The airportƒ??s official name is Beijing Capital International Airport and it boasts of three terminals. Terminal 1 is the oldest and was built in 1980 as a substitute for a small airport. Terminal 2 was constructed in 1999 to commemorate the 50th...more

Beijing, China


look for the sign. Shop is in front of Manpukunoodle shop. Its located on the same level as High Speed Train arrival, bus and taxi points.

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The airportƒ??s official name is Beijing Capital International Airport and it boasts of three terminals. Terminal 1 is the oldest and was built in 1980 as a substitute for a small airport. Terminal 2 was constructed in 1999 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of China. Terminal 1 is now solely used for domestic traffic whereas Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 serve both domestic and international airlines.

The airport is located 32 kilometres northeast of Beijing Central. The new terminal 3 is the second largest in the world and boasts ultra modern technology in every aspect, including green construction.



 Shunyi, Beijing, China


+852 2181 8888

Prayer Facilities

Beijing is the only airport in China that features a multi-denominational prayer room. Terminal 3 was constructed with a provision for a prayer room to cater to the thousands of Muslims visiting the country for the Olympics. It is a permanent fixture since then and has been regularly used by Muslim travelers.

The prayer room has all the amenities that can be found at other international airports. There is a separate praying area for males and females. Washrooms with foot stools and dryers are located within the prayer room. Additionally, directions of Qiblah and estimated prayer timings are also available in these rooms.

They have allocated a separate area for Muslims where they can pray on the carpeted floor chairs and tables are provided for adherents of other religions and faiths. The prayer room is located in the international departures lounge in Terminal 3.

Halal Food

There are no halal restaurants listed as such inside the airport, although it is always worth asking at the counter.


A light rail system has been built that transports passengers from the three terminals of Beijing Airport to the city centre. The train is a part of the Beijing Subway and runs an express service to the city centre from Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. It takes around 20 minutes to cover this distance. Trains continue running from 6:21am to 10:51pm.

Passengers can also opt for the airport shuttle buses that continue running from 6 am to 11 pm. Taxis are common in Beijing and charge a relatively expensive fare for traveling to the city centre and other locations.


Beijing Capital Airport has become a major hub of shopping and entertainment with the introduction of Terminal 3. Before that, there were limited options and most people had to rely on the sole duty free shop with minimal supplies. Now, they can benefit from the dozens of shops and boutique stores opened in Terminal 3 that offer numerous choices for shopping.

If you are traveling from Europe and North America, chances are that your plane would land on Terminal 3. This would allow for a minimal hassle in availing all the shopping opportunities available at the airport. Passengers arriving or departing from Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 would have to travel towards Terminal 3 to find the best shopping options. Airport shuttles are continually running between the terminals and passengers can use this option to enter Terminal 3.


Airport has opened new facilities for currency exchange in Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 to cater to the growing number of passengers. 

It has improved its infrastructure for nurseries and other facilities. Changing rooms for infants and bassinettes are available with every female washing room. Additionally, there are kidsƒ?? play areas in all three terminals of Beijing Airport. A major play area, however, is only located in Terminal 3 with all the modern facilities of playing, video games and cartoons, among other things. Passenger changing rooms are also present in all three terminals of Beijing Airport.

Commercial centres are located in all three terminals that provide Internet, fax and cell phone charging facilities, among other options. Passenger assistance centres are located on all floors of Terminal 3 and major thoroughfares of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Strollers can also be hired from these places.

Airport has retiring rooms where passengers can while away their time if they are on a transit flight or have arrived earlier.

Passengers interested in finding rooms in close vicinity of the airport can contact the desks of hotels. They can easily locate them at the arrivals halls of both domestic and international flights.

There is also an hourly lounge where passengers can rent a room for an hour and avail all the facilities of TV, movies and attached bathrooms, among other amenities. A total of 26 smoking rooms are available throughout Terminal 3. There are around a dozen smoking rooms in Terminal 2 as well.

Terminal 3 has nice displays of Chinese architecture. Even the airport is a masterpiece of modern architecture and passengers can take pictures in the public areas.

All three terminals of Beijing Airport are handicapped accessible along with friendly washrooms and resting areas. Wheelchairs can also be acquired for free from the customer assistance centres.

Day tours are available from the dozens of tourist companies present at Beijing Airport. They provide a complete tour of major landmarks of Beijing within five to six hours. Transit passengers can avail this option at affordable rates by asking for more than a single tour operator company.

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