapat sijil kesahan daripada Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong seperti yang dinyatakan di lelaman rasmi taman ini.  Terdapat banyak kedai cenderamata di taman ini, jadi pastikan anda mendapatkan sesuatu sebagai kenangan anda di taman hiburan ini.  Kemudahan Ruang Solat  Ruang solat dengan indikasi arah Qibla mudah diakses, ruang ini berada berdekatan  dengan Pejabat Guest Relations yang berada di tempat masuk utama dan di Thrill Mountain di Summit.  Address: Aberdeen, Hong Kong Waktu operasi: Isnin hingga Jumaat, 10:00 pagi - 7:00 malam     Sabtu dan Ahad, 10:00pagi – 9:00 malam Laman Web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 3. SuperPark Hong Kong Kredit Gambar: SuperPark Hong Kong di Facebook Sebuah taman sukan dalam yang mempunyai pelbagai aktiviti untuk semua orang, anda pasti boleh berseronok di sana! Ia merupakan taman suka rantaian dari Finland dan mempunyai banyak lagi cawangan di peringkat global. Fokus utama mereka ialah seronok - jadi ia merupakan tempat yang sesuai untuk anda kembali ke zaman kanak-kanak dan bermain!  Kredit Gambar: SuperPark Hong Kong di Facebook Taman ini dibahagikan kepada 3 - Pengembaraan, Arena Permainan, dan Dewan Gaya Bebas. Ruang Pengembaraan mempunyai pelbagai aktiviti seperti gelongsor tiub, tali kabel (flying fox) dan trek kereta pajakan! Arena Permainan ialah di mana semua keseronokan akan dirasakan! Permainan-permainan menyeronokkan seperti Superball, Hotstepper, dan pinball - anda pasti akan berasa sangat seronok sehingga tidak perasan yang anda telah berpeluh-peluh! Terdapat juga robot yang menjadi penjaga gol! Dewan Gaya Bebas sememangnya ruang paling menyeronokkan di Superpark - kerana ia ada trampolin! Tiada siapa yang tidak suka melompat-lompat! Terdapat juga beg menebuk SuperBoxer yang dikawal oleh AI dan dinding sepanjang 8 meter untuk didaki di SuperClimb!  Cara ke Sana Anda boleh menaiki keretapi MTR dari Olympian City dan berjalan selama 15 minit dari sana untuk sampai ke taman ini. Anda boleh menaiki bas yang melalui mana-mana garisan ini: 13D, 43C, 87B, 701/701S, 971, N23, E21, A21. Garisan untuk bas mini adalah: 46, 78, 70 Informasi Tiket  Super Day Tickets Morning mayhem (9am to 1pm): HK$180 Middle Session (1:30pm to 5:30pm): HK$210 After 6pm: HK$150 One day ticket: HK$ 250 Harga tiket tertakluk pada hari anda mengunjungi taman ini; anda perlu semak kalendar tiket di lelaman rasmi untuk menempah hari dan mendapatkan harga tiket.  Tiket Biasa  Tiket untuk satu hari: HK$180 Selepas jam 6 petang: HK$120 Tiket Hari Hebat (Super Day)  Pagi (9 pagi - 1 tengahari ): HK$180 Pertengahan (1:30 tengahari - 5:30 petang): HK$210 Selepas jam 6 petang : HK$150 Tiket satu hari: HK$ 250 Makan dan Beli-belah Terdapat hanya satu restoran di dalam taman ini, namun, ianya tidak Halal.  Kemudahan Ruang Solat  Sayang sekali, mereka tidak ada kemudahan ruang solat, jadi anda perlu membawa sejadah dan alat solat sendiri. Alamat: G/F One SilverSea, No 18 Hoi Fai Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong (berhampiran Olympian City) Waktu operasi: Isnin hingga Jumaat, 10:00 pagi – 9:00 malam                 Hujung minggu, cuti umum dan cuti sekolah public, 9:00 pagi – 9:00 malam Laman Web | Facebook | Instagram 4. Noah’s Ark Kredit Gambar: Noah's Ark di Facebook Bahtera Noah seringkali dikaitkan dengan kisah dari buku Bible, namun, di Hong Kong - anda tidak akan bertemu dengan Bahtera Noah yang sebenar tetapi anda akan bertemu dengan taman bertema yang berpusatkan konsep cerita itu dan menonjolkan replika bahtera tersebut.  Kredit Gambar: Noah's Ark di Facebook Bahtera Noah disifatkan lebih ke arah pendidikan daripada keseronokan, jadi jika anda ingin pengalaman yang lebih santai, daya tarikan ini memang sesuai untuk anda. Taman ini dibahagikan kepada 3 - Bahtera Noah, Menara Solar dan Taman Alam Semulajadi. Kebanyakan fokus taman ini ialah binatang-binatang dan alam, jadi anda akan menemukan banyak paparan binatang hidup dan juga ukiran sebesar manusia di ruang masuk. Bahtera Noah mempunyai bahagian lain seperti Taman Bahtera, Expo Bahtera - merupakan salah satu pameran terbesar meteorit di Hong Kong. Adventureland merupakan tempat di mana anda akan berasa paling seronok kerana anda akan melalui laluan berhalangan. Manakala di Ark Life Education House, Treasure House dan e-Planet terdapat aktiviti interaktif untuk kanak-kanak. Bahtera Noah juga ada tempat penginapan untuk anda sepanjang anda mengunjungi taman bertema ini.  Menara Solar mempunyai salah satu teleskop vakum solar terbesar di Asia Tenggara yang dibuka kepada awam. Menara Solar memberikan fokus kepada Sains dan teknologi yang mempunyai aktiviti-aktiviti interaktif. Taman Alam Semulajadi mempunyai pelbagai jenis pokok-pokok dan tumbuh-tumbuhan yang memberikan pemandangan yang sempurna dan ruang yang elok untuk bergambar.  Alamat: 33 Pak Yan Rd, Ma Wan, Hong Kong Waktu operasi: Taman ini beroperasi dari jam 10:00 pagi - 6:00 petang                              The Noah’s Ark Hotel and Resort beroperasi 24 jam                              The Harvest Restaurant (10:00 pagi - 9:30 malam)                             The Nature Garden (8:00 pagi - 6:00 petang) Penting! Waktu terakhir untuk memasuki pameran-pameran berbeza-beza:  Solar Tower: 5:00 petang  Nature garden: 5:00 petang  Ark Expo: 5:15 petang  Treasure house: 5:45 petang Ark Garden: 5:45 petang  Cara ke sana Anda perlu mengambil feri dari Central Ferry Pier No. 2 dan melintas ke Victoria Harbour ke AMA Wan Island. Harga feri sekitar HK$27 dan perjalanan akan mengambil masa sekitar 30 minit. Informasi Tiket Anda boleh mendapatkan di gerbang masuk atau membuat tempahan dalam talian melalui lelaman rasmi.  Harga tiket biasa ialah HK$198 manakalai harga tiket kanak-kanak dan warga emas ialah HK$158. Tiket ini membenarkan akses ke seluruh tarikan di taman ini kecuali Adventureland. Makan dan beli-belah Taman ini mempunyai dua restoran: Restoran the Harvest dan Noah’s Kitchen. Restoran Harvest menghidangkan bufet antarabangsa dan lebih mewah. Noah’s Kitchen lebih disifatkan sebagai kafe yang menjual pencuci mulut dan minuman. Tiada maklumat yang menyatakan sama ada makanan di restoran-restoran ini Halal, namun, anda boleh memilih untuk memakan hidangan sayur-sayuran atau makanan laut.  Rainbow Gallery dan Kid’s Deck adalah kedai-kedai cenderamata yang menjual anak patung, plushies dan alat tulis comel bertemakan binatang.  Kemudahan Ruang Solat Tiada ruang di taman atau tempat peranginan yang disediakan sebagai ruang solat jadi anda harus membawa tikar solat dan alat solat anda sendiri :) Sekarang, anda sudah tahu taman hiburan/taman bertema yang anda boleh kunjungi sewaktu anda di Hong Kong. Pastinya, anda akan meraih pengalaman yang menyeronokkan - dengan itu, berehat dan berseronoklah!  Now you know which amusement/ theme parks to head to when in Hong Kong. It’s going to be a fun ride – so let loose and enjoy! Laman Web| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Artikel ini disampaikan kepada anda oleh Lembaga Pelancongan Hong Kong. via GIPHY...

  • Plan To Travel After Covid-19? Here Are 10 Best Road Trips In Europe To Add To Your Bucket List

    Nothing tops an excursion that overflows with extraordinary views, astonishing and breathtaking attractions, time and energy put into spending memorable moments with companions or with your loved ones. A well planned out road trip is a definitive escape that will leave you with a truckload of memoirs you will clutch onto for your lifetime. Traveling across unfamiliar roads is probably the most ideal approach to bond with everyone close to you. It's never too early to start planning for your next travel after Covid-19, especially with many countries getting ready to open up their country for travel.    via GIPHY Before we go into the 10 best road trips that you should add to your bucket list in Europe, here are some worthwhile factors that will make you love road trips specifically!  The flexibility of Road Trips The most evident reason why you ought to opt to go via vehicle is that you do not have to adhere to plans or timetables. Driving additionally gives you the adaptability to change your agenda and stop at any place en route. Gather together with your Friends Once we get to the `adults` phase of life there are instances where we put some distance between the companions we grew up with or went to school together in light of the fact that we are now excessively engrossed in our own family lives or work lives. A road trip is an ideal reason to discuss everything with your buddies that you used to share when you were younger. The Experience Trumps it all Prior to heading out for a road trip, try not to jot down every last detail of the plan. Your main aim would be soaking up as much as you can of touring the countryside. Attempt to maintain a rule to refrain from asking questions like "Have we reached?" or " How long more?". Ensure that your trip consists of all the pleasant conversations, turning the volume of the radio to its peak, the scenic views, and all that a road trip has to offer! Be Safe than Sorry In an ordinary scenario for any road trip, to be better prepared, you would pack filtered water, snacks, sufficient clothing and a first aid kit. However, given the way that the world is currently recuperating from Covid-19, be sure to take with you essential items for hygiene, for example, hand sanitizers to cleanse your hands, sterilizing wet disposable wipes, dispensable gloves, plastic bags and tissues.   One of the best ways to travel around Europe is to go on a road trip as it can be cost-effective and reasonable if planned right. Even though taking a flight appears to be the convenient way out and spares you a ton of time, they can be over-the-top expensive. The preferred option would be to drive in Europe to explore new places if you are the type who loves to breathe in the fresh air outside, appreciate beautiful and scenic views and go along the type of routes that gives you an Instagram-worthy picture. Driving in Europe has proven to be far simpler with the approach of GPS gadgets. All you need is a smartphone and you are all set to go! Here are 10 of the best road trips Europe has to offer!  via GIPHY   1. Scotland Image Credit: Bjorn Snelders on Unsplash; Isle of Skye in Scotland is a must-visit spot! Setting aside the fact that Scotland has a gloomy weather climate pretty much all year long, this spot is noted for its radiant scenic views that changes drastically with the seasons. Scotland vows to be incredibly photogenic and compensating with sights that will blow your mind. If you choose to take this spot as a destination, you can pay a visit and appreciate flawless lakes, grand palaces and enchanting towns. Must-visit spots would be Edinburgh, Isle of Skye, Glen Coe, Glenfinnian Viaduct and Scottish Highlands. Circling from Inverness around the north shore of the territory, you can travel a little more than 500 miles and absorb marvelous Scottish scenes en route. Driving through this route gives you the opportunity to encounter ideal Scottish attractions. You can visit the palaces of Dunrobin and Ardvreck and explore the charming Smoo Cave.   2. Norway Image Credit: Lightscape on Unsplash; The Northern Lights in Norway.  Albeit driving in Norway can be generally costly contrasted with other European urban areas, the perspectives that will invite you are likewise unmatched to the remainder of Europe. Visiting Norway will likewise expand your odds of being able to witness the Northern Lights, as you will be given the opportunity to visit portions of Norway that you in any case would not have had the option to by walking! Make certain to stop by at Preikestolen, Bergen, Geirangerfjørd, Ålesund and Lofoten Islands. Norway's fjord and mountain scenes are famous for their stunning magnificence. This would be a call to all nature lovers! Envisioning the miracle you will feel as you look up at forested mountains brimming with enthralling beauty and glancing over polished waterfalls is what makes Norway so exceptional.   3. Slovenia Image Credit: Francisco Ghisletti on Unsplash; Incorporate Lake Bled, Slovenia's famous attraction, in your route!  Road tripping across Slovenia is a journey brimming with routes to waterfalls, lakes and caves that structure and contribute quite a bit towards Slovenia's history. This particular destination is a moderately little nation frequently neglected by voyagers. Slovenia is the perfect European road trip destination simply because of its wide streets that make driving a breeze when navigating. This spot has everything. You name it they have got it! From wonderful mountain ranges, world-class sweets, clamoring urban areas, old Venetian towns along its coast to renowned vacation destinations. Incorporate Lake Bled, Škocjan Caves, Ljubljana, Piran, Lake Bohinj and Julian Alps in your route as well! 4. Italy Image Credit: Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash; Venice is definitely a must-visit when you're in Italy! Perceived by numerous tourists as the perfect travel destination (we are not surprised!), Italy screams of lovely scenes, truly rich urban areas with architecture and workmanship going back to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, tasty and scrumptious delectables sold along each road you walk which is famous around the globe for their special quality and uniqueness. Due to these aspects, these highlights make Italy without a doubt one of the most fascinating road trip destinations in Europe. Look at the concealed jewels of Italy while hitting all the top vacationer hotspots. Amalfi Coast, Milan, Naples, Tuscany, Venice and Rome are a must-visit!   5. Switzerland Image Credit: Morgan Thompson on Unsplash; Zermatt, Switzerland, a hotspot you don't want to miss!  Switzerland lies in the focal point of Europe yet displays a special mix of societies along with magnificence and productivity. Ever wondered which place the celebrated mountain engraved on each bar of Toblerone originated from? None other than this beautiful hotspot! Watch out for the Matterhorn, in the entirety of its greatness. Be sure to be compensated with astounding perspectives en route! Bern, Zürich, Zermatt, Gruyères and Jungfrau are hotspots you certainly would prefer not to pass up! Switzerland makes it simple for you to love the place without much of an effort. You can choose to stop and enjoy a picnic, overlooking beautiful views while you are cozied up on a mountain top with your loved ones. Have a go at looking at stars in the night sky or walk through Switzerland’s urban areas to get a taste of their local culture.   6. Iceland Image Credit: Adam Jang on Unsplash; Don't miss out on the Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach at Vik Island! Up and coming as a bustling traveler hotspot, particularly for those searching out the Northern Lights during winter, an excursion in Iceland rewards you with perspectives on a portion of Europe's most sensational landscape. Be ready to experience clear waterfalls and massive glaciers while you drive through this captivating Nordic country. Attractions like Golden Circle, Vik, Iceland Highlands, Akureyri and Reykjavik will have you drooling for more! Take some time to visit legendary nature spots in North Iceland, such as the "Waterfall of the Gods" and "Peninsula of the Trolls".   7. Spain Image Credit: Neil Martin on Unsplash; Bilbao, a place of interest in Spain, that will not let you down! The Basque Country is frequently neglected by travelers who swarm the better known South of Spain. However, Spain has anything a person on a road trip might be searching for as it has so much to offer! Stupendous beaches, palaces on top of mountains, medieval towns, dazzling design and the absolute most praised eateries on earth. There is a lot to see and do in the midst of the charming scenes that motivated Picasso and Velàzquez. San Sebastian, Bilbao, Picos de Europa and Biarritz are places of interest that will not let you down! It is highly recommended that you devour seafood from the Galician towns. A road trip in this district offer amenities for a vast array of individuals like those who love the beach, family voyagers, music lovers, foodies and those basically needing to dive into Spain's rich craftsmanship and history.   8. Croatia Image Credit: Ivan Ivankovic on Unsplash; Don't miss out on Dubrovnik at Croatia! Croatia is considered to be generally an unexplored corner of Europe. The Balkan locale is incredible for exploring and coming across these shrouded jewels without these visits causing a dent in your pocket. With an abundance of history, social and culinary fortunes and incredible nightlife, the area is highly regarded as a renowned travel hotspot. Blistering summers and cold winters imply that the ideal time to visit is pre-summer or early autumn. Don't miss out on Zagreb, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, Hvar, Bosnia and Herzegovina! 9. Ireland Image Credit: Henrique Craveiro on Unsplash; Stunning sights at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. Ireland is a fantasy come true for a road trip thanks to its coastline, enthralling landscapes and vibrant atmosphere. Truth be told, driving is the simplest method to get around, while you get to soak up the scenic views as you drive along. All through your drive, you will find the opportunity to visit mansions and lodges, walk around harbor towns, and hobnob and mingle with the cheery local people. Also, you will be blessed to receive stunning sights on the Irish coast, some of which are the Cliffs of Moher, Ahill Island and the Aran Islands. Views, history, culture, clamoring cosmopolitanism and the tranquility of town life will not disappoint you one bit! I am sure you would not want to pass up the opportunity to visit gorgeous attractions.   10. The Scandinavian Triangle – Sweden, Denmark & Norway Image Credit: Robert Bye on Unsplash; Begin your road trip journey in Stockholm, the Swedish capital. Sweden, Denmark and Norway, otherwise known as the Scandinavian Triangle, is a great road trip opportunity to absorb the charms of the locale. In spite of the fact that these are three distinct nations, you can without much of a stretch drive through the south of Sweden, eastern Denmark and southern Norway in a circle over a couple of days. It will not take you long to succumb to the Scandinavian Triangle, due to it consisting of the Baltic coastline and the rich landscape which is bound to leave you speechless. The ideal spot to begin your Scandinavian road trip journey is in Stockholm, the Swedish capital. Subsequent to making the most of the city's Old Town, Royal Palace and the islands of the Stockholm Archipelago, drive south along the coast towards Denmark. In transit, you can appreciate and look out for southern Sweden's medieval towns and palaces.   Make certain to be ensured that arranging a road trip in Europe will be one of the most fulfilling and memorable holidays you will take in the course of your life. Start planning your road trip around Europe now!  via GIPHY...

  • Lepaskan Jiwa Kanak-Kanakmu di 4 Tempat Wisata Hong Kong Ini

    Artikel ini aslinya ditulis oleh Rashmi Wickramasinghe dalam bahasa Inggris. Kamu bisa membaca artikel versi Inggris yang ditulisnya di sini. Hong Kong punya banyak hal yang ditawarkan untuk bersenang senang. Ada banyak pilihan destinasi dan pengalaman yang bisa kamu dapatkan ketika berkunjung ke Hong Kong. Para turis sebaiknya memiliki daftar hal hal yang harus dicoba saat berada di pulau tersebut. Hong Kong adalah rumah untuk beberapa atraksi termegah dan terbesar di Asia! Kamu mungkin akan dibuat pusing dengan banyaknya pilihan wahana dan kegiatan untuk dipilih. Jadi inilah beberapa atraksi tempat bermain untuk melepaskan jiwa anak-anak di dalam dirimu saat berada di Hong Kong! via GIPHY 1. Hong Kong Disneyland Kredit Gambar: Hong Kong Disneyland Siapa sih yang ga suka bermain di Disneyland?! Dan kamu ga perlu pergi jauh-jauh ke AS untuk mencoba bermain di Disneyland karena sama bagusnya dengan yang ada di Hong Kong. Malah ada nuansa perpaduan Timur dan Barat Hong Kong Disneyland memiliki 7 area berbeda yang memiliki daya tarik, wahana, dan acara sendiri. Salah satu atraksi utama di Main Street, AS adalah Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad - perjalanan kereta indah yang akan membawamu melewati seluruh negeri dan berakhir di Fantasyland. Tempat seru lainnya adalah Disney Paint the Night Parade di mana kamu bisa ikut berpesta menggunakan LED barengan semua karakter Disney selama 30 menit. Oh ya, kamu harus masuk ke Royal Princess Garden kalau kamu mau foto bareng dengan Ratu Disney favoritmu! Wahana lain yang kamu harus datengin di adventureland adalan Festival of the Lion King. Di sini kamu bisa menyaksikan kisah animasi klasik Disney. Kamu juga bisa cobain wahana Jungle River Cruise yang seru banget karena berhadapan dengan hewan animatronic. Buat kamu yang suka naik roller coaster, kamu wajib banget ngerasain keseruan di The Big Grizlly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars dengan roller coasternya yang retro abis ala old school. Kredit Gambar: Hong Kong Disneyland Di Disneyland juga ada rumah hantu lho. Di area Mystic Point ada wahana namanya Mystic Manor – Disneyland Haunted Mansion versi Disneyland Hong Kong. Di situ kita bisa menikmati kisah Lord Henry Mystic dan asistennya si monyet yang menggemaskan. Di sini kamu bakal ngalami banyak kejutan. Ada juga tempat namanya Toy Story Land yang isinya penuh kegembiraan. Lihat deh RC Racer, pipa yang terbagi dua berukuran 27 meter dengan mobil yang naik turun. Menegangkan dan mendebarkan! Kredit Gambar: Hong Kong Disneyland Mau liat sesuatu yang ajaib?! Fantasyland tempatnya karena ada wahana yang sayang banget untuk dilewatin namanya Mickey and the Wondrous Book. Pertunjukan di sini bisa dikatakan sebagai pertunjukan terbaik di Hong Kong. Pertunjukan tari dan music spektakuler berdurasi 30 menit yang menyatukan semua karakter Disney. Cinderella Carousel adalah suatu keharusan bagi setiap tamu, semua orang bermimpi mendapatkan satu komidi putar klasik dengan kuda jingkrak dan musik yang indah. Perjalanan terbaik di Fantasyland adalah Mad Hatter Tea Cups - cangkir teh raksasa yang akan membuat kamu pusing tetapi bersemangat. Image Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland Kunjungi Tomorrowland untuk menikmati atraksi dan wahana yang terinspirasi futuristik. Di Hyperspace Mountain kamu bisa meraskan perjalanan rollercoaster yang didedikasikan untuk semua penggemar Star Wars, menghindari tembakan blaster dengan soundtrack Star Wars yang disetel sebagai latar belakang menambah kesan epik. The Iron Man Experience adalah satu-satunya wahana Marvel yang tidak ditemukan di Disneyland lain. Kamu bisa terbang di atas kaki langitHong Kong dengan Iron Man dalam petualangan 3D epik ini. Disnyeland juga memiliki resor di mana kamu dapat memesan akomodasi selama di sini. Kamarnya keren banget terutama yang suite karena bertemakan Disney. Kamu bisa memilih di antara tiga hotel. Bagi kamu yang berjiwa petualang ada Disney Explorer's Lodge. Buat kamu yang ingin merasakan tempat yang anggun bisa coba menginap di Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. Nah yang terakhir nih buat penggemar film film Hollywood harus ngerasain tidur di Disney's Hollywood Hotel! Rute Menuju Lokasi Kamu bisa menuju Hong Kong Disneyland dengan kereta MTR, rutenya sangat indah dan kereta merupakan moda transportasi yang lebih murah. Kamu harus mengambil jalur Tung Chung ke Stasiun Sunny Bay, transfer ke Disneyland Resort Line dan ke Kereta Disney - kereta dihiasi dengan memorabilia bertema Disney. Harga Tiket Biaya tiket standar untuk 1 atau 2 hari mulai dari HK $ 639 untuk dewasa dan anak-anak berusia 12 tahun ke atas. Paket untuk 2 hari dimulai dari HK $ 719, disertai dengan voucher diskon HK $ 30 untuk barang dagangan dan akses langsung akses tiket elektronik Disney. (Kunjungan pertama harus pada atau sebelum 31 Desember 2019). Ada juga tiket Disney Priority Ticket + Paket Combo Satu Hari mulai dari HK $ 938 dan HK $ 838 - lihat situs web untuk info lebih lanjut. Tempat Makan dan Lokasi Belanja Ada 2 restoran bersertifikat halal di dalam taman - Tahitian Terrace di Adventureland dan Explorer's Club Restaurant di Mystic Point. Kamu bisa mendapatkan makanan bersertifikat Halal tersedia atas permintaan di restoran berikut: Chef Mickey di Disney's Hollywood Hotel Studio Lounge di Disney's Hollywood Hotel Walt's Cafe di Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Dragon Wind di Disney Explorers Lodge World of Color Restaurant di Disney Explorers Lodge Layanan Kamar di Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Fasilitas Ruang Sholat Disneyland terdapat ruang Sholat di sebelah Explorer Restaurant Club. Tempat ini juga ada fasilitas Wudhu yang luar biasa. Tapi di sini tidak ada sajadah jadi ingatlah untuk membawa sendiri. Alamat: Pulau Lantau, Hong Kong Jam buka: 10:30 pagi hingga 8:30 malam Harap diingat! Waktu untuk berbagai atraksi dan wahana dapat bervariasi, jadi lihat situs web resmi mereka untuk info lebih lanjut. Situs Web | Facebook | Instagram 2. Ocean Park Kredit Gambar: Ocean Park on Facebook Ocean Park adalah taman hiburan bertemakan kehidupan laut yang telah membuat wajah pengunjung tersenyum sejak tahun 1977. Jadi tentu saja destinasi ini wajib ada di dalam daftar destinasimu. Ocean Park Hong Kong itu seperti toko serba ada. Di taman ini sungguh lengkap karena menggabungkan taman hewan hewan laut dengan hewan lainnya dalam satu taman hiburan. Di sini rumah buat dua panda raksasa namanya Le Le dan Ying Ying. Siapa sih yang ga suka Panda? Taman hiburan ini luasnya 915,000 meter persegi atau sekitar 174 kali lapangan sepak bola. Ocean Park memiliki dua area utama yaitu The Waterfront dan The Summit yang terbagi menjadi 8 zona dengan tema berbeda. Semuanya meliputi pertunjukan acara, atraksi, dan wahana. Para pengunjung pertama akan mengunjugi The Waterfront karena dekat dengan pintu utama. Kalau kamu ingin bersenang senang sepanjang hari sepenuhnya, bisa mulai dari naik kereta gantung atau kereta ekspres langsung ke The Summit. Kredit Gambar: Ocean Park Di The Summit kamu akan menemukan wahana sensasi dan Polar Adventure. Ocean Park dikenal memiliki wahana yang gila seperti Hair Raiser, Raging River, The Rapids, dan The Flash. Kamu wajib nyobain Mine Train wahana rolllercoaster yang benar benar unik karena menggunakan teknologi VR! Kalau kamu  pecandu penantang adrenalin ekstrem, waha ini paling pas buat kamu. Setelah kamu puas memacu adrenalin, mengapa tidak melakukan sesuatu yang sedikit lebih dinging, secara harfiah. Tengok deh Polar Adventure yang menampung hewan-hewan dari Kutub Utara dan Selatan, Kamu bakalan ketemu sama penguin, anjing laut, dan banyak hewan khas kutub lainnya. Kalau kamu mau lebih dekat dan akrab dengan para hewan daripada cuma melihat dari balik kaca, kamu bisa ke bagian Animal Encounter. Kredit Gambar: Ocean Park Setelah kamu puas berkeliling The Summit, kunjungi The Waterfront, soalnya atraksi utama di sini adalah Giant Pandas, Grand Aquarium, dan Old Hong Kong Street. Grand Aquarium keren banget dengan 5000 ikan dari 400 spesies berbeda. Kamu pasti akan kagum pada varietas yang tersedia. Old Hong Kong Street oleh Kee Wah Bakery akan membawa kamu kembali ke Hong Kong di asa 1950-an dan 1970-an. Jangan lupa untuk mengunjungi Le Le dan Ying Ying, mereka ini para jagoan andalan taman ini! Anda tidak akan bisa tahan dengan tingkah dua panda  yang berputar dan bermalas-malasan di kandang mereka. Untuk menutup harimu, pergilah ke Aqua City di mana kamu bisa menyaksikan pertunjukan 360 layar air  pertama di dunia. Ini adalah pertunjukan malam hari dengan lampu, kembang api, musik, dan animasi. Pertunjukan ini akan menjadi akhir yang sempurna untuk hari yang menyenangkan yang dihabiskan di Ocean Park Hong Kong. Kamu bahkan bisa memesan penginapan di Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel, yang terletak di pintu masuk taman. Rute Menuju Lokasi Kamu bisa naik bus lokal atau lintas batas lalu turun setelah melewati Aberdeen Tunnel. Dari situ kamu tinggal berjalan kaki sebentar ke Ocean Park. Kamu bisa mengambil rute Citybus 629 yang beroperasi setiap hari dari Central Star Ferry setiap 20-60 menit. Naik kereta dari stasiun MTR ke Ocean Park melalui jalur South Island. Pastikan kamu sudah punya Octopus Card. Pakai mobil juga bisa. Kamu hanya perlu ke sana dan cari tempat parkir karena di sana juga ada fasilitas parkir. Harga Tiket Kamu bisa membeli tiket di gerbang atau bisa langsung pesan online di situes web resmi Ocean Park. Tiketnya juga tersedia di gerai-gerai 7-11. Tiket masuk umum dihargai HK$498 untuk orang dewasa termasuk anak-anak berusia 12 tahun ke atas, sedangkan tiket anak dihargai HK$249. Kalau kamu tidak suka berdiri dalam antrian lama, kamu bisa beli tiket Ocean FasTrack (Standar) dengan harga HK$280 untuk anak-anak dan orang dewasa - ini memungkinkan akses prioritas ke 7 wahana dan atraksi. Ada dua opsi FasTrack lainnya: Deluxe (HK$400) dan Grand (HK$520). Tempat Makan dan Lokasi Belanja Ada banyak pilihan tempat bersantap di Ocean Park Hong Kong, dari kafe hingga restoran yang bisa kamu pilih. Ada juga banyak kios makanan yang tersebar di sekitar taman, jadi kalau kamu mau mengemil sesuatu sambil jalan jalan untuk mengembalikan tenaga kamu yang terkuras setelah naik beberapa wahana. Kamu bisa menemukan makanan halal di Cafe Ocean, Dive into A Float (di Marine World), Panda Cafe Food To Go (di Amazing Asian Animals), dan Popcorn Cart (di Aqua City). Semua hidangan yang disajikan di restoran dan kios ini telah disertifikasi oleh Trustee Incorporated dari Islamic Community Fund Hong Kong sebagaimana dinyatakan di situs web taman resmi. Ada juga banyak toko suvenir di taman, jadi pastikan kamu beli suvenir untuk kenang kenangan dari taman ini. Fasilitas Ruang Sholat Tersedia ruang sholat dengan petunjuk kiblat. Ruang sholat bisa ditemukan di Guest Relations Offices yang terletak di pintu masuk utama dan di Thrill Mountain di The Summit. Alamat: Aberdeen, Hong Kong Jam buka: Senin hingga Jumat, 10:00 pagi - 7:00 malam                   Sabtu dan Minggu, 10:00 pagi - 9:00 malam Situs Web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 3. SuperPark Hong Kong Kredit Gambar: SuperPark Hong Kong on Facebook Taman olahraga dalam ruangan dengan segudang kegiatan untuk semua orang. Kamu benar-benar bisa bebas dan bersenang-senang! SuperPark Hong Kong adalah jaringan dari Finlandia dan memiliki banyak cabang secara global. Fokus utama perusahaan ini adalah bersenang senang, jadi ini adalah tempat yang sempurna untuk melepaskan jiwa kanak-kanakmu untuk bermain! Image Credit: SuperPark Hong Kong on Facebook Taman ini dibagi menjadi 3 bagian - Adventure, Game Arena, dan Freestyle Hall. Ada banyak pilihan permainan di Area Adventure seluncur di dalam tabung, flying fox dan, bahkan trek menjajakan mobil! Arena permainan adalah tempat semua kesenangan! Dengan macam macam permainan menarik seperti Superball, Hotstepper, dan pinball super,  kamu bisa berkeringat dan tidak lelah selama berjam-jam karena kamu akan begitu asyik bersenang-senang! Mereka bahkan memiliki RoboKeeper sebagai kiper sepakbola! Freestyle Hall mungkin adalah bagian terbaik di Superpark karena memiliki trampolin! Siapa sih yang tidak suka lompat-lompatan?! Mereka juga memiliki tas tinju yang dikendalikan AI SuperBoxer dan dinding panjat 8 meter di SuperClimb! Rute Menuju Lokasi Kamu bisa naik kereta MTR dari Olympian City dan dari sana hanya 15 menit berjalan kaki. Kamu bisa naik bus yang melewati rute-rute berikut: 13D, 43C, 87B, 701 / 701S, 971, N23, E21, A21. Rute mini bus adalah: 46, 78, 70 Harga Tiket Harga tiket  didasarkan pada hari kamu berkunjung ke sana. Periksa kalender tiket di situs web resmi untuk mengetahui tanggal dan harga. Tiket Reguler Tiket Satu Hari: HK$180 Setelah jam 18.00 : HK$120 Tiket Super Day Morning mayhem (09.00 sampai 13.00): HK$180 Middle Session (13:30 sampai 17:30): HK$210 Setelah jam 18.00: HK$150 Tiket satu hari: HK$250 Tempat Makan dan Lokasi Belanja SuperPark Hong Kong memiliki satu restoran di dalam taman tapi tidak halal. Fasilitas Ruang Sholat Sayangnya Superpark Hong Kong tidak memiliki fasilitas ruang sholat jadi bawalah sajadah, buku saku doa dan pakaian untuk berdoa! Alamat: G/F One SilverSea, No 18 Hoi Fai Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong (near Olympian City) Jam Buka: Senin sampai Jumat, 10:00 – 21:00                 Akhir pekan, libur sekolah dan hari libur, 9:00 – 21:00 Situs Web | Facebook | Instagram 4. Noah's Ark Kredit Gambar: Noah's Ark on Facebook Noah's Ark atau Bahtera Nuh sebenarnya berasal dari kisah di Alkitab tapi kamu bisa menemukannya di Hong Kong. Ini bukan Bahtera Nuh yang sesungguhnya, tapi sebuah taman hiburan yang dibangun mengadaptasi konsep cerita dan bahkan membuat replika bahtera yang sesuai ukuran aslinya. Image Credit: Noah's Ark on Facebook Noah's Ark lebih bernuansa pendidikan daripada mendebarkan, jadi kalau kamu mau pengalaman yang lebih santai, tempat ini cocok untukmu. Taman ini dibagi menjadi 3 bagian utama - yaitu Noah's Ark, Solar Tower dan Nature Garden. Sebagian besar fokus taman ini adalah pada hewan dan alam sehingga kamu akan menemukan banyak hewan hidup yang dipamerkan serta beberapa patung seukuran aslinya menyambutmu di pintu masuk. Tempat ini lebih lanjut dibagi menjadi Ark Garden, Ark Expo - rumah salah satu meteorit terbesar yang dipamerkan di Hong Kong, Adventureland adalah tempat kamu bakalan menemukan kesenangan bermain halang rintang. Sementara itu Ark Life Education House, Treasure House dan e-Planet semuanya menawarkan kegiatan interaktif untuk anak-anak. Noah's Arl juga memiliki sebuah hotel di mana kamu bisa memesan akomodasi saat berkunjung ke situ. Solar Tower memiliki salah satu teleskop surya vakum profesional terbesar di Asia yang terbuka untuk umum. Solar Tower sebagian besar berfokus pada sains dan teknologi dan menawarkan banyak kegiatan interaktif. The Nature Park adalah rumah bagi berbagai pohon dan tanaman hijau yang menawarkan pemandangan menakjubkan untuk tempat berfoto. Alamat: 33 Pak Yan Rd, Ma Wan, Hong Kong Jam Buka: Taman ini beroperasi dari jam 10:00 sampai 18:00.The Noah’s Ark Hotel and Resort beroperasi 24 jam.The Harvest Restaurant (10:00 to 21:30)The Nature Garden (8:00 to 18:00) Harap Diingat! Setiap wahana punya jam tutup yang berbeda: Solar Tower: 17:00 Nature garden: 17:00 Ark Expo: 17:15 Treasure house: 17:45 Ark Garden: 17:45 Rute Menuju Lokasi Untuk sampai di sana kamu harus naik feri dari Dermaga Feri Central 2 dan menyeberangi Victoria Harbour ke Pulau Wan AMA. Perjalanan dengan feri akan dikenakan biaya sekitar HK $ 27 dan akan memakan waktu sekitar 30 menit. Harga Tiket Kamu bisa membeli tiket di gerbang atau bahkan melakukan pemesanan online melalui situs web resmi mereka. Tiket masuk umum dihargai $ 198HK sedangkan tiket anak dan senior dihargai HK $ 158. Tiket termasuk tiket masuk ke semua atraksi di taman kecuali untuk Adventureland. Tempat Makan dan Lokasi Belanja Taman ini memiliki dua restoran: Harvest Restaurant dan Noah's Kitchen. Harvest restoran menawarkan makanan yang mewah yaitu prasmanan internasional. Noah’s Kitchen lebih seperti sebuah kafe dengan lebih fokus pada makanan penutup dan minuman. Tidak ada informasi yang menyatakan jika makanan yang disajikan di restoran itu Halal, namun, kamu selalu bisa memilih opsi vegetarian atau makanan laut. Rainbow Gallery dan Kid’s Deck adalah toko-toko suvenir dan menawarkan mainan lunak, boneka, dan alat tulis bertema binatang yang lucu. Fasilitas ruang sholat Tempat ini tidak memiliki tempat sholat. Sebaiknya kamu membawa sajadah dan pakaian sholat sendiri. Sekarang kamu sudah tahu taman hiburan / tema mana yang harus dikunjungi ketika berada di Hong Kong. Ini akan menjadi perjalanan yang menyenangkan - jadi kendurkan otot otot yang tegang dan nikmati! Situs Web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Artikel ini dipersembahkan oleh Hong Kong Tourism Board. via GIPHY...

  • Unleash Your Inner Child At These 4 Hong Kong Attractions

    Hong Kong has a lot to offer when it comes to fun – there are many attractions to see and many experiences to have! Attractions are a major part of the Hong Kong itinerary and every tourist should tick it off their list of things to do when on the island. Hong Kong is home to some of the greatest and biggest attractions in Asia! With a multitude of rides and activities to choose from, you would be kept busy having the time of your life! So here are some of the finest attractions to unleash your inner child when in Hong Kong! via GIPHY   1. Hong Kong Disneyland Image Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland Who doesn’t love Disneyland?! And you don’t have to go all the way to the US to experience it when it’s just as good in Hong Kong especially with the East-West influences. Hong Kong Disneyland has 7 different lands that have their own attractions, rides and events. One of the main attractions at Main Street, USA is the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad – a scenic train ride that takes you through all the lands and ends at Fantasyland. Another attraction is the Disney Paint the Night Parade. A 30-minute long pageant which is an amazing LED-lit fiesta of all the Disney characters having a good time to their famous songs. A must-do is a visit to the Royal Princess Garden, where you can take a photo with your favorite Disney Princess! A must-see attraction at Adventureland is the Festival of the Lion King, a spectacular retelling of the classic Disney animation. Take the Jungle River Cruise where you will come face to face with animatronics animals. The Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, which is a typical old-school roller coaster ride, is a must-try . Image Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland The major attraction at Mystic Point is the Mystic Manor – the Hong Kong Disneyland version of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion but with a unique story surrounding the antics of Lord Henry Mystic and his monkey companion, adorable characters and immersive experience with many surprises. Toy Story Land is full of fun, especially the RC Racer - a 27 meter half pipe with a car that rides up and down – intense and thrilling! Image Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland Fantasyland is truly magical. One of the main attractions is the Mickey and the Wondrous Book, which is probably the best show at Hong Kong Disneyland – the 30-minute spectacular brings together many beloved Disney characters dancing to amazing musical mashups. The Cinderella Carousel is a must for every guest, everyone has dreamed of getting on one these classic merry-go-rounds with the prancing horses and beautiful music. The best ride at Fantasyland has to be the Mad Hatter Tea Cups – giant, spinning teacups that will leave you dizzy but excited. Image Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland Head over to Tomorrowland for fun futuristic inspired attractions and rides. At Hyperspace Mountain is a rollercoaster ride dedicated for all you Star Wars fans, dodge blaster fire to the soundtrack of Star Wars playing in the background – nothing short of epic. The Iron Man Experience is the only Marvel ride not found at any other Disneyland – soar above the Hong Kong skyline with Iron Man on this epic 3D adventure. They also have a resort where you can book your stay at and have a one of kind experience in Disney themed rooms and suites! You can choose between the three hotels – for the adventurous souls there’s the Disney Explorer’s Lodge, if you want a little bit more elegance to your hotel experience choose to stay at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, and if you are a true movie buff who loves the magic of Hollywood, stay at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel! Getting there You can get to Hong Kong Disneyland via MTR trains, the route is scenic and the trains are a cheaper mode of transportation. You have to take the Tung Chung line to Sunny Bay Station, transfer to the Disneyland Resort Line and onto the Disney Train – the train is decorated with Disney themed memorabilia. Tickets Info A standard ticket cost for 1 or 2 days start at HK$639 for adults and children 12 and above. The 2-day fun package starts at HK$719, it comes along with a HK$30 discount voucher for merchandise and offers instant park access with a Disney e-ticket. (First visit must be on or before 31st December 2019). There is also a Disney Priority Ticket + One-Day Package Combo ticket starting at HK$938 and HK$838 – refer to the website for more info. Dining and Shopping There are 2 Halal-certified restaurants within the park – The Tahitian Terrace at Adventureland and Explorer’s Club Restaurant at Mystic Point. You can get Halal certified food available upon request at the following restaurants: Chef Mickey at Disney's Hollywood Hotel Studio Lounge at Disney's Hollywood Hotel Walt's Cafe at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Dragon Wind at Disney Explorers Lodge World of Color Restaurant at Disney Explorers Lodge Room Service at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Prayer Room facilities The park offers a Prayer room; you will find a designated prayer room next to the Explorer’s Club Restaurant. The room also offers great Wudhu facilities however a prayer mat is not provided so remember to pack your own. Address: Lantau Island, Hong KongOpening hours: 10:30am to 8:30pm Note! Timings for different attractions and rides may vary, so refer to their official website for more info. Website | Facebook | Instagram   2. Ocean Park Image Credit: Ocean Park on Facebook A sea life themed amusement park which has been putting smiles on faces since 1977, Ocean Park Hong Kong should be a staple on your list. A one-stop-shop for all, Ocean Park Hong Kong is an amusement park meets marine park meets oceanarium meets animal theme park all in one! It is also home to the famous Giant Pandas – Le Le and Ying Ying – now who doesn’t love Pandas? The theme park is 915,000 square meters – roughly 174 football fields. The amusement park has two main areas: The Waterfront and The Summit, there are 8 different themed zones dedicated to activities, shows, attractions, and rides. All the guests first head to The Waterfront since it is near the main entrance, however, if you really want to make full use of your day take a cable car or express train straight to The Summit. Image Credit: Ocean Park The Summit is where you will find the thrill rides and the Polar Adventure. Ocean Park is known to have crazy rides - the popular ones are the Hair Raiser, Raging River, The Rapids and The Flash. Another must-try when at The Summit is the Mine Train – a truly unique rollercoaster ride as it incorporates VR technology as well! If you are an extreme adrenaline junkie this ride is definitely for you! After all the adrenaline rush why not do something a bit more chill, literally – head over to the Polar Adventure attraction which houses animals from the North and South Poles, you will find penguins, seals, and many more creatures. If you would much rather get up close and personal with the animal rather than just looking at them through a glass you can take part in the Animal Encounter. Image Credit: Ocean Park After you are done exploring The Summit head over to The Waterfront, the main attractions here are the Giant Pandas, the Grand Aquarium and Old Hong Kong Street. The Grand Aquarium really is grand – with 5000 fish from 400 different species, you will definitely be left in awe at the variety available. Old Hong Kong Street by Kee Wah Bakery will transport you back in time to the 50s and 70s Hong Kong. Don’t forget to visit Le Le and Ying Ying, the park’s stars! You won’t be able to handle the absolute adorableness of the two pandas rolling and lazing about in their enclosure. To end your day head over to Aqua City where you can witness the world’s first 360 water screen show – Symbio! It is a nighttime show with lights, pyrotechnics, music and animation – it will be the perfect ending to an exciting day spent at Ocean Park Hong Kong. You can even book a stay at the Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel, located at the entrance of the park. Getting there You can take a local or cross-boundary bus and get off after going through the Aberdeen Tunnel, from there it’s just a short walk to the park. You can also take the Citybus route 629 which runs daily from Central Star Ferry every 20-60mins. You can also catch a train on the MTR to Ocean Park station via the South Island line – be sure to get your tourist Octopus Card first. If you have a car, there is no hassle whatsoever; you just need to get there and find a parking spot as the park offers parking facilities. Ticket Info You can purchase tickets at the gate or even do an online booking via their official website. Tickets are also available at 7-11 stores. The general admission ticket is priced at HK$498 for adults including children 12 and above, whilst the child ticket is priced at HK$249. If you don’t like standing in queues for long you can purchase the Ocean FasTrack (Standard) ticket which is priced at HK$280 for both children and adults – it allows priority access to 7 rides and attractions. There are two other FasTrack options: the Deluxe (HK$400) and Grand (HK$520). Dining and Shopping There are many dining options at Ocean Park Hong Kong, from cafes to restaurants you can choose from many. There are also many food kiosks scattered around the park, so if you want to snack on something while walking around – especially if you need to restore some glucose in your system after going on their rides. You can find Halal food at Cafe Ocean, Dive into A Float (at Marine World), Panda Cafe Food To Go (at Amazing Asian Animals), and the Popcorn Cart (at Aqua City). All the dishes served at these restaurants and kiosks have been certified by the Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong as stated on the official park website. There are also many souvenir shops in the park, so be sure to get something to remember your trip to the amusement park. Prayer room facilities Prayer rooms with Qibla indication are available, they can be found at the Guest Relations Offices situated at the main entrance and at Thrill Mountain at The Summit. Address: Aberdeen, Hong KongOpening hours: Monday to Friday, 10:00am – 7:00pm                             Saturday and Sunday, 10:00am – 9:00pm Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter   3. SuperPark Hong Kong Image Credit: SuperPark Hong Kong on Facebook An indoor sports park with a myriad of activities for everyone, you can really let loose and have fun! It is a Finnish chain and has many branches globally. Their main focus is fun – so it is the perfect place to really let your inner child come out to play! Image Credit: SuperPark Hong Kong on Facebook The park is divided into 3 sections – the Adventure, Game Arena, and the Freestyle Hall. Adventure area has many activities like the tube slide, flying fox and, even a peddle car track! The game arena is where all the fun is! With exciting games like Superball, Hotstepper, and super pinball – you can really work up a sweat and not get tired for hours because you will be so preoccupied with having fun! They even have a RoboKeeper as a football goalie! The Freestyle Hall is probably the best section at Superpark – because it has a trampoline platform! Who doesn’t love jumping around?! They also have an AI controlled punching bag SuperBoxer and 8 metre climbing walls at SuperClimb! Getting there You can take a MTR train from to Olympian City and from there it is only a 15 minute walk. You can take a bus that goes through any of these routes: 13D, 43C, 87B, 701/701S, 971, N23, E21, A21. The mini bus routes are: 46, 78, 70 Ticket Info Their ticket prices are based on the days you go to the park; check their ticket calendar on the official website to catch the dates and prices. Regular Tickets One day ticket: HK$180 After 6pm: HK$120 Super Day Tickets Morning mayhem (9am to 1pm): HK$180 Middle Session (1:30pm to 5:30pm): HK$210 After 6pm: HK$150 One day ticket: HK$ 250 Dining and Shopping They have one restaurant inside the park, however it is not Halal. Prayer Room facilities Unfortunately, they do not offer prayer room facilities so bring along your pocket prayer mats and prayer garments! Address: G/F One SilverSea, No 18 Hoi Fai Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong (near Olympian City)Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 10:00am – 9:00pm                             Weekends, public and school holidays, 9:00am – 9:00pm Website | Facebook | Instagram 4. Noah’s Ark Image Credit: Noah's Ark on Facebook Noah’s Ark has biblical roots, however, you will find it in Hong Kong – not the actual Noah’s Ark but a theme park built around the concept of the story and even boasts a life-size replica of the Ark. Image Credit: Noah's Ark on Facebook Noah’s Ark is more educational than thrilling, so if you want a more relaxed experience this is perfect for you. The park is divided into 3 main sections – namely Noah’s Ark, Solar Tower and Nature Garden. Most of the parks focus is on animals and nature, so you will find a lot of live animals on display as well as some life-sized sculptures greeting you at the entrance. The Noah’s Ark is further sectioned into the Ark Garden, Ark Expo - houses one of the largest meteorites exhibited in Hong Kong, Adventureland is where you will find most of the fun as you can experience an obstacle course, whilst Ark Life Education House, Treasure House and e-Planet all offer interactive activities for children. Noah’s Ark also has a hotel where you can book your stay while visiting the theme park. The Solar Tower houses one of the largest professional vacuum solar telescopes within South East Asia which is open to the public. Solar Tower is mostly focused on science and technology and offers many interactive activities. The Nature Park is home to a variety of trees and greenery offering stunning sceneries which make for a great photo op. Address: 33 Pak Yan Rd, Ma Wan, Hong Kong Opening hours: The park operates from 10:00am to 6:00pm                             The Noah’s Ark Hotel and Resort operates 24 hours a day                             The Harvest Restaurant (10:00am to 9:30pm)                             The Nature Garden (8:00am to 6:00pm) Note! The last entry times vary between exhibits: Solar Tower: 5:00pm Nature garden: 5:00pm Ark Expo: 5:15pm Treasure house: 5:45pm Ark Garden: 5:45pm Getting there To get there you have to take a ferry from the Central Ferry Pier No. 2 and cross the Victoria Harbour to AMA Wan Island. The ferry ride will cost you around HK$27 and will take around 30 minutes. Ticket info You can purchase tickets at the gate or even do an online booking via their official website. The general admission ticket is priced at 198HK$ whilst the child and senior ticket are priced at HK$158. The ticket includes admission to all the attractions in the park except for Adventureland. Dining and shopping The park has two restaurants: the Harvest restaurant and Noah’s Kitchen. Harvest restaurant is more on the fancy side of the dining spectrum, they offer an international buffet. Noah’s Kitchen is more like a cafe with more focus on desserts and drinks. There is no information that states if the food served at the restaurants is Halal, however, you could always opt for vegetarian or seafood options. The Rainbow Gallery and Kid’s Deck are souvenir shops and offer soft toys, plushies and cute animal themed stationery. Prayer room facilities There is no known location at the park or the resort for prayer so be sure to bring along your pocket prayer mat and prayer garments :) Now you know which amusement/ theme parks to head to when in Hong Kong. It’s going to be a fun ride – so let loose and enjoy! Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter This article is brought to you by Hong Kong Tourism Board. via GIPHY...

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