Located in the Brazilian state of São Paulo and a suburb of São Paulo city itself, is the large city of Guarulhos. Guarulhos is best known for being home to one of Brazil’s main international airports. It is also known for its numerous...more

Guarulhos, Brazil



Located in the Brazilian state of São Paulo and a suburb of São Paulo city itself, is the large city of Guarulhos. Guarulhos is best known for being home to one of Brazil’s main international airports. It is also known for its numerous cathedrals and for housing the factories of popular international companies; making it an industrial city. It is also the tenth largest suburb in the world and the second largest city in the state of São Paulo. Since São Paulo is said to be home to a large number of Brazil’s Muslim population, Guarulhos does have a sizeable Muslim population. Muslim visitors will therefore be able to locate Halal-friendly facilities in Guarulhos and nearby areas. Because Guarulhos is located so close to Sao Paulo they do share a lot of attractions. Having said that; most popular attractions are located outside of Guarulhos and can be reached easily.

A popular meeting point for locals as well as an attraction for tourists, is the largest urban park in the city; Bosque Maia. This park is the ideal place to observe the locals and to get in some relaxation time. It is home to jogging and walking tracks, forest trails, courts for a variety of sports, an artificial lake, a sand field and an event hall and hosts sporting as well as leisure events. There is also an Environmental Education Center in the park that holds meetings regarding the environment, art exhibitions, and so much more.

Another important green area in the city of Guarulhos is Horto Florestal - Burle Marx. Made up of an array of flora and fauna, this park is the ideal place to visit when feeling stressed. The area is home to 60% native forest and 40% nurseries, beautiful, clear springs, and loads more. Unfortunately, this park allows only supervised visits from schools in the city. However, located next to the Horto Florestal is the renowned Parque Estadual da Cantareira.  This park has 7,900 acres which are formed by remnants of the Atlantic Forest. It is home to a variety of flora and fauna and springs and streams. Some of the animal and plant species found here are even said to be endangered. This park is very important as it ensures the protection of the area’s water sources and is a conservation area that was listed by UNESCO in 1994. The Parque Estadual da Cantareira is located to the north of São Paulo but extends to Guarulhos as well.

For those with kids, the ideal attraction to visit would be the Natural Science Museum. It is said to be one of the best cultural tours in the city of Guarulhos.  Kids visiting the museum are guaranteed to learn more on animals and other natural science topics as well as the past. Although it is the perfect place to take kids, adults are sure to have a wonderful time here too. The museum is not only very educational, but it is also quite interactive and fun. 

For shopaholics, there are quite a few shopping malls; such as the Shopping Internacional de Guarulhos, and other areas, in the suburb of Guarulhos. Visitors looking to get in a bit of shopping won’t be disappointed! 

Nearby Airports

The closest airport to Guarulhos is São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport, which is located approximately 13 kilometres from the city center. It is one of Brazil’s best and busiest airports. This airport has domestic and international flights, and is easily accessible by taxis and buses. 

Halal Restaurants

There are no known Halal restaurants in Guarulhos. However, since the city of São Paulo is located so close by, Muslims visiting Guarulhos have the option of driving to São Paulo city for Halal food.

Muslim visitors can also dine on vegetarian or seafood dishes from local non-Halal restaurants after ensuring that the dishes do not consist of any non-Halal items. They may also be able to obtain more information on the availability of Halal food in the area, at the local mosque. Muslim visitors must also be aware that most restaurants in Guarulhos do serve alcohol.


Muslim visitors will have no problem locating mosques in Guarulhos and its surrounding areas. The Guarulhos mosque serves its Muslim community and is frequented by tourists as well. Since Guarulhos is located just a short distance from São Paulo city, Muslim tourists could also travel to the city if in need of more Muslim-friendly facilities, such as the Mosque Brasil; which serves São Paulo’s Muslim community.

Things to Do and See in Guarulhos

  • Parque Estadual Da Cantareira
  •  Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo
  • Parque Júlio Fracalanza
  • Bosque Maia
  • Horto Florestal de Guarulhos
  • Natural Science Museum
  • Abu Ali

    Abu Ali Pari, São Paulo, Brasil address Rua Barão de Ladário, 922, Pari, São Paulo

    13.95KM Get Direction
  • Casa Libano

    Rua Barao de Ladario, 831 | Pari, Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo 03010-000, Brazil (Mooca)

    14.04KM Get Direction
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