The Hamburg Dungeon is a popular attraction in the city that offers visitors a look back at Hamburg's dark, yet fascinating 600 years of history. Visitors will be provided a 90 minute journey featuring exciting rides, shows with live actors and other medieval-themed attractions. Its main rides and shows include the Elevator of Doom, the Torture Chamber - which is based on the interrogation of smugglers in the 18th century, the Plague Hospital, the Mad House, the Labyrinth tunnel complex and shows that depict the stories of the pirate Klaus Störtebeker, the relentless ghost Klabautermann and many more. Visitors will be able to experience a thrilling and interactive journey at Hamburg Dungeon and it is a must-visit for those travelling in Hamburg with an adventurous heart. ...more

Hamburg, Germany



The Hamburg Dungeon is a popular attraction in the city that offers visitors a look back at Hamburg's dark, yet fascinating 600 years of history. Visitors will be provided a 90 minute journey featuring exciting rides, shows with live actors and other medieval-themed attractions. Its main rides and shows include the Elevator of Doom, the Torture Chamber - which is based on the interrogation of smugglers in the 18th century, the Plague Hospital, the Mad House, the Labyrinth tunnel complex and shows that depict the stories of the pirate Klaus Störtebeker, the relentless ghost Klabautermann and many more. Visitors will be able to experience a thrilling and interactive journey at Hamburg Dungeon and it is a must-visit for those travelling in Hamburg with an adventurous heart.

Ticket Price

Regular tickets cost around $24 for adults over the age of 15 and around $20 for children between the age of 10-14.

Opening Hour

Open daily from 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Recommended Visit Duration

A tour takes around 90 minutes

Suitable For

Adults, Young Adults, Children over 10 years

Must See

The Elevator of Doom

Prayer Facilities

Designated prayer facilities at Hamburg Dungeon will not be available for Muslim travellers. However, it is possible to enquire for a private area that can be used during prayer times or visit some of the mosques in Hamburg such as the Central Masjid of Hamburg and the Fazle Omar Masjid – which are the two main mosques in the city.

Halal Food

Muslim travellers looking for Halal food near Hamburg Dungeon may visit some of the Halal restaurants in the city which are located not too far away. Halal restaurants in Hamburg are certified by the Islamic Centre Hamburg and the local mosques will be able to provide such a list of the Halal restaurants in Hamburg.

  • Sacramento: Look Out for These 15 New Halal Food Places That Will Definitely Leave You Drooling

    A decade ago, a Muslim in Sacramento might not have had as many options for dining out. Fast forward to 2018 and the city has seen a variety of Halal certified restaurants, cafes, and eateries popping up all around. There has been an increase in the number of refugees and immigrants from Muslim countries coming to California, and the current generation's demand for American-style Halal food has driven the demand for many Halal food places. Even previously-existing restaurants are now moving towards offering Halal-friendly options and catering to the Muslims in the city. That's why there's been no better time for a Halal travel to California! If you're looking to find Halal restaurants near you in Sacramento, we've got you covered. Here are some of the best Halal food places in Sacramento for your dining pleasure. 1. Orange Oven Picture Credit: Orange Oven The owner of Orange Oven, Ateeq Rahman, is a student of Sacramento State where he studies nursing, but the second part of his double life is spent frying Samosa, flipping Chicken Wraps, Gyro, and even Halal burgers. And let's not forget the Fruit Freeze either, which is the perfect way to beat the heat during the summer. The Tzatziki Tacos is a dish that is much talked about, so give them a try! It's the taste and incredibly affordable prices that keep their patrons coming back for more, but the community that gathers here that includes Muslims and non-Muslims from all religions and races is what makes it extra special. Address: 2790 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95817, USA.Halal Status: Halal-Certified, Muslim-OwnedPrice Range: $Contact: +1 916-533-7727Website: 2. Halal Fried Chicken Picture Credit: Halal Fried Chcken Facebook Who doesn't love a good crispy fried chicken? Nobody! That's why we're glad Muslim Sacramenteons are getting to enjoy delicious Halal fried chicken at Rancho Cordova. Tender, juicy, crispy pieces of freshly-prepared chicken that you can order by the bucket because the prices are amazingly cheap! But, fried chicken isn't all you get. From your Milkshakes, Burgers, Mac and Cheese, Chicken and Waffles, and Onion Rings, to many other American fast food favorites - they've got it all! Address: 10899 Olson Dr., Rancho Cordova.Halal Status: Halal (confirmed by owners), Muslim-OwnedPrice Range: $Contact: 916-852-8533Website: 3. Darna Mediterranean Kitchen Picture Credit: Darna Facebook They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, and that couldn't be truer in the case of Darna Mediterranean Kitchen. The outside might look scruffy and unkempt, but the restaurant is a hidden gem. Decorated with tiles, arches and Arab-style motifs, this quaint bistro is a popular Halal lunching spot that serves tasty and unpretentious food. Their menu consists of a mix of American and Mediterranean dishes from BBQ Ribs and burgers to Kabobs, Shawarma, and Falafel platters. Eggplant stews that pack a punch, Lentil soup, and a spectacular Baba Ghanoush make is a great place for vegetarians as well. If you're feeling particularly hungry, you might want to try their buffet, which offers a good variety of delicious food and is quite popular among their customers. Address: 925 K St, Sacramento, CA 95814, USA.Halal Status: Halal (confirmed by owners), Muslim-OwnedPrice Range: $$Contact: +1 916-447-7500Website: 4. California Express Pizza Picture Credit: California Express Pizza Every city needs a good pizza place, and for Muslims in Sacramento, they have California Express Pizza. Owned by a Muslim, this pizzeria is clean and follows Islamic methods in preparing their food. You'll get everything you'd want in a good pizza place, including thin and thick crust pizzas, fries, wings, garlic bread, and more. You're even given the choice to build your ultimate pizza, picking your choice of base, sauce, and every topping that goes on (including half-and-half pizzas). The store is quite small and more suited for takeouts or delivery, but they do have a couple small tables for dine-in as well. Address: 1950 Douglas Blvd, Roseville, CA 95661, USAHalal Status: Halal Certified, Muslim-OwnedPrice Range: $$Contact: (916) 788-4444Website: 5. Babylon City Market Picture Credit: Babylon City Market The bustling Babylon City Market is home to several stores that specialize in serving only Halal food, including fast food joints and takeout places. There is also a butcher's shop that sells Halal meat, and a deli counter that sees the most number of customers. You can pick up a range of meats, Kebabs, Shawarmas. The smell of freshly baked bread is another thing that will draw you in, and the impressive range includes a unique diamond-shaped Iraqi bread called Samoon. Another unique feature of the deli is the Lamb Shank, a cooked half-lamb that is served on a bed of a yellow rice. A feast fit for a king if there ever was one! You might also have a stroll through the aisles and pick up things like Middle Eastern sweets, spice, drinks, and other specialties. Address: 1745 Watt Ave, Sacramento, CA 95825, USA.Halal Status: Serves only HalalPrice Range: $-$$Contact: 916-486-7777Website: 6. Mediterranean Bakery and Cuisine Picture Credit: Mediterranean Bakery and Cuisine Facebook And if you're looking for a casual cafe/bakery type place where you can hang out with friends and family, grab a cup of coffee and sink your teeth into delicious sweets and snacks this is your ideal place to be. If it's the sweets you're interested in, you've got a wide variety to choose from, including dates, cookies, Baklava, and more. On the savory side of things, you might pick up a bottle of hot sauce, grab some hot-out-of-the-fryer crunchy Falafel or their famous Beef Shawarma. They also offer a variety of specialty bread like Samoon, pita, Lahmajoon, and flatbreads flavored with Za'tar. Address: 1547 Fulton Ave C, Sacramento, CA 95825, USA.Halal Status: Halal CertifiedPrice Range: $Contact: (916) 333-5788Website: 7. The Halal Guys Picture Credit: The Halal Guys The Halal Guys have made a name for themselves in many cities around the world and in America. But despite the name, their food trucks and storefronts see lines that stretch for blocks containing not just Muslims, but those who don't care about Halal at all either. That is a true testament to the taste and quality of food that these guys pump out. From Chicken and Falafel over rice to Gyro platters, Shawarma and more - get your fix of delicious fresh fast food at The Halal Guys! They are currently at one location in Sacramento (Davis), but two more are set to open this year in another Davis location and downtown Ice Blocks. Address: 500 1st St #7, Davis, CA 95616, USA.Halal Status: Halal CertifiedPrice Range: $$Contact: (530) 746-2283Website: 8. Kasbah Picture Credit: Kasbah If you're looking for a place that is a bit more on the fancy side of things, Kasbah is a lesser-known lounge-style restaurant that offers Muslim-friendly options to its patrons. Although they do serve alcoholic cocktails, their website states that they “offer traditional and modern Middle Eastern cuisine with gluten-free, vegetarian, and Halal options”. They serve all of the Middle Eastern classics like Pita, Shawarma, Gyro, Hummus, etc. but also offer unique options like Harissa Chili Chicken Wings, Fried Blue Cheese Stuffed Dates, and the “Not Today seitan” burger which is fully vegan. Address: 2115 J St, Sacramento, CA 95816, USA.Halal Status: Halal-friendly (Halal food but also serves alcohol)Price Range: $$-$$$Contact: +1 916-442-4388Website: 9. Cheese Steak Restaurant Picture Credit: Cheese Steak Restaurant No trip to America would be complete without trying the iconic Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich. But, it can be challenging finding a place that serves a Halal version of them. So, you'll be glad to hear that Cheese Steak Restaurant is Halal and does a pretty good version of this American classic! You can get a variety of Philly Cheese Steaks, specialty sandwiches, sides, salads, beverages, kids meals, and so much more. Address: 1774, 8555 Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove, CA 95624, United States.Halal Status: Halal (confirmed by owners), Muslim-OwnedPrice Range: MidContact: +1 916-686-7454Website: 10. Chang's Thai Cuisine Picture Credit: Chang's Thai Cuisine While the majority of Halal food in Sacramento revolves around Middle Eastern and Indian food, Chang's Thai Cuisine offers something a little different by offering delicious and light Thai food in Sacramento. Their food is prepared using fresh ingredients, and they say that serving nutritious food is important to them. The friendly atmosphere and ambiance will make you feel warm and the delicious aromas wafting from the kitchen will leave you drooling. Try authentic Thai dishes like Thai Papaya Salad, Tom Yum Soup, Tofu Rolls, Pineapple Fried Rice, and more. Address: 3020 North Freeway Blvd., Unit 310, Sacramento, CA 95834.Halal Status: Halal (verbally confirmed by staff)Price Range: MidContact: (916) 333-2978Website: 11. Tanoor Halal Picture Credit: Tanoor Halal Tanoor Halal is a small eatery where you will have to go up to the register to place an order. But, the restaurant serves up some really good Middle Eastern food at incredibly affordable prices, that we doubt you'll care much about all the extra bells and whistles. If meat is what you're looking for, Tanoor Halal doesn't play around. They serve up some mighty Kebabs, Chicken Tikka, and even seafood options. Side dishes like Lentil Soup, Hummus, and their freshly-baked Iraqi bread get rave reviews, and it's a good thing that these are included in most combo and platter options! Address: 2212 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95825, USA.Halal Status: Halal (Verbally certified by staff)Price Range: $Contact: +1 916-646-6437Website: 12. Falafel Corner Picture Credit: Falafel Corner Facebook The owner of Falafel Corner, a Pakistani-immigrant whose been in the US since the 1970s, opened shop a couple years ago "as an act of service" to the Muslim community hungry for delicious Halal food. And serve he does! The theme of the restaurant is fusion, and you'll get dishes like lamb Quesadilla and Halal “Hamburgers”, but you'll find classics like Gyro and Falafel as well. The Badmaash burger is a particularly over-the-top and scrumptious burger that consists of meat, cheese, a “bomb sauce”, and beef “bacon”, to name a few of the ingredients. At Falafel Corner, they say they are committed to sourcing good quality ingredients and that quality is the key to everything they do. Their first restaurant in Natomas was opened only in 2016, but they've already expanded to 4 more locations as of now. Address: 3620 N. Freeway Blvd., Sacramento. 916-891-0375.Halal Status: Halal Certified, Muslim-OwnedPrice Range: $Contact: (916) 891-0375Website: 13. Shalimar Shalimar has been open in a few locations including the Bay Area and Natomas for some time now, serving their customers with delicious Indian and Pakistani fare. So, if you're looking for Halal restaurants in Sacramento, make sure to give them a try. Among their dishes, some of the most popular ones include Pakistani BBQ, creamy curries, Kebabs, and more. Address: 3654 North Freeway Blvd., Unit 320, Sacramento, CA 95834.Halal Status: Halal (confirmed by owners), Muslim-OwnedPrice Range: $$Contact: +1 916-515-1919Website: 14. House of Shah Afghan Urban Eats Picture Credit: House Of Shah House of Shah sprung out of a family's love for food, each other, and the community. Run by a young couple, the restaurant serves up modern Afghani food, but all of it is rooted in traditional flavors. Everything has to be approved by Selmon (one of the owners)'s mother and grandmother, who's traditional recipes are often the inspiration behind House of Shah's dishes. Some of the dishes that get rave reviews include Mantu (an Afghani stuffed dumpling), Chicken Kabuli, and the Shah's Burger. Their Spicy Beef Chapli kabob packs a punch and is a crowd favorite (but definitely not for the mild-hearted). Address: 538 Main St, Woodland, CA 95695, USA.Halal Status: Halal CertifiedPrice Range: $$-$$$Contact: +1 530-665-6516Website: 15. Famous Kabob Picture Credit: Famous Kabob Facebook Just like the name would have you guessing, this Kabob joint in Fulton is quite popular among those looking for Halal dining options in Sacramento. But, it's popularity reaches far beyond its Muslim clientele, making it one of the most well-known and loved restaurants along the Fulton corridor. Persian dishes like the Sabzee Khordan, Kabob Koobeedeh, Doog, Ghaymey and more have always gotten raving reviews from their customers. Address: 1290 Fulton Ave #1219, Sacramento, CA 95825, USAHalal Status: Halal-Friendly (reported by customers), serves alcoholPrice Range: $$-$$$Contact: +1 916-483-1700Website:

  • Top 10 Muslim-friendly Non-OIC Destinations

    Especially with the increase in Muslim millennial travellers, there is no doubt that the Muslim Travel Market is continuing to evolve due to new trends that are shaping and changing Halal travel. Muslims who love to travel and seek amazing, yet authentic travel experiences are well aware of the common issues that arise while they travel to certain destinations. Looking at the results of the Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI 2018) by Mastercard-CrescentRating, some of the top non-OIC travel destinations have also recognised the rapid rise in Muslim travellers and are aiming towards improving Muslim-friendly travel. This latest report goes into detail on how the availability of Halal food, prayer facilities and other requirements can make destinations more Muslim-friendly. Most non-OIC destinations have higher scored than in the previous years, as they have started to understand the Muslim Travel Market better and improve their services accordingly. So, if you are stuck wondering where you can have Muslim-friendly holidays, don’t miss out on these non-OIC destinations listed below. Book a Halal hotel with us!   Singapore With numerous options when it comes to Halal food, prayer facilities and even Halal-friendly hotels, it’s no surprise that Singapore is at the top of the list of Muslim-friendly holiday destinations for families and millennials. Not only is Singapore a popular shopping destination, but it’s also a great place to try out a variety of cuisines both local and international alike – and there are wonderful Halal food options available too. According to the GMTI 2018 report, Singapore is at the top of the list of destinations that create a supportive environment for Muslim travellers. Additionally, Singapore is within the top five destinations when it comes to good communication according to the report.   Thailand Thailand also makes it to the list of top Muslim-friendly non-OIC destinations according to the GMTI 2018 report. You don’t need to postpone that exotic trip to Thailand just yet – Muslim travellers no longer have to struggle when it comes to locating Halal food, prayer facilities or mosques in Thailand. The city’s capital Bangkok has plenty of Halal restaurants where travellers can sample the excellent local cuisines and will also find many mosques as well. From breathtakingly beautiful islands framed by the turquoise ocean to the fascinating local culture, Thailand is undoubtedly an interesting place to visit. United Kingdom With a growing Muslim population, the United Kingdom is another destination to add to your travel list especially, if you are looking for Muslim-friendly cities in Europe. Muslim travellers will be able to find Halal restaurants and prayer facilities quite easily in most towns, and the United Kingdom has always been a popular travel destination. There are many interesting historical landmarks, attractions as well as famous places that you simply must not miss out on, and most main cities are just great for Halal holidays in Europe. Cities such as Birmingham, Liverpool or Manchester just to name a few, are especially Muslim-friendly with a number of Muslims dwelling in these areas.   Japan Japan is another fascinating destination that is worth visiting, and that makes it onto the list of Muslim-friendly non-OIC destinations. While most Muslim travellers will say that locating Halal food might be challenging, there has been an increase in the number of Halal restaurants in cities like Tokyo, Kyoto and Kobe. Additionally, there has been a rise in Muslim-friendly facilities as well, due to the growth of the Muslim population, and including an increase in Muslim travellers to Japan. So,you can still enjoy Muslim-friendly holidays and take in the sights and sound of Japan.   Taiwan Most Muslim visitors to Taiwan will face a few issues when it comes to locating Halal food or ensuring a Muslim-friendly experience, however, there is no need to reconsider your travel plans. The main city of Taipei has become much more Muslim-friendly with a small but growing Muslim population and there is an increase in Halal restaurants as well. When it comes to prayer facilities, travellers can visit the Taipei Grand Mosque which is a historical landmark, and the other option is the Taipei Cultural Mosque.   Hong Kong There has been a noticeable rise in Muslim travellers to Hong Kong, which is on the list of top non-OIC destinations according to GMTI 2018. While Muslim travellers need to be aware that Halal restaurants or outlets are limited, the increase in Muslim travellers has prompted the need to create more Muslim-friendly options. Hong Kong’s Muslim population is growing as well, and that comes with an increase in Halal restaurants and Muslim-friendly facilities too. You will also find more Halal products in stores than in previous times.   South Africa Despite being a non-OIC destination, South Africa has become a major favourite among Muslim travelers, especially Cape Town where there is significant Muslim population. It’s one of the more ideal holiday destinations for Muslim families with a very interesting culture and unique places for nature lovers too. Muslim travelers won’t face major issues when looking for prayer facilities or Halal restaurants especially in Cape Town and Johannesburg. But overall, Muslim travelers will be able to enjoy a Muslim-friendly holiday in South Africa.   Germany Germany is another excellent place to visit, especially if you prefer to visit more Muslim-friendly cities in Europe, which will include Berlin, Dusseldorf and Munich to name a few. Germany has an intriguing history as well as many interesting sights and monuments – which are some great reasons to go on a Halal tour where you can learn more about this destination. Additionally, Muslim travellers will be able to locate mosques and places that serve Halal food quite easily since there is growing Muslim population in Germany. According to the GMTI 2018, Germany is in the top ten list of destinations that are more accessible.   France France is another great non-OIC destination that you can add to your travel list, which is known for excellent cuisine, culture and interesting history. Referring to the GMTI 2018, this destination also falls in the top ten accessible countries. There are plenty of Halal restaurants in Paris due to the increasing Muslim population, and this is where you will get to sample a variety of international and local cuisines. Due to ethnic diversity, France has some of the mot Muslim-friendly cities in Europe and there will be no shortage of prayer facilities as there are several mosques in the main cities such as Paris and Lyon.s   Australia Although Australia is a non-OIC destination, there is a great variety of Halal dining options around the country – especially in Sydney, Brisbane and Queensland. With the rise in Muslim travellers to the continent, there has been an increase in Muslim-friendly facilities and Halal restaurants too. There are plenty of interesting activities and amazing places to see in Australia, especially when it comes to wildlife. Mosques and prayer places are easily accessible in the main cities too. Australia is also one of the best holiday destinations for Muslim families as there is something for everyone to enjoy. Go on a Halal Trip with us! Check out our City Guides!...

  • 5 Halal Chinese Dishes you Must Try in XiAn

    Xi’An, most famous for its terracotta soldiers, is a melting pot of religion and culture due to it being the final stop of the Silk Road. Xi'An is also known for its food, which is heavily influenced by Islamic cuisine, due to the many Middle-eastern merchants who visited the city in the past and brought their culture and food with them. The Muslim Quarter, a colourful, bustling part of the ancient city, is a must visit in Xi’An, serving a variety of Chinese-Islamic fair, it’s a foodie wonderland! It’s a warren-like network of street food vendors and restaurants. Deciding what to eat may be an overwhelming experience, so to help you out here are the top 5 dishes to try when in Xi’An! Credit -   1. Flatbread in mutton soup (Yangrou Paomo) Picture Credit - Yangrou paomo is their most iconic dish, therefore should be the first thing you try when in the city. It’s a hearty stew – its main component is shredded flatbread which is soaked in mutton broth. This is a fun dish as you play a part in its preparation process! After placing the order you will be provided with two pieces of flatbread – known as “mo” – which you are supposed to break into small pieces and place in a bowl. Once you return the bowl, they will cook the shredded bread in the mutton soup which also has rice vermicelli. The dish is topped with lamb or beef and served with sweet pickled garlic or raw garlic cloves as well as chilli paste.   2. Biang Biang Noodles (Biang Biang Mian) Picture Credit - Trying a noodle dish is a must when in China, and Xi’An has their own famous noodles – Biang Biang Mian. It was once known as the poor man’s noodles as it’s made of wheat flour and not rice. Wheat is the main crop of the region as it does not have abundant rainfall throughout the year. It is a bizarre noodle made out of wheat flour, oil and egg which makes it chewy, and is wide as a belt. It owes its popularity to its unique name which is onomatopoetic as it mimics the sound the dough makes when it hits the counter while being stretched. Biang is also the most complex Chinese character with 58 strokes! The noodles are flash boiled and served with vinegar, diced garlic, red chillies and boiled baby bok choy (Chinese cabbage). The dish is very savoury and wholesome.   3. Xi’An Meat burger (Roujiamo) Picture Credit - Roujiamo is a Xianese take on the hamburger, with more history. Unlike the traditional hamburger which uses ground beef, they serve braised chopped beef or lamb with a crispy bun. The bun is made of leavened bread which is baked in a traditional furnace. The meat is slow cooked in a stew containing 20 spices and seasonings, which adds to the unique flavour of the meat. The burger is prepared by adding the meat filling to the bun and pan frying it to make sure all the juices are retained. The bun is crispy and has a flaky quality to it; the meat is chewy and packed with flavour.   4. Hot and sour dumpling soup (Suantang Shuijiao) Picture Credit - No trip to China is complete without trying dumplings, and Xi’An has their own brand of dumplings. They specialize in mutton dumplings bathed in hot and sour soup, the meat in the dumplings are tender and are an explosion of flavour, as the meat is seasoned with Xianese spices which have a Middle-Eastern influence. They boil the regular shuijiao dumplings in the hot and sour soup to add extra flavour to the dumplings. Sesame seeds, chopped leeks and cilantro give a flavourful kick to the broth, giving a unique aftertaste.   5. Persimmon Doughnuts (Shi Zi Bing) Picture Credit - Ending with a sweet note is the peculiar dessert, Shi Zi Bing, it is made out of the persimmon fruit. The flat disc-shaped dessert pastry has a unique texture to it and is definitely addictive. It is a speciality of Xi’An, therefore be sure to give this dessert a taste! The cakes/ doughnuts come stuffed in a variety of pastes such as osmanthus, peanut, and black sesame to name a few. The doughnut is deep fried which gives it the crispy outer layer and the mushy doughy inside with the sweet paste in the centre, it is similar to mochi. The dessert is great to quench thirst, however, is only available during the fall and winter months. Much of the Muslim quarter serves Halal friendly foods so all you foodies have no worries in that department. Xi’An is a culturally rich city and offers a unique culinary experience that’s sure to stick with you for a long time. So when in Xi’An follow your nose to the Muslim quarter and get lost in its many streets and indulge in their unique cuisine! Wondering how to find nearby Halal food during your trip to China? Don’t forget to use the Halaltrip app to locate Halal food places on your mobile in China so you won’t miss out on the best halal food...

  • Best Muslim-Friendly Places to Travel in 2018 by Month

    A new year brings new beginnings and opportunities – and a reason to create a new travel bucket list with dream destinations to visit. There is nothing more exciting than exploring a fascinating destination and experiencing a new culture. These perfect destinations to visit for each month of the year are not only ideal for Halal holidays, but for unforgettable travel experiences too.   Top Muslim Holiday Destinations – Halal holidays 2018   January – Cape Town   Kick off the new year in Cape Town, South Africa! The Cape Town summer is ideal for fun activities such as swimming and to spend a day at the beach as well, so don’t miss out on Camps Bay or Boulder’s Beach. January is also very lively with festivities that include music festivals and outdoor cinemas – so you won’t be bored at all. Don’t forget to take a cable car ride up Table Mountain and appreciate the region’s magnificent scenery either. Cape Town is one of the best holiday destinations for Muslim families too, with numerous Halal eateries and cuisines – and entertainment for everyone too.   Find nearby Halal food places in Cape town Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Cape town   February – Maldives   White sandy beaches framed by the sparkling blue-green ocean and fine weather – these are just some of the reasons to visit Maldives in February. You can enjoy the best of water sports, snorkeling, diving and island hopping to name few thrilling activities. The Maldives is also ideal for big Muslim travel groups where you can stay at gorgeous Halal-friendly accommodation with amazing ocean scenery – and easily find Halal food near you.   Find nearby Halal food places in Maldives Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Maldives   March – Morocco Travelers can enjoy the warm sunshine and chilly nights in Marrakesh or the cooler climate in Casablanca during spring in Morocco. Marrakesh is an interesting cultural hub where you can marvel at some beautiful architecture. Some top attractions to see include Jardin Majorelle and Koutoubia Mosque, and don’t forget to drop by the souks in Medina either. If you visit Casablanca, do explore the museums and galleries, including interesting historical places such as the Hassan II Mosque and La Corniche. Morocco is a great destination for Halal holiday vacations, and where you can easily locate Halal restaurants –the local cuisine is amazing too. Find nearby Halal food places in Maldives Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Maldives   April – The Netherlands   What could be more beautiful than tulips in the springtime? Visit the Keukenhof in Lisse to experience this truly spectacular scene in April. Whether you spend all day walking through the winding streets or decide to take a canal cruise and admire the old buildings – you will appreciate this charming, colourful city soon enough. Do visit the famous historical spots such as the Anne Frank Museum or the famous Rijksmuseum research library. Another intriguing city to visit is Rotterdam, where you can see Erasmus Bridge and the famous Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. Finally, you can locate Halal eateries with no issues in the main cities, and the country is home to different cultures too.   Find nearby Halal food places in Netherlands Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Netherlands    May – France There is nothing like spending spring in Paris where you stroll through the streets visiting famous galleries, museums and fascinating historical landmarks. Paris is also a shopaholic’s haven too. From The Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral to the Arce de Triomphe – France has a rich history. The cities of Nice, Lyon and Bordeaux are worth a visit too. France does have some of the most Muslim friendly cities in Europe including Paris where there is no shortage of delicious Halal eateries to try out.   Find nearby Halal food places in France Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in France     June – Sweden   Atrip to Sweden in June is when you can enjoy the wonderful Swedish summer, during which the sun shines for 12 hours – the longest days of year for the country. Sweden is breathtakingly beautiful with lakes, lush green scenery framed by mountains and is also famous for the reindeer herds in the Lapland regions. Nature lovers can take a ferry ride to Djurgården Park to experience the Swedish landscape. The capital city, Stockholm has a rich history with interesting tourist attractions and museums to visit – don’t miss Drottningholm Palace and the Vasa Musuem. Some of the most Muslim friendly cities in Europe are in Sweden, where you can easily find prayer places and mosques near you –including Halal restaurants as well.   Find nearby Halal food places in France Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in France     July – Kenya   If exciting adventure is your thing, visiting Kenya in July is just perfect. Nature lovers will get the opportunity to see wildebeest and zebras crossing over from Tanzania – so going on a safari for amazing wildlife encounters is the best thing to do. You can also observe all kinds wildlife gathering around watering holes and visiting places such as the Nairobi National Park is a rewarding experience. The colder climate is perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking too. Kenya quite Muslim-friendly and it won’t be hard to find Halal food near you or mosques either.   Find nearby Halal food places in France Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Kenya      August – Malaysia   The fine weather during this time is perfect for outdoor activities and island hopping – ideal to plan beach getaways to Tioman Island, Redang Island or maybe a trip to Borneo. Langkawi is another fascinating place to visit for nature and wildlife lovers. Kuala Lumpur is also a great spot for shopping and it’s a great time to take a city tour to explore the famous attractions of the city. The famous Batu Caves is also another famous attraction that you cannot miss. Malaysia is an ideal budget travel destination in 2018 and is also perfect for Halal holiday vacations – locating Halal restaurants and prayer facilities is quite easy especially in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru.   Find nearby Halal food places in Malaysia  Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Malaysia   September – Germany   Travelers who would like to have Halal holidays in Europe should consider an exciting trip to Germany. This is where you can explore Muslim friendly cities in Europe such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. But Germany has many interesting attractions and historical landmarks that you cannot miss – Brandenburg Gate, Neuschwanstein Castle, Cologne Cathedral and so much more. Autumn starts around September, so the cities and countryside look especially beautiful where tourists can enjoy the pleasant weather too.   Find nearby Halal food places in Germany Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Germany   October – United States   This travel destination is one of the best places to enjoy autumn – especially in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. You can also find Halal and Muslim-owned restaurants in these states as well. When in New York, do visit Central Park or drop by the Statue of Liberty or if you prefer to visit San Francisco, don’t miss out on Chinatown and the Golden Gate Bridge. Chicago is just as interesting with the Field Museum of Natural History and many galleries that are worth checking out Find nearby Halal food places in the United States  Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in the United States   November – Japan   The fall season in Japan is when you will get to see beautiful autumn foliage and enjoy cool-crisp weather. Visit parks or gardens in Tokyo and other main citiess to take nature’s beauty – or even take hike in Kamakura. But Japan also has some major attractions you cannot miss such the 17th century Tokyo Imperial Palace or the Shinjuku National Garden. Shopaholic should also drop by Ginza and Akihabara where you can get almost anything. There are a fair amount of Halal eateries in the main cities of Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. But if unsure, always inquire if Halal food is served or if non-Halal ingredients are used before placing orders. Find nearby Halal food places in Japan Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Japan   December – Dubai Dubai is exceptionally festive during December with so many events taking place, with the city getting ready for Christmas. People are also looking forward to the New Year celebrations and the impressive fireworks displays that start at midnight. Dubai has been among the most popular holiday destinations for Muslim families. Experience everything from thrilling amusement parks such as Aquaventure Waterpark to the observation deck of Burj Khalifa. You can shop until you drop in Dubai since the city is a shopaholic’s haven with spots such as The Dubai Mall and Mall Of The Emirates. Travelers can also taste a variety of cuisines at numerous Halal cafés and restaurants – finding Halal food and prayer facilities is very easy too.   Find nearby Halal food places in Dubai Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Dubai For a more Muslim-friendly experience during your exciting travels, have a look at some excellent Halal-holiday holiday packages or book Halal Hotels for a hassle-free vacation.       ...

  • Muslim-Friendly Holidays in 2018 - Halal Trip’s Best 13 Countries to visit

    If you are looking for a Muslim Friendly holiday, you have come to the right place! Halaltrip's team has put together 13 amazing countries to visit this year. It's that time when most of us reflect back on the past year and all the amazing experiences we've had. We also end up thinking about all that we wanted to do but didn't get the chance to. Well, that's all over now. It's time to look to the future into this year and plan all our amazing adventures! Of course, traveling should be a big part of your plan for 2018! Visiting different places of the world and taking in all the wonders of Allah is one of the most satisfying experiences we'll have in our short stint in this world. And as Muslims, we no longer have to wonder about Halal travel and whether we'll be able to find Halal food and prayer places because so many countries and cities around the world are becoming increasingly Halal-friendly day by day. There are so many amazing holiday destinations for Muslim families and solo travel, but here are the best Muslim-Friendly countries to visit in 2018:   1. Penang, Malaysia Malaysia is definitely at the top of the list of the best countries to travel to in 2018, but that's not something new as they have been the pioneers in Muslim-friendly tourism before other countries jumped on the bandwagon. On top of all that, Malaysia is also the ideal place for cheap Muslim-friendly holidays. Malaysia is a multi-cultural country, with a little more than half being Muslims. It has one of the most versatile Halal food scenes in the world, everything from street food to high-end restaurants of varying cuisines. There are also numerous mosques, and so many exciting attractions to visit. Langkawi and the Genting Highlands are just a couple places where you could even spend the entirety of a short visit! George Town, in the state of Penang, is a blend of history and contemporary Malaysia. Listed as a Unesco World Cultural Heritage Site, Georgetown in one of the best places to visit in Malaysia where you can get all the excitement of KL along with a sprinkling of history and adventure, all of it beachside! Find nearby Halal food places in Malaysia  Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Malaysia    2. Bodrum, Turkey Turkey is a Muslim-majority country with nearly 98% of the population being of the Islamic faith. This means that Muslim travellers have little to worry about in terms of finding Muslim-friendly facilities, Halal food, or prayer places. Which is a good thing, because Turkey's cuisine of rich flavours, vibrant spices, and mouthwatering aromas is definitely one you can't miss! Turkey has a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites that depict the historical and cultural impact made throughout history, and many beautiful architectures as well as magnificent mosques. Everyone visits Istanbul, but if you want to experience the trendy side of Turkey, take yourself to Bordum town on the southwest coast. Here you can visit the ancient Bodrum Castle, take a Hamam (Turkish bath), relax in seaside resorts, or enjoy the wide array of delicious food!   Find nearby Halal food places in Turkey   Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Turkey   3. Osaka, Japan Although Japan's Islamic history is relatively brief, it is quickly becoming one of the most Muslim-friendly holiday destinations for 2018. There are over 60 mosques in the country, like the Kobe Mosque which was built in 1935 (the first mosque in Japan). The government of Japan is also working hard to make Muslims feel more welcome in their country. If you were to visit in 2018, you'd see prayer rooms with clearly marked signs in major airports, plenty of Halal restaurants (or at the least a special Muslim-friendly menu), prayer areas in public places as well as the qibla marked in hotel rooms. Tokyo, Kobe, Kyoto, and Osaka are the best destination for travellers to visit as they have a lot of Muslim-friendly facilities. The port town of Osaka is a place where modernity and the past mix together beautifully. You can witness this while visiting sights like the 16th-century shogunate Osaka Castle and old Shinto shrines, and then shopping in trendy malls, exploring futuristic buildings, and dining at modern cafes and restaurants.   Find nearby Halal food places in Japan   Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Japan     4. Kolkata, India Even with only 10% of the country being Muslims, India has the 3rd largest Islamic population in the world. This means that it's really easy to find Halal food and prayer places, no matter where in the country you choose to visit. The south, in particular, is the best part of India for Muslims to visit as it has the largest concentration of Muslims. There are hundreds of mosques all over India. The famous Jama Masjid in Delhi was built in the 1650s by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahn, who also built the monument that India is most widely recognized for – the Taj Mahal. There are so many Muslim-friendly places to visit in India that it would be hard to make a list. These places include tourist attractions, amazing Halal restaurants, mosques and Islamic sites (both new and old), and so much more! India is also one of the best value travel destinations in 2018, as it is pretty easy to travel on a budget. The city of Kolkata in West Bengal is one of the cities to focus on. Apart from having effective public transport and infrastructure, it is also known to be one of the cheapest cities to travel or live in India. Kolkata is the land of cultural festivities and is known to be the cultural capital of India. You can also visit colonial-era landmarks like the Victoria Memorial and Fort William sprawling gardens, the Marble Palace, and the Nakhoda Mosque (largest in the city).   Find nearby Halal food places in India   Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in India     5. Fez, Morocco Morocco is another country which is almost entirely made up of Muslims. But that's not all it has to offer in terms of tourism. The exotic and vibrant culture, amazing food and incredible architecture are enough to leave anyone awe-inspired, be it Muslim or not. But, of course, the fact that almost all the food in the country is bound to be Halal, and that there are loads of magnificent mosques, as well as there being so many historic and cultural Islamic attractions sweetens the deal! The city of Fez, known to be the cultural capital of Morocco, is an amazing place to visit. Those with an artistic soul will feel right at home at the incredible art museums and the historical buildings. It is also home to the oldest university in the world and is known to be the largest car-free urban area in the world, and that's certainly something to see in this day and age.    Find nearby Halal food places in Morocco   Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Morocco     6. St Julians, Malta Malta isn't exactly the first place one would think of when considering Halal-friendly holidays in Europe, but you'd be surprised at how accommodating the country is to its Muslim visitors. Islam has even been quite prevalent in the history of the island; with Muslims making major impacts in the development of the country, in the agriculture and food industries in particular. Most of the places in Malta are also named in Arabic, such as Cassar, Zammit, Farrugi, and more. Although there is only one officially recognized mosque – Mariam Al-Batool Mosque in Paola – there are a few prayer places. In any case, there are plenty of private villas and other private places where you can pray. Halal food is also widely available. One of the best places to visit is the seaside town of St Julian's, where you can go fishing, visit ancient buildings like the Baroque museum and Spinola Palace, or enjoy great food.   Find nearby Halal food places in Malta Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Malta    7. Abu Dhabi, UAE If you're looking for a luxury travel holiday destination for Muslim families, then there's no better place to visit than the UAE. With one of the world's strongest economies and a majority Muslim population, UAE is one of the richest Muslim countries in the world. You can choose between the ever-popular Dubai and Abu Dhabi to the lesser known cities like Sharjah, Fujairah, or Al Ain; they are all great places to visit! UAE is home to many of the world's most magnificent mosques, a tour of which would be compulsory on your Halal travel. There are so many other things to do like visit tourist attractions, go on safaris, and immerse yourself in shopping. It also has a wide variety of amazing food from local cuisines to international ones – and the best part: most, if not all of it, is Halal! You can choose between the cities like Dubai and Sharjah to the lesser known cities like Ras al-Khaimah, Fujairah, or Al Ain. Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE is one of the best places to visit. Here, one gets to experience the entirety of what UAE has to offer. Visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (which is certainly grand, to say the least), sprawling modern shopping malls, or even stay at desert resorts! Find nearby Halal food places in UAE Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in UAE    8. Lombok, Indonesia If you're a lover of all things natural and organic, then its time for you to book the ticket for your Halal travel to Indonesia! Made up of a bunch of islands which are mostly volcanic, Indonesia has a majority Muslim population, which means you'll feel right at home. It also means that you will never have trouble finding nearby Halal restaurants or places to pray because the country is home to many mosques, including Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta, which is the largest in Southeast Asia. Among the things you can experience in Indonesia include picture-perfect coastlines and beach resorts, amazing wild and plant life, delicious food, and affordable shopping. It is also one of the top tourist destinations in the world where you can travel on a budget. Everyone flocks to Bali, but if you want a quieter experience, book a trip to Lombok. There's nothing to scoff about here, as it is not only an amazing surfing spot but also a great destination for divers and snorkelers. This island is also motor vehicle-free, so you know the air you're breathing is as fresh as it can get! Find nearby Halal food places in Indonesia Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Indonesia    9. Hamburg,Germany Halal travel does not have to mean you have to only travel to Muslim countries, and a great place to start exploring the rest of the world is in Germany. This European country has a prominent Muslim community who manage to thrive although they are much smaller in number. Despite what you might have heard, Germans are generally very accepting of Muslims and assimilate into them well. Berlin is one of the best places for a Muslim to visit, as there is plenty of Halal food options available. There are also a number of mosques all across the country, including the Cologne Central Mosque in Cologne which is the largest mosque in Europe! Some of the top things to do in Germany include exploring all the cultural and historical sites, enjoying good food, and take in the awe-inspiring nature and landscapes. The city of Hamburg proudly claims to be “the gateway to the world”. While this might be a bold assertion, it backs it up by being a thriving port town with historic buildings, museums, beautiful parks and beaches. There's also plenty to do here, from classical performances to sporting events and regular markets.  Find nearby Halal food places in Germany  Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Germany   10. Sri Lanka Known as “the pearl of the Indian Ocean”, Sri Lanka is a tiny island nation off the south coast of India. Although the majority of the people follow Buddhism, the minorities of Hindus, Christians and Muslims are also widely prevalent, Islam is the largest of them. Sri Lanka is one of the top places to visit in the world in 2018 for Halal-friendly travel because the country has many Muslim-friendly facilities. There are a number of mosques all over the island, and Halal food is easily available (with most international chains even being Halal-certified). The people are extremely friendly and accommodating as well. Sri Lanka is the best place for a relaxing vacation of lounging around on gorgeous beaches and getting pampered in all-natural spas, but also has opportunities for those who are adventurous or love to witness exotic wildlife in their natural habitats. Picture Credit - Galle, a city in the south of the country is an amazing place to visit. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with old Dutch-colonial buildings, quirky cafes and eateries, beautiful beaches, as well as historical mosques. Galle is the place to go if you're an artist looking for inspiration, or a sea-lover.  Find nearby Halal food places in Sri Lanka  Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Sri Lanka  11. Aqaba, Jordan For those of you that are history buffs, Jordan is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The city captures a sort of old world charm that makes you feel like you've stepped into the past. Jordan wouldn't be for the travellers that look flashy technology and large-scale attractions, but for those who revel in the beauty of nature, culture, and friendly people. Jordan is home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, historical monuments, seaside resorts, and nature reserves, including the incredible ancient city of Petra. It is a Muslim country, therefore you do not have to worry about finding Halal food, mosques, or other Muslim-friendly facilities. If you want to take a break, Aqaba, the only coastal town in Jordan, is one place you can visit. This laid-back town is the ideal destination for those that live the underwater life, from diving to snorkeling and so much more! Find nearby Halal food places in Jordan Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Jordan   12. Jeju, South Korea Yes, the land of kimchi is a great place for Muslim travellers too! Although there isn't a large population of Muslims, it is slowly growing and the Korean government has taken major steps to encourage Muslim tourists to visit the country. One of which is the Halal Restaurant Week Korea, an annual event in which restaurants from all around the country participate. There are also plenty of things to do in Korea, including affordable shopping, amazing festivals, and incredible weather (autumn is the best!). South Korea has 8 mosques all over the country, but there are many more prayer places as well as in restaurants and stores. Cities like Seoul, Busan, and Jeju are the best options for Muslim travellers. The island of Jeju (largest in the country), in particular, is a place you cannot miss. It is the place the locals flock to when it comes to a getaway, and you will love it too. Beautiful sandy beaches, a posh countryside, luxury beach resorts, and amazing food – what more could you want?  Find nearby Halal food places in South Korea Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in South Korea   13. Singapore Singapore is a multicultural country with people of all backgrounds and races. About 14% of the country's population follows Islam, which means Muslim travellers won't have trouble finding facilities catered towards them. There are many mosques in the island, the largest being Sultan Mosque which is also constituted as a national monument. Singapore also has a prominent gastronomic scene; many restaurants are already Halal-certified or Muslim-friendly, with more making the shift every day. Singapore is a great place to shop till you drop, especially when it comes to fashion. But you can also enjoy other things like amazing architecture and monuments, as well as nature and wildlife.  Find nearby Halal food places in Singapore Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Singapore...

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