Standing tall and proud in the heart of Rio de Janeiro is the Sugar Loaf mountain boasting of a breathtaking sight, especially to anyone who is daring enough to take the cable car ride between the peaks of Pão de Açúcar and Morro da Urca every 20 minutes.  The glass-walled cable car offers a glorious panoramic view. And can hold up to 65 people. This iconic mountain stands 1,299feet above sea level, and is an icon in The Atlantic ocean....more

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Standing tall and proud in the heart of Rio de Janeiro is the Sugar Loaf mountain boasting of a breathtaking sight, especially to anyone who is daring enough to take the cable car ride between the peaks of Pão de Açúcar and Morro da Urca every 20 minutes.  The glass-walled cable car offers a glorious panoramic view. And can hold up to 65 people. This iconic mountain stands 1,299feet above sea level, and is an icon in The Atlantic ocean.

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Christ the Redeemer during the climb

Prayer Facilities

There are two mosques located down Rio de Janeiro Sociedade Beneficente Muçulmana (Society for the Benefit of Muslims) is a mosque and community centre that serves the Muslim community located in Tijuca and Mesquita da Luz.

Halal Food

Halal restaurants in Rio de Janeiro are very scarce. Muslims can inquire about Halal Food from the mosques. Brazil is known as a major exporter of Halal meat. Therefore Halal meat will be available. Muslims should also be aware that alcohol is served in their restaurants.

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  • Muslim Convert Story: How I Found Islam

    Hi I'm Paula! I was originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I moved to California in 2011. Image by David Mark from Pixabay I first heard about Islam back in 2001. Brazil has a huge telenovelas culture, and right after 9/11 we had a very successful show called "O clone" (this show was sold all over the world, including countries with majority Muslim population). This TV show was about a Muslim girl living in Rio who got into an arranged marriage and was later sent to Morroco.During that time, many Brazilians felt suspicious towards Muslims due the recent terrorist attacks. For me, however, that TV Show opened doors of curiosity as it intrigued me to learn more about Islam. What fascinated me the most was the "old school" family values, the respect for the elders, the way they portrayed the obligations between a man and a woman, and how God was presented in every single episode; being part of the daily life of the Muslim characters.I was only 16 at that time and now, I can see how thirsty I was for God in my life, alongside family values and morals.As much as I enjoyed listening to the advice of the wise uncle from the show, the presentation of Muslim culture and the sound of the Arabic language being spoken, my knowledge of Islam was limited to virtual reality. It was not until 10 years later when I finally met a Muslim in real life. Photo by Konevi from PexelsBack in 2011, I visited Canada for a month and had a chance to meet Muslims and gain a deeper insight into Islam. All the brothers and sisters I encountered were polite towards me, happy to share their faith and proud of being who they were. Truly, that was the first time I met people who had so much love for God. I was raised Catholic, but was never a churchgoer. I have always believed in God, celebrated the holidays, prayed when I needed. It was more like a cultural thing. I knew the power of God and I underwent situations where I could clearly perceive His influence. I just didn't know how to get closer to Him. Confessing to a priest seemed like a very absurd thing to me - why I would tell my sins to another human being like me, and how do I know that God chose this priest to save me? The bible was also a big question mark in my head. How can I trust a book that was written many years after Jesus' resurrection, based on stories passed on from past generations? Image by stempow from Pixabay I became even more curious about Islam after my Canada trip. I came back home with the lights on in my head and turned more to God. I started to go to the church more, my faith increased and I was always asking for guidance. In 2013, however, while I was in USA, I found myself feeling so lost. I knew the only way to find happiness and feel grounded was to feed my soul somehow. The dunya just wasn't satisfying me and so, like a good Catholic person, I prayed. I asked for direction, for relief, for love, for more understanding. I decided to recluse myself - No parties, friends, toxic music and TV shows. I heard that Ramadan was just around the corner and so, I decided to fast. I watched various Islamic videos, educated myself on the 5 pillars of Islam and gained knowledge about Ramadan, Prophet Muhammad and Islam's history. Image by StockSnap from Pixabay I spent about 3 months on this process of getting to know Islam and one day I heard the Azan. That was my call. Felt like my heart was full and everything that happened in my life was to take me to that moment. My soul was lighter, my heart tranquil. My knowledge about Islam still wasn't very deep, but it was enough for me to go ahead and take Shahada. It was the most logical thing to do and I reassured my family that I wasn't erasing Christianity from my life, I was "just" adding one more Prophet and correcting a few details about the past. Image by Musthaq Nazeer from Pixabay Very soon after, I met someone in a Coffee Shop who started a conversation with me saying, "Huh Brazil?", as he pointed to the Brazilian flag on my wallet. Later, we discovered that we shared something in common: We were both Muslims! I understood right away that God wanted me to get to know him better. And I was right because the the coffee shop guy is now my husband and the father of my 3 children! Image by: @maenaoemommy on Instagram (This is Paula & her family!) Almost 6 years later, I underwent many ups and downs, I learned that not all Muslims are as sincere as those kids I first met in Canada. I learned about stereotypes, prejudice and that converts aren't always welcome, but none of this matters as I genuinely believe that I am on the right path and that one day I will make it to Jannah insya'Allah.I am still learning and improving myself everyday. Even though I wasn't born Muslim, I chose to be one, and that will always be one of the greatest accomplishments of my life - Alhamdullilah.  By: Paula P Serageldin  ...

  • Top 5 Cable Car Rides of the World

    Taking a cable car ride is always an exciting experience. The invention of cable cars has made it easier for us to explore destinations that were difficult to reach and spectacular scenes that were hidden from our eyes. Here are our picks of the top five cable rides in the world that we think you should not miss if you are in the nearby surroundings! 1) Cable car ride at Zacatecas - Mexico The city of Zacatecas in Mexico offers one of the most breathtaking cable car rides above the city. The cables cars in the area are called as teleferico and take visitors right above the plazas, maze of streets, elegant domes and rooftops before it dismounts you at Cerro de la Bufa, a mountain towards the east of the historic center of Zacatecas which rises to a height of 2,657 meters. Though the ride lasts for just a few minutes, it is quite a photographic ride. 2) Cable car ride at Rio de Janeiro - Brazil For those planning to visit Brazil should not forget to take this picturesque ride from Urca Hill above the Guanabara Bay and finally to the peak of the Sugarloaf Mountain. While on the cable car ride; you can also get a glimpse of the popular statue, "Christ the Redeemer" on the Corcovado Mountain and a view of the city and the beaches. 3) Cable car ride at Merida - Venezuela Rated as one of the tallest and longest cable car rides in the world, the cable ride lasts for almost an hour. Starting from a plateau on the Andes at about 10,250 feet the rides takes visitors to the top of the Mountain Pico Espejo. There are four stations along the ride where visitors are free to stop and appreciate the views of the Pico Bolivar. 4) Cable car ride at Genting Skyway - Malaysia Holding two records to its credit, the cable car in Genting Skyway is known to be one of the fastest cable rides in the world and the longest in Southeast Asia. The ride starts from Gohtong Jaya (51Km from Kuala Lumpur) and takes visitors right up to the Genting Highlands Resort (2,027 meters above sea level). Once visitors disembark at the resort they can enjoy at the theme parks, shopping facilities and dine at some of the finest restaurants. 5) Cable car ride at Picos de Europa National Park - Spain In North-West Spain is the Picos de Europa National Park. One of the best ways to view the beauty of this park is to take the cable ride that carries visitors above the valley to 1,840 meters. Once on the top, you can enjoy excellent views of the park from the viewpoint of Aliva and also explore the surroundings. Another popular cable car ride is the Emirates Air Line cable car ride that runs over the River Thames in London, England. Introduced by the Doppelmayr Garaventa Group with sponsorship from Fly Emirates Airline, this cable car in London has become a popular attraction and is an excellent way to enjoy great views of London City. ...

  • 10 Fun Facts about Rio Olympics 2016

    How many of these Olympic fun facts did you know about Rio Olympics 2016? HalalTrip has listed a few interesting things that you can expect to see during the course of the games in Rio de Janeiro this year. 1) First Olympic Games Hosted by a South American Country The Summer Olympics 2016 will be held in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and this is the first time the Olympic Games will be hosted by a South American country. Some of the other contending cities included Tokyo, Chicago and Madrid. 2) The Rio Olympics Mascot Combines Different Brazilian Animals The Brazilian mascot at the Rio Olympics 2016 is named Vinicius that is a combination of different Brazilian animals and represents the diversity of Brazil.The mascot gets its name from the Bossa Nova musician Vinicius de Moraes, who of was one of the writers of the song "The Girl FromIpanema.". 3) ​Golf to Make a Comeback to Olympics Golf will be making a comeback at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics after 112 years. It was previously played at the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris and at the 1904 Olympics in St. Louis Missouri. 4) Rugby Sevens to Make its Debut Rugby fans will be able to watch the Rugby Sevens making its debut at the Brazil Olympics this year.A game will consist of 7 player teams participating in a game lasting only 15 minutes. Previously the game had a different version that was played at the 1924 Olympics held in Paris. 5) Opening and Closing Ceremonies to be Held at Maracana Stadium Both opening and closing ceremonies will be taking place in Maracana Stadium while some of the other Olympic events will be taking place in different locations. Aquatics, BMX and equestrian sporting events will take place at Deodara and the beach volleyball tournament will be held at Copacabana Beach. 6) Team of Refugees A team of 10 refugees will be making history at the Rio Olympics 2016. The team includes two Syrian swimmers, athletes from the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, two Congolese judo participants from the Democratic Republic of Congo and an Ethiopian runner. All of them will be competing as the Refugee Olympic Team. 7) 60,000 Meals Served Daily It is said that 60,000 meals will be served daily at the Olympic Games 2016 which will include popular Brazilian food as well. 8) Torch Relay to Pass the Refugee Camp at Eloenas The Torch Relay that began in Olympia on April 21st will be passing through the refugee camp at Eloenas where one resident will be selected as torch bearer. The torch relay will then travel through Brazil for about 90 days and will end in Rio on August 5th. 9) Free English Lessons Given to Brazilian Taxi Drivers Taxi drivers in Brazil will be given free English lessons for four months so that they can easily communicate with international visitors. These lessons will be provided by the Rio 2016 Organising Committee. 10) Giselle Bundchen to Play a Role Brazilian supermodel Giselle Bundchen will be playing a role at the Rio Olympics 2016 which is said to include walking through a futuristic gateway. Prayer facilities at Rio Olympics 2016 Mosques in Rio Janeiro include the Sociedade Beneficente Muçulmana which is a mosque and a community centre and The Mesquita da Luz.The multi faith centre in the athletes’ village has separate prayer rooms for men and women that Muslim travelers will be able to use. Halal food at Rio Olympics 2016 Muslim travelers can ask restaurant staff if they serve Halal food or food that does not contain pork or alcohol. When in doubt, vegetarian or seafood items can be ordered. WhileBrazil is known for exporting Halal meat, it is hard to find Halal restaurants in Rio. Muslims traveling to the Rio Olympics can get more information from the Sociedade Beneficente Muçulmana or the mosque as well.  Click here for more information about Rio Olympics 2016 ...

  • 5 of the Best Olympic Opening Ceremonies

    The Summer Olympics 2016, now also known as the Rio Olympics 2016 will have its opening ceremony on August 5th and its closing ceremony on August 21st. The opening ceremony of the Olympic events will be watched by millions of people worldwide where local and international performers present colorful, entertaining performances. The Rio de Janeiro Olympics will be taking place in Maracana Stadium. 1) Athens - 2004 Motto of the sporting event was ‘Welcome Home’. The mascots were Phevos and Athena representing links between the Ancient and modern Olympic Games. The Olympics wereheld in its country of origin where the highlights of the event were filled with representationsof Greek mythology and Ancient Greek civilizations and banners with beautiful artwork. Scenes of the Minoanand Mycenean civilization represented were by floats, including the scenes of the Greek Classical and Byzantine periods. Then the scenes evolved to the progressions of the 20th and 21st centuries. Icelandic singer Bjork and DJ Tiesto also performed at the 2004 Olympics. 2) Moscow - 1980 The Moscow Olympics opening ceremony in 1980 stood out for the spectacular card stunt where images were created by 6800 army cadets holding up cards in different colors. This event was considered unique during this era. There were dance performances and gymnastics as well. The Olympic mascot for that year was Misha the bear. 3) Beijing - 2008 The Beijing Olympics were held at the Beijing National Stadium also known as the Bird’s Nest. Beautiful artistic, colorful performances that had themes of nature and fantasy as well as traditional Chinese music and culture were showcased. One of the opening acts even included a scroll painting performance by dancers. Sarah Brightman and Liu Huan sang the Olympic theme song.Five mascots were created to represent the fiveChinese elements and their names were a play on the words ‘Welcome to Beijing’. 4) London - 2012 Being directed by Danny Boyle and with Queen Elizabeth II formally opening the 2012 London Olympics, there were several highlights of the program. A comedic performance from Rowan Atkinson with the London Orchestra and J.K. Rowling reading from Peter Pan were some of the best moments, including when the Olympics Cauldron by Thomas Heatherwick was lit by young athletes to represent 204 countries. That year the Olympic mascot was Wenlock.  5) Sydney - 2000 The opening ceremony for the Sydney Olympics was one of the most memorable and beautiful ceremonies.The three Olympic mascots were selected to represent Australia’s flora and fauna. There were musical segments such as Deep Sea Dreaming that represented the sea in which singer Nicki Webster performed.The Nature segment represented the wildlife and Australian outback, while the Awakening segment commemorated Aboriginal history. The Tin Symphony and tap dancing performances were also held.  Prayer facilities at Rio Olympics 2016 Muslim travelers can use the multi faith centre located in the athletes’ village, which also has separate prayer rooms for men and women.Mosques in Rio Janeiro include the SociedBeneficente Muçulmana which is also a community centre, and The Mesquita da Luz.  Halal food at Rio Olympics 2016 Brazil is well-known for being an exporter of Halal meat, but it is difficult to find Halal restaurants. Muslims traveling to the Rio Olympics can get more information from the Sociedade Beneficente Muçulmana or the mosque as well. Muslim travelers can ask the restaurant staff if they serve Halal food or food that does not contain pork or alcohol. When in doubt, vegetarian or seafood items can be ordered to be safe.  Click here for more information about Rio Olympics 2016 ...

  • A Look Back at the Ancient Olympic Games - How Did It All Start?

    When were the first Olympic Games held?  According to Ancient Olympic Games history, the Olympic Games first started in Olympia near the city of Elis around 776 BC as part of a religious festival to honor the king of Greek Gods, Zeus. Spectators and participants from all parts of Greece came to Olympia for this special event.This Olympics were considered as a very important event that symbolized unity and honor to the Greeks. However, only men, boys and unmarried women were allowed to attend and watch the games, while married women were forbidden from doing so and were punished by death if caught. The games were supposed to have ended around 393 AD according to historical finds. How often were the first Olympic Games held?  Just like today, they were held every four years. Who took part in the Ancient Olympic Games? Only free Greek males were allowed to participate in sporting events regardless of their social status. Married women were not allowed to watch or participate but they were allowed to own horses that took part in the chariot races. However, unmarried women had their own festival every four years in Olympia in honor of the goddess Hera. Ancient Olympic Games facts   • Due to Greece’s involvements in wars, a sacred Olympic truce was held for a month during every game so that people could travel to Olympia safely. • The main stadium was large enough to hold at least 450000 people. Tents and entertainment would be set up around the stadium since inns and shelters were general full. • Athletes caught cheating had to pay for a bronze statue of Zeus. • The prizes included woolen ribbons, a crown of olive branches, vats of olive oil and large sums of money. • Greek sculptors would sculpt statues of the winners in their honor. What sports were played in ancient Greece?  There were twenty sports that took place during the Olympic gamesin Ancient Greece. Some of the major sporting events are listed below. • Chariot races • Foot races • Hoplitodromos - racing with armor • Discus throwing • Pankration  - combination of boxing and wrestling • Javelin throw • Long Jump • Pentathlon What are the Olympic Games all about? The Olympic Games has always been a major sporting event with both summer and Winter Olympics bringing together athletes from aroundthe world to compete with each other. The Summer Olympics 2016 will be held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and is one the most watched and highly anticipated sporting events of the year. While the modern Olympics first started in 1896, the event has its historical roots in Ancient Greece. The upcoming Olympic Games 2016 will be seeing Olympic champions as well as new Muslim Olympic athletes making their mark. Prayer facilities at Rio Olympics 2016 The Mosques in Rio Janeiro includes the Sociedade Beneficente Muçulmana which is also a community centre, and The Mesquita da Luz. Muslim traveler’s can also use the multi faith centre in the athlete’s village which has separate prayer rooms for men and women. Halal food at Rio Olympics 2016 Brazil is a major exporter of Halal meat, but Halal restaurants in Rio are hard to find.Muslims traveling to the Rio Olympicscan ask restaurant staff if the food is Halal and contains no pork or alcohol.Ordering vegetarian or seafood items on the menu is a better option if you are not sure. Muslim travelers can get more information from the Sociedade Beneficente Muçulmana.  Click here for more information about Rio Olympics 2016 ...

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