The Roman Forum is amongst the most popular sights in Rome and draws visitors throughout the year. The site was the former centre of the massive Roman Empire - the most extensive political and social structure in western civilization. Visitors to the Roman Forum will be able to see the remains of the great buildings that were once the most important buildings of Roman city life. Some of the most iconic building structures include the Temple of Saturn - the oldest building in the area, Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine - the largest building in the area, Temple of Venus and Roma - the largest temple in ancient Rome, Temple of Julius Caesar - the site where Caesar’s body was burned at his funeral, and the Umbilicus Urbis - the centre of the city. ...more

Rome, Italy



The Roman Forum is amongst the most popular sights in Rome and draws visitors throughout the year. The site was the former centre of the massive Roman Empire - the most extensive political and social structure in western civilization. Visitors to the Roman Forum will be able to see the remains of the great buildings that were once the most important buildings of Roman city life. Some of the most iconic building structures include the Temple of Saturn - the oldest building in the area, Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine - the largest building in the area, Temple of Venus and Roma - the largest temple in ancient Rome, Temple of Julius Caesar - the site where Caesar’s body was burned at his funeral, and the Umbilicus Urbis - the centre of the city.

Ticket Price

Admission fee is around €11 and covers the Forum, the Colosseum & Palatine Hill.

Opening Hour

Open daily from 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m

Recommended Visit Duration

Around 2-3 hours

Suitable For

Adults, Families, Young Adults, Children, Senior Travellers

Must See

The ancient Roman buildings

Prayer Facilities

Designated prayer facilities at the Roman Forum will be unavailable for Muslim travellers but plenty of private area will be able to make use of during prayer times. It is also possible to visit some of the many mosques in Rome such as the Rome Muslim Center, Masjid-e-Rome, Quba Mosque, Masjid Al Rahman as well as the Mosque of Rome – the most prominent mosque in the country and the largest mosque in Europe.

Halal Food

Halal food near the Roman Forum might not be available but Muslim travellers could visit a few of the many Halal restaurants in Rome. A few prominent Halal restaurants in Rome include Luna Caprese, Super Pizza Allam Fayez, Himalaya's Kashmir, King Pizza and Jamuna.

  • Every Story Has A Beginning. Here are 7 Historical Places You Should Visit in 2019!

    History surrounds us, whether you're walking down the street, sitting in a cafe or relaxing at home. It can be identified and traced for almost every object. There are many iconic places around the world that are identified by their rich history that still stands amongst us in the present day. This article will explore 7 historical cities you should visit in 2019. Check Out More Halal Travel Blogs 1) Luxor, Egypt We begin with the land of the Pyramids, Om al-dunya (Mother of the world) and the Breadbasket of the Empire. Egypt is generally a treasure cove when it comes to history. From the Pyramids in Giza, to the Hellenistic influences in Alexandria and the Ottoman remnants in the daily lives of their locals. Luxor is often overshadowed by the Capital and Resort towns but for history lovers, Luxor holds an untouched candour. The town's scenery is free of skyscrapers. The Nile and Temple's pillars stand in a way that can transport you away from modern city life. The city is divided by the river, leaving the East side as the lively side and the West side as the dead side. Considered as the oldest city in Egypt, it's no suprise that history surrounds the street. The Luxor Temple and extensions to Karnak Temple are always linked back to the days of Ramsis the 3rd, the Pharoah of Musa (pbuh). Historical Places to Visit: Luxor Temple Valley of the Kings- Tutenkhamun's Tomb Valley of the Queens Karnak Temple Medinet Habu Colossi of Memon 2) Rome, Italy An obvious choice as Rome is an open air museum. When in Rome do as the Romans do. Rome as a city and an expression of life, reminds us how roman lives were like in the early centuries. From the way the roads are structured to the city centre and plazas. A casual bus ride through the city will show you an immense amount of relics, including the Colosseum and fountain of Trevi. The era of Renaissance(rebirth) aimed to link itself back to the prosperity and dominance of the Romans, hence the structures that are in Hellenistic design. It creates a neat circle of history repeating itself. Historical Places to Visit: Castel Sant Angelo Colosseum Trevi Fountain Sistine Chapel The Vatican (though it is technically a separate city) Piazza Novana St Peters Basilica Roman Forum 3) Istanbul, Turkey Where East meets West, Istanbul cannot be compared to any other city in the world. Its unique position globally, historically and socially have made it a beautiful city that's rich in history. Formally known as Constantinople, Istanbul was the capital when the Roman empire split, evolving the city into the Byzantine Empire. After centuries of conflict, the Islamic Caliphate took over and gained access to Eastern Europe. Islamic history is the most prevalent in this destination, with huge, majestic mosques and museums dedicated to sharing Turkey's islamic past. Historical Places to Visit: Topkapi palace Hagia Sophia Sultan Ahmed mosque Grand Bazaar Basilica Cistern Sulemaniye Mosque Dolmabahce palace Galata tower 4) Prague, Czech Republic Prague is a picturesque beautiful city with immense amount of uphills and downhills. This city gives us a cleaner version of what the Bohemian middle ages may have looked like. The cobbled pavements take you back into the past with every step. The sight of houses with wooden panels will make you believe that you're living in a fairytale. Prague was rich in the aspects astrology and religion and the Old Town Square is a reminder of this. An interesting fact about Prague as a city is that is often used to film historical movies and tv shows due to its intact landscape. Historical Places to Visit: Astronomical clock Old town Square Prague Castel St Charles Bridge St Vitus Church Jewish Quarter Wencaslas square 5) Jerusalem - Palestine The holy city is a beautiful culmination of the three monotheistic religion. A truly religious city with Monks, Orthodox Jews and Muslims walking past each other in almost identical modesty and submission to God. This city has undergone immense changes but the old areas will transport you back to the Middle ages. The hilly landscape and forted Walls built by Suleiman the Magnificent shelter a historical haven away from cars and modern buildings. The Al Aqsa complex is not only a place of pilgrimage for Muslims but its serenity and the lack of change show us the steadfastness of Islam throughout the years.  This city is a perfect destination to explore the history of the three religions that majority of the locals practice. Historical Places to Visit:  Ethiopian Church Dome of the Rock Al-Aqsa mosque Old city Western Wall Mount of olives Church of the holy Sepulchre Damuscus Gate 6)Edinburgh, Scotland The capital of Scotland is not only known for the helpful character of the locals but also the history that graces the city. The Edinburgh castle reflects the development of forts and castles as the centuries progressed. With intact architectures displaying the Renaissance and Jacobean eras, Edinburgh is an important state for Scotland because it represents the history of the country's rebellion and cohesion. The rocky roads, gothic buildings and old-fashioned specialist shops truly give a sense of Victorian culture. The city itself holds a historic charm with its bridges, road structures and neoclassical architecture. Hike up Arthur’s seat for a view of the whole city and its sweeping natural scenery. Historical Places to Visit: Arthurs Seat Edinburgh Castle Old Town Holyrood Castle National Museum of Scotland Princes Street 7) Delhi, India India itself is a country drowning in history, so the capital is a good place to start. The Old Delhi holds the beautiful Mughal Red Fort where you can wonder around and imagine being part of the imperial household. Not far from the Red Fort lies Chandni Chowk, a colorful market selling everything from dried fruit to silver jewellery, allowing a historical market experience. This city’s history is heavily intertwined with Hindu and Mughal identities. Visit the intricately lavish Akshardham which shows the artisanal beauty and skillmanship of Hindu artisans. There is an immense list of temples and complexes that are worth a visit because of their unique and beautiful historical influences. A recent culmination of this would be the Lotus Temple which was opened in 1986 and is open to visitors of all religions. Historical Places to Visit: Red Fort Akshardham Qutb Minar complex Laxminarayan Temple Rashtrapati Bhavan Lotus Temple Humayun’s Tomb Get more inspirations for your 2019 trips  ...

  • It's Time To Welcome 2019! Here Are 17 Destinations For Your New Year Celebrations!

    If you haven’t already gotten into planning mode, now is the perfect time. As December dawns, you must be wondering where to spend the New Year’s Eve. We have curated a list of 17 destinations that comprises of the most popular, attractive and liveliest of places around the world for you to welcome 2019! 10 Muslim-friendly destinations to visit in 2019 The U.S.A. When you hear about a New Year celebration in the USA, the first thing that pops up in your mind must be the iconic Miley Cyrus song. Eventhough America is known for their wild parties, we’re giving you a list of places that won’t make you feel terrible the next morning. Here are the best places to go on New Year's Eve in the USA. 1) San Francisco Surprised to see this on the list? Besides the regular fireworks displays, San Francisco is made up of very multi-cultural and ethnic backgrounds. It would be an eye-opening experience when you to wander around the different neighbourhoods and have the option to celebrate New Year's whichever way you like. 2) Chicago Most of their top hotels have special New Year’s Eve packages. You can also opt for a dinner cruise on Lake Michigan. Even though it might be very expensive, it is one of the best ways to watch the firework displays. 3) Orlando If you’re travelling with your family, what better place to spend New Year’s Eve than at the wonderful Disneyland Florida?! They have some of the best New Year’s Eve celebrations with Disney characters that starts at 8pm. You know your kids will love you for giving them the celebration of their lifetime! It is ranges from parades, performances and pageants galore! 4) New York City Well, You knew this would be on the list, didn’t you? Well, how could it not?! Possibly the most vibrant place in the world during New Year's Eve! This is where you can witness the iconic ball drop at the New York Times Square together with thousands of others. Need we say more? Europe Tour Here are the best places to spend New Year’s in Europe! 5) Barcelona, Spain Besides the usual revelry, you can ring in the New Year in a more traditional way – Spanish style, that is. In Plaça d’Espanya, the celebrations are centred around the Magic Fountain that looks incredible on a normal day, let alone when it is dressed up for a special event. Be prepared for a spectacular light show with music and special effects. 6) Rome, Italy First, pinch yourself because the beauty of Italy will make you feel like you're in a fairytale dream. You will find yourself staring at historical monuments that were built thousands of years ago. Second, have a feel of its rich history by having a ‘cenone’, which is a big dinner that you can have at a restaurant or at a friend’s house. That’s how the Italian tradition of ringing in the New Year begins. Then, head to the biggest celebration in town at the Piazza del Popolo. Take your own fireworks if you can get your hands on some and have a blast– it’s all in the experience! Of course, the city does put on its own professional display as well. 7) Venice, Italy What you can’t find in Rome are the plentiful Gondolas floating on the rivers that make Venice what it is. Imagine spending a peaceful night on a gondola by yourself or with a loved one, hidden in the fog, waiting for the light from the fireworks to cut through it. You can also join the huge crowd in Piazza San Marco as you count down the seconds until 2019 arrives. 8) Prague, Czech Republic Prague is a very popular city, to say the least. Imagine starting your New Year in such a magical place. Such a picturesque old town deserves some celebration. There is no specific place where everyone would gather so take a walk around and decide which part you want to revel in. Charles Bridge offers the best vantage point for the firework display set against castles and the river. 9) Paris, France Looking for a more romantic destination to spend your New Year’s Eve? Nothing beats Paris! With the Eiffel Tower as your backdrop, your photos will look as though it was straight out of a movie. If you desire for something even more romantic than watching the fireworks by the Eiffel Tower, you can bring your partner to a luxurious dinner at one of the few high-class muslim-friendly restaurants in town as you welcome the new year. Off the Beaten Path If big celebrations and crowded cities are not what you are looking for, fly off to the less travelled destinations and have a more unconventional New Year’s Eve. These are the more relaxing destinations for New Year's: 10) Iceland You can alway end the year without any fireworks if you want. An alternative would be heading north in Iceland to watch the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis. What's a better light display than a stunning natural one? 11) The Caribbean If just the thought of cold weather makes you shudder, and you can’t quite make up your mind on where you want to go, why not take a cruise to The Caribbean? If money is not a problem, you can go island-hopping and experience different food and cultures. At the end of the night, or should I say the year, you can just chill in the sand while enjoying the breeze. 12) Tasmania Known for their incredible rustic beauty, Tasmania is the perfect place to hike around if you’re an adventure junkie and want to start your New Year fit. If you need a hit of adrenalin as well, you can go white water rafting on the Franklin River. Best Places to Travel in 2019 Want to ring in the New Year right? According to experts, these are some of the top destinations to visit in 2019, so why not get a head start on them? 13) Dubai A whole category in itself, Dubai is iconic in its firework displays. It's New Year’s Eve show has constantly been one the most spectacular ones in the world for a few years now. Crowds gather from many hours ahead to watch the Burj Khalifa light show and fireworks, but if you don’t want to get caught in the stampede, the beach is the best option. Have dinner at any one of the malls or restaurants nearby before heading to the beach, or pack up a little picnic to keep yourselves full. The weather in December can be a bit chilly by the seaside – even though you’re close to the desert – so bundle up a bit. The firework display that is visible from the beach may not be the Burj Khalifa display, but Atlantis and The Palm put up some breath-taking shows as well. 14) Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen has always been a tourist spot but the city is constantly developing. 2019 is definitely a great year to travel to this state now that more attractions are available. In addition to the perfect balance between their old and new architecture, the growing food industry gives you a solid reason to visit Copenhagen. 15) Shenzhen, China Picture: The Independent Everyone knows how popular China is as a tourist destination. Shenzhen is said to be the Silicon Valley of this famous country, with its immense new technology. Besides its technological rise, it has also developed its arts scene in line with the likes of London. You might be happy to know that it has a wide range of new cafes and spots to hang out as well. 16) Mexico City, Mexico A country steeped in their history and culture makes for a beautiful city architecturally. Mexico City won the award for The World Design Capital in 2018 – a nod to the way centuries-old buildings worked so well with modern structures. 17) Zadar, Croatia On the coast of Croatia lies a city that has taken its horrific past and used it to turn into the strong cosmopolitan city it is today. The ancient Roman ruins and buildings are reminders of what was, while its biggest attraction – the waterfront promenade – is a representation of what can be. As the locals gather at the promenade, be drawn into the culture of this small city. If you didn’t have any exciting plans for the New Year’s Eve, we hope this list inspired you to get moving now. If you take us up on any of our suggestions, or even if you decide to do something completely different, do tell us about your travel adventures via our HalalTrip App!  HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE! Get inspirations for your 2019 vacations...

  • Let's Welcome 2019 With A Blast! Here Are 7 Places To Catch The New Year Fireworks In Singapore!

    Another year is coming to an end. 2018 may have been a blast or maybe not so much, but a new year is on the horizon so it’s time to get excited and usher in all the good vibes of 2019! What better way to do it than to celebrate the New Years Eve in Singapore with a fireworks display! It is going to be a spectacular night and everyone wants to be in on the fun. The crowds are going to be coming in and places are going to be packed. Want to know the best spots to witness the fireworks in Singapore and how you can get the perfect viewing experience? Keep reading to find out! 13 New Experiences To Try In 2019 1. Waterfront Promenade @ Bay East Garden Picture: Gardens By The Bay The waterfront promenade connects East Coast Park to the Barrage and has a stretch of 2km where you can view the fireworks over Marina Bay. The best part about the garden is that it is open 24 hours a day and there is no admission fee. Make sure you get there at least 2 to 3 hours early to avoid the crowds and remember to take some snacks with you. If you don’t want to stand for hours, waiting for the fireworks display to begin, take a folding chair along with you as well. You can get to the location via the Bayfront MRT station and then proceed to follow the underground linkway. Due to the crowds from the MRT, it is recommended to rent a bicycle so that you can zoom past the masses! If going by car, parking is provided at Gardens by the Bay. Address: 18, Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953 2. Marina Barrage The Marina Barrage overlooks the Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands. It is also a great picnic spot so feel free to set up a picnic with your friends or family to watch the fireworks display across the waters. Again, get there as early as possible to reserve a good spot. You can get there via the Marina Bay Station, where you can then take the SBS bus number 400 from Marina Bay Financial Centre. A car park is available as well. Address: 8 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018951 3. The Esplanade Roof Terrace Viewing the fireworks from ground level is great but why not turn it up a notch and watch it from a rooftop garden! The Esplanade is located right by the bay area, so you just need to take the elevator up to the rooftop garden to view a stunning fireworks display against the backdrop of the Singapore skyline. You can access the location via City Hall MRT station. Address: 1 Esplanade Drive, Singapore 038981 4. Marina Bay Sands Promontory, Merlion Park This is the most famous location to watch the New Year fireworks so do expect the place to be crowded – very, very crowded, like people packed in sardine tins! However, if you want to brave the storm and get the best seating at One Fullerton and Jubilee Bridge, you have to get there very early! You can take the MRT to Raffles Place or park your vehicle at One Fullerton. Address: Located at One Fullerton, near the Central Business District 5. Helix Bridge Another well-known spot to view fireworks is the Helix Bridge, which is conveniently located next to the floating platform where the countdown celebrations are held. Since this is another place that attracts most of the crowd, it is recommended that you go there early to secure the perfect spot. To get there, take the MRT to Esplanade and then head over to Raffles Avenue Exit. Once you have left the MRT station, walk straight to the Youth Olympic Park and turn right. The bridge is connected to the Marina Bay Sands shopping mall. Address: Linking between Marina Bay and Marina Centre, Singapore 038981 6. The Lawn at Marina Bay Picture: We Are Spaces Located at the heart of the central business district, this patch of green is the perfect laid-back spot to enjoy the fireworks. However, you will not be able to see the lower level firework displays from here. Because of the large empty space, you can head down here if you're celebrating the new year with a huge group. Just remember to bring a rain coat in case it rains as the nearest sheltered area will take you a few minutes by foot. You can also watch the parade on the giant LED screens set up in the area. You can access it by train via the Downtown line. Address: 11 Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018940 7. Prudential Carnival @ Marina Bay Picture: The Scribbling Geek Now, who doesn’t like carnivals?! Celebrate the last day of 2018 at this fun-filled carnival which is sure to bring out your inner child. The carnival boasts 40 family-friendly rides and games from all over the world and it's open from 4:00 pm till 2:00 am! Be sure to have fun to your heart’s content while you watch the fireworks over the bay! You can get there through Bayfront MRT, Promenade MRT, and the Downtown MRT. If you are coming here by car, you can find parking lots at the Red Dot Design Museum (Wilson car park), Marina Bay Financial Centre and OUE building. Tickets for rides and games can be purchased on site but the admission is free! Address: Bayfront Event Space, Singapore Bonus Location! Supply and Demand, Esplanade Picture: Chope All the above options are free but you might want to know which hotels are best to see the countdown fireworks in Singapore. There are many hotels that host the New Year countdown but they can be quite expensive and most of them serve alcohol. If you are looking for a more chilled and intimate New Years Eve with family and friends, then Supply and Demand Esplanade will be the best place. It is a chic Italian Bistro which offers a great celebratory New Years Eve dining package for $78/pax. You can tuck into their exquisite three-course Italian inspired dishes whilst enjoying the waterfront view and witness the spectacular fireworks display over the Bay. Address: 8 Raffles Avenue, #01-13 Esplanade Mall, 039802 Now that you know which places to go to if you want to see the amazing New Year’s Eve fireworks in Singapore, it's time to start making those exciting end-of-the-year plans with your family and friends! Have a blast and a very Happy New Year from us! Read more about 2019 travel inspirations...

  • It's Time To Start Planning For Your 2019 Long Weekend Escapes From Singapore!

    As November looms around the corner, we are already on the homestretch of 2018! It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a fantastic year or not because we can always look forward to a new year full of hope and possibilities! Some of you have probably booked a flight for your year-end trip and just counting down the days to that long-awaited vacation. While waiting, you should try planning for great weekend getaways in 2019!  Great news: There are FOUR LONG WEEKENDS spread out across the year, making sure you'll always have that well-deserved break! Plan for your long weekend trips with our travel inspirations: 10 Muslim & Children Friendly Destinations To Visit in 2019! GOOD FRIDAY (19 - 21 April) Krabi, Thailand This is the perfect time to visit Krabi because it is just before the monsoon season where blackouts are a norm. This is your chance to relax on the beautiful beaches, go island hopping, indulge in dirt-cheap body massages, and feast on awesome Thai street food! If you prefer to live near Ao Nang beach, Ao Nang Princeville Resort is the place for you! Completely Muslim-friendly, this resort offers halal dining options so you never have to worry about finding halal food. Definitely a great place to stay because of its central location! In fact, this resort offers convenient Spa services, a restaurant, outdoor pool, hot tub, and a sun deck—perfect for lazy days! Address: 164 Rural Road Krabi 1010, Krabi Chang Wat Krabi 81180, ThailandContact: +66 75 637 971 VESAK DAY (18 - 20 May) Jakarta, Indonesia Picture: University of Melbourne Jakarta is a beautiful, bustling city that is great for a quick weekend getaway. Sometimes, we all need a shopping holiday and this is just the perfect place to get everything done under one roof! The iconic roundabout at the Selamat Datang Monument is the place for all things convenient because right beside it lies Plaza Indonesia, a shopping heaven for locals and tourists alike! For accomodation, you can stay at the Grand Hyatt Jakarta right next to Plaza Indonesia. Take as much rest as you can in their classy rooms so you have sufficient energy to shop till you drop right after. This grand hotel is decked with luxurious furnishings that will make you feel like royalty. They have all the amenities in place to ensure that you are comfortable throughout your stay. They offer a fitness center, room service, outdoor pool, laundry service, a spa, and even an airport shuttle! Address: Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.Kav. 28-30, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10350Contact: +62 21 29921234 NATIONAL DAY & HARI RAYA HAJI(9 August - 12 August) Bandung, Indonesia  Picture: OhFact! Coincidentally, National Day and Hari Raya Haji fall on the same weekend so this means that we are rewarded another long weekend. However, this time it's an even longer one that lasts for FOUR DAYS! Bandung is definitely perfect for a four-day getaway because it has so much to offer. Since we have covered beach destinations and shopping paradise so far, let’s head for some nature time as you bask in the beautiful landscapes that Bandung has to offer! Bandung is home to magnificient mountains, gorgeous green landscapes and many more natural tourist attractions such as Lake Patenggang—a picturesque lake with stunning views. Picture: GH Universal Hotel Bandung You’ve probably seen the GH Universal Hotel circulating around the internet—an architectural beauty right in the heart of Bandung with European-style (more accurately, Italian Renaissance) furnishings. You should try staying at this hotel at least once. You will feel like royalty from the moment you step into this beautiful plush accomodation. This hotel is fully equipped with an outdoor pool, a spa, a fitness center, a patisserie (yes, desserts!), a rooftop bistro offering majestic panoramic views of the city, and yes—airport shuttle! Address: Jl. DR. Setiabudhi No.376, Cidadap, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40143Phone: +62 22 2010388 DEEPAVALI (26 - 28 October)  Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Picture: Consolato Generale Take a step back into history during your trip to this city. Ho Chi Minh City has so much to offer in terms of historical monuments. Make sure you set aside a day to see the Cu Chi Tunnels (and crawl in one too!) that the Vietnamese used during the Vietnam war. You should also visit Mekong Delta and marvel at the beautiful rivers while sipping a fresh coconut drink on a small boat. For café-lovers, this is a city filled with affordable cafes! Simply take a stroll down the city and you will find great cafes offering really refreshing coffees (yes, Vietnamese coffee) for your caffeine needs. Do visit the Café Apartments along the Saigon Walking Street. This historical building used to be a home to government and military personnels (also the only building that wasn’t bombed) but is now a hipster haven full of eclectic cafes. You will be greeted with majestic views of the city from the café balconies as you sip some good old Vietnamese coffee. Perfect for a late-night wind-down. Picture: Ostrovok This is a crowd favourite hotel because it is right next to Ben Thanh Market (The place to go to for your grocery needs and night market!) as well as the Malaysian Street. The Malaysian Street is packed with halal food options from Malaysian food to authentic Vietnamese food. You will be happy to know that some diners even offer free food delivery services right to your hotel! The hotel offers a spa, a fitness centre, and airport shuttle for your convenience. There are also a few major mosques nearby. Address: 289-291 Lý Tự Trọng, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, VietnamContact: +84 28 3828 2888 Start planning and get yourself ready to explore all these amazing getaway destinations in 2019! Read more about destinations to visit in 2019...

  • Two Hana Goes Halal! Treat Your Tummy To These 9 Korean-Meets-West Items On Their Menu!

    Have you heard? There is a new Korean-meets-West restaurant in the newly renovated Century Square—and it’s HALAL! It is Two Hana and they recently became halal certified so everyone can now enjoy their unique dishes! Apart from its delicious food, Two Hana's strong social message is another great reason to dine at this establishment. Their tagline, 'The Power of Inclusivity' champions their vision to bring people from all walks of life together. So the next time you’re wondering where to dine with your loved ones, friends, and even colleagues, think Two Hana! Here are some tasty items that await you during your visit! Address: Century Square, #01-21, 2 Tampines Central 5, 529509Contact: 6260 4321Operating Hours: 9AM - 10.30PM (Weekdays)                                8AM- 10.30PM (Weekends)Website: TwoHana Singaporean Delight & Hasnah 1. Two Hana Drumlets Classic appetizers with a quirky twist—these item is a combination of honey butter and yangnyeom drumlets. They are served with popcorn, almonds, and spring onions. This serving is served in fours, two of each flavor, so you can experience the best of both worlds. Do try the almonds and popcorns as you munch on the drumlets for a more heavenly experience. You might be taken aback by the presence of popcorns alongside the drumlets at first. However, once you try them together you will agree that they are indeed a perfect match. Price: $9/4pcs 2. Kimchi Mac and Cheese You simply cannot dine here without trying their unique Korean and Western fusion of the much-loved comfort food: mac and cheese! This classic macaroni and mozzarella cheese combo is mixed with diced kimchi bits, then coated in panko breadcrumbs before they are deep-fried to perfection. The breadcrumbs add crunch to the mac and cheese and the kimchi bits give it a Korean twist. This one-of-a-kind snack is definitely a must-try! Price: $9/5pcs 3. Korean Cauliflower Fritters  Remember Two Hana’s vision of inclusivity? For your vegetarian friends, there’s this delicious dish to whet their appetite. The Korean cauliflower fritters is a vegetarian dish made with fresh cauliflower that is coated with tempura batter then deep-fried. For garnish, they are coated with inspired dakgangjeong sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds and spring onions before serving. This dish is also suitable for those who are not a fan of vegetables as the taste of the cauliflower is not strong at all and its texture resembles a fried fillet. Price: $8/6-8pcs 4. Korean Seafood Cioppino  Time for the mains! If you love seafood, then you will definitely love this one. This medley of mussels, clams, and prawns are stewed in tomato cream based, then served with some vegetables. The mushrooms, carrots and zuchinni are only sauteed and deglazed with prawn stock and tomato puree once you order so the dish will always taste fresh. This dish is akin to western tomato soup albeit elevated with umami and the sweetness of fresh seafood. Choose from either soft rolls filled with kimchi and cheese or a whole tube of tofu. Price: $12 5. Striploin Bap  For meat lovers, this one is for you! Fragrant kimgarou rice with medium rare striploin slices bring out the distinct taste of the ‘banchans’. Apart from korean and western, this dish actually has a familiar local flavor to it as well.  The striploin slices are so soft that you don't even need a knife to enjoy this meal. The softness of the meat will be more noticeable once you realise how easy it is to chew it down.  The 63 degree poached egg helps to bind all the ingredients together and adds a depth of flavour. For an even more flavorful bite, mix the egg yolk with all the other ingredients before you start digging in. Price: $15.50 6. Haebi Seaweed Prawn Aglio Olio  This cuisine gives a korean twist to the western Linguine Pasta Prawn Aglio Olio. For this version, the pasta is sautéed with home-made haebi oil and topped with seaweed spring onions and haebi. However, the primary ingredients such as fresh prawns, garlic and chilli flakes are still used to maintain it's original western influence. Instead of regular chilli flakes, Two Hana uses Korean chilli flakes to create this gem. They are also very generous with the fresh prawns that come with this meal so you will definitely have a satisfied, full stomach once you are done. Price: $13 7. Iced Matcha Latte ($6) For beverages, you might want to enjoy this refreshing and indulgent drink. Matcha is mixed with meiji full cream milk and blended with ice. Topped with whipped cream, rice crispies and fish bungeoppang, this drink is definitely a quirky spin on the classic Matcha latte. Price: $6 8. Coffee  You might also want to indulge in a nice cup of coffee made with Carmelo blend from Allpress. This exudes full body flavour with chocolate notes. Price: $5 9. Apple Caramel Waffles with Doenjang Caramel Ice Cream  End your meal with something sweet to share. These waffles are served with Doenjang Caramel Ice Cream, stewed apples, fresh apples, and seaweed fritters.  Popular in Korea, 'Doenjang' Ice cream is made from fermented soybean paste. Having it with caramel waffles will give you sweet savoury goodness. Do you love to eat ice-cream with its cone? Then you will love the seaweed fritters. The crunchiness and sweetness of the seaweed fritters goes very well with the ice-cream waffles. Price: $9 There you have it! 9 Two Hana Items that you can choose from on your next visit here. Are you ready for a fusion-filled gastronomic experience? Check out our Halal Food Blogs...

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